Katherine Jenkins / My Heart Will Go On

Katherine sings the Celine Dion classic from the movie Titanic

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Автор casey antill ( назад)
this is a great song by her but I like it when it is in titanic

Автор Jane Offermanns ( назад)

Автор Marc Moingeon ( назад)
This drum part is a joke or what ? Doesn't fit at all and sounds awful.
Plus her voice flickers.... and is too low for the song. She's got the
opera range, yes. But nonetheless, I don't think it's very good.

Автор Daniel Rios ( назад)
Shut up louts.

Автор Femaddin ( назад)
Hmm, would want to like if but can't.The drums in the background ruins it a
little, KJ obviously doesn't feel what the song is about, got zero emotions
from her, and the way she sings it make her sound like a newbie.

Автор SpaceRuler ( назад)
此処にはKatherine Jenkins の美しいMy heart will go on が有る。

Автор Jair Alves Ferreira ( назад)
Como a vida nos traz surpresas, em momentos que nem esperamos. Essa moca
Katherine canta tao bem que me fez ver que Sara Brigthman não esta só
cantando canções como essas.
Fico feliz por ser de uma geração que alcançou tao belas cantoras
executando cancões assim e desfrutar desse prazer.
E de longe um dos prazeres mais intensos escutar cancões assim. Com certeza
faz a vida ser melhor.

Автор Compwz ( назад)
Why the drums in the background?

Автор ‫محمد اليامي‬‎ ( назад)
She say "you my here " not "my save in my heart "

Автор sax ( назад)
What an instrument she has and a beautiful case to carry it around in, ,
have seen lot's of pretty women, lot's of great singers but she is a total
package of looks and sound all in one, hard to beat, I also love her
version of Time to Say Goodbye , really outstanding. 

Автор AmandineLovesD ( назад)

Автор José Ramos ( назад)

Автор Rhys Humphrys ( назад)
beautiful 3

Автор Perry The Platypus ( назад)
she's so beautiful & has an amazing voice!

Автор Sakura Hana ( назад)
this version is more comfortabl to sing for me

Автор Dorothy Kay ( назад)
i love this version, not as high pitched as the original .... katherine's
voice is angelic, she hits every note to perfection

Автор ljqueen McAwsome ( назад)
she is an angel sent down from heaven, her voice and looks are too
beautiful to have be from earth....

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
August 6th Katherine 4 songs in the classical top 40 ,yet her last two
albums were not allowed in .How does she do it?

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Sorry mate but your friend Romney is an idiot .Do the republicans not do
their homework? First he calls the British National health system before he
goes to Britain .Cameron may be a tory but he is a big supporter of the
Health service ,then he rubbish`s the Olympics ,how to win friends . Then
he stirs things up in the middle east ,wants a war with Iran . His mates on
Fox tv are no better ,the declare the Olympic opening as very British ! So
Atlanta and LA were not very American eh!

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
All stars including KJ and HW may have talent ,so do lots more you have to
be in the right place at the right time.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
I doubt Hayley will ever get the invite ,you have to be able to sing real
classical stuff.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
What an honour for Katherine to be chosen to sing with the Morman
Tabernacle Choir at their pioneer concerts ,apparently they had been trying
to for four years for her to sing with them. What a wonderful ovation she
received for her effort before 42000 people in the 2 concerts .Well done
Katherine ,not many are chosen to sing alongside this great choir.

Автор herby0518 (1982 года назад)
Yes Hayley will be the guest of Mario frangoulisTenor .

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
A 13th concert of the tear for Hayley Athens august 31 st G

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Do not worry only the opera nutters .Hayley is not quite into this kind of
this thing .Ithink she will have ago at a pop album next after all so many

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Is Hayley going to announce something big ? Meanwhile Katherine has
announced 2 more concerts ,this time in Taiwan -Sept 22,23 so
busy.Preparing her Japanese album release . According to you Haley
dominated this part of the world .Yet here is the Welsh miss performing
continent to continent . Amazing performance with the tabernacvle choir
,its on you tube.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Yes standing ovations for Katherine from the nearly 50000 at the Morman
Tabernacle choir concerts in Salt Lake City .America`s newest star.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
It seems Hayley has exciting things ahead ,concerts perhaps meanwhile
Katherine is back at no 1 in the classical charts with another compilation
from her old and Hayleys presemnt album company .Well if hAyley is not
selling albums Katherine keeps them going. Standing ovations for K

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Hayley was making bread the last I heard .Some years ago she and her team
bragged how she would outdo Katherine ,she would sell more album? .Have
more and bigger concerts .What went wrong? 

