How to Make Doll Shoes : Sneakers

https://rdy.cr/9b3a27 click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: more shoes!...and all those guy dolls out there will love a new pair of sneakers
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Автор Ayşe Tuğçe ( назад)
👍👍👍çok güzel

Автор Delmi Pineda ( назад)

Автор Hihomies384 ( назад)
That is SO cool!!
too bad i cant do it :/ oh well

Автор lisa ever ( назад)
ı love it

Автор lisa ever ( назад)

Автор Marta Womack ( назад)

Автор froro ramirez ( назад)

Автор froro ramirez ( назад)

Автор Rusul Stars ( назад)
ايعععععععع ايدجججججج ووووصصخخخخخهههههه

Автор Rusul Stars ( назад)
هذا تسوي وحدة عمرها 123 عام وانتي غسلي اديج لين سودة عبالك منكعة بزيت

Автор Christina Marshall ( назад)
could yo pleaz MyFroggyStuff make a monster high/ doll sized adult coloring
book and i'm your biggest fan like ever i have made all your crafts and
even the new on e and i have made so much fan mail for you but i don't know
how to send it to you lol well thats my suggestion thanx myfroggystuff

Автор Maria B Nader ( назад)
i love all the videos of my froggystuff❤

Автор Kitty Kat Kate Vampire ( назад)
Can u make then got journey girls?

Автор lps cat chat ( назад)
a couple of questions for you or anyone else who is willing to answer: I
noticed when doing the toung of the shoe it looked like a slipper. can you
cut off the toung leave the toe and cover anything else in fabric to make
slippers? can you modify the side of the shoe to make a converse type

Автор Lilian Elein Antares ( назад)
que lindoo

Автор cat dog ( назад)
Wow Syper

Автор Kayla Contreras ( назад)
you should make a hot air balloon

Автор Lps Sofia Official ( назад)

Автор Alonna-Marie Porter ( назад)
Love it cute omg

Автор Mary Grinter ( назад)
too cute! so clever!

Автор Ania Klas ( назад)

Автор Lana Johnson ( назад)
so good how do you do that

Автор Nicole Jouzy ( назад)
You're soo talented

Автор Lps cupcake productions 812 ( назад)
03:50 omg meiko with sneakers I am melting it's so freaking ADORABLE

Автор Kemala Puspa Jayanti Esty Maryunani ( назад)
like it

Автор Chiv Chiv ( назад)
still poor

Автор Tammy Arélav ( назад)
oh my
your vidio is beautiful
your talent is especially

Автор Милашка Алиночка ( назад)
good very good!!!

Автор Yorusatchbell Zuarth Dimas ( назад)
Good idea, thanks.

Автор Alli and Bela ( назад)
Kiss your hand five times comment this on another video and under your
pillow will be a pink iPod

Автор Mphart12 ( назад)
Can you make a doll ping poll game

Автор Katy Kat ( назад)
you should make high tops

Автор Will Cole ( назад)

Автор Mahaylie Robertson ( назад)
make boots. out. of. lether

Автор Mahaylie Robertson ( назад)
make a. old. day. awflit

Автор Jacqueline Toledana ( назад)
nice shoes for my handsome ken :) <3

Автор Nixthe Velasquez ( назад)

Автор Thu Nguyễn Lệ ( назад)
I love the foggy stuff.............

Автор KEIdehkidrs ( назад)
You are really awesome .

Автор เพ็ญ เพ็งประโคน ( назад)
I like

Автор Asiya Hammad ( назад)
Is it compulsory to use felt

Автор Leah Sierra ( назад)
can you make more American girl things

Автор Mariana Silva Borges ( назад)

Автор ModernMonster High ( назад)

Автор Giovanna Pinho ( назад)
the to do with paper ??

Автор Barbie Toys Review E Tutoriais ( назад)
que lindooo!! sou do brasillll

Автор hermosas princesas ( назад)
hello is perfet shoe

Автор radom_ gal 204 (595 лет назад)

Автор April Buors (104 года назад)
what are those

Автор Rarity Fan Forever ( назад)
does it work with traditional barbies too?

