Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Jimmy sits down with Good Mythical Morning's Rhett & Link for one of their popular "Will It?" segments, this time testing if deodorant, goat meat, ghost peppers and more will make tasty tea.

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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Просмотров: 3963887
Длительность: 9:17
Комментарии: 6133

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Автор Cg Ting ( назад)
https://youtu.be/k8UxeCqGGmk?t=122 Rhett's face is priceless

Автор Spikesreter119 ( назад)
Jimmy goes, "Frickin WHAT?!"

Автор Waluigi The Prophet ( назад)
I legit thought Jimmy grew facial hair when I saw the thumbnail, but babies can't grow facial hair.

Автор LoGiCaLFeAr2000 ( назад)
I think Rhett was a little nervous. You could tell in his voice and vocabulary at 1:06. "This is Taco Seasoning as you can see. And as you can see, as it has discolored the water." Love you Rhett.

Автор Alex Crosley ( назад)
I'm sorry but at 6:43 is there a gold framed picture of a black man in that left glass?

Автор LiebeAlle ( назад)
It's funny, but I always feel really protective of Rhett and Link when they go on other shows, haha. Like I don't want anyone to mock their show or be mean to them or anything.

Автор Luck Dolphin ( назад)
I love how they didn't know that like goat is delicious #currygoatsquad

Автор Rift ( назад)
Anyone else see when link doesn't like it but then changes his mind when jimmy does

Автор Colin Dawg ( назад)
Where can I buy some goat tea packets?

Автор Gherbo ( назад)
Jimmy with the goatee looks like ted from how I met your mother 😂😂

Автор Patrick Pelletier ( назад)
what do they call the last one? Ghostea?

Автор futuramabender20 ( назад)
The color of the Taco Seasonin Tea, aint that a traditional tea color?

Автор lance brettin ( назад)
link with yhe chin hair looks like freakeating on the youtuber

Автор Katelyn Ngatai ( назад)
Was I the only one that picked up the wrestling pun.. "that is bad news barret"

Автор CarterPlayz Terraria ( назад)
Look at the cups at 6:52 it's iced tea

Автор Robin Hart ( назад)
Jimmy's ghost pepper tea is the wrong colour. He's cheating!

Автор Jacqui Schmitt ( назад)
Jimmy didn't actually drink the deodorant!

Автор Cerebrial Wizard ( назад)
When he had the moustache on he looked like Steve Harvey

Автор VlogUntilDawn ( назад)
They really missed an opportunity to call the deodorant tea "Smells Like TEA Spirit".

Автор Hardy's Gaming ( назад)
Bad News Barrett😂👌🏽

Автор Rawk4Life ( назад)
I'd like to see these guys try Ghostface Killah Ale. It is the first beer ever made using ghost pepper, and it is super spicy.

Автор Rawk4Life ( назад)
Just an FYI, they stole the "Will It" series idea from the Youtube Channel of "Will it Blend" videos.

Автор Jasper Engle ( назад)
This video is playing on my flight!!

Автор piaiuilikiaisip 2294 ( назад)
fallon looking like James Lipton with the goatee

Автор Bella Goff ( назад)
i feel like link and jimmy are like best friends and rhett is just there "oh hey guys..guys?"

Автор TwentyOneMuffins ( назад)
This is legendary and I love it

Автор Angel Soto ( назад)
See that green screen

Автор Instinct ( назад)
It looks like jimmy wasn't even drinking it

Автор Alice White ( назад)
It didnt look like he was actually drinking it to me...

Автор Queen_ Craft95 ( назад)

Автор Lizzy G ( назад)

Автор Kim Weir ( назад)
I like the chemistry with these three. None respond the same. It really works!

Автор Norman Liira ( назад)
THANKS Rhett and Link! I love this episode I love you guys I have been fans for years now!

Автор Kim Weir ( назад)
I hope Fallon has my fave comedy duo on every few months! Dec and now March; next one should be May or June. Or next week!!!

Автор lets start the day ( назад)
you should do will it soda

Автор Becky Hoffman ( назад)
I have the same cups.

Автор Smoochable ( назад)
It looks like Jimmy's ghost pepper tea isn't as strong. It's a different color than Rhett and Link's tea.

Автор Zafri Zaryme ( назад)

Автор käeti jarnovski ( назад)
link looks like some kind of early 2000's bassist

Автор Vincent Rosethorn ( назад)
With the facial hair, Link looks like Penn Gillette's Bruce Banner.

Автор Tyler Venable ( назад)
Link used to have that beard in college

Автор funnibunni500 ( назад)
The audience has no idea who they are...you can tell from their clapping.

Автор Daniel27D ( назад)
"Tonight Show"
combined with "Morning"

Автор Jayson Westray ( назад)
Yo looks like Jimmy's ghost pepper tea is ahem... slightly less steeped. Either considerate or they thought less of Jimmy.

Автор TristaManiac ! ( назад)
The audience clearly doesn't watch GMM lol

Автор Gabi Garzon ( назад)
Oh my god yes three of my favorite Interwebs stars!!!!!