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Hayley has plenty of time ,T

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
No more concerts yet for your Hayley .Her next and last up to date will
have an audience of 860 . I do not think KJ has ever had one so small. Yes
not only is Katherine regarded as one of the world`s great voices also as
one of the world`s most beautiful women. Hayley`s team (Katherines
discarded team ) have tried to make something of Hayley ,but when it is not
there it`s hard she is just rather plain.,and little charisma. Another
South African concert for K Beking next month also .so busy.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Funny how Katherine can fill arena and concert halls and poor Hayley cannot
get any concerts to sing in .I wonder why. She even claims to have sold
more albums than Katherine -who has sold nearly twice the number Westenra

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
You have never heard of her ,you are not into much are you.She is far
better known than Fleming will ever be.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Katherine has done very well no matter what you say ,she is far more famous
than your over rated opera singer Sold more albums ,having a hard time
fitting all her concerts etc Is far more talented than a one genre opera
diva.Do not think your opinion will worry her. .

Автор anibal acosta sierra ( назад)
katherine eres la mejor te amo

Автор jewelmarkess ( назад)
Here is a thought. You criticise other singers all the time just on this
video you called Renee Fleming boring, but yet if someone dares to
criticize your idol, you immediately say it's because of jealosy.
Hipocrisy? Jealosy is such an idiotic accusation any way because 1) the
correct word is "envious", learn the difference 2) Envy implies people who
criticize are singers themselves and want what she has. Most people aren't
even singers. 3) If one is envious of KJ, why not of Garanca?

Автор jewelmarkess ( назад)
Actually, it's been 2 months since I commented here, and it wasn't even a
negative comment just statement on a genre. it's you who jumped on me 2
months after I replied to somebody else because you decided to pick a
fight. You are also the type of person who isn't capable of understanding
that not everyone thinks the way you do, and that one can have a negative
opinion about a singer without being jealous. It's funny actually because
you made a number of negative comments about other singers.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Yeh you are one of those superior opera buffs who has a go at Katherine no
matter what she sings..I think in most cases it is jealousy at her success.

Автор jewelmarkess ( назад)
First, my comment is 2 months old, why are you "bringing me" back to this
video? Second, I was replying to a specific person who mentioned opera.
Here is a thought - if people who don't know anything about opera stop
talking about opera as if they do and stop calling pop ballads "opera" and
crossover singers "opera singers", there'll be no reason for those of us
who do know about opera to correct them. Second, don't restart dead
conversation unless you want it to continue.

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
Rennee fleming Boring 

Автор herby0518 ( назад)
What has this song got to do with opera ,you people have opera on the brain
We do not care about your opera

Автор Paula Richards ( назад)
I have to agree the percussion does suck!

Автор Jennifer Nwenyi ( назад)
brought tears to my eyes...this is one of my fav songs and she nailed it! I
used 2 think only the original would make me cry but this one does
2...[iminent=MBTxb9gUWfOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool

Автор Chet Becker ( назад)
what kind of a jerk writes this in print.Only a pervert would say such
vulgar things about a classy and talented lady. I pity the woman in your
life if any would be seen with you We Americans would never tear some lady
up like you. Creep would be an understatement.

Автор jewelmarkess ( назад)
Do you people know what opera is? This is a pop ballad it has nothing to do
with opera - please check the meaning of the word in a dictionary. Neither
Celine Dion nor Jenkins can really sing opera as in singing roles in live
operas in opera theaters while acting, without microphones. Katherine
Jenkins is NOT an opera singer, she is not capable of singing in operas. As
to her ability to sing opera arias - compare "una voce poco fa" sung by
Jenkins to that sung by Elina Garanca or Joyce DiDonato.

