How to Make a Doll Trampoline

https://rdy.cr/ce7ddd click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: have fun with this project, it can be resized for almost any doll
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Автор Altesa Jackson ( назад)
Like the trampoline

Автор Nya Davis ( назад)
What a great idea! I have all the supplies too! DEFINITELY going to make
this! :-)

Автор Gwendolyn Hayah ( назад)
that is a cool way to make a trampoline for a doll .

Автор Eligia Vicioso ( назад)

Автор DUSH Princia ( назад)
Can you please do a doll room tour????please!!and your so fabulous 😚

Автор ItsMzRamos2u ( назад)
what else can I use

Автор ItsMzRamos2u ( назад)
I can't find any stocking😭

Автор Diezhay Green ( назад)
can u please make a gymnasium

Автор Dianis Y más ( назад)

Автор Monster high Heart ( назад)
That's a wonderful and awesone craft😍

Автор Elizabeth Slopey ( назад)

Автор Tytiunna Neal ( назад)
I like all of your videos they are very cool and easy 

Автор Мария Ракова ( назад)
все на английском

Автор priscila coelho ( назад)

Автор Olly Wheildom ( назад)

Автор Olly Wheildom ( назад)
cool tramp

Автор movie chick ( назад)
think of a lps you want
say kitty cat three times
look under your pillow

Автор Wolfgirl22 ( назад)
I might make this 💛❤️💚💜💙💗💖💞💕💝💘💓🎀💟😀😘

Автор Estrid Sophia Baun Ellegaard ( назад)
this is flippin awesome

Автор Kaydence Hisle ( назад)

Автор Golden Doodle ( назад)

Автор PandasAndMinions Lover ( назад)
I made one for my cousin and one for me. My cousin loved it almost as much
as i did

Автор Ashley Walpole ( назад)
your daugter is so lucky to have a good mom like you!! she must have so
much fun!!

Автор Gloria Bastias ( назад)
Never mine

Автор Kinga Luggjgowska ( назад)
użytek suyhs jsgdhysys shdh

Автор Frozen Legos ( назад)
I'm not totally sure, but I think they're working out in their pajamas

Автор Kathy Loveday ( назад)
You should make a doll picture frame

Автор EllaGymnasticsLife ( назад)
I need to try this!!!😃👍

Автор Rebecca Sweer ( назад)
They didnt show to dolls hair they were holding the dolls hair to make it
stay up in the air

Автор Sherry Hope ( назад)
Stop making them so dang hard

Автор Sangeeta Hargi ( назад)

Автор LettuceLoveHJ ( назад)

Автор Nidian Castillo ( назад)

Автор ItsJustNu-Nu Cesar ( назад)
Hello my froggy stuff the happy family show told you to do the ice bucket

Автор Julian Hackney ( назад)
Ha frogy will u do a shootout please

Автор Teresa Toland ( назад)
Can u make me 1to fit a lps

Автор Fabulous 3 (1442 года назад)
I love the trampoline! !!!

Автор RACHAEL KOSAL ( назад)
I really like the trampoline, I probably will make that today, it will go
perfect with McKenna's gymnastics set

Автор Ava The Awesome ( назад)
how did you get the doll to stay up in the air?

Автор Jose Camacho ( назад)
I love this video

Автор Planet 7007s Lego channel ( назад)
You could use the 18 inch trampoline for a large 12 inch one

Автор Beanie Boos are the Best ( назад)
U are fab some! 

Автор Sarah Swanson ( назад)
Made it!!

Автор YaM OneiW (9 лет назад)
It is more beautiful if paint the outer circle that you rapped with the
blue duct tape

Автор Ella Bastiste ( назад)
Luv the advert at the end it's awesome 

Автор 13Christiel ( назад)
lol naveen

Автор Wayne Kronz ( назад)
i love this video! i tried making one and it turned out great!
unfortunately we didn't have picture frames because i have an American girl
doll so i used cardboard. i also didn't have glue to glue on the stockings
so i taped them on. i also didn't have new duck tape so i had to use crappy
really really sticky tape.now that's what i call working with what you

Автор VinylAJ Foreves ( назад)

Автор Angela Spoonhunter ( назад)

Автор polar bear ( назад)
U are awsome

Автор 8furball ( назад)
Could u plz do a easy piano thank u

Автор Dollville ( назад)
I am so making them.

