How To Hide Your Farts

Let's be real for a second, we've all had to do at least one of these before..

And yes, the fartstep was created with 100% fart sounds only!

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Автор ItzTyny ( назад)
Fart-Sneeze and Buddoh mussohs hahaha

Автор Water Droplet ( назад)
The BFG understood...

Автор Golden Trophy ( назад)
I farted while watching this video

buhdoh mussos

Автор Gaming Lion ( назад)
nobody hears my farts in school

Автор slaywee ( назад)
Buhdoh Mussohs

Автор Rawi EK ( назад)
I can't stop watching this!!!!!!

Автор Troll Dude ( назад)
BuhDoh Mussohs

Автор DCSuperheroBatgirl 13 ( назад)
YAY BATMAN! Ryan can you please do a batman skit

Автор Brent the Genji main ( назад)
The breathe it in technique made me Lau it was the sound when he let it out
of his mouth
And the flying nimbus

Автор Doggy Flew ( назад)
Is it weird how I youse the check spreader :3I'm not the only one it's true

Автор Cuty_Ruby Gaming ( назад)

Автор DerekThe1158th ( назад)
I don't know why but I laughed so much at the Beats part

Автор Forrbidden Phantom ( назад)

Автор Chief Dude 10 ( назад)

Автор Kingmysterious ( назад)

Автор احمد احمد ( назад)
one time wen i was grade 2 i farted a big fart and the teacher told
evreyone to be quaite and i just kept farting and then everyone was
screaming in blaming other people so i stoped😶

Автор HexaRex ( назад)
Smpfilms did this first!!! LOOK IT UP!!

Автор Nabila Azman ( назад)

Автор Ary Shu Gembala Sapi ( назад)
I wonder what face Ryan was making when he was editing the buttstep mix

Автор flowolf wolfie ( назад)
I would go our with you lol

Автор Jorge Martinez ( назад)
can I get ten likes for no reason :-)

Автор Vincent ( назад)
who else farted during the video?

Автор Makoa Crawford ( назад)
Your a life saver

Автор Th3 RandomN3rd ( назад)
All farts displayed in this video were free range and no harm came to them
during the making of this video

Автор Lenny Mejia ( назад)

Автор Rosie Carr ( назад)

Автор One Big and Juicy Pøtatø ( назад)
why am I watching this while eating?!

Автор Dylan Campuspos ( назад)

Автор CompleteTrollTV ( назад)
Buhdoh muscles

Автор savagbluewolf ( назад)
farts are just your but claping

Автор DaCoolBoys Dayarneh ( назад)

Автор Frisk The human ( назад)
I always do the cheek spreader

Автор Whitney 101 ( назад)
Does the check spreader really work

Автор Baka Otaku ( назад)
I started to smell something funny at the end of the video

Автор Ghassan Dib ( назад)
Uhh i dont have somthing to comment or do i ?

Buddah mussols

Автор Dembis Cham ( назад)
the dutch oven is so rassistic

Автор The legend27 ( назад)
I wish the flying nimbus was real

Автор Charlie Klinker ( назад)
in the frozen one I died inside laughing

Автор Michelle Murphy ( назад)
this is so funny!!!

Автор Maddy Sargent ( назад)
THANK YOU!!!! Every time I fart Infrount of my mom I just yell "What!? it

Автор Savannah& Charlotte ( назад)
who else said butthole muscles 100 times?!

Автор gage hill ( назад)
Budhow muscles

Автор Zelda zoowegi ( назад)
I love the fart song!! so funny

Автор Sgt. Pug ( назад)

Автор Cynthia Hemchaoui ( назад)
People just take it bad because of the smell but Ryan's always right

Автор jlw294 ( назад)
Make a another I dare you vid

Автор UnibunnyGurl ( назад)
Okay who else loves the dogs voice 😂

Автор The Techgeeks ( назад)
Dear Ryan , how many times did u guys actually fart in the making of this

