UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

On Episode 6 of UFC 207 Embedded, the fighters rehydrate after weighing in, and former champion Ronda Rousey says hello to UFC President Dana White. The ceremonial weigh-in later that day hosts two memorable staredowns, as bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Cody Garbrandt have their most heated exchange yet, with security forced to separate the two on stage. Plus, Rousey makes her first public appearance of the week, while her opponent, women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, walks to the scale in a mask paying homage to her nickname – “The Lioness.” UFC 207 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two bantamweight title fights at UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey, taking place Friday, December 30th live on Pay-Per-View.

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Автор Mpho Abrams ( назад)
Yeah Cruz, those were some chick sunglasses you had on bro...hahahahaha

Автор michael davidson ( назад)
I like Rondas jacket

Автор S XC ( назад)
Ronda looks sexy af. She is still fucken cool as shit even if she got
knocked out.

Автор justin martinez ( назад)
ok for every other fighter u make a post fight embedded unless rondas the
one getting ktfo

Автор Ben Darrah ( назад)
there should be a fight card recap for a 7th episode of embedded

Автор Kostas Matsablokos ( назад)
Does anyone know the song at 5:00 ??? thank you in advance!!!

Автор O Soskic ( назад)
HAHAHA all top comments from over 1 week ago that had 600 likes, like 10-20
of them have been deleted from this and the other embedded videos because
they started with something like "Cruz will destory cody" and they probably
got many replies back so they deleted them again haha noobs. CODY NOLOVE IS

Автор Andrés Mm ( назад)
Pray for Honda BibleThump

Автор Woman Warrior (Mujer Guerrera) ( назад)
Don't like Cody... very immature and ghetto.

Автор Pat Morgan ( назад)
dat scarf do

Автор Van Seaco ( назад)
Cody your wearing a scarf in the middle of a desert , stop letting your
airhead girl dress you

Автор kapow0527 ( назад)
i love how Conor made jeremy look like a moron. "Who da fook is that guy?"

Автор SeekIllumination ( назад)
Didn't know who the fuck is that guy is friends with Cruz.

Автор Crystal Lopez ( назад)
Nude girls! Free registration! => http://tinyurl.com/gwhrgn4 /// UFC 207
Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 6

Автор Be Be ( назад)
If only Cody had said string instead of leash (1:08) his little rant might
have had a tiny leg to stand on.....sigh 😂

Автор Pussy destroyer 69 ( назад)
rip ronda

Автор Francisco Cuesta ( назад)
First off, Ronda, your still pretty. Second, I find these videos funny when
you watch them the day after. UFC, you just made my day. Thank you. #I'mout

Автор Monscent ( назад)
Well Cruz lost, but he did get up from all punches he ate hella quick.

Автор rmathew2 ( назад)
Dana you slick mother fucker, yeah her coat was short but his arm is under
the bottom of it lifting it up.

Автор Christian Oak ( назад)
1:54 "Who the fook is that guy?!"

Автор heartattackbacon ( назад)
Wrong! Dom still got up lol Cody hits hard but not hard enough .

Автор truthhurtshipsters ( назад)
JewFC promoting mindless violence for dumb goyim.

Автор M.X. ( назад)

Автор ESSJ333 ( назад)
LOL I'm just laughing my head off. I been saying for years Rousey is
overrated, she fought bums who she beat in one round and then everyone
start kissing her ass and got the false mainstream exposure Hollywood etc.
She then fought 2 world class fighters and she gets her ass beat. Dana must
be butthurt hes lost another cash cow lol.

Автор Purple ( назад)
'Maybe I'll have to go and get Floyd Mayweather out of bed' -Ronda Rousey.

Автор cattalkbmx ( назад)
Ronder won! YES GOAT

Автор Darth Vader ( назад)
Cody looks gay

Автор boscoblack ( назад)
This only goes to show that no matter how much shit you talk, how good you
think you look, how confident you are, how good you think you smell.....any
fucking thing can happen in the octagon

Автор Mr Mystic Mac ( назад)
Those eyebrows man I hate that monotone prick

Автор Fazal Hadi ( назад)

Автор truthseekerUK ( назад)
Theres no way dana hasn't dicked ronda

Автор girlyrose ( назад)
why didn't the cameras follow around the champ Amanda before the fight ?

Автор giannis athanatos ( назад)
does anyone knows the song at 5:00...

Автор michael davidson ( назад)
Ronda wins round 2,3,4, and 5

Автор BRUHSTRADAMUS ( назад)
remember when people thought Ronda actually had a chance

Автор Doddy Dodd ( назад)
No, Noooo . She wasn't ready

Автор Gnomeonatree ( назад)
1:51 who da fook is that

Автор MC GEKY XAMA ( назад)
AMANDA tirou HONDA de giro

Автор ricerust ( назад)
wer u @ gay ass cruz fans

Автор Audrianne Giroud ( назад)
Like your chick scarf and chick eyebrows.

