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Автор Sree Ram ( назад)
4:52 Eagle! Caught me off guard!!! :'D

Автор XxSavage_MangoxX -Roblox and more ( назад)

Автор Damian Renteria ( назад)

Автор Lyla Moody ( назад)
You know those people who say it's they're birthday even though it isn't. Although I do want Liza to see this comment

Автор Banana Swag ( назад)

Автор Cielo Neri ( назад)
OMG I almost died! : D

Автор Genesis Estevez ( назад)
When she said try eating I ate my moms food i did those poses and I farted too lol they were loud and my room stinks now

Автор kettina spence ( назад)
you are not so good

Автор Bry Laine ( назад)
i love you

Автор Riley Walsh ( назад)

Автор william g26 ( назад)
why the fuck would have a mat with nifes in it

Автор Melissa Bromley ( назад)
0:30 and thus Helga was born...

Автор Kıvanç Bülbül ( назад)
So todaay We doing your girl , I mean yoga (muck) 😏

Автор Fama's tutorials ( назад)
HAHAHAHAH The burrito part killed me XD XD XD

Автор Alex Fore ( назад)
3:34 is it just me or doesn't she look and sound like the crazy teacher in harry potter.

Автор Rachel Roberts ( назад)

Автор Macy brown ( назад)
Me: This is ha hilarious

Liza: Turn up the soothing music turn up the soothing music

Me:I'm done

Автор Emalee Borsch ( назад)
Nothing like watching Lizza the second before going to sleep😂👍🏼

Автор Chloe Mitchell ( назад)
3:12 asmr warning 😂😂

Автор Yin RedPanda ( назад)
i really thought the video paused

Автор Ryans sound meditations ( назад)
Yo gah, pretty eyes w lizza....

Автор Moon Angel ( назад)
when she pulled that matchbox out I got afraid

Автор IcecreamFanna 5505 ( назад)
At the beginning when u needed a chair, I was in a yoga mini class for school, we did that pose and me and the teacher where the only ones who could do it! Everyone else kept falling overXD

Автор Heven Jhon ( назад)
She dropped a 💣💣💣💣

Автор Evelyn Nicole ( назад)
I took a yoga class last night that' was literally me

Автор Xander Chua ( назад)
Nama stay inside my body

Автор Schielch Sisters 4012 ( назад)

Автор AwesomeRosie 19 ( назад)
Hahahahahhahahahah lol Liza your so predictable

Автор RianHarDy 10 ( назад)
I laughed so hard lol

Автор Faith ( назад)
Nama save yourself😂

Автор Kimberly Butler ( назад)
you make me laugh so hard the neighbors can here me. i hope you keep that smile on your face and make people happy.

Автор Reese Smith ( назад)
U r so funny

Автор coquetaabigail2009 ( назад)
you are so funny liza!!!!😼🤕🤕😢🤕👺🤒😴😢😩🤐😩😨😫😕😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🙄❓🈂✅💯💹〽️😪💩💩💩😷💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💤💤💤💤💤💪🏻👍🏻

Автор Liza Rules ( назад)
"You did it"
"You killed your class"

Автор Dashauna Mcmilianel ( назад)

Автор Dashauna Mcmilianel ( назад)

Автор Gaming Potato ( назад)
█──▄█────────▄──█ Watch out kids he farted!

Автор Robert Greene ( назад)
Who else died why she was doing the namasta thing

Автор Pickle Monster ( назад)
I bet if Liza uploaded a video of her eating a waffle it would be entertaining! Well done Liza ✅

Автор No one Special ( назад)

Автор Hazel Fang ( назад)
Trying to clean my room while watching Liza XD

Автор Leanne Hall ( назад)
I am your big is flan

Автор Maria Hansen ( назад)
song at 1:53?

Автор Hedda Althe ( назад)
Lizza look like Leia😂😂😂

Автор Hedda Althe ( назад)
Lizza look like Leia😂😂😂

Автор 2048788 mod70 ( назад)

Автор Dani's Rainbow ( назад)
Lizza your the best YouTuber ever I love you a lot 😝

Автор Riya Sarver ( назад)
I love Liza she is so funny! She is sooo much like my sister she is half indian and she is a dancer.