Автор Dynamic Lewis ( назад)
how to hide your farts what aboot the smell

Автор Justin Lee ( назад)
Or just go to the bathroom

Автор cheezking cheezking ( назад)
The first who says "who farted" calls it

Автор Cpt Potato ( назад)
buddoh mussohs

Автор mr.moomoo ( назад)

Автор Julianna Khinkolo ( назад)
i like the Elsa one

Автор Benjy Kloc ( назад)
This works bitchez

Автор mythicalkat McJohanson ( назад)
I laughed so hard at fartstep! It took me awhile to realize it was dubstep
made of farts

Автор 0903Yoongi93 ( назад)
My brother isn't ashamed of his farts. This results with me dying-

Автор Jay ni ( назад)
You watch Avatar the last airbender?! Ryan I subbed to you and your my
favorite youtuber and avatar is my favorite as well!!!!!

Автор Albin-GO ( назад)
I had a morning thingy if you know what i mean, but the girl at 5:50 just
made it go away😭😥😢😥😭😭😭

Автор Natsu & Igneel ( назад)
I'm a girl and I farted once in French class when everyone was studying
their notes and all of the girly girls were like omg did you just fart and
I was like nope and my friend said that he farted instead and now I owed
him a favor

Автор Tylerfucking1! ( назад)
When you think you're hiding your fart by synching to the music then you
realise you're listening to your iPod......

Автор Zhan Li Voo ( назад)
i farted in tuition and everyone was laughing,i was so mad at them because
they think a natural instinct is funny

Автор Upasana Deka ( назад)
*Seems like Ryan is having a Digestion Problem*

Автор Upasana Deka ( назад)
When the Friends theme song came and the fart got synced with the clap

*"Thap-Thap-Thap-Thap"* 😂😂😂

Автор TJ van der Walt ( назад)
lol the dog!!!!

Автор Rosin Dela Cruz ( назад)
The flying nybiss is not a way to hide your fart

Автор laarni junatas ( назад)
That farting music tho

Автор NERFXFiles ( назад)
It didn't help me

Автор Vicki ( назад)
who else has a YouTube channel and has no videos just to watch videos?

Автор Jack & Smack ( назад)
nigahiga the one with the buttcheek and the one off the chair, i tried it
and it doesnt work!

Автор Jack & Smack ( назад)
you now ho smel it your self!

Автор Last Gamer ( назад)

Автор AARYAN nair ( назад)
i laughed like hell when he was going for a date with the girl

Автор Karma Plays ( назад)

Автор SaadGamingHQ MCPE and more ( назад)
I will do the fake sneez one

Автор ??? ??? ( назад)
Buddoh mussohs

Автор Rain YT ( назад)
Airbender XD

Автор Freddie290303 ( назад)
Buhdoh Mussohs

Автор Sushi Flying ( назад)
YASSS!!! Fart powered race car!!!!!!!!!!!'

Автор Beasty Vids ( назад)
Buddoh muscles

Автор Julia Lopez ( назад)
the air bender was the best

Автор Caio Lana ( назад)
I always do the first one

Автор Joselyn Gaona ( назад)
I sud

Автор noah joshua ( назад)
how long did you practice these methods?

Автор noah joshua ( назад)
by now the whole world is trying your killer methods

Автор Will Busch ( назад)
how do I get others to listen to mine ... mine are funny and real.
don't hide farts to much fun.

Автор louise jones ( назад)

Автор naitS swagness ( назад)
like if you fart evrytime

Автор Dankmeme 111 ( назад)
is it weird that I like sneezing

Автор DBZ fan ( назад)
who all actually farted while watching this...

Автор Twenty One Pizzas ( назад)
lol tmi I'm hiding in my house with diarrhoea and this is relevant almost

Автор Nathan Holland ( назад)
How do we hide the smell? Act like I burped then fan the smell away? 😂😂

Автор Lilian chiasson ( назад)
(freedom of farts)

Автор brosky sam Kipp ( назад)
amen free the farts

Автор Taha Taufeeq ( назад)
the vaccum is totall ewww

Автор Nike Original12 ( назад)
Buhdoh Mushos

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