Автор loot ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon is so fucken boring

Автор T • I • F ( назад)
7:18 do you think they gave Jimmy a different tea, it's way lighter

Автор Elijah Sheridan ( назад)
This should also be on the GMM channel: "Will It Tea? Taste Test ft. Jimmy Fallon"

Автор periperi dot ( назад)
i'm so glad rhett and link don't have a laugh track

Автор Robin Holleman ( назад)
Most of those drinks were... NasTea

Автор Calvin IDK ( назад)
good mythical night?

Автор Brian reynolds ( назад)
whos face is in the tea glass at 6:53

Автор Brian reynolds ( назад)
this is the worlds best trio

Автор georgia ( назад)
this looked terribly staged

Автор bacon_n_meggs ( назад)
6:40 Do they totally cut out a take where they see if Ice-T will tea? Look at the mugs, not goat meat anymore!

Автор sam man ( назад)
Jimmy looks like ted mosby off of how i met your mother with his go tee

Автор Nick Clubman ( назад)
Hands down best show on YouTube.

Автор Allison Nicole ( назад)
Sometimes you just gotta goat for it

Автор Kevin Kelly ( назад)
"There's gotta be a border there somewhere" you have no idea how bad it was hahaha

Автор Banana Fo-Fana ( назад)
Link's goatee was the best

Автор Tornado Mike ( назад)
Jimmy didn't even drink it!

Автор cet 96 ( назад)
is jimmy lactose intolerant?

Автор The Big Game Theory ( назад)
jimmy doesnt even drink, just posing as he would take a sip.

Автор Brenda Fulkerson ( назад)
thats why i need some goat tea need to drop my henessy

Автор Sarah Souser ( назад)
i love how r&l's reactions to the gross stuff is just 'wow dude thats pretty gross' and Jimmy is flinching away cause r&l do this all the time

Автор Hugh Adams ( назад)
Haha! The background props were all fake. They were just on wallpaper!

Автор Ani Peterson ( назад)
I feel so uncomfortable seeing Link in a suit

Автор Jake Moyo ( назад)
No nasty (nasTEA) pun?!?! Seriously?!?!

Автор TheAirplaneDude ( назад)
Omg they actually did that guys idea "Will It Tea"

Автор Ty the Squid ( назад)
Jimmy should be a real guest on the show

Автор Crystal Acevedo ( назад)
why do they all look so tan in this video??

Автор Lauren M. ( назад)
I LOVE THEM! That was super fun.

Автор Lauren M. ( назад)
Custom barf bucket! AAHAHA

Автор Not Phil Lester ( назад)
haha they should do more will it with other people

rhett's reaction was loving it
jimmys was grossed out
and link just wasn't pleased

when link doesn't like something rhett might so he like "yells" at him and gets confused by him. then rhett was "arguing"with jimmy and he was like i'm so sorry

this all made me laugh 😂

Автор Crazy Weird Vlogs ( назад)
did you notice on the ghost pepper tea Jimmy had a different color

Автор Branden Wright ( назад)
Pretty sure thats the water from Dante's Peak

Автор Elisabeth Anne ( назад)
Jimmy looked so confused in the intro😂

Автор Aamina Mamaniat ( назад)
I vomited before I watched this

Автор Brock Aldrich ( назад)
The person in the middle doesn't drink that much I only put his tongue in it

Автор Taylor Crumrine ( назад)
The Goat-Tea is just broth??? Lololololol

Автор Coby Lindenmuth ( назад)
this actually would have been a really good episode without Jimmy

Автор Daniel John ( назад)
Am I the only one that thinks that when Jimmy had the goatee on he looked exactly like Ted Mosby when he had a goatee???????

Автор Alejandra Herrera Ceballos ( назад)
I love Rhett and Link so much

Автор PuffOrange Jucie ( назад)
6:52 lol ice tea facing at the tea

Автор Speedstar235 ( назад)
Isn't that the first time an ingredient in the second half of a Will It? episode gets an approval?

Edit: It wasn't, there was the Will It Donut? episode.

Автор brystonXP ( назад)
looks like flint water XD

Автор Victor Schabas ( назад)
¿Did Jimmy said "Bad News Barrett? That's... Kind of funny...

Автор Krista Sherinian ( назад)

Автор DackxJaniels ( назад)
Is Jimmy drunk?

Автор BaconGodOfSteak ( назад)
the laugh is fake I want the goodmyticalcrew laughing not some computer

Автор Delta Destiny ( назад)
Link and jimmy are so alike lol

Автор Kurly Kayla ( назад)
I'd just like to let the record show that this was MY idea. I proposed the Will it Tea concept a couple years ago, and no one else, in any way, shape, or form, could have ever had a similar idea. This was all me, so give me credit where credit is due!

Автор konata izumi ( назад)
rhet is so down to earth and humble lmfao

Автор Francis Canania ( назад)
Does anybody else think link can rock a goatee or is it just me

Автор Shaneil Young ( назад)

Автор Jenna Roloff ( назад)
they should invite steve harvey

Автор Zoe Fritz ( назад)
dink it and drink it

Автор Mspgurl 24 ( назад)
What is funny is that Link would've probably gagged on the first 3

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