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Автор Loz V (3 года)
Eunhyuk give over, why dont you just admit your dating Donghae ;) its obv
by now! hahaha

Автор MasculineClam (3 года)
He grasp the obsessive fangirl concept well. :) when is this? Is it recent?

Автор Lamia Queen (3 года)
(1/5) @R3si123 this is the logical and mature way of looking at it. but
unfortunately, when it comes to pop idols, particularly members of boy
bands, their fans don't look at it that way. I like to think that deep
down, we all know that our ships are just fanservice/brotherhood and that
our biases and "loves" really are going to one day get married and have a
family (for the most part). I mean, come on now, they're not virgins.
They're in their mid-to-late 20s for god's sake.

Автор 04thebluesky22 (3 года)
yeah, it's good to keep it SECRET but if they're having a SERIOUS and
BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP why not make it on PUBLIC? Also it can be that they
want other people to know how HAPPY they are being together and be happy
for them TOO. I bet everyone wants to be happy with their LIVES or LOVE
LIFE right? we're humans and so THEY are. Let's just CONTINUE to support
them in everything they will DO. They will still remember us (FANS) because
if we are NOT here they won't REACH what they have NOW.

Автор Lamia Queen (3 года)
(5/6) Lee Hyukjae, on the other hand, is a man like anyone else. This is
the man that the other members of SuJu know. A family member, a son, a best
friend. Fans don't know this man, not really. This is the man that has sex,
falls in love, dates and will eventually get married and start a family

Автор t3hyan3s3 (3 года)
to completely honest i would absolutely HATE it if they had girlfriends
BUT........as much as i want them for my self i want them to be happy even

Автор CherryButterfly1 (3 года)
As much as I love Kpop & it's amazing talented idols & culture, It has some
of the worst standards in the world T///T Oddly, I think us
American/international ELFs have our head in the right place, but good lord
K-ELFs.....LET THEM LIVE! I can't imagine what my life would be like if I
had to live in secret :/ This might sound extreme....but I would rather
never meet them if it meant they would have a happy life ^-^ instead of
having them be sad&hiding from fans. That's how much we love them :)

Автор Deathnote12334 (4 года)
EunHyuk so cute Eunhyuk: But announcing.... I mean not announcing... xDDDD

Автор xxtsubasaforeverxx (3 года)
@lexilovesTRS EunHae is probably the most popular boy/boy couple in k-pop.
it's because they ship themselves almost as hard as the fans :)..... and
because they're real.

Автор Lazy Bug (3 года)
@HeeroWithAGun wow! bow down to that. i really agree w/ u and i get ur
point. u must be looking at it n a mature way.

Автор Ajeng Carmelita Putri (3 года)
aahh~~ i miss this show :(

Автор aulae (3 года)
the only thing I DON'T wish to happen is: A) Idols get married too fast
after they retire from their career and end up in unhappy/unsatisfying
marriages B) Idols get married late in life because they want to find the
"one" because they weren't allowed to date earlier C) Idols don't marry at
all because they have given up on finding the right girl/guy and give up on
romance Either way, die-hard fans should calm down because they are
affecting their idol's future life, not only their present!

Автор CANDYMeOwNSTER (4 года)
so oppa~ you are telling us you are dating someone? :(

Автор Lamia Queen (3 года)
(2/5) But it's an illusion that comes with being any kind of pop idol/sex
symbol where there is a heavy focus on attracting young girls and women.
The industry makes us fall in love with them. It's how they make money and
get fans. I think that what Hyukjae was trying to get across was that the
illusion needs to be there. Not because they will lose fans if they
announce they are dating someone, but because part of their job is
romancing fans.

Автор jinayafer (3 года)
that is the SAD PART in KOREAN SHOWBIZ, they can't reveal that they are
dating because of possessive korean fans, which is sad... i'd rather see
them happy with their career and love life as well... they will not be in
SHOWBIZ forever right??

Автор DIMANCHE (oo2ticha2oo) (3 года)
@jinayafer the point is. they will anounce if they have a wife or a really
serious relation that will turn into marriage. But those dates of young
people that only last some months... I dont think the fans have anything to
do with it. They want private relations either...