Автор Music Girl ( назад)
I was thinking just the same LOL

Автор Sarah Stoneham ( назад)
WOOOOOOO KATHERINE JENKINS, i would be the hippie at her concert, because
theres always one

Автор Ágnes Dobi ( назад)
i love Katherine Jenkis and her special voice, but Celine Dion is better in
this song....

Автор fellow111411 ( назад)
This is my favourite song but I am sorry to say she does not get it.
CHARICE from Phillipine has much better feeling. So far, Charice's version
is the only one I use to judge others.

Автор Andrew Bird ( назад)
this is my favourite song every time i feel down i play it and i feel
better instantly.

Автор dan beckman ( назад)
By far the best version of this song, as far as vocals go. Thank you for
posting this video. Katherine mops the damn floor with Celine, in my

Автор Andrew Bird ( назад)
i love this it is my favorite song. 

Автор Matthew Hart ( назад)
@MOZ1175 I don't like Sarah at all, her voice is terrible. Katherine is
much better. Katherine is a Classical Pop star and she is a lot better than
the credit you give her. I have seen her live, and if you was to see her
live I am sure you would be impressed. She is 30 now which is the best age
for the voice, she has improved greatly since this performance and has a
truly amazing voice. I think you need to know her a bit better to make
comments like that. 

Автор Matthew Hart ( назад)
@MOZ1175 Is that sarcasm? lol. The percussion is terrible and does not suit
the classical style. Katherine's voice is amazing. 

Автор Matthew Hart ( назад)
Its a shame that the percussion is so bad. Katherine done an amazing
performance and some drummer ruined it! Surly Katherine can get any drummer
she wanted!

Автор papercutoutgirl ( назад)
The percussion doesn't fit the song at all.

Автор skymooov1 ( назад)
The percussion is indeed peculiar. It's like someone was playing mp3's in
the backstage. Completely out of place.

Автор Ralph Swartz ( назад)
For an absolutely fabulous performance by Katherine Jenkins, check out
YouTube "Katherine Jenkins Quello Che Faro" (Everything I Do - in Italian)
The song fits her voice and style perfectly and the production is
beautiful. One of the most MAGNIFICENT videos on YouTube IMHO

Автор Domiino Harvey ( назад)
i love her voice but nothing like celine dion.. she is amazing!

Автор ReiMonCoH ( назад)
Ok... Not Better then Celine. I'm mean Great. But her voice is huskey in
the low end. She's singing with an operatic empasis. This woman has a great
voice, but she needs to stop doing it "right" and just bust out. Sing like
the Devil is on her heels and that voice is the only thing keeping him
back!!! That's not what I'm hearing

Автор Tigerstarr830 ( назад)
Different from Celene's. Celene's is Etherial and Idealistic. This lady is

Автор Ashten Notz ( назад)
I sang this for choir, and we got first place in our competition. I still
remember all the words. She sings it better than celene (I don't know how
to spell her name) though

Автор ja5peruk ( назад)
@misscaz95 Sorry a find Kathrines track a hell of lot better than celine or
is it just me 

Автор LICE DEL CAMPO ( назад)

Автор Teamfuufilms ( назад)
wow.... this actualy sounds realy good!

Автор amusedbygod ( назад)
@nicoalphalpha I know that.

Автор dai cornelius ( назад)
@amusedbygod The theme music throughout Titanic was sung by Sissel, the
beautiful Norwegian singer. Check her website!

Автор TheMusicguy68 ( назад)
KATHERINE JENKINS! Simply beautiful voice! No need to compare her to
anyone! Her voice is simply georgeous!!

Автор amusedbygod ( назад)
@misscaz95 I agree - this is not a competition, cuz Celine would win, hands
down. Firstly, I Love Kat, but she is not an opera singer. Secondly, I am
not a Celine Dion fan, but I must say no one does this song better than
she, not even La Brightman, whom I absolutely love. Celine infuses an
emotion, which no one else replicates, into this song. Everyone else just
sings it. Thirdly, the drummer should be shot. Every singer has their bad
moments. This was another one of La Jenkins'.

Автор vatonorteno ( назад)
I won't comment on the music, but she sure is a lovely lady. 

Автор 🏄 Kujido Landsurfer Kuji kooj 🏂 ( назад)
what an amazing woman!!! 