Автор Heather Mata ( назад)
There is so much I like

Автор Fanny Paulino ( назад)
How to Make you

Автор Yajaira Pinott ( назад)
How do you make stand like that

Автор Hannah Haas ( назад)
Great Job ( personally I like this video because there is no sewing in
it.., but we don't need to talk about that, do we? Hehe ) !

Автор Liliana Menier-Melchor ( назад)
My name is Sofia just like sofi and my sisters name is chole

Автор Hellacopternator ( назад)
im sure that if you want a bigger trampoline for a smaller doll you can
just make the bigger one...

Автор Silver “NatePat Trash” WolfHeart ( назад)
Is.. is.. the video...supposed to be statickey

Автор Amethyst Phan ( назад)
Naveen made me laugh so hard lol

Автор Delilah Garcia ( назад)
I like the tent video

Автор Alyce Kissane ( назад)
i made this today it rocked thx ! :)

Автор Raquel Ortiz ( назад)

Автор PandasAndMinions Lover ( назад)
I LOVE the Darbie shows

Автор Michaella Forever ( назад)
I used the bigger trampoline for my Monster High dolls. I made it for them,
so this way they could, do 'cheer and gymnastics' on them. 

Автор Djin Inferno ( назад)

Автор Gayle Labuz (Sometimes Eventful) ( назад)
I tried to make this but I wrecked the sock.:(

Автор Helen Lyon ( назад)
i made this

Автор Mrs Bllakeegray ( назад)
I was actually on the couch when I watched this 

Автор Patricia Golley ( назад)
I have all dolls

Автор FallingOutOfABlackVeilRomance ( назад)
you can also use the trampoline with the picture frames and use it as a big
trampoline for 12 in. dolls.

Автор Nicole D ( назад)
If you guys dint have empty spools, you can use glue caps! Thats what I did
and it worked perfectly!

Автор Angel Deliford (133 года назад)
So cool

Автор Hope TO Raimie ( назад)
Ou guys are smart

Автор ShparklyUnicorn ( назад)
I want one for me

Автор Jenna Barnes ( назад)
Wth that guy was like I € away from 100$ ha ha I'm actually SCOTISH hahahah

Автор Kelli Maple ( назад)
What could you use instead of stockings?

Автор Beanies Galore ( назад)
we love your videos!

Автор lpsfirefly productions ( назад)
i love your videos my bff kam shode me your videos and i make some of your
stuff you guys like rock big time lol

Автор Sparkle Spaz Studios ( назад)
Please follow me on instagram zebragirl53597

Автор lyricsunite ( назад)
I try everything.!

Автор Allison Alexandria ( назад)
Wow your good at crafting

Автор jenny ovalle ( назад)
Your cool

Автор AG Hockey (two twelves) ( назад)

Автор hellokittygirl Amber ( назад)
i made one for my Littelst Pet Shop! Thank you Froggy! This is such a
wonderful idea!

Автор girlsoccer26 ( назад)
I'm making this!

Автор Jelai Mañago ( назад)
It sounds like Froggy's child is tired. 

Автор American girl cutie ( назад)
can you make a one with a net around?

Автор Providence Gibbons ( назад)
Where did you get Naveen?

Автор Kathleen Amaral ( назад)
Can you add my name

Автор Kenderra ( назад)
2:39 barbies changed a lot since i was a kid omg

Автор Andrea Naranjo ( назад)
I made 2 trampolines one big and one small thanks to you 

Автор Peridot Leader of the Crystal Gems ( назад)
I'm made one for myself ( I'm 3 feet tall so it work and I'm 14) I love it
it so fun 

Автор Lalaloopsy cute ( назад)
Cool my froggy mama

Автор ayana williams ( назад)
can you do a doll spa video thanks!!!

Автор LpsCoolKat 123 ( назад)
made it so fun what is your website called again i forget?

Автор Nguyen Phi ( назад)
i can not do that

Автор Chestnut Street ( назад)
(: Love it- totally going to try!

Автор Nicole Anderson ( назад)
Omg I'm going to try that

Автор Chenxi Lin ( назад)
I TOTES gonna make this trampoline

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