Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Jimmy sits down with Good Mythical Morning's Rhett & Link for one of their popular "Will It?" segments, this time testing if deodorant, goat meat, ghost peppers and more will make tasty tea.

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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Просмотров: 3219092
Длительность: 9:17
Комментарии: 5405

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Автор I Heart Toys ( назад)
🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 taco seasoning 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Автор Theo Lindstrom ( назад)
Who else thought link looked better with the goatee

Автор Rhett Pierce ( назад)
OMG my name is Rhett to!!!!!! i am what we call a rare species

Автор Sofia Lopez ( назад)
shouldn't this channel have a diamond play button it has more than
10,000,000 subs like i you agree

Автор Parand Najafi ( назад)
rhett and link need to wear more suits, they look so freaking hot

Автор M.nalatgn Fnaf ( назад)
bone apple tea

Автор leviton31 ( назад)
I've suggested "will it coffee" once...

Автор Camille Reynolds ( назад)
Is it me or did Jimmy look high or drunk in the introduction hahaha.

Автор Dylan C ( назад)
Absolutely love this

Автор 8Bit_Nerd_2003 ( назад)
Look at Jimmy and Link's suit compared to Rhett's. Good Mythical Morning
starring Jim & Link

Автор eli the destroyer ( назад)
Dunk it and drink it

Автор Megan Hughes ( назад)
5:27 he sounded like jacksepticeye!!

Автор Kristin shipley ( назад)
Okay but goat meat is really good, Especially the goat stew they make in

Автор Ottawa3453 ( назад)
With the fake beard on, Link is almost the spitting image of Abraham

Автор No Th ( назад)
6:44 Look what's in the cups. This isn't the goat-tea that was there a few
seconds earlier...I wonder what it is.

Автор nickNcar ( назад)
I like that everyone is complaining that his tea was lighter. HE DIDNT
DRINK ANYTHING. everything is faked he is a cuck

Автор Mezxxii ( назад)
-_- did jimmy even drink anything?

Автор War Ready ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon is fake as can be, didn't take a sip of any of the tea

Автор Stefania Czech ( назад)
forehead stash is in style! Jimmy style!

Автор Anarcho Capitalism is Contradiction ( назад)
Jimmy is so fake

Автор Colin ( назад)
jimmy is wondering wtf his producers got him into, probably fired them for
making him drink hot deodorant water

Автор Suzie Walsh ( назад)
I miss the Rhett and Link up and down hair duo, nos they are both up. QAQ

Автор speedfreak Daniel ( назад)
Why was this not on the GMM Channel? It is the GMM set

Автор Miranda Dates ( назад)
link don't look bad with a gotea

Автор Courtnie Rantala ( назад)
Jimmys ghost pepper tea looked way lighter

Автор Ghandi ( назад)
I just realized that the background is fake. lol

Автор __ ( назад)
i like the gmm crew laughter so much better than studio laughter.

Автор mageatron17 allday ( назад)
poor jimmy

Автор mageatron17 allday ( назад)
is he sick

Автор mageatron17 allday ( назад)
whats wrong with jimmey falon he acts all scared and stuff

Автор James Lloyd ( назад)
blade volunteer fun judgment sudden shade bullet.

Автор Liv Sprink ( назад)

Автор Quinassi ( назад)
Is it just me or does jimmy sound like trump

Автор TheLeeDonger ( назад)
Am i the only one who thought that link looked good with that beard?

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
why was Jimmy's tea lighter then Rhett and links was it not mixed as well
or did he fake it?

Автор Val Key ( назад)
lol what?!! I haven't seen the episode yet, saving it for later but they
got Jimmy Fallon on the show! XD I like his show because he is sort of
funny, reasonable and doesn't like to trash his guests like others does but
if he got questions he asks them with some manners. I have a feeling that
this will be one of my favorite episodes but well, let's see about that!

Автор Jufudgey ( назад)
What was the will it this time? IF ONLY THEY WOULD SAY IT A MILLION

Автор NICKASORAS'S VID'S ( назад)
Jimmy and link look like brothers

Автор butt cheesehat ( назад)
leave gmm alone you famous fuck

Автор Josephine Costello ( назад)
oh my god jimmy fallon?!?!?!?!?

Автор Josephine Costello ( назад)
OMG my brothers are upsessed with tea and one of them is a huge GMM fan so
am i

Автор Swampy Mudkipz ( назад)
i spot that fake backround

Автор low key ( назад)
jimmy kept saying what redd said like wtf

Автор Kawaii Marshmallows ( назад)
Yes Rhett, you are the only one who eats "The Strainings." ...

Автор 비니보이 ( назад)
Looks like Jimmy doesn't want to be there.

