How to Make Doll Shoes : Sneakers

https://rdy.cr/9b3a27 click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: more shoes!...and all those guy dolls out there will love a new pair of sneakers
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Автор Shelley Emerson ( назад)
the video was so so cool

Автор lilylowsky ( назад)
These are unbelievably cute! I made a mess of my first pair because my felt
like fabric was a little thick and I did not have proper glue. I ended up
with glue and pain on my fabric! I tend to be impulsive and dislike waiting
for things to dry or touch up badly! It's great that you are making these
with recycled material but I must say, I made a second pair using sticky
back foam board for the fronts and sides and it worked much better for me!!

Автор June Antoniette Martinez ( назад)

Автор RASAM ENGG ( назад)
what can i use instead of felt

Автор Alexandria Houton ( назад)
*tries it* *fails* Froggy is so amazing!!

Автор DJ Turtle ( назад)
Wow I'm sooo going to try that!<3

Автор Reina Roz ( назад)

Автор Monster Highness ( назад)
Wow very talented :D

Автор Myla Rose ( назад)
Wow amazing

Автор Jada Owens ( назад)

Автор Jada Owens ( назад)

Автор AyeKiwii ( назад)

Автор Alexa Cox ( назад)
Haj so udaipur the same time . I have a look at the moment . The comments
for your help . I have a look at the moment . The comments for your help .
I 6th . I have a

Автор Isabella Rodriguez ( назад)
love it girlfriend

Автор Pretty pink minecraft pig ( назад)
This is very hard I tried and I ruined it ....😕and ran out of supplies

Автор Зайчата Тв ( назад)

Автор AJ 4 ever ( назад)
Watching in 2015 CUTE!!

Автор snugmcnugg ( назад)
I have used several of your tutorials to make accessories for my nephews'
Elf on a Shelf-- THANK YOU SO MUCH for clear and easy to follow tutorials
that look GREAT!

Автор Haley Young ( назад)

Автор Iya Ching ( назад)
nice tutorial :) im gonna make this shoes for my ooak monster high doll but
I will add heels

Автор Lindsey Lavergne ( назад)
I love it can u please make a doll room 😊😊

Автор Nagmana Naseem ( назад)
great work

Автор xox Cute Be xox ( назад)
can u plz make pija,dress and shorts ??

Автор Mims Art ( назад)
This is such a great tutorial! I will make some for my doll right now! :D

Автор Jason Scarce ( назад)
Do the size have to be in scale with Ken's foot or is it easier to do it at
that scale?

Автор Yasmin Lopes ( назад)
I love. You baby. 

Автор Audrey Dshyah ( назад)
How bout girl shoe

Автор Tulani Glenn ( назад)

Автор Joylyn Carter ( назад)

Автор TeamPony 5 ( назад)
Could you make doll slippers

Автор El- Endi Hodge ( назад)
Sooooo cool !

Автор C.b.b Inc. ( назад)
U should have insta

Автор C.b.b Inc. ( назад)
Woo impressive

Автор Justice A ( назад)
my mom got your song stuck in her head :) :) :)

Автор wed Almesfer (1708 лет назад)
Wow cool

Автор Jaylee Martin ( назад)

I love your Vito's

Автор TinyTay13 ( назад)
These look really cool! Is there a way to make the shoes work for bratz

Автор Ellie Williams ( назад)
you are amazing

Автор sandro brandao ( назад)

Автор animaljamlover ( назад)
Omg I love u!!! Can u make something for lps plz? uR videos are so

Автор Anouk Walbeek ( назад)
+ achter waards nee

Автор Sherry Hope ( назад)
Can you just make something out of sissies glue and papper#

Автор Karen Herrera ( назад)
thank you very much! :) i love your videos tutoriales
I tried but I have to practice a little n.n

Автор heni meylinda ( назад)
Its so cute you did a great job

Автор Rose Rosa ( назад)
Wow!!! So Great...

Автор Barbie Mattel ( назад)

Автор janice0609 ( назад)
I love the sneakers

Автор tipvimol d ( назад)
It's amazing ^^

Автор Ronnie Costales ( назад)
i love it

Автор karla limon Chatel azevedo ( назад)

Автор Space Squiddles ( назад)
does anyone know if it'd be possible to substitute the paperboard with
felt? im wanting to make a pair for a stuffed animal, and i don't think
paperboard is the best.

Автор GamerWolf ( назад)
Would this work for lps?

Автор Leslie Thompson ( назад)
Can you do these for girl monster highs?

