Roast Beef Recipe Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys

Rib Roasts getting too expensive? Then try this real tender and moist, but real quick and easy to do, Beef Round Roast using some simple techniques demonstrated by the BBQ Pit Boys.

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at http://www.BBQPitBoys.com


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Автор roberto abrams ( назад)
You asked if we could smell the roast. My answer is YES SIR-REE BOB I CAN!
Cheers guys, nice job!

Автор StormLaker1975 ( назад)
Did this tonight. Roast turned out awesome.....potatoes, well......haha. I
used apple wood, but next time I might go with pecan wood and use beef
broth for the liquid. Plenty of room for tweakage, haha. I definitely got
the thumbs up from the assistant pitmaster on this one, we'll be doing this
again soon! Thanks fellas!

Автор Burhans Amanoz ( назад)
What is that gloves food police around or what? 

Автор vinny leo ( назад)
what state r the knifes being shipped from just wanna no thats maybe ill
get mine over the weekend

Автор Chili Palmer ( назад)
Bud light is not a beer

Автор Chris MacDonald ( назад)
mmm meat and potato's

Автор chuck miller ( назад)
I enjoy the comments as much as the videos, the BBQ Pit Boys have some
funny comebacks to the "food police" who constantly troll the videos. 

Автор CGeekWannaBe ( назад)
Hey guys... I did this tonight. I used apple juice in the bottom of my pan
and made a nice little rub out of garlic flakes and some other spices. The
onion on top was perfect but my black iron pan had a workout with some
avocado, mushrooms, leeks and onion sauteed in butter (real butter of
course), some oil and garlic. And the garlic stuck in the roast was
amazing..thanks... this is going into my "done this" play list.

Автор Art of the Problem ( назад)
this video has 420 thumbs up

Автор fancykitten85 ( назад)
It's not a machete. It's a butcher knife.

Автор Max Chocolate ( назад)
Good, no theme song @ the beginning (:

Автор Ra's al Ghul ( назад)
The machete is one of BBQ Pit Boy's signature in all of their videos. It
would be a great video if they are using something else.

Автор b00rzEE ( назад)
"Im just usin´some beer" ... -.- ... (american beer), greetings from

Автор King Scout ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Amador ( назад)
it is a form of oxidation but one that is not harmful, not to the steel or

Автор Eduardo Amador ( назад)
it is a butchers knife.....bbq....meat....i think it is the best knife for
the job

Автор Eduardo Amador ( назад)
that is not rust, its a patina and it is a form of oxudation but a good
one, ut happens when carbon steel gets in touch with the acids of any kind

Автор John R ( назад)
salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder is a pork rub? Maybe it's just me,
but pork rubs generally have paprika and brown sugar...

Автор ‫ٱنثى الأسد السبيعي‬‎ ( назад)
very nice keep it .. love you BBQ boys kisses From north of Africa :p 

Автор fasle2 ( назад)
Pork rub on beef? Woah

Автор Robert Bruce ( назад)
Like all the videos, but he should lose the machete and use a proper
cooking knife.

Автор Daniel H (Ostherhus) ( назад)
Oh man, awesome!!! SMELLS GOOOD!!! XD

Автор philchips ( назад)
Patina is rust. This isn't when a pot gets blackened over the years. 

Автор phantumgrey ( назад)
Forget the recipe I came here for the music!! BTW this looks GUUUUHHD!

Автор altrocksnp ( назад)
Patina, not rust. 

Автор Rockw61 ( назад)
hmmmm mmmmmm good

Автор josue277 ( назад)
Yaahoo! Yummy! 

Автор Zyber Tech ( назад)
That looks so gosh darn GOOD!!!!!

Автор Aleksandar Jakovski (Kango) ( назад)
He uses the very same knife each and every time, also he has it for years,
God knows how much tasty meat this knife had cut through, so I guess it's
more of an sentimental value which I greatly respect.

Автор BBQ Pit Boys ( назад)
an Old Hickory 10" Carbon Steel Butcher. Hardly rusty. But you're here to
learn something, right? -BBQ Pit Boys

Автор philchips ( назад)
Rusty knife huh.

Автор smittyhill1 ( назад)
What should the internal temp of the roast be for medium? Thanks.

Автор mazzthang ( назад)

Автор ealdie24 ( назад)
to the little boys here, this is more manly and complex than those
douchebags in epic meal time

Автор Eddie Romero ( назад)
you smell that? smells guuuuud!

Автор Mohamad Khalil Hamieh ( назад)
thank you for the gloves .....

Автор November Moon ( назад)
Drink water. It'll help with the dry throat.

Автор domino2205 ( назад)
videos would not be the same without that knife and I gotta get me one!

Автор iluvj00 ( назад)
with that machete, the hoodie and the gloves you look more of a serial
killer than a BBQ master chef!

Автор Alicia Lee ( назад)
I LOVE your videos!!!!

Автор BBQ Pit Boys ( назад)
lol...put in a new starter in the old truck before this shoot. Hides the

Автор fuckvegan ( назад)
Thats some good shit without any grease

Автор hisayoshi ( назад)
Why latex gloves and why Keystone Light of all beers Mr. Pit Boy? Love the

Автор Hauling Ass ( назад)
lolololololololollllll troll boy got his lips flat cut off by a 50 year old
butcher knife.Gotta run the brisket's done.

Автор lulusapples ( назад)
That's actually a machette not a knife, good for both cutting beef and your
way through the jungle XD

Автор mas1sarwa ( назад)
you got to love his knife !