Автор KawaiiGatuHina ( назад)

Автор shahjahan khan ( назад)
so sweet

Автор maria monster and ever after high ( назад)

Автор maria monster and ever after high ( назад)

Автор jessica perry ( назад)
What are those jk these were amazing with two g's

Автор ZanyProductionz (1428 лет назад)
I love these!!

Автор CaptMuff (1859 лет назад)
1:24 I know what else that looks like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) why am I here

Автор Rosemarie Johnsen ( назад)
don't get me wrong l i love my froggy but her tutorial voice gets really
annoying some times....😔😳😳😳😳😳

Автор Jess Tovar ( назад)
It's so cool!!! I love it

Автор mymystic town ( назад)
love them so much

Автор heroreaper ( назад)
i have a human pair of convereses and they look the same but mine are pink

Автор Tamoi Johnson ( назад)

Автор Son gocu 91 ( назад)
Bemba Gabriela no puede ella habla inglés no español

Автор Sabrina Gomes ( назад)

Автор Ana Torrez ( назад)
You shold do how to do a dollhouse
If you can 

Автор Demetroius Small (474 года назад)
can you tie their shoe

Автор Kariazma The Klumsey Krafter (850 лет назад)
pls, how long is a barbie foot. thank you

Автор kawany ferreira (937 лет назад)

Автор cami cupcake15 ( назад)
froggy u r fabsome and lil froggy too

Автор Jenna Keith ( назад)
I wanna make these in light green for my ag doll to match my chucks

Автор isis moura ( назад)

Автор Abigail Brown ( назад)

Автор Mya Taylor ( назад)
Can you make nike sandles or naw?

Автор Nick Castle ( назад)

Автор Enriqueta Camacho ( назад)
i think there converse

Автор Sabina Class ( назад)
What if u did it with a 12 inch doll

Автор LpsVanessaTV ( назад)
I think Naveen isn't very clever...

Автор gamer girl ( назад)
love them

Автор Gladys Acevedo ( назад)
Vrey great ideas

Автор Michelle Trindade ( назад)
amazing my froggy stuff you are so cool and awsome and fabsome

Автор Creative Jana (1784 года назад)
i cant understand and i tried it . it didnt work

Автор Vivian ( назад)
could make healed sneakers for monster high dolls?

Автор Stacie Mon ( назад)
Craft at your own risk

Автор Tash Hood ( назад)
1:27 anyone else see it?

Автор Gem AJ ( назад)
I have a question for you.


Автор Amira Wells ( назад)

Автор Amira Wells ( назад)
Like it Soleil

Автор Ellie marie Doree ( назад)
I am a supper fan 👰🎊🐰

Автор Stephen Idahosa ( назад)
It is for boy,s

Автор Princess Alexander ( назад)
you should make sure they're tied

Автор TomatoSoupxD ( назад)
How about dolls with feet that aren't flat such as Monster High or Barbie?
I guess just a fake bottom?

Автор hora de crear ( назад)

Автор Meep ( назад)
those are so cute on your pullip doll!

Автор Diznee Kid ( назад)
I had an idea. what if you used craft foam instead of paperboard to make it
more water resistant.

Автор tomika marshall ( назад)
thank you

Автор Mutiatus Sholikha ( назад)
it is very nice 😍😍😍

Автор Pupsy Wupsy ( назад)
new request: you should make Sophie's toy frog and some green slippers like
you did on the beginning

Автор Pyren Grace ( назад)

Автор Airly Embleton-mew ( назад)
I am trying to make ballet slippers for my barbie and so i changed the
pattern a bit but its really hard.... Tee he could you make a ballet outfit
video??? that would be fantabulous! I loooooove my froggy stuff almost as
much as i love chocolate... AND I LOOOOOOVE chocolate

Автор Princess Blue ( назад)
why don't you make the Bahamas

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