Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg Uncensored w/ Carrie Keagan!! The Other Guys on Blow!

Boys and Girls, it's time for another exclusive and uncensored episode of NO GOOD TV's Up Close with Carrie Keagan. On this episode Carrie gets together with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendes from the movie The Other Guys.

NO GOOD TV (NGTV) stars Carrie Keagan and Shark Firestone and showcases over a dozen original shows featuring raw, real and uncensored interviews with the biggest stars in the world from music, movies and TV. It also has uncensored, uncut, explicit and director's cut versions of music videos. NO GOOD TV can be found at http://www.NGTV.com. It's the most fun you'll ever have with your pants on!!

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Длительность: 4:33
Комментарии: 82

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Автор Shaikh Bhai ( назад)

Автор pankaj meena ( назад)
Hindi songs

Автор PickeKid ( назад)
I feel like the host was VERY serious about her cocaine habit...

Автор westiesmum69 ( назад)
This movie sucked

Автор airmax2xmf1 ( назад)
What a stupid fuckin cunt this bitch is...

Автор smasila ( назад)
Many people in TV should not be in TV or movies. This is proof. Go back to
flipping burgers bitch! 

Автор BonuxCouleur ( назад)
Upclose seems like a crappy TV show. The host is trying hard to be funny
and shocking but she is not.

Автор kamyou70 ( назад)
put the dick in the host mouth

Автор filmfae ( назад)
Best. Interview. BALLS!

Автор KerstinIsDrowning ( назад)
Worst host ever, Worst editing ever.

Автор Johan Wernquist (909 лет назад)
What´s with the host!!?!? 

Автор oskiewhoaskie ( назад)
You're awful! Lady, I'm talking to you!!! YOU ARE AWFUL!!!

Автор mr75204 (934 года назад)
This bitch is not funny.

Автор Fathayha Begum (1452 года назад)
What happened at the end, what was on her glasses? 

Автор Sebastian Alonzo ( назад)
the chicks alright, idk what you gays are bitchin about .. still, a
fraction of me was thinking "Jesus fuck lady, get that dick out your butt"

Автор Justin ( назад)
it is no good tv 

Автор metricspeedy ( назад)

Автор Stefan W. ( назад)

Автор 160sharp ( назад)
lool whats your deal?

Автор Fergo (1646 лет назад)
no really? looser..

Автор Robby303 ( назад)
she's the other hooker girl. 

Автор Valentino Vitez ( назад)
feminist, she's a feminist

Автор 160sharp ( назад)

Автор Fergo ( назад)
the what super show? k they totally stole that from drunk and on drugs

Автор Daniel Korolev ( назад)
Fuck you all. Girl is alright.

Автор Scottie Mchotti ( назад)
Booger sugar, nice... Eve Mendes was the funniest.

Автор randy ero ( назад)
this girl thinks she's funny....wrong

Автор Kkyyrruu ( назад)
It's like she's trying to hard. Mark looked so done with the interview in
the very begining.

Автор nor h ( назад)
why is this interview about drugs and private parts .

Автор bulldog299 ( назад)
No need to cuss. Both actors are very talented and much funnier when they
aren't trashy. This host egged it on and should lose her job. 

Автор bulldog299 ( назад)
This host sucks. Disappointed to see ferrell and wahlberg giving into her
crappy interview. 

Автор PeanutBuddha ( назад)
Who the fuck are you? I'm the guy who does his job, you must be the other
guy ;) 

Автор Peter W ( назад)
@6663000 You see those tits? She's alright

Автор whiteflange (373 года назад)
fire that stupid bitch presenter, she is so annoying with nothing
interesting to say or ask, "oh wow you're swearing that makes it so much
cooler".... but in reality its not needed and very awkward to watch, you
ruined what could have been a great and funny interview with two amazing
actors, i hope you lose your job

Автор Burial ( назад)
The host is annoying. 

Автор MisterMammoth (298 лет назад)
Eva Mendez is so fucking hot....

Автор firebaby7 ( назад)
i swear it always freaks me out to hear how certain people talk and laugh
so casually about cocaine....

Автор Chris Stone ( назад)
whoever this dumb girl is, I'd like to commend her for managing the only
unfunny footage ever of Will Ferrel. 

Автор studleychoirboy ( назад)
Epic uber gay FAIL!!!

Автор emfour ( назад)
wow. that was the most pointless pathetic excuse for an interview ever.

