Soft Jazz Sexy Instrumental Relaxation Saxophone Music 2013 Collection

Title: Soft Jazz Sexy
Artist: Soft Jazz
Year: 2013
Genre: Jazz
Format / Codec: Mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Track list:
01. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone)
02. Fallin '
03. I Can't Make You Love Me
04. Use Me (Bill Withers)
05. You Are My Lady
06. Sexual Healing
07. Let's Stay Together
08. Let's Get It On
09. And I Love Her
10. Where Is the Love?
11. After the Dance
12. Baby, It's You
13. Tears in Heaven
14. Here and Now
15. Europa
16. Groovin '(On a Sunday Afternoon)
17. If You Don't Know Me by Now
18. This Masquerade
19. Windmills of Your Mind
20. Lily Was Here
21. Smooth Jazz Anthem
22. Soft Jazz
23. Just Right
24. Always
25. When Lights Are Low
26. Savannah Nights
27. Mystery Man
28. West Coast Cruisin '
29. Laid Back Baby
30. Majestic

Просмотров: 25981467
Добавлено: 718 лет
Длительность: 2:37:16
Комментарии: 3278

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Автор Leonardo Arantes ( назад)
very good

Автор sltan lord ( назад)
i love the-s sonig so muche 📯🎵🎺🎸🎼🎷🎧

Автор Lakishna Johnson ( назад)
OMG... this album is beyond super sexy!

Автор Rene' grant ( назад)
this has to be some of the best cool romantic jazz in town!!

Автор InquietudEterna ( назад)

Автор MoroccanBall awx ( назад)
I'm 17 And i fucking Love this !

Автор Leroy Morris ( назад)
Great JAZZ!

Автор Jem Mcgregor ( назад)
Very relaxing

Автор Boris Draak ( назад)

Автор Squire Hall ( назад)
This playlist left me moist and wanting..

Автор Xin Pan ( назад)

Автор Jonny Rush ( назад)
Nice Mix :D

Автор Franck Kripke ( назад)
belle melodie

Автор Anna Star ( назад)

Автор Thiago S ( назад)
Repertório perfeito

Автор Hazmatx220 ( назад)
Damn this is tight. I love it !

Автор Brandon Cox ( назад)
Great music

Автор Edson br ( назад)

Автор technology B ( назад)
its wonderful sound

Автор D.TIERRA AYERS ( назад)

Автор Allison Brown ( назад)
Normally not my cup of tee but I needed something relaxing and this has been great thanks for this.

Автор Michael Stephens ( назад)
great play list love it

Автор Dylan Brodier ( назад)
Saxophone tenor or alto ?

Автор musician ( назад)
Beautiful 😊

Автор KEITH KUHN ( назад)

Автор Dani Tomi ( назад)
skvelé ....relax....pohoda...nežné

Автор Doctor Dludla ( назад)
What's the name of the artist of the last song?

Автор bay bezz ( назад)

Автор Jean Benoît Minyem ( назад)
Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!

Автор Asawin Marcinkowski ( назад)
I love saxophone 😍😍😍😍

Автор Dom Wyatt ( назад)
1:23:41 me encanta!

Автор Dina Halasa ( назад)
Which tune is at 1:40:00?

Автор Don Bagley ( назад)
Words aren't enough to let you know how much I love this recording.You have made an old guy happy.  In my minds eye  I'm back in the 'Big Apple' in the fifties when it was great to be alive.  Thank you so much.

Автор Olena Simonova ( назад)
Лучший сборник! Спасибо

Автор Sakura Kagami ( назад)
Please let me give you some advice. DEAR STUDENTS!!! Do NOT under ANY circumstances listen to this playlist in class. It gets you wired for the rest of the day. I listened to this during one lesson and the songs just kept on repeating itself in my head until the day after!!! IT MADE ME CHECK OUT ALL THE GUYS IN MY SCHOOL!!!! Omg, I'm such a moron.

Автор ITG Angel A Campos M ( назад)
buena musica

Автор Patrick Sob ( назад)
Cool 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿✅

Автор Sandra Mendes ( назад)
OMG, Best thing I have never heard before. This playlist shows how beautiful life can be.

Автор gabriel sabino ( назад)
cadê os br

Автор David Kelson ( назад)
clarity of love ecstasy of grife

Автор شهرزات النور ( назад)
that is Great

Автор Alex Castillo ( назад)
La primera canción es la mejor bienvenida, a degustar que aún estoy iniciando!

Автор Ben M. ( назад)
THIS is the music I love to listen when working or just chilling... just love this atmosphere

Автор Battle Goat ( назад)
who put a trumpet as a thumbnail for a saxophone tribute..

Автор hugo Quintero Gonzalez ( назад)
Musica Muy Relajante es lo Mejor.

