Soft Jazz Sexy Instrumental Relaxation Saxophone Music 2013 Collection

Title: Soft Jazz Sexy
Artist: Soft Jazz
Year: 2013
Genre: Jazz
Format / Codec: Mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Track list:
01. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)
02. Fallin '
03. I Can't Make You Love Me
04. Use Me (Bill Withers)
05. You Are My Lady
06. Sexual Healing
07. Let's Stay Together
08. Let's Get It On
09. And I Love Her
10. Where Is the Love?
11. After the Dance
12. Baby, It's You
13. Tears in Heaven
14. Here and Now
15. Europa
16. Groovin '(On a Sunday Afternoon)
17. If You Don't Know Me by Now
18. This Masquerade
19. Windmills of Your Mind
20. Lily Was Here
21. Smooth Jazz Anthem
22. Soft Jazz
23. Just Right
24. Always
25. When Lights Are Low
26. Savannah Nights
27. Mystery Man
28. West Coast Cruisin '
29. Laid Back Baby
30. Majestic

Просмотров: 23702346
Добавлено: 718 лет
Длительность: 2:37:16
Комментарии: 3019

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Автор Diane Meeks ( назад)

Автор Felipe Alves ( назад)
deixa em vel 1.5 e derrete

Автор Martin L Morales ( назад)
@1:03:29. I stopped everything.

Автор soufiane Boukharta ( назад)
so fucking great it make my night singing

Автор Janis Morgan ( назад)
I'm Loving This !!💞😎

Автор Antonia Mada ( назад)
C'est plus que génial, bon son

Автор Timothy Lefstead ( назад)
Gulf of Mexico balcony, beach night waves, laptop playing this sweet music as we watched the stars slow motion journey. Much thanks Jimmy, will not forget the extra this music added to a perfect night.

Автор Iris Pionić ( назад)
anyone knows this song starting at 1:51:26 ? called soft jazz ? I've tried to put it in youtube, but it gave me only playlists of soft jazz xd

Автор Deimos ( назад)
y'like jazz?

Автор tim manusama ( назад)
why isnt this on spotify😔

Автор Joao Jorge ( назад)
relaxa a mente depois de um dia cansativo de trabalho nada melhor que ouvir um Jazz

Автор Specialized Timber Services ( назад)
it is ok

Автор Carlos Mena ( назад)
jazz relajante. una vida de estres frenezi sin control. relante para el alma y el cuerpo. bendicion de Dios.

Автор Luiz Vinicius Souza ( назад)
" oh, baby.. come just a little bit closer "

Автор Limey ( назад)
love you

Автор Billie Kugelman ( назад)
Thankyou so much, this is a beautiful playlist.

Автор smith simon ( назад)
bsr tres bonne musiquej'ai une question svp comment je dois faire pour save cet album sur mon ordinateur merci de me faire savoir...

Автор Le Truong ( назад)
i listen to this 7 days a week, 10-7 everyday of my life. its the best

Автор Donna Ware ( назад)
SEXaphone is Bad, hot! jazzaleious.......

Автор Rodrigo López-M. ( назад)
Hola. ¿De quién es la canción número dos? !Está genial!

Автор Minds Eye ( назад)
#1 oh so chill man

Автор Camy Diaz ( назад)
me encanto ❤ algun chileno?

Автор Eric DUBOY ( назад)
Vraiment Cool

Автор claudio di matteo ( назад)

Автор 1234Tanito ( назад)
you fuel me bro

Автор Bona Prakasa ( назад)
Anyone can tell, which one use tenor - which with alto ? thx

Автор zaki lacrim ( назад)
Waaaaw soo deep music 🎶
Algerian love jazz 🎺 music

Автор Star Ali ( назад)
Perfecto para leer Dirty Laundry. :v

Автор Jayla Rivera ( назад)

Автор Josh ( назад)
I have never listened to jazz music much, but wow, at the moment I cannot get enough of it; such relaxing music to chill out to, it really has became my favourite type of music.

Автор Jasper ererer ( назад)

Автор Blanca Aurora Bosque ( назад)
I hope dance all this songs slowly with the love of my life one day!

Автор Oscar Gonzalez ( назад)
amazing colection

Автор Filip Kania ( назад)

Автор sahbi daknou ( назад)
svp silence je suis entrain d entendre de la beaute

Автор sissy Dy ( назад)
Jass music makes me feel i'm beautiful.

Автор Venus Gordeyeva ( назад)
Happy weekend! Absolutely beautiful!

Автор Kevin Gayles ( назад)
I listen to jazz because it gets me intoned with my creative side . Kevin Gayles

Автор Eddy Blanco ( назад)

Автор Bob Wilson ( назад)
That's miles Davis on the trumpet
Why he's there I have no idea

Автор SUSI ARAUJO ( назад)
que hermoso.... 😍

Автор Bruno Cantu ( назад)
My definite favorite is #3. What about everyone else?

Автор 4040chocolate ( назад)
Chillin on a Friday Night with a glass of wine and some sweet sounding Jazz :)

Автор Abby torres ( назад)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 well done

Автор Marus Mario ( назад)
j'aime la musique jazz plus que tout musique

Автор Brandon Van der Velde ( назад)
smoking some weed ,eyes closed just feeling the melodi

Автор My name Didn't fit ( назад)
Anyone else came here bc it said sexy 😂

Автор July Parra ( назад)
nice, very nice

Автор Miles Merritt ( назад)
It's too bad this cannot be purchased on iTunes, very good mix

Автор zGuii ( назад)
quem acredita em Deus?curti
me ajudem a chegar a 350 inscritos
Deus em primeiro lugar!!