Автор BBQ Pit Boys ( назад)
you're not talkin' about our 50 year old, Old Hickory carbon steel 10"
Butcher, are ya? Let's see your Ginsu cut saplings and brush during the
day, and then carve up some Pit roast beef for dinner that night..! Get a
real knife, troll boy...lol -BBQ Pit Boys

Автор Joey -4x12- Carvalho ( назад)
Hey Guys, whats the internal temp on that piece a beef to get that type of

Автор Sepratine ( назад)
gotta hand it to the americans when it comes to BBQ! Awesome upload btw :D

Автор Aik Aam Aadmi ( назад)
Gloves???? since when ???

Автор Aik Aam Aadmi ( назад)
"Man ! I'm gettin' hungry...."

Автор Aik Aam Aadmi ( назад)
This voice must belong to "Ron Jeremy" of Food Porn industry. 

Автор roarsporkroar rose ( назад)
is that your voice?

Автор willForeverLOVEyou ( назад)
i am scared of his voice. i can't sleep........

Автор wubsoofers ( назад)

Автор ThrillBilley ( назад)
@MrJack83124 you let the meat rest, because you want all the liquids to
spread in the meat. beacuse of the heat their in the top area of the roast

Автор MrJack83124 ( назад)
why do you rest the meat? what does that mean?

Автор momothebored ( назад)
That's way overcooked man D:

Автор dmanbass ( назад)
Very goos but get ris of the annoying music.

this is goin in my favorites

Автор Ji Cottrill ( назад)
would you be able to get away with silverside or topside roast in this?

Автор cutejoker69 ( назад)
I love this video. . . I wasn't crying just had something in my eye. -Ron

Автор Christine Curray ( назад)
Lovely reccipe but scary voiceover!

Автор Johan Teves ( назад)
right on Man, yameh.

Автор JustWonderingHowToDo ( назад)
Is that pan cast iron?

Автор Icouldbeable ( назад)
@KeepEuropeWhite Go back to the Gutter that you came from.

Автор LeeannasJewelryBox ( назад)
This is the most manly video on youtube. 

Автор Pinfeldorf ( назад)
I have this awesome giant syringe thing that I can load whole garlic cloves
into. It makes getting garlic into a roast as easy as 1-2-3. Highly
recommend it to anyone who loves garlic half as much as I do!

Автор MsNani2230 ( назад)
ohhhh my goodness ohhhh my goodness!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Nacho Rodrigues ( назад)
@BarbecueWeb can you send me recipe in spanish? please 

Автор Duane77able ( назад)
Where you fellas at? I saw another vid and there was snow on the ground. I
figured yous down south not up north with us. Love the vids and you give me
lots of GOOD ideas. Keep it up!

Автор harp d ( назад)
i like his grunt lol lmao!!!

Автор busa-saga ( назад)
I love all your vidoes man....You guys Rule!....You almost ruined it if you
didnt get that tobacco out your mouth :-)

Автор benjamin haynes ( назад)
@sheffguy29 I friggin love yorkshire pudding...with a little Au Jus on top
DAMN, now I want one.

Автор slash87 ( назад)
ur the boss man!!!! 

Автор B0NEL0C0 ( назад)
@wolfLaZoR when he have a sex?what are you a nip?

Автор javed malik ( назад)

Автор wisnerma ( назад)
Love your video's Pit Boy's. I actually made a heck of a rump roast this
weekend. I didn't want to cook it pot roast style..so I took a gamble. I
seared it on all sides in a cast iron at full heat for 2min a side. I then
stuck it in the weber at 275 for a hr and 1/2. It's against everything that
you read about rump roast..but man did it turn out good. Not tough at all
and like a real roast..not pot roast. 

Автор john doe ( назад)
man those onions are huge

Автор Raoul Wisner-Martins ( назад)
I like this guy LOLOLOLOL, sooo good !!!!!Can' t make that sh.... up !!

Автор kevin770 ( назад)
That's a serious cooking knife. : )

Автор MrJackassjerry ( назад)
sounds like a reddneck.

Автор GA1dad ( назад)
Tried this one last night. First Rate!!!! Very Juicy!!!

Автор PITT4eva ( назад)
how much money cost that beef in america??

Автор alex ponce ( назад)
mmmm can u smell it

Автор carismatic10111 ( назад)
damn rite! hillbilly!

Автор SmittyHeWasNumber1 ( назад)
Is that Falstaff light?

Автор SmittyHeWasNumber1 ( назад)
Smells GOOT!!

Автор AnA RoX ( назад)
This man needs to open BBQ Pit Boys Restaurant.

Автор Suzana Linhares ( назад)
I have the same barbecue, I gona to try to make it :D

Автор ranger0504 ( назад)
y is all ur videos u dun show ur face

Автор Nemanja Tomic ( назад)
"through the miracle of time..."

Автор Alpha ( назад)
How did I know the "added moisture" would be beer?

Автор dav1099 ( назад)
HAHA Now that's funny as hell!

Автор dav1099 ( назад)
Maybe from a apple tree ya suppose?

Автор dav1099 ( назад)
5 stars as usual boys! hope ya never run out of stuff to cook, really enjoy
your vids!

Автор iprayforiceNINE ( назад)
I love this guys voice. I tried to imitate it and it hurt my throat. I
don't think young people are capable of having such a gravely voice. Also,
people are always afraid of old knives for some reason... probably because
they look like a murder weapon from tv.

Автор mrLANDO ( назад)
you smell that. Smells GOOD

Автор qlateman ( назад)
seeing this video during Ramadan really doesnt help me at all.....i am
starve now!!!

Автор Bobby Moore ( назад)
Apple wood with BEEF are you sure kinda weird to me

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