Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Jimmy sits down with Good Mythical Morning's Rhett & Link for one of their popular "Will It?" segments, this time testing if deodorant, goat meat, ghost peppers and more will make tasty tea.

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Will It Tea? with Jimmy Fallon, Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning)

Просмотров: 3616689
Длительность: 9:17
Комментарии: 5712

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Автор Chris Presler ( назад)
What is the outro music the roots play on Jimmy's YouTube videos?

Автор Oskar Jankowski ( назад)
Are they mocking him with that laugh track? xD

Автор Adam Schlinker ( назад)
Jimmy high as hell in this video.

Автор Avapxia Music ( назад)
So tea is just herb broth

Автор Aventus ( назад)
4:00 They act like drunk guys when they're sober... LMAO.

Автор Keya Irving ( назад)
rhett's goatee almost fell into his goat tea

Автор GrassFedMeats ( назад)
The laughing makes the show worse

Автор TheSubatomicfarticle ( назад)
Jimmy does impressions ... how the fuck did he hear an Irish accent, that tea is making him more retarded and less funny than he already was

Автор Alexandria Warden ( назад)
I keep thinking of the girl saying Ew!

Автор kyle hux ( назад)
Jimmys was fake I guess, it was the wrong color.

Автор LoganHam13 ( назад)
It's so weird to see normal people react to this because I'm so used to seeing gmm try foods like this and it's even worse than this.

Автор Justin Roldan ( назад)
I just realized that the background isn't real. It is just a picture

Автор Lisa lewis ( назад)
my life is now complete

Автор Books AtCoffeeTime ( назад)
Why won't Jimmy drink milk?

Автор Illuminalien ( назад)
Jimmy you're out of your element!

Автор Carson 1027 ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon is here!? 😄

Автор Sweet T ( назад)
Goat meet is actually really good 😊

Автор Thatgirlwithabow 17 ( назад)
I was drinking tea while watching this episode but I kept on cringing and coughing

Автор Lance Scott ( назад)
They're goatees make them look like college professors

Автор abimhhgrr cunzolebh ( назад)
whats with the recorded laughing this isnt the 90's

Автор Lane Friesner ( назад)
This and the 1000th episode are the only episodes that Rhett and Link are in suits.

Автор Cupcakeaddict 26 ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon is my spirit human😇😱😇😱😇😱😇

Автор wesley patterson ( назад)
its episodes like this that make me what Rhett & Link where like in collage.

Автор Okami Momei ( назад)
Lookit my dads having fun with Jimmy Fallon <3

Автор Anthony Bartoloni ( назад)
Who saw the pictures of Ice-T in the glasses at 6:42???

Автор Kathy Gordon ( назад)
looked like jimmey didnt drink any

Автор Rosandy Perez ( назад)
let's tea about it 😂😂

Автор Jessica Velez ( назад)
ummm is it me or before they did the pepper one, is there a picture of Ice Tea In The Glasses lol

Автор waleed yaseen ( назад)
I hate the fake audience laugh in the background

Автор Kyle Franco ( назад)
jimmy isn't even drinking any of the tea hes a faker

Автор Jessica Rolen ( назад)
why didn't he take the milk??

Автор Exceltiaawesome ( назад)
This is the only time I would willingly watch Jimmy Fallon other than his Mean Tweets segment.

Автор Liam Boldt ( назад)

Автор Super Sara ( назад)
He can NOT do an Irish 🍀 accent trust me I am Irish 🍀

Автор queencupidhearts ( назад)
o my gawd links beard! 😍

Автор Julie Hill ( назад)
so awesome!

Автор DNA Goldberg ( назад)
jimmys never tastes any of the tea's, phony

Автор Linz Yo ( назад)
OMG I WAS INVITED TO THE JIMMY FALLON SHOW ONCE. but I didn't have money then so I couldn't go

Автор heyzeus023 ( назад)
Not even Rhett and Link can make Jimmy Fallon funny. Shame.

Автор Miss P ( назад)
Am I the only one who doesn't think jimmy drank the hot tea? His drink was so light compared to theirs and he was suuuppper calm about tasting it😬

Автор Doc Holliday ( назад)
So it's save to say everything in this episode was 'boiled for safety.'

Автор Sheldon Pack ( назад)
Jimmy looks pretty cool with a goatee. He should grow one.

Автор Nimesh ( назад)
Jimmy with a goatee looks like Ted Mosby when he had a goatee XD

Автор Haxenabled ( назад)
These 3 should collab more.

Автор Haxenabled ( назад)
Jimmy, keep the baby face. Link, your chin curtain/scruff beard you used to have was ugly, but the goat-tea ain't bad.

Автор amberleann ( назад)
I love them!

Автор Erin Lane ( назад)

Автор Haxenabled ( назад)
Once you watch Jimmy Fallon videos, you can't stop.

