LeBron James BEST Dunk Each Year In The NBA! (2003-2016 Regular Season)

Here are the best dunks each season since LeBron James was drafted in 2003. These dunks are from the regular season only. No NBA Playoffs or All Star game dunks included.

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Автор Joshua Kriegner ( назад)
He sucks😂😂😂😂🔥😤❗️