Автор Kappalessthan3 (3 года)
Q: Why doesn't Hyukkie want to reveal if he is dating? A: Donghae

Автор Kaka Ya (3 года)
i think being a celebrity whose being observed 24/7 be it by the paparazzi,
fans or antis, dating someone MIGHT be the only thing that he can keep it
to himself. Many if not all idols have experienced invasion of their
privacy. its just they should have something that only them that know about
the thing that they want to keep private. its really hard to share
everything with the public.

Автор Lamia Queen (3 года)
(4/6) I think, the best way to put it is like this: Eunhyuk is a pop idol.
He is a celebrity. Women and young girls all over the world are in love
with him and he loves them in return. He holds the bar between being
"unattainable" and "attainable" in his hands. He reciprocates fans love for
him in his performances and tweets and everything he does in his career.

Автор HyeJung Woo (4 года)
@20cutieangel777 It is a very irrational thing, to not like someone just
because they start dating our favorite idol, I realize that, but it's not
really something I can change. If EunHyuk ever started dating a girl, and
the public found out, I would be happy for him if he is happy with her, but
it would still be hard for me to like her and accept their relationship,
because it's like "He has her, so he doesn't need us anymore." I hope that
makes some sense, that's how it is for me anyway.

Автор sorry395 (3 года)
YEAH,everyone here seems like 'no, idols deserve to dating too' and don't
really agree with EUNHYUK. BUT PLEASE, recently EUNHYUK just had a kissing
scene with just an actress, BUT FANS with their over reacted reactions,
like Eunhyuk just announce HE GOT A GF. -,-' MAYBE you think what Eunhyuk
TO SAY. This is about being an artist. A kpop idol. *sorry for the broken

Автор CherryButterfly1 (3 года)
@HeeroWithAGun I read all your responses and I agree you 10000% :O lol but
I do find it sad that fans tend to forget they are humans and won't let
them live freely -.-

Автор bibicoco87 (3 года)
@HeeroWithAGun You know,you wrote what I think. I see the idol Eunhyuk and
the real Lee Hyukjae too. But it's same with other idols too. Their job is
called 'idol'&part of this job is making fans satisfied in every aspect.
So, it would be dangerous to reveal that they're dating. It would result
less popularity and attacks again him and his girlfriend. I hate fans who
say things like 'oppa,if you have a gf,i will hate you&your gf too.'
God,they're adults with needs, like love&sex.

Автор hi (4 года)
its sad how Eunhyuk will probably never get to take his gf out on a normal
date without the two of them wearing disguises etc. I hope fans change
their minds about their oppas dating :\

Автор miaNhae777 (4 года)
~This is just my own opinion~ They shouldn't hide their secret that they
are dating someone. Reasons: 1. If they get caught by some paparazzi they
will make issues. If they will make issues, they might get harmed from many
reporters who are surrounding them. 2. If that idol really loves the person
he or she is dating, he or she shouldn't be shy or afraid to tell the
world. 3. They shouldn't worry about the fans. Us fans, have a job and that
is to support our idols and respect and love them.

Автор SuperJunior1231 (3 года)
but sometime I overreacted too.. not because he married, but because he
abandoned donghae and married someone else! lol..

Автор katecabs (3 года)
I understand Eunhyuk. The girl will only suffer with all the haters and
threats that she will receive. There are SOME fans who have a delusional
mind that their idols and them will end up together. And besides, being a
celebrity, they are owned by the fans and the public, though they have the
rights to do it. After all, they are only human and they are still young.

Автор Loz V (3 года)
Yeah i agree with eunhyuk fair enough there stars and the fans wont to know
everything about them. But some things are best kept secrets they probley
dont wont the world knowing who they or dating? im not sure.

Автор Sammiwammi65 (3 года)
I do understand and respect Eunhyuk's choice. I mean he's protecting the
girl. She could be hated, hurt and abused. I think it's fair that they
don't tell us every little detail in their lives. Eunhyuk try spending a
stardom life here in America. Here you can't do ANYTHING without people
knowing. You should be happy you have more privacy.

Автор farah6734 (3 года)
who is the person sitting next to hyukjae?

