How to Make Doll Shoes : Sneakers

by request: more shoes!...and all those guy dolls out there will love a new pair of sneakers
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Автор crystal bunny (2 месяца)
I love making clothes for my girl monster highs but......when it comes to
MANster clothes I don't have that many.... my froggy stuff can you make a
easy video on boy monster high clothes please and thank you! ~your fan

Автор Jordan Harrison (1 месяц)
This is cool call me at 202-567-0426 you can not call me right away

Автор LPS Maniac (4 месяца)

Автор ruby louise Aldom (5 дней)
It looks sooooooooooooooooooo Hard please may you do me 3 pairs and I will
give you some money

Автор Valeria Cerrato (8 месяцев)
How can anybody unlike these videos.. likeseripusly where have they been
all my life childhood actually !?

Автор Cora Lin (1 месяц)
Can you make a tutorial for boots?

Автор Guineagirl59210 (3 месяца)
Wow! These are amazing!

Автор Kelly Sherwood (11 дней)
I <3 you froggy:}

Автор Samara Luiza (3 месяца)
Hello my name is samara i love you videos . Ola meu nome e samara eu amo
seus videos

Автор Priya pourna (26 дней)
This very good

Автор Candylover 75200 (3 месяца)
Maybe I'll give it a try for my Makie but I'm gonna size her foot 

Автор Sharron Riddle (1 месяц)
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this. So creative.

Автор Jazzaxelowl Axelowl (1 месяц)
Hi froggy , how do you make sneakers for a monster high doll?

Автор doubleschannel (2 месяца)
🎶cos she wears high heels I wear sneakers 🎶

Автор gijose95 (27 дней)
Would this work on canvas and leather? 

Автор Chabatha Dowdy (12 дней)
How about monster high high heel sneakers, it kinda sounds too much😅, you
can at least try

Автор Esperanza Vazquez (2 месяца)
This was posted 3 days before my b-day

Автор lovemonster high (23 дня)
Wow beautiful

Автор Flower power (3 месяца)
Wow you are really creative!!

Автор Eva Cool (1 месяц)

Автор Maria 5SOS (2 дня)
i really enjoy watching your videos ♥ 

Автор Spring Knight (23 дня)
Yay for etsy! (I'm way to much of a giver upper person to do this! I can
barely bake cookies without getting up and checking the every 5 min to see
if they are ready!) Lol

Автор Анжелика Князева (2 месяца)
Как же красиво и оригинально! (я не очень разговариваю по-английски)))
How beautiful and original! ( I do not really talk english)))

Автор Luisa Arce (2 месяца)
Wow I wish I could have the money for the art supplies

Автор Sophia Morales (4 месяца)

Автор TheBarbieChannel (3 месяца)
They look so perfect, just like the real thing! Amazing once again, +

Автор НЕ милый чай (8 месяцев)
А можно такие для девочек использывать?

Автор chris brantley (1 месяц)
BTW I'm Chris' daughter 

Автор Elin Andersson (2 месяца)
can she also make this for the girls?

Автор Pamela Pantin (4 месяца)
My froggy stuff your awesome

Автор Paisley Pearson (12 дней)
This is AWESOME I never knew making stuff for your dolls could be so

Автор Roblox Girl (4 месяца)
Can you please show us how to make a doll swim suit?

Автор Enni Kosonen (4 месяца)
Thats so cool !!!!!!! :O

Автор luz tellez (1 месяц)
Me encantaron !!! I love this !! 

Автор Nicky Giftano (11 дней)
This is brilliant! Thank you so much for showing us how to make it! I'm
gonna apply it to my 1/6 figure doll for kitbashing 😄

Автор LoveToVlog (1 год)
What if your dolls feet are pointed or arched

Автор jljripper69 (5 месяцев)
Will these sneakers work for the female Ever After High Dolls?

Автор A Chilton (2 месяца)
We LOVE your videos

Автор Никита Захаров (2 дня)
rassian federeition

Автор cutey puff (8 месяцев)
how about u make a doll train (the mobile kind)<3 u

Автор emilylai1128 (6 месяцев)
Maybe if the dolls have arched feet you could make it one of those sneakers
that has a heel so it still looks like a sneaker.. Kind of like Cerise
Hood's boots except sneaker style

Автор Reginald thomas (2 месяца)
I'm a guy and absolutely love your creativity you inspire me and I think
all schools should have craft projects like yours that would inspire
creativity in our youth, keep up the great work.

Автор chris brantley (1 месяц)
Why do you have one finger painted?,cause it's fabulous 

Автор Cutie Angel (14 дней)
I cant believe

Автор Lugthea AJ (4 месяца)
Is it possible to make LPs size one? I'm making a music video and want to
give them sneakers

Автор Kate jimenez (8 месяцев)
What would I do if I want to make it for a girl monster high doll

Автор Zia Rahman (8 месяцев)
Can you make boots winter boots cause I want to make for my doll

Автор Justine Ligot (4 месяца)
Wow your cool making stuff

Автор bratz scarlettisis (2 месяца)
Thanks for sharing! I always lose my dolls shoes so this will work.

Автор Shakeda Harris (1 месяц)
Cool asome

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