Автор Kate Maxwell ( назад)

Автор lolzyballz ( назад)
Who else from Ireland🇨🇮was screaming when they did the Irish accent

Автор TheOtakuX ( назад)
I just found this. It's like a secret hidden episode of GMM filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Автор Kawaii Desu ( назад)
*Insert racist joke about British people here*

Автор Jennifer Matthysse ( назад)
Did anyone notice that Jimmy didn't drink any of it? He brought it almost up to his mouth, but didn't bring it all the way into his mouth.

Автор Sofia Henningsen ( назад)
Link's suit looks really nice and Link and Jimmy look alike

Автор Bobthegamer LOLMAN! ( назад)

Автор Bobthegamer LOLMAN! ( назад)
Youre luky ists not carolina reapekr

Автор Snorlium Z ( назад)
where's the guinea pig testicle tea??? ;)

Автор Toshymckitty ( назад)
Is it just me, but whenever they talk about Ireland I think of jacksepticeye?

Автор Dormin ( назад)
I don't know if this is his persona, but Jimmy Fallon always seems so fake...

Автор Nikhil Sukumar ( назад)
Tea and coffee are addictive, not to have guys

Автор TH3C1PH3R ( назад)
Jimmy PRETENDED to drink the tea... wuss!

Автор Nyanna Ross ( назад)
The background laughing makes it sound like those old time comedies XD "AHAHAHAHAHA *wipes tears*"

Автор Michael Pemberton ( назад)
I know I am not the only one who thought that link had a beard

Автор Ren Moose ( назад)
there are two links

Автор Cameron Motta ( назад)
3:38 link didnt even drink it lmao

Автор gmuzic4lyfe ( назад)
Jamaica actually has goat soup but we call it Manish Water... so you guys should find the closest Jamaican restaurant and check it out.

Автор Jackie Curtiss ( назад)
Well, deodorant would probably win if there was a "will it breathmint"

Автор Da Epic Troller ( назад)
Good mythical morning at night? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!

Автор 💎Mr.Antimatter ( назад)
bro. why isn't this on the channel

Автор Janelle Crosdale ( назад)
Best Collab Ever!!

Автор Demo's 【SouP】 PossiblyTheBestSoupOutThere! ( назад)
Link looks good in dat suit

Автор FruityCandy ( назад)
Everyone in the comments is SO rude to Jimmy.

Автор Galatastix - ( назад)
I know what I'm doing tomorrow

Автор Ron Chapman ( назад)
you should do more vids together

Автор CP Conquer ( назад)
Rhett is just the best freaking person ever... he gives no fucks about what anyone thinks!

Автор William Murray ( назад)
jimmy looks SO uncomfortable

Автор Pili Cardonna ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks the goatee really suits Link??

Автор VeNoM0619 ( назад)
FYI: Consuming most deodorant's can lead to kidney disease because of the aluminum hydroxide. Check the warning labels.

Автор Jay Rolf ( назад)
Rhett and Link were being funny as always, but I still don't know if Jimmy was really laughing😂

Автор kenny money ( назад)
Are they really in a place,were jimmy would be ?? Or you s it just sound tracks

Автор TehHausofUsher ( назад)
I didn't actually notice the background was flat until the comment section pointed it out. XD

Автор Joe D.oreo ( назад)
the water....sugnifigantly

Автор Brigando Tinangbutil ( назад)
it's kinda weird seeing them in 30fps

Автор Nick Doble ( назад)
more of this pls

Автор Eric G ( назад)
dude Jimmy's tea was a complete different color than Thiers was... hello?!?!

Автор Bailee Theater ( назад)
They should do will it toilet paper

Автор Ashley Key ( назад)
take a teaspoon of salt and swish it around your mouth it should take the heat out of your mouth.

Автор Rabbittsfoot05 ( назад)
Anyone else notice how much lighter Jimmy's ghost pepper tea was than Rhett and Links?

Автор allday_erday180 ( назад)
I like how rhett & link have better audio on their channel

Автор xiaochicash ( назад)
Rhett & Link didn't sell out, Fallon bought in.

Автор KillerCornMuffin ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon and his live audience belong nowhere near this youtube channel. This would be exponentially funnier without Mr. Fallon.

Автор KillerCornMuffin ( назад)
This has made me realize how bad it would be to give Rhett and Link a live audience. This is terrible.

Автор kittysage333 ( назад)
you guys should do will it (spagetti)

Автор Tiffany Forsyth ( назад)

Автор Jessica Ratliff ( назад)
Yes!!! Love all of my fellow Mythical Beasts!!! Proud of you Rhett and Link and crew for making it happen!!!

Автор alas_earwax! ( назад)
I usually love Jimmy Fallon, but I really disliked him here :(

Автор Zoey101deer _ ( назад)
Have jacksepticeye come on the show!!!!!

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