Автор B2STKW (3 года)
I hate that Eunhyuk thinks this way. It's good that he cares about his
fans, but doesn't he know he is allowed to have a LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK?
What he said doesn't make me feel happy, it just makes me feel guilty. I
know it is a different culture where work is the top priority, but it still
bothers me. ALL KPOP idols need to admit they date. The Korean public can't
hate idols who date if ALL of them admit to it. It's better to be honest
and open instead of hiding and pretending -_-'

Автор DIMANCHE (oo2ticha2oo) (3 года)
I will be sad If he announced a girlfriend... because it will mean he was
forgeting not the fans but Donghae xD

Автор eunhaelova (4 года)
ah my hyukkie!! you really understand our feelings..

Автор pumpkin (3 года)
the one thing i never understand about kpop...why they are not allowed to
date openly...i mean they are humans, too When this person makes my fav
group member happy, then i should be happy, too. After all it's just very
unlikely that he/she will ever date a fan

Автор yoona3906 (3 года)
if i go to korea again next time, i will definetly go to Han River at 11
pm. LOL! hope to see SuJu boys there LOL

Автор TheSuperelf15 (3 года)
well, i prefer it announcing though, because in that way we fans can accept
it and move on easier and also we can also protect our oppa at the same
time. once that girl broke his heart. OH NO! she'll be dead in a minute

Автор 5005LUNA (4 года)
He's right , I mean , did you see what a mess caused the announcement of
Jonghyun and Shin sekyung ? I remember TVXQ confessing to have dated girls
after debut and not having said anything for the sake of their fans
,believe it or not it's very common for idols to hide their relationships .

Автор ary247 (3 года)
@MasculineClam i think it is few months ago...if i'm not mistaken this is
the cut from oh my school and that show has started not too long
ago....(and already and though T_T)

Автор xBabyPandu (3 года)
Kpop is too strict...to me if SJ be honst like Dong then i wudnt be dat
hyrtful dat they lie to us

Автор Ann Feyen (3 года)
Eunhyuk is respecting the person he love, by keeping her a secret

Автор GrayceDreamer (3 года)
@HeeroWithAGun well said! I agree that knowing Eunhyuk the celebrity and
knowing Lee Hyukjae the man are two completely different things. It's one
reason that I kind of like the stage names. :)

Автор Lu Hans (3 года)

Автор SuperJunior1231 (3 года)
he had already spare a thought for us, so we should think about his
feelings too.. I wouldn't want eunhyuk to be lonely until he grows old, he
should have a girlfriend to accompany him.. sometime fans are so crazy,
whenever their idol have a gf/bf, they went crazy and said all those bad
things, some fans just cried saying "oppa, can you break up with her, oppa,
blah blah blah...." fans who truely bless them are the fans who truely love
and respect their idols.. let the idols pursue their marria

Автор xkams (4 года)
@20cutieangel777 No, but you don't understand how harsh fans can be. They
can hurt the girl. I remember when KANGIN took a photo with a FAN at a
St@rK!ng recording, & that girl's cyworld was bombarded with hate--that
much to the point she did SUICIDE. Never underestimate fans or antis- you
have no idea how scary they can be. With Suju's popularity worldwide, they
should have privacy. And it's hard to have freedom if the secret is let out
to the public. It's better kept hidden. Less complication.

Автор yuurigurlz (4 года)
i am agree with Eunhyuk <3 he is really understand ELF's feeling if we know
that he is dating or having a girlfriend...of course we have a
heart-beaker!!!! so, i prefer SuJu keep this 'thing' a secret.....

Автор confessa (3 года)
I feel sad that these people can't even date properly without worrying
their other half might get attacked by fans. It's their life.

Автор MuSiquAh13 (3 года)
LLLOOOLLL~ haha~ hyuk-oppa is really .. aish~ i can't explain it .. keke~
ahm .. as we all know .. being a celebrity is really hard regarding dating
.. specially when your partner is also an idol .. but as for me .. though i
really love this man and i would love to be his girl .. still .. it's not
an enough reason to punish them by not letting them date the one they love
.. and i'd still be happy seeing him happy with the blessed girl he'll
choose .. specially if that would be me .. haha~

Автор beul4h (3 года)
so cute

Автор Lamia Queen (3 года)
(3/more than 5, oops) Enticing them. Serenading them. Flirting with them.
Loving them. If you look at it that way, it's almost a betrayal to announce
you're dating someone. It makes everything you've done thus far in your
career seem fake and forced.

Автор Lazy Bug (3 года)
@HeeroWithAGun yeah, i really agree with you.

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