Автор steviana ayu ( назад)
best jazz songs ever its make me so relaxxxxx

Автор John Tyson ( назад)
yeah boyy

Автор Isarel Urrea ( назад)
I really like this jazz

Автор sid B ( назад)
Damn I miss Michael Jackson!

Автор twgirl1 ( назад)

Автор Gaming Turkey ( назад)
Lately I've been trying to stay away from the hyperactive caffeine infused archive of nothing that the internet can be.
I'm a young guy, 19 years old, and I've felt like the internet has impaired my concentration and patience.
The immediate and multitasking nature of internet use is dangerous for me, as I have ADHD anyway and the digital world certainly isn't helping with that.
Having been used to do almost all of my reading online for years, I've found myself unable to read books anymore. I can read a chapter or even 5, but never the entire book, and sometimes it feels like I'm forcing myself to continue rather than enjoying the reading.
That's why I recently use the internet mostly for listening to slow music and playing long chess games online. That's also why, unlike most short and quick comments here, I'm writing a long winded narrative.
Try it yourself sometime, it feels great to take your time and think deeply into what you read or write, listen to slow tracks (I've been used to listen to rap, which is very quick and leaves barely any room for thinking/analyzing).
Sometimes we get used to skim through texts and hop back and forth through many open tabs. Did you consider the quality of the information you're receiving when you do that? Most of the time you don't give yourself the chance to dig deeper into what you read, you just sort of "absorb" the information without truly incorporating it.
My recommendation to you is: Supply yourself with quality information and do not stop yourself from constantly making analogies and arguments about it. Do not become an average shallow person like they expect you to be. Read books and write long articles to exercise your mind. This might all sound elementary or needless, but most of the people I know (especially young people like myself) do not do that anymore and do not have ability to conduct complex judgement and complex comprehension and that's saddening. Also always seek to expand your vocabulary, mine isn't great and I'll openly admit it.
With ADHD and other forms of disorderly thought becoming more and more widespread, it's important to remember to sometimes take things slow, and not to overload your brain with too much junk information.
I hope I'm getting my point across, English is not my first language.

If I actually managed to interest you, read:

I wish a great year to anyone who read this entire thing.

Автор boots041 ( назад)
sweet music

Автор The Wolfegetton ( назад)
tears in heaven is my favorite one its like jazz and countryside music mixed together

Автор Jeannette Ross ( назад)
Mature love, Love this sexy instrumental relaxation saxophone

Автор andres lay ( назад)
amazing!!! it would be really nice to have this same list on spotify!

Автор Isarel Urrea ( назад)
I really enjoy this jazz!!!

Автор mrssonikuri ( назад)
who is the singer for Fallin .. second track

Автор Добрыня Никитич ( назад)

Автор Peace Keeper ( назад)
Cruising down the highway on the way to the beach with this on speakers

Автор Chrisangie Cruz Bogran ( назад)
sooo.. great

Автор frosty the gaming wolf ( назад)
there's no way you can stop teens from watching while drunk or having sexy time

Автор Msquay Quay ( назад)
the best thing to listen to when you want peace

Автор Cat Of The Year ( назад)
Good mix to cry to

Автор Willyphoto de Zürich ( назад)

Автор Alison Clement ( назад)
Thank you for this. I love it. Fits my post-election melancholy yet reminds us that living is also beautiful, sexy, rich, multi-textured.

Автор Lyn Delima ( назад)
my favorite..

Автор Tabitha Zamora ( назад)
This is good 😊

Автор Hyun-Jin Kim ( назад)

Автор SpEcIaL ED ( назад)

Автор Jamaal Smith ( назад)
This has just became my theme music. Soft Jazz Sexy Instrumental Relaxation Saxophone Music 2013 Collection

Автор Barbara Wolfsong ( назад)
Warm honey, poured over my wounds . . . my heart melts and I swoon .. . .
I am at peace .. . . in the dark of the moon . . .
while the music fills every corner of my room . . .

Автор pünkt chen ( назад)

Автор Alex Johnson ( назад)
Appreciate this mix, many productive times

Автор Sull Albano ( назад)

Автор Louis Brule ( назад)
where can you buy this please !?

Автор I love Basha ( назад)
just broke up and was looking for some sad music. how did I get here? loving it though!

Автор Daniel Delgado ( назад)
This music is perfect for relaxing, take a wine and think in good moments, but I need work, anyway it´s still perfect..... Greetings from Mexico City

Автор Saladin Bouazza ( назад)
juste sublime, ça vous déconnecte de tous vos problèmes

Автор Ion Catalin ( назад)
so relaxing!!

Автор osvaldo juan romero ( назад)

Автор dj joris' anime ( назад)

Автор Tomas Rey ( назад)
This music is awesome. Just beautiful.

Автор SushiiOwO ( назад)
wondering where sexy saxophone man is

Автор Sodiana Khieng ( назад)
NICE & Smooth, LOVE IT

Автор Dave Davis ( назад)
First time I've ever listened to Jazz, LOVE IT. Sorry I waited so long to listen to it.

Автор Andrew Nduati ( назад)
My word! What a composition...

Автор Carlos Alfaro ( назад)
It's free music, lets help with best commentaries .

Автор Florbela ( назад)
Faz um bem...rsr

Автор Isis de Oliveira ( назад)
WOW !!!!!

Автор Brook Renwick ( назад)
You are very talented but I just wish you weren't playing covers but rather jazz or blues with a happier overall feeling. Sorry. Like i said you are talented but....

Автор Wanja Runyenje ( назад)

Автор Monali Roy Chowdhury ( назад)
simply awsum...

Автор Shaun Henderson ( назад)
I love this saxophone music beutfull play very very peaceful and iner peace for your soul

Автор White Noise Tube ( назад)
nice 😊🎶🎵🎸

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