Автор Geovenis Trujillo ( назад)

Автор khai vargas ( назад)
is there a live stream for this fight?

Автор Im_A_Perv ( назад)
Ronda got Worldstarred!

Автор Ryan TheRadical ( назад)
Hold this L Ronda

Автор Jeremy Girmay ( назад)
you look guy's danas approach ronda he is stupid like always he didn't
deserve his fortune

Автор slavi4ek1 ( назад)
ронда ... жалкое зрелище.... раньше походу нормальных соперниц небыло у

Автор Trick Daddy ( назад)
Ronda looking good

Автор Richard does it matter ( назад)
Cruz got schooled ...oeps Ronda is done , looked like a tree in the wind

Автор I'm lonely ( назад)

- via YTPak(.com)

Автор Kirito ( назад)
This was longer than the actual fight

Автор Nat1Ka ( назад)

Автор Foi Lole ( назад)
and then rousey got her ass handed to her sigh

Автор Nationalists ( назад)
48 seconds is all it took...

Автор JJN JDOG ( назад)
Cody....that scarf looked gay.......I have seen guys wear gay scarfs(I am
not saying scarfs generally are gay so get off my ass)but that gay looked
like straight up the fuckin rainbow gay like twin turbo gay going full
speed straight up dat fuckin rainbow

Автор stinkin lincoln ( назад)
Nice scarf Cody "bro bro broface" garfat

Автор rdk knight ( назад)
i think ronda should just call it good, she is too humble now you can see
that in her now.

Автор Erick ( назад)
I want Ronda Rousey to rape me

Автор * * ( назад)
those were chick sunglasses...

Автор Billy Blunder ( назад)
Zero try. Zero.

Автор Harambe's Hoe ( назад)
Rain Drop, Drop Top, Ronda Rousey Flopped Flopped

Автор SSB Vegito ( назад)
i don't know hes upset he's just another L on my record- dominick chicken
leg cruz

Автор Josh Poss ( назад)
pizza gate

Автор xRoo ( назад)

Автор Pappii Taly ( назад)
Sorry ronda!! Maybe she should fight cyborg next?!! Hahaha

Автор Christofer Sensei ( назад)
I knew Cody would win, is strikes are really fucking quick and he puts
everything behind his punches

Автор C0RR3YY ( назад)
so who won NUNES??? or ROUSEY????

Автор Mopo3oB44 ( назад)
how tf is anyone defending that tool jeremy. remember when he got
embarrassed at the press conference for trying to call out conor? cody is
totally right in calling him dom's hype man. i can tell that dude wants to
be cool so bad

Автор saL sageV ( назад)
Thank you Jesus.

Автор RICKY bobby ( назад)
Just raped

Автор IndigoXYZ18 ( назад)
Amanda straight up went no vasiline on Ronda...

Автор john smith ( назад)
Ronda got Rekt
God bless the Lioness

Автор Ismael Carrillo ( назад)
im glad ronda got beheaded fuck this weak person

Автор Ed Bersin ( назад)
Rousey got her ass kicked again! Please, stop hyping her up now!

Автор Viagra Works ( назад)
Roused got fucked up

Автор Jimothy Snooker ( назад)
payin my bills like a BOSS. thank you Nunes and Garbrandt. LOL at the

Автор Marky Mark ( назад)
uh... he got up Cody.

Автор akecheta ( назад)

Автор SoAr Greninja ( назад)
can't believe u lost

Автор 5rst212 88! ( назад)
Reality check today after bullshit fantasy and the hangers on.

Автор edgar cadenas ( назад)
48 seconds😂😂😂

Автор Foo Rankoo ( назад)
Ronda's next film- "Gone in 48 Seconds"

Автор KidKeeper ( назад)
I found the last death of 2016...

Ronda's career

Автор Thaivy Meyer ( назад)
Someone needs a snicker

Автор Bob Freely ( назад)
RIP Ronda

Автор Brandon Campbell ( назад)
48 seconds

Автор Sincere Pickle (DiamondMiner) ( назад)

Автор Neon Poptart ( назад)
Rousey and Cruz got FUUUUUUUCKED up! I seen Cruz getting beat, but I wasn't
sure about Rousey, like god damn that was bad.

Автор Mohammed Raheef ( назад)
Ronda rousey looks like some mythical warrior

Автор KingBen98 ( назад)
RIP rousey's career

Автор I eat so much, I'm surprised I ain't hella fat ( назад)
Fuckin Cruz and Ronda lost

Автор Cterrance18 ( назад)
Cody fucked him up

Автор Emily Boger ( назад)
Amanda won!!!

Автор John Aw ( назад)
overrated bitch.48 secs,2nd fastest after aldo.

Автор Thomas Anderson ( назад)
Rhonda should have gotten rid of that AWFUL coach. She should have gotten
Freddie Roach etc... she has no defense, no head movement etc....

Автор Muted Noiz ( назад)
Anyone catch what Cody had said during the stare down?

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