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Автор Mandy Desprez (8 месяцев)
version lyric

Автор Jair Alves Ferreira (11 месяцев)
Como a vida nos traz surpresas, em momentos que nem esperamos. Essa moca
Katherine canta tao bem que me fez ver que Sara Brigthman não esta só
cantando canções como essas.
Fico feliz por ser de uma geração que alcançou tao belas cantoras
executando cancões assim e desfrutar desse prazer.
E de longe um dos prazeres mais intensos escutar cancões assim. Com certeza
faz a vida ser melhor.

Автор Compwz (1 год)
Why the drums in the background?

Автор Akikofuma (4 года)
@MrFrankcharles19991 oh very intellegent. If you disagree, then just say
so, or at least give a reason why you think I'm wrong. Throwing around with
insults isn't very mature or smart. So you don't bother me at all. I like
her. I just like Celine Dion more when she sings this song. Don't like it?
Then be fair and say you disagree or shut your mouth. If you don't have
anything smart to say, then don't say anything at all. How old are you, 14?

Автор Mia Lam (4 года)
@MrMoePacino Not even close to the original ... she's singing with zero
emotion lX_x! She's not feeling it at all.

Автор Dorothy Kay (2 года)
i love this version, not as high pitched as the original .... katherine's
voice is angelic, she hits every note to perfection

Автор davonthelake (4 года)
I love Katherine, love Celine Dion, love Brittany Mruczek, love Lisa Kelly,
Méav Ní Mhaolchatha and Orla Fallon. I also love Chloe Agnew, Melanie
Safka, Judy Collins and Jewel. I love that band called the Corrs and I have
to say I love Annie Haslam, Keri Leigh, Karen Matheson, Ola Szomańska,
Sarah McLachlan and a talented young lady I met just a couple of weeks ago,
Ashley Nicole Monical. I love the female voice and the variety they bring.
I do not compare them as each is wonderfully unique.

Автор HugMonster341 (4 года)
Erm, love the song and love the singer but this combo just plain out
doesn't work

Автор Pádraig Folan (4 года)
the notes she hits aren't nice :/ they seem out of key and flat... :/ still
a good singer though

Автор herby0518 (2 года)
Rennee fleming Boring

Автор EphraimShay (4 года)
I'd like to know who all those who claim Jenkins is not a good singer do
consider talented artists...

Автор Rhys Humphrys (2 года)
beautiful 3

Автор lionssong2525 (4 года)
Beautiful Katherine sings as beautiful as she is.

Автор Rebecca Scheck (4 года)
goosepumps :-o she's amazing !

Автор papercutoutgirl (3 года)
The percussion doesn't fit the song at all.

Автор FrozenKizz (5 лет)
@pumapaule allerdings. grausig. weg damit.

Автор jewelmarkess (2 года)
Actually, it's been 2 months since I commented here, and it wasn't even a
negative comment just statement on a genre. it's you who jumped on me 2
months after I replied to somebody else because you decided to pick a
fight. You are also the type of person who isn't capable of understanding
that not everyone thinks the way you do, and that one can have a negative
opinion about a singer without being jealous. It's funny actually because
you made a number of negative comments about other singers.

Автор carrick58 (4 года)
Although, I am not an Opera fan, I would pay to listen to Katherine Jenkins

Автор محمد اليامي (1 год)
She say "you my here " not "my save in my heart "

Автор Alejandra Monjardin (4 года)
I did not know women could sing such low notes....

Автор sniknej enirehtak (4 года)

Автор doodi0 (4 года)
@filigrant I agree with you there

Автор 07061990scrapbook (4 года)
love her voice but the drumming in this version is horrible!!!!

Автор Tony Montana (4 года)
i feel the spirit of god go thru me

Автор tucsonagent (5 лет)
This lady could sign names from the phone book and the music would still be
awesome! OMG.

Автор Andrew Bird (3 года)
i love this it is my favorite song.

Автор jennyp0101 (4 года)
I love her Music of the Night rendition. Without a doubt her voice is
God-given and i just wonder what it must be like to wake up one day and
realize that you can sing like that?

