Roast Beef Recipe Barbecue by the BBQ Pit Boys

Rib Roasts getting too expensive? Then try this real tender and moist, but real quick and easy to do, Beef Round Roast using some simple techniques demonstrated by the BBQ Pit Boys.

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at http://www.BBQPitBoys.com


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Автор philchips (1 год)
Rusty knife huh.

Автор Rockw61 (1 год)
hmmmm mmmmmm good

Автор SmittyHeWasNumber1 (4 года)
Smells GOOT!!

Автор javed malik (3 года)

Автор Mohamad Khalil Hamieh (1 год)
thank you for the gloves .....

Автор Max Chocolate (1 год)
Good, no theme song @ the beginning (:

Автор shutupwhiteguy (3 года)
thats right u are a real man. REAL MEN COOK WITH BEER

Автор Ji Cottrill (2 года)
would you be able to get away with silverside or topside roast in this?

Автор Aik Aam Aadmi (2 года)
Gloves???? since when ???

Автор alex ponce (4 года)
mmmm can u smell it

Автор StratCatGenius (5 лет)
You guys rule! Seriously, I could sit on my butt all day and watch these.
It's like motivational tapes for carnivores.

Автор jimmye6669 (10 месяцев)
i would like to see you grill up some guinea hen fowl mmmmm!

Автор amoredfist (5 лет)
get yourself a nice german knife from solingen, like zwilling or wüsthoff,
best knifes in the world

Автор 786manal (3 года)
wow thts great dish for me

Автор william1985berg (11 месяцев)
This day à make THE rosé beef bbq pit boys style i love IT Greets from

Автор kthekid (4 года)
More carbohydrates to give you energy, I like to stick an olive on top of a
hot meat sandwich with a tooth pick to finish off a big eating meal sorta
like that.

Автор ealdie24 (1 год)
to the little boys here, this is more manly and complex than those
douchebags in epic meal time

Автор campoclaire (2 года)
hmmmm, I love this roast beef barbecue.

Автор Argee11 (4 года)
How did I know the "added moisture" would be beer?

Автор الأسد السبيعي (1 год)
very nice keep it .. love you BBQ boys kisses From north of Africa :p

Автор B0NEL0C0 (3 года)
@wolfLaZoR when he have a sex?what are you a nip?

Автор xxdjcharlierockxx (11 месяцев)
ha tell'em shut the front door and eat up! emmm that looks goood ;)

Автор momothebored (2 года)
That's way overcooked man D:

Автор mazzthang (1 год)

Автор curlifries18 (5 лет)
That is an awesome knife, where can I get a knife like that?

Автор Art of the Problem (1 год)
this video has 420 thumbs up

Автор cutejoker69 (2 года)
I love this video. . . I wasn't crying just had something in my eye. -Ron

Автор Kurt Laferla (5 лет)
awesome bro, beer goes well with meat and bbq'd sausages and burgers, i use
beer all the time i fire up a bbq!

Автор crazyguy511 (4 года)
glad he took a moment to sharpen that abomination of a knife...

Автор 59Hellfire (2 года)
this is goin in my favorites

Автор Aik Aam Aadmi (2 года)
"Man ! I'm gettin' hungry...."

Автор phantumgrey (1 год)
Forget the recipe I came here for the music!! BTW this looks GUUUUHHD!

Автор BarbecueWeb (1 год)
an Old Hickory 10" Carbon Steel Butcher. Hardly rusty. But you're here to
learn something, right? -BBQ Pit Boys

Автор MrDeerMeat (4 года)
OK OK guys - dont matter wat kine of beer - even that shit Coors w/ work
for moisture content! Knife - Old Hickory - carbon steel still the best - I
swear this dude takes it to bed w/him. Uses it for a knife, spat, swatting
flys, stirrin sauce, and general scratching of hims body parts.. Hardly
ever sharpened that thing - fuck I got an ax that is sharper than dat
thing.....Love this guy! Old Vet - Nam!

Автор b00rzEE (1 год)
"Im just usin´some beer" ... -.- ... (american beer), greetings from

Автор MrWalkerc5 (1 год)
Love the videos! You guys have been an inspiration to me and have taken my
grilling techniques to the next level using your tips and recipes! However,
your beer selection needs some work. Keep up good work.

Автор TheDon742 (4 года)
His Voice reminds me of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Nice Vid once again 5/5

Автор chou Douglas (4 года)
good knife

Автор RaptorLuv (4 года)
damn good!!! but deng that jason/michael myers KNIFE!!!

Автор PITT4eva (4 года)
how much money cost that beef in america??

Автор Icouldbeable (3 года)
@KeepEuropeWhite Go back to the Gutter that you came from.

Автор Eddie Romero (1 год)
you smell that? smells guuuuud!

Автор josue277 (1 год)
Yaahoo! Yummy!

Автор jaredhaden1989 (4 года)
i love roast beef and prime rib

Автор Eduardo Amador (1 год)
it is a butchers knife.....bbq....meat....i think it is the best knife for
the job

Автор Nemanja Tomic (4 года)
"through the miracle of time..."

Автор dav1099 (4 года)
HAHA Now that's funny as hell!

Автор lulusapples (2 года)
That's actually a machette not a knife, good for both cutting beef and your
way through the jungle XD

Автор Cytacon (4 года)
Hot damn, now I is hungry... mmmm mmmm

Автор DrumandBass20 (4 года)
fucking awesome but too small garlic

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