Автор SecretAgent068 ( назад)
@arthuronfacebook LOL...Close but no cigar; the girlfriend is real but I'm
a lesbian posing as a guy on here. I'm surprised the monastery allows you
access to websites like youtube. I would think they'd be more strict.

Автор Arthur Phillips ( назад)
@SecretAgent068 At least I don't have to make up a fake gf to make a point.

Автор SecretAgent068 ( назад)
@arthuronfacebook That has got to be some of the funniest shit I've read on
youtube so far. You DO have a sense of humor!!

Автор Arthur Phillips ( назад)
@SecretAgent068 Yeah, she's really willingly putting them up there. Yes,
you're both pigs and your justification and objectification is pathetic.

Автор SecretAgent068 ( назад)
@arthuronfacebook How's your sense of humor holding up there "guy"? You
obviously haven't seen her much on the other things she's been on because
she's obviously proud of them, she willingly flaunts them, and she has the
ability to laugh at herself. She's a willing participant in the media
culture and is comfortable with her sexuality. My girlfriend can't stop
staring at "them" either so I guess she's a pig as well?

Автор Arthur Phillips ( назад)
@SecretAgent068 I'm a guy and you're a pig.

Автор katinkers ( назад)
i like how the program has them being vulgar only for the sake of being

Автор SecretAgent068 ( назад)
I'm sorry Carrie, but I can't stop staring at "those". I'm a guy and you
are hot.

Автор JohnIsUber247 ( назад)
Best line in the entire movie: "I hope you like the taste of prison
food.... and PENIS!"

Автор natureboyinyourface ( назад)
i'll see it because of samuel l jackson.

Автор mariano dongo ( назад)
@ELA22745 fuck. fuck. your absolutely 100% right. really nice observation

Автор ELA22745 ( назад)
@Monkmaster1969 after seeing your comment i went back to that part...i
totally heard it and i couldnt stop laughing. Thank you!

Автор ELA22745 ( назад)
Not gonna lie, the guy in the window threatening to jump...sounds like a
yelling Steve Carell

Автор Rafiqul Islam ( назад)
watched this in Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg Uncencored w/ Carrie
Keagan!! The Other Guys on Blow! it was pretty #fantasic# 

Автор Don Schmitt ( назад)
i'd balls eva mendes

Автор HeliX PC ( назад)
This was the worse movie of all time. I want my life and 12 bucks back,

Автор Ben Exton ( назад)
the movie was awesome 

Автор Steven Blunt ( назад)
i balls this movie!

Автор GeorgeFontaine ( назад)
I hate the way this is cut.

Автор Supervillain725 ( назад)
I'd like to get up close w/Carrie Keegan. Giggity

Автор chidera321 ( назад)
i think maybe mark was a bit like uncomfortable w/ the cocaine talk cuz he
was addicted 2 it by the age of 13 b4 :( true story....i<3 marky makr

Автор ExclusiveLM ( назад)
Nothing like Hollywood role models.

Автор Toyfarer ( назад)

Автор Haus Droge ( назад)
USA look like frogs. Setzt euch ma ein motoradhelm auf? Ist die selbe
Brille. Super Film alles vom feinsten harten humor.

Автор Tugay Temur ( назад)
carrie im hungry

Автор Novinte ( назад)
@jsnyara fuck you, i'm famous. 

Автор CHI-Town Monk ( назад)
Who farted at 2:02? 

Автор YaBoi Trevor ( назад)
this movie was so funny, watche it in theatres last night, loved the end:
"i hope you like prison food!"....."and penis!!!"

Автор Jeff Pelton ( назад)
marky mark is such a looser

Автор gunnar jauch ( назад)
@RawrrErii yeah. true. That arrogant sob's line made me break up, too...

Автор Tilli Fincki ( назад)
fuck off

Автор InvincibleIrishman ( назад)
Carrie Keagan is so HOT!

Автор G.Black ( назад)
Carrie Keagan has the sexiest laugh Ive heard in a long time, plus she's
always swearing and shit....... could she be the perfect woman? I think she

Автор firebirdjimbo ( назад)
i love listening to famous people swear, its awesome.

Автор Erica Patulli ( назад)
captain douchebag for the rest of your life LOL

Автор roger claveau ( назад)
geeze mark step up and talk!! 

Автор rhn94 ( назад)
will ferrel is the funniest guy .. 

Автор mary lackey ( назад)
this looks pretty funny

Автор tscherwen14 ( назад)
should i write second? :D lol

Автор Nonnative ( назад)

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