Автор Hannah H. ( назад)
Haha best night traveling music, specially in the city

Автор PhycoPizza ( назад)
As a musician it's nice to just sit and listen to this and not try to pick it apart. I'm a guitarist trying to learn some jazz socits just nice to just listen. Major eargasms going on right now

Автор Jacqui Faithfull ( назад)
Oh so smooth..........beautiful

Автор Sita Poorisongsawet ( назад)

Автор Indrajit Banerjee ( назад)
Music with a class !!! Very soothing for ears... enjoying every note of these melodies

Автор TruSelf Productions ( назад)

Автор Γιώργος Στεφάνου ( назад)

Автор Rémy Hedde ( назад)

Автор Gm Mod ( назад)
I like the third song so much

Автор Kaiyn Benzedrine ( назад)
Why is Grover Washington Jr.'s "Unspoken Love" not a part of this?

Автор zarin ( назад)
super !! wonderfull

Автор Andrea Santin ( назад)
01. Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) 00:00
02. Fallin ' 4:20
03. I Can't Make You Love Me 8:30
04. Use Me (Bill Withers) 14:33
05. You Are My Lady 19:33
06. Sexual Healing. 24:45
07. Let's Stay Together. 30:17
08. Let's Get It On. 34:38
09. And I Love Her. 40:14
10. Where Is the Love? 46:50
11. After the Dance. 51:52
12. Baby, It's You. 58:05
13. Tears in Heaven. 1:03:30
14. Here and Now. 1:08:29
15. Europa. 1:13:21
16. Groovin '(On a Sunday Afternoon). 1:19:20
17. If You Don't Know Me by Now. 1:23:41
18. This Masquerade. 1:29:08
19. Windmills of Your Mind 1:35:35
20. Lily Was Here. 1:41:48
21. Smooth Jazz Anthem. 1:46:48
22. Soft Jazz. 1:51:28
23. Just Right. 1:55:55
24. Always. 2:00:10
25. When Lights Are Low. 2:06:39
26. Savannah Nights. 2:10:05
27. Mystery Man. 2:15:04
28. West Coast Cruisin '. 2:20:12
29. Laid Back Baby. 2:24:25
30. Majestic. 2:30:50

Автор marelli giovanni ( назад)
è troppo poco il tempo di una vita per godere il piacere in toto

Автор josephina ama Richard manual ( назад)
Soft jazz, Ik graag ,nu heel goed, soft jazz, ga je met mijn mee♥

Автор Michelle Jiang ( назад)
I swear, I hear a Chinese instrument in the Mystery Man haha. I love this playlist btw. It is a masterpiece

Автор 2charles lyons ( назад)
Yes yes good music

Автор Dudi Rudi ( назад)
yeaaa jazzz

Автор iooi ( назад)
Are these music copyright free? I want to use a piece for a video

Автор Jack Blood ( назад)
This is the best playlist for writing erotic stories.

Автор Hadoone Namnam ( назад)
جميل روعه

Автор Zach Barr ( назад)
Time to stick this dick deep inside of you

Автор Federico Favilli ( назад)

Автор Nathan Bedford ( назад)
i fucked on this one

Автор Lutho Mguye ( назад)
0;0 Ain't No sunshine

Автор kausmo tumynski ( назад)
....smooth "jazz" is the pink zinfandel in the box container of the music world...

Автор Alphatrotz ( назад)

Автор milagro angulo ( назад)

Автор ALEX FER ( назад)

Автор jesus ovnin solorzano cabello ( назад)
impere music

Автор cao duc anh ( назад)

Автор Bongumusa Vusi ( назад)
who is listening to this music?

Автор Bongumusa Vusi ( назад)
who is listening to this music?

Автор Why Why ya wkhayeni ( назад)
Good Night from tunisia 😇❤

Автор Smail Ould ( назад)
cool hap^py

Автор TAETAE KIM ( назад)
ponen saxofon y ponen una imagen de una trompeta jajajajja

Автор Tmax 500 ( назад)
my girlfriend
love this song in the car at night

Автор hisham hisham ( назад)
very nice

Автор uplauded ( назад)
holy moly,
Like any other crazy person on youtube i was randomly surfing clips on youtube until
i stumbled on this goldmine.

one word,


Автор Savanna Jane ( назад)
rubbish! take it to the elites!

Автор Jessica Carolina Huerta Perez ( назад)

me encanta esta musica muy sexii

Автор Ollie Smith ( назад)
Lying in bed listening to this quietly is such a great way to relax after a hard day.

Автор Israel Wokoh ( назад)
Who made the third track (I Can't Make You Love Me)?

I'm lost in the melodic sauce.

Автор J.Louise Meeks ( назад)
Spectacular album! I could listen to it all day.

Автор Kimberly Lee ( назад)
Oh MY! Thank you.

Автор حفيد الفراعنه ( назад)
الفرعون العاشق بيدحرج المساء

Автор Suryj Husay ( назад)
Is there any chance that these exact renditions are on Spotify? Thanks!

Автор ShinobuBlade ( назад)
im not even a fan of jazz but this sounds good

Автор Dion Solomon ( назад)
If jazz was a lady???

Автор Djamel Roji ( назад)
واو wau

Автор VJ Jernigan ( назад)
Excellent Work Music

Автор Ema Stupavska ( назад)
Ain't no Sunshine(when She gone) 0:00 the Best!!!!!!!

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