Автор Charlie Lopshire ( назад)
more like good mythical night

Автор PreciousOne Dejesus ( назад)
I recommended they do will it tea in a recebt video LOL!!!! Omg !! But i
know i may not have been the only one who recommended it

Автор Brianna Corder ( назад)
loved it!

Автор Alora Aranda ( назад)
Everyone chill jimmy probably can't handle ghost peppers (tbh Rhett And
link shouldn't be able to either)

Автор TicoBot ( назад)
I am

Автор Lana Clifford ( назад)
AAaAAAA!!!!! Rhett and Link!!! I'm so happy!!!!

Автор Daphne White ( назад)
They should've called #2 SweatTea

Автор Ale Ramorini ( назад)
hahahaha I love you guys so much!

Автор Tom134 Edward ( назад)
Jesus I love Good Mythical Morning

Автор Kingchaos 101 ( назад)
funny thing is that , jimmy and rhett , link are opposites , look at their
show timing , good mythical MORNING and the TONIGHT show starring jimmy

Автор Amber The Weird ( назад)
the backround is printed onto a sheet…

Автор Trustworthy Traitor ( назад)
"don't worry this is safe, its all natural" ...so is cyanide. but I don't
recommend it.

Автор AmourWithTheBigA ( назад)
Jimmy looks like Ted Mosby with his stache.

Автор Tahir Ghauri ( назад)
Omg yes

Автор ApeMaster ( назад)
I've never been so hyped about a gmm episode

Автор Imogen Mckeever ( назад)
he needs some milk

Автор denis meckic ( назад)

Автор gcsmith ( назад)
Wow, so nice to see them on the tonight show and getting the mainstream
love they deserve.

Автор Luke Strovzkki ( назад)
3:30 jimmy doesn't drink the tea

Автор Vaishnavi/ven .P ( назад)
That's soo cool!!!!

Автор Cara Maccallum ( назад)

Автор Drift Scale ( назад)
geez that green screen tho xD

the bobble heads and lack of depth give it away

Автор Jessica Harrison ( назад)
goat tea? you mean stew

Автор David Stoneback ( назад)
I'm glad I got to watch this but I still am dreading the time between
seasons. It feels like it's been forever!!!!

Автор Avinash Sharma ( назад)
But will it Nintendo?

Автор Nadia Allan ( назад)
Are we all ignoring the fact that link looks like the front man of a metal

Автор Jaxon Nikoli ( назад)
I've actually seen Rhett and link before in real life and I dont know if
they posted a video at where we were but they are both like so fucking tall

Автор Pearl Snead ( назад)
rhett link how old are you two

Автор Camille Rasch ( назад)
Here's a poll: Is it a live audience or you know, fake laughter?

Автор King Esther ( назад)
What did link spit out??

Автор alexander linderson ( назад)
This is guarantead a good episode!

Автор Patrick Carry ( назад)

Автор TheCoolStuffHD ( назад)
6:50 Is that a photo id Ice-T in the cup??

Автор Suzy Remington ( назад)

Автор Ayushmaan “hunter-kun” Karmokar ( назад)
Jimmy fakes it soo hard... Not enjoyed much..

Автор Jacob Glavin ( назад)
Anybody notice at 6:44, what looks to be Ice T tea?

Автор TwoBlade5 ( назад)
Its nice that Rhett & Link give People some Spotlight

Автор Airblader ( назад)
Love how Jimmy just repeats every joke Link makes to pass it off as his

Автор Andrea Diagbouga ( назад)
It's funny because the guests are better hosts than the actual host

Автор The Confetti Monster ( назад)
*sniff sniff* I'm surprised I survived so many days without GMM. You get
what I mean?

Автор Kyra Smith ( назад)
lol they basically just made goat meat stock, other than the salt there
isn't anything bad about having a sip of stock

Автор GageZC123 ( назад)
whats the name of the song at the end?

Автор Screee ( назад)
Nice flat background

Автор Jared Smith ( назад)
I ship Jimmy and link

Автор Sir John McPoopington XVII Jr (Help Man) ( назад)
I'm not sure why but Link reminds me of Serj Tankian with the chin goatee

Автор Magpie ( назад)
Illuminati sellouts.......

Автор Brandon Good ( назад)
Did anyone notice that the background is 2D

Автор Gabrielle Davis ( назад)
I like how Jimmy drank the deodorant but refused the milk

Автор james wyatt ( назад)
This made me so happy. To see my two favorite internetainers making main
stream media!

Автор Kine Phile ( назад)
Link is not a short guy. Rhett is just one big giant.

Автор Jack Hemphill ( назад)
Wow... Jimmy is small!

Автор Harry Otsuka ( назад)
Man thank you Rhett and Link for introducing Jimmy to facial hair!

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