battlefield modern combat mission 8 part 1/2

very hard mission but part 1 is done atleast stay tuned for more action!

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Автор tebreaz yasin (5 месяцев)
how do u complete the boat mission

Автор mateus luis (22 дня)
afs essa missao é muito dificil tnccccc

Автор mateus luis (22 дня)
Vlw Cara Me Ajudo Muito

Автор Josh Tytler (8 месяцев)
i can't pass the mission of my ps2

Автор MrBonny473 (1 год)

Автор Gerardo Saenz (1 год)
thanks man it works for me

Автор Mario Ben (2 года)
@ultradunka no you have to get near the ground until the timer starts then
u stay there until it runs out and u have to stay within area, u must do
this for each area

Автор Trevor Roberts (3 года)
ha meatball 1

Автор Sk8tergurl667 (3 года)
Im not saying your video is bad but your disrespecting the Little Bird man.

Автор brickarmsbattles (2 года)
This one, named 'catching flak' is one of my favorites!:)

Автор superlego1234 (3 года)
@govindpalckal ok

Автор sree govind (3 года)
i bought it last month

Автор falkner16n (2 года)

Автор axel rios gutierrez (1 год)
como se maneja un helicoptero

Автор MrBonny473 (1 год)
Yang kentara

Автор ingenier meccanico (1 год)
i hate this mission

Автор Agustin Gòmez (1 год)
I think R1

Автор westsidegolden (3 года)
this is hard

Автор Contertek (3 года)

Автор karl1143 (3 года)
this mission is so freaken frustrating, i keep getting shot down no matter
what i do

Автор josue10318 (3 года)
and could not pass that mission but with this video if you ll pass

Автор IScoreUnderPressure4 (1 год)
it was fun fooling around on this mission...

Автор Mw2LoverNumber01 (3 года)
Hard? Nah... Just played it :)

Автор Yaraihan (1 год)
misi favorit saya

Автор Aashutosh Sharma (9 месяцев)
really hate the flaks in this mission blew 3 of my attack copters

Автор Henrique Louro (3 года)
i will send u and invitation to be mi friend accept

Автор ingenier meccanico (1 год)
thank you

Автор SouthParkBrasil2012 (2 года)
The goals change when they change when the difficulty is changed? If
someone can answer me I would be very grateful.

Автор Douglas Lima (2 года)
how can I land my helicopter? that one main... tanks man

Автор superlego1234 (3 года)
im not good flying. thats why this is hard for me. =) i can destroy those
with sniper guy or engineer ;)

Автор carlos eduardo winchester (11 месяцев)
meu vlw ajudou muio fiquei 1 hora sem conseguir passar essas parte,mais uma
dica é mata todomundo depois comessa a pousar o elecoptero

Автор Beatlenut2000 (1 год)
I press r1 and it doesn't recon what button to press???

Автор Road Buster (1 год)
Thanks man you're telling me to kill the enemys first then recon smart man

Автор Kyriuu Zero (2 года)
what u gotta do is to press the O aove the village????? ANSWER THXX

Автор superlego1234 (3 года)
@indirulz1234 maybe. idk

Автор Yaraihan (1 год)
i love this mission

Автор sree govind (3 года)
how do you recon

Автор josue10318 (3 года)
@mastertrio1 mmm... ok

Автор Vinicius Gabriel (1 год)
our liked your video very nice on! Joinha one of vo!

Автор Travis Macindoe (3 года)
@Super97Halofreak yummy

Автор devito384 (2 года)
i can't do it... I have play 30 minutes but i don't have finish that
mission...akhhh From:Indonesia PLESE HELP ME SOMEONE...Z

Автор Br Lucas (1 год)
nao e ps2 e lixo

Автор Marcos Magno (1 год)

Автор leopvinho (3 года)
What button you press to "Recon" the places??

Автор Jonathan Silva (3 года)
i cant fucking pass this lvl wtf

Автор dynoused (2 года)
so do you just kill everybody?

Автор Truthfulkill (3 года)
@nicooo190 Yes.

Автор superlego1234 (3 года)
@indirulz1234 i buyed this game two days ago for ps2.

Автор Henrique Louro (3 года)
thanks to u i pass the mission 7 thanks i will kepwatchind ior vidios bey
and thnaks

Автор Nicooo190 (3 года)

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