Автор jazzlover63 ( назад)
That was by chakra ! LOL :D

Автор Angelica Centeno ( назад)
sana sana

Автор Kalea Barney ( назад)
Can I get likes for no apparent reason?

Автор Cuddley Love 101 ( назад)
Hi its not my birthday but can I get 2 likes for being honest

Автор Madison Drinkwalter ( назад)
banananas and vanananas

Автор Sophie Brooks ( назад)
So now we know that Helga is Russian 😂

Автор isabella pergrossi ( назад)
i was watching this in class and got in trouble thanks Liza but it was so funny

Автор TheEnd Ciber ( назад)
this video rocks

Автор weekend yeti ( назад)
can't stop playing 1 point for India part

Автор Bethan Rennie ( назад)
How does she keep a strait face?!😂

Автор SparkleGurl 101 ( назад)
Thumbs up if you thought it was actually loading

Автор Chyna Kawaii ( назад)
this hurts me Stomach

Автор Sharia Pindell ( назад)
I've never laughed so hard lmao, her videos are always putting me in a good mood

Автор Miraculous Marina ( назад)

Автор Avery Jett ( назад)

Автор martha Salazar ( назад)
#Team Lizza #Team Helg

Автор Ajanae Borum ( назад)
I love you Liza Koshy I first started watching you last year I still watch you in 2017 I love your vines to Liza

Автор Kaiya Jones ( назад)
The stress-relieving part made me laugh so hard and her octopus foot sounds are amazing

Автор Ali Stillwell ( назад)
"One point for India" lmao 😂

Автор Pupplylover2883 ( назад)
2:17 it's cups!!!

Автор _ellie _xoxo ( назад)
Its not my birthday
Nobody died
Today is nothing special
I dont need likes(but i would like them)

Please can we get this to 50 likes for being honest?

Автор maddy plow ( назад)
I found this video extremely funny. I was laughing all the way through.

Автор Maria Gaytan ( назад)
liza is so funny and .........🐵🐒

Автор Joche Boquin ( назад)
this video makes me laugh all the time 😂😂😂

Автор Mia Kiki ( назад)
1:52 to 1:55 👍

Автор Jelly Boo ( назад)
You did it, you killed your class.

Автор Hannah Champeau ( назад)

Автор mollymohyd999 ( назад)
that is so me

Автор Anjali Joshi ( назад)
wow... you can do it so well... :( me jealous of you... :P

Автор Lilly CJ ( назад)
I was so mad when it started loading

Автор Oliwia piecyk ( назад)
Oliwia 😂😂😅😝

Автор Noellie N'guessan ( назад)
banananas im soooo dead lmaf

Автор Amrita Ruthu ( назад)
leva same

Автор Kawaii SquishBomb ( назад)
00:47 STOOP

Автор Mannat Bains ( назад)

Автор Cameron Smith ( назад)
omg tne one point for India killed me

Автор SwirlyGirly ( назад)
Eagle: *RAAAAAAA* (aka eagle noise)

Автор Anime_ Llama_ Vlogs ( назад)
At my Summer School we had to do Yoga after school lol 😅.

Автор london johnson ( назад)
I'm and love with this video will do

Автор london johnson ( назад)

Автор london johnson ( назад)

Автор london johnson ( назад)
you look tasty

Автор london johnson ( назад)
what she does yoga OMG I love you

Автор Morgan Huband ( назад)
your a natural!! every one needs to fart!!

Автор Morgan Huband ( назад)
you go girl!!!!

Автор Ladarion Chandler ( назад)
you fine

Автор MarcDoEverything ( назад)
May Cause Diarrhea

Автор Bethany The Unicorn ( назад)
"bananana" lol

Автор Pie Tra ( назад)
iiiii love you lizzzzzzzzzzzzza

Автор Xxpolar BearxX ( назад)
Omg idk why I laughed so hard when she brought the chair in and the mat got scrunched up cuz the chair 😂 😂

Автор Sheeler Moo ( назад)
So funny 😂😂😂😂 👌

Автор Doyce AngProbinsyana ( назад)
Liza and her puns 😂

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