Автор pajamaje245 ( назад)
you are so good at this stuff!!!!!........iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Frosty Katt ( назад)
What about mh and eah girls???????

Автор alvin john lozano ( назад)
Can you make doll shoes?? For my daughter's barbie??

Автор Marga Sanca ( назад)

Автор Helena kaline costa costa ( назад)

Автор DiFer Videos ( назад)
Oh!, this is amazing and very creative. Regards from Colombia.

Автор Ruby Hesketh (1181 год назад)
Looks so easy and cool and fun! XD

Автор Ruby Hesketh (1421 год назад)
Hey My Froggy Stuff, I'd just like to say a big thank you to you and your
wonderful channel. It really helps me with my crafting skills, and I always
know to watch your channel if I ever need any new dolls clothes. Why buy
when you can make? Thanks, Ruby xoxo :) 

Автор Darrien Byer ( назад)
I am planning on making high tops out of this design

Автор Susan Pendell ( назад)
I bet that you're a fun friend to have Froggy. :)

Автор Maria 5SOS ( назад)
i really enjoy watching your videos ♥ 

Автор Никита Захаров ( назад)
rassian federeition

Автор JJ Fisher ( назад)
I was SO excited! Then I saw it said needle and thread... DARN!!! Ah well,
I will just look for more of your vids! I love em'! 

Автор ruby louise Aldom ( назад)
It looks sooooooooooooooooooo Hard please may you do me 3 pairs and I will
give you some money

Автор Kelly Sherwood ( назад)
I <3 you froggy:}

Автор Nicky Giftano (1953 года назад)
This is brilliant! Thank you so much for showing us how to make it! I'm
gonna apply it to my 1/6 figure doll for kitbashing 😄

Автор Paisley Pearson (446 лет назад)
This is AWESOME I never knew making stuff for your dolls could be so

Автор Chabatha Dowdy ( назад)
How about monster high high heel sneakers, it kinda sounds too much😅, you
can at least try

Автор Cutie Angel ( назад)
I cant believe

Автор lovemonster high ( назад)
Wow beautiful

Автор Spring Knight ( назад)
Yay for etsy! (I'm way to much of a giver upper person to do this! I can
barely bake cookies without getting up and checking the every 5 min to see
if they are ready!) Lol

Автор Priya pourna ( назад)
This very good

Автор gijose95 ( назад)
Would this work on canvas and leather? 

Автор OffcialOlivia Beauty ( назад)

Автор Mh/Eah Stopmotion Tv ( назад)
Can u make a video showing how to make dolls ballet shoes

Автор boss_ babaydoll ( назад)
This is cool call me at 202-567-0426 you can not call me right away

Автор luz tellez ( назад)
Me encantaron !!! I love this !! 

Автор Sharron Riddle (792 года назад)
Awesome! Thank you for sharing this. So creative.

Автор chris brantley ( назад)
BTW I'm Chris' daughter 

Автор chris brantley ( назад)
Why do you have one finger painted?,cause it's fabulous 

Автор Eva Cool ( назад)

Автор Cora Lin ( назад)
Can you make a tutorial for boots?

Автор Jazzaxelowl Axelowl ( назад)
Hi froggy , how do you make sneakers for a monster high doll?

Автор Shakeda Harris ( назад)
Cool asome

Автор mira TV ( назад)
Woooow i like it sooooo much

Автор A Chilton ( назад)
We LOVE your videos

Автор Esperanza Vazquez ( назад)
This was posted 3 days before my b-day

Автор bratz scarlettisis ( назад)
Thanks for sharing! I always lose my dolls shoes so this will work.

Автор Reginald thomas ( назад)
I'm a guy and absolutely love your creativity you inspire me and I think
all schools should have craft projects like yours that would inspire
creativity in our youth, keep up the great work.

Автор erica fields ( назад)

Автор Aminanima 123 ( назад)
can i ask a question on the darbie show how do u make the dolls arms move
without showing ur fingers and how do they hold it

Автор Braided Cobra04 ( назад)
The thing she said that looks like a mushroom looked Iike a ding dong

Автор Luisa Arce ( назад)
Wow I wish I could have the money for the art supplies

Автор crystal bunny ( назад)
I love making clothes for my girl monster highs but......when it comes to
MANster clothes I don't have that many.... my froggy stuff can you make a
easy video on boy monster high clothes please and thank you! ~your fan

Автор Angelika Knyazeva ( назад)
Как же красиво и оригинально! (я не очень разговариваю по-английски)))
How beautiful and original! ( I do not really talk english)))

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