Автор cloudboheme (4 года)
@countbobby01 Bimbo? Huh? Blonde she may be, bimbo she is not. She's very
attractive - not quite in a Barbie doll way, but more "doll-like" than
you'd expect? - with a voice to match, is clearly classically trained and
while her singing may not be up to everyone's taste, she is interpreting
the song with the technique of an opera singer. I guess having said that,
it is difficult to listen to this after having heard Celine's version so
many times (and she is the queen of this song after all!)

Автор dai cornelius (3 года)
@amusedbygod The theme music throughout Titanic was sung by Sissel, the
beautiful Norwegian singer. Check her website!

Автор Nixiepixie396 (4 года)
the drums ruin this. whoever's idea that was was awful. i <3 Katherine

Автор Sakura Hana (2 года)
this version is more comfortabl to sing for me

Автор 🏄 Kujido Landsurfer Kuji kooj 🏂 (4 года)
what an amazing woman!!!

Автор skymooov1 (3 года)
The percussion is indeed peculiar. It's like someone was playing mp3's in
the backstage. Completely out of place.

Автор Randi Brown (4 года)
Beautiful voice...percussion sucks. Really uncalled for.

Автор 4gelc (4 года)
Oh my...those percussions.. so awful arrangement! It ruins everything, such
a pity.

Автор Ashten Notz (3 года)
I sang this for choir, and we got first place in our competition. I still
remember all the words. She sings it better than celene (I don't know how
to spell her name) though

Автор bmpbtr (2 года)
Und solche Leute werden bejubelt, nicht bis Ende Gesang studiert. Diese
ständige Tremolo, muss man mehr schtützen. Und alles was nach oben geht,
geht nach hinten. Ja, ja jemand hat viel Geld bezahlt. Herzlose Singerei.
Nur Gesicht und Busen.

Автор KennethColeReaction1 (4 года)
OMG great......

Автор Alan Swatland (4 года)
iN ONE CONCERT SHE SINGS IN iTALIAN, welsh, and English. Think about it.

Автор welshlassxXx19999 (2 года)
I know i love her iv been listening to her the last few days iv always
liked her wen i was a kid lol!! I think Wales always comes out with these
kinda singers tho:):)

Автор TheVorbei (5 лет)
oh! i love her! ;*****

Автор KLove053 (4 года)
@saritsiribud i agree with you .. celine dion rocked this song .

Автор fellow111411 (3 года)
This is my favourite song but I am sorry to say she does not get it.
CHARICE from Phillipine has much better feeling. So far, Charice's version
is the only one I use to judge others.

Автор rusticio (4 года)
Definitely do not like the arrangement at all!!! Don't have a clue what
james horner, magnificent composer/arranger!!!, was thinking when he did
this, except maybe it's got to be "hollywood", but I agree, doesn't come
off! Not appealilng in the least. But, one cannot fault her voice It's
magnificent!!! I wonder with Celine's arrangement & Katherine's voice, if
Katherine sung it first what we would think. I would still HAVE to go w/
Celine. Seems to put more of her soul into the entire piece.

Автор sniknej enirehtak (4 года)
I don't like any one that are able to find bad things about her ......

Автор allen mejia (4 года)
DRUMS?????????????? LOL! WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Автор Macca Zarate (4 года)
well i actually like this... Im a HUGE sarah brightman fan, and i prefer KJ
than other stupid singers that really don't know how to sing ANYTHING.

Автор delkosbabe (4 года)
man the drumbeat in this rendition is annoying, shes not too bad, you cant
beat Celine though

Автор Teamfuufilms (3 года)
wow.... this actualy sounds realy good!

Автор ReiMonCoH (3 года)
Ok... Not Better then Celine. I'm mean Great. But her voice is huskey in
the low end. She's singing with an operatic empasis. This woman has a great
voice, but she needs to stop doing it "right" and just bust out. Sing like
the Devil is on her heels and that voice is the only thing keeping him
back!!! That's not what I'm hearing

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