Автор doodi0 ( назад)
@filigrant I agree with you there 

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
i love you katherine

Автор filigrant ( назад)
hooorrible arrangement...for such an amazing singer and the biggest song
ever...such a shame

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
shes gorgeos women

Автор sniknej enirehtak ( назад)

Автор sniknej enirehtak ( назад)

Автор sniknej enirehtak ( назад)
I don't like any one that are able to find bad things about her ......

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
i feel the spirit of god go thru me

Автор Randi Brown ( назад)
Beautiful voice...percussion sucks. Really uncalled for.

Автор yaslylovesanime (2028 лет назад)
@jennyp0101 You're not born with it, it's goddamn hard work to get there ;)

Автор Alejandra Monjardin ( назад)
I did not know women could sing such low notes....

Автор greasemonkey981 ( назад)
I agree with most all of the comments, the percussion is just this side of
abominable, really embarrassing for a professional arrangement of music.
Still a great song though, it reminds me of watching Leonardo DiCaprio

Автор Raymond Meyer ( назад)

Автор 4gelc ( назад)
Oh my...those percussions.. so awful arrangement! It ruins everything, such
a pity.

Автор Tinna Twinstar ( назад)
@MargaretSwann No one could put it better. Right you are!

Автор supernova69er ( назад)
I'd love to smash her back doors in!

Автор STAGENAME1 ( назад)
I am going to be controversial here and say that Katherine should have been
chosen to sing this song for the soundtrack of the movie! That's how much I
love her voice!

Автор Mia Lam ( назад)
@MrMoePacino Not even close to the original ... she's singing with zero
emotion lX_x! She's not feeling it at all.

Автор davonthelake ( назад)
I love Katherine, love Celine Dion, love Brittany Mruczek, love Lisa Kelly,
Méav Ní Mhaolchatha and Orla Fallon. I also love Chloe Agnew, Melanie
Safka, Judy Collins and Jewel. I love that band called the Corrs and I have
to say I love Annie Haslam, Keri Leigh, Karen Matheson, Ola Szomańska,
Sarah McLachlan and a talented young lady I met just a couple of weeks ago,
Ashley Nicole Monical. I love the female voice and the variety they bring.
I do not compare them as each is wonderfully unique.

Автор Sarit Siribud ( назад)
@verbod I don't think any artists suck, I think they all have their own
gifts and talents. All I tried to say was that I prefer Dion more in this
song. Katherine is a good and talented singer, I love her as well, I listen
to her songs and I buy her CDs. 

Автор Moe Abu Hani ( назад)
very gooooooooooood so much better than the Original

Автор Nixiepixie396 ( назад)
the drums ruin this. whoever's idea that was was awful. i <3 Katherine

Автор the subject of stars ( назад)
@jamiemh76 She's an opera singer. Vibrato is usually used constantly in
opera; she's just trying to adapt her own voice to the song.

Автор the subject of stars ( назад)
All of you who believe Katherine's going flat, she's not. She's just got
MUCH better vowels than Celine Dion, therefore her tone is warmer. It's
still in tune. I honestly don't like how bright Dion's voice is anyway, so
to me, this is a kind adjustment. Loooove from America, Katherine.

Автор spitandfire ( назад)
music sounds a little happy for what shes singing but it does help to
seperate it from the original (personally i prefer jenkins) still good
singing. "stand your ground, that others may see you and be encouraged to
stand also" 

Автор Macca Zarate ( назад)
well i actually like this... Im a HUGE sarah brightman fan, and i prefer KJ
than other stupid singers that really don't know how to sing ANYTHING.

Автор SamWiseGingy ( назад)
No dead people are just that, dead people. Memories may live forever but
people die, just like every other living thing. You can't live unless you
can die.

Автор Alan Swatland ( назад)
iN ONE CONCERT SHE SINGS IN iTALIAN, welsh, and English. Think about it. 

Автор Alan Swatland ( назад)
hyeavan must be heartbroken that one of the most beautiful angles is
missing . She is stunningly beautiful and her voice is absolutely perfect .
She could sing the phone book and shopping list and be stunning and sound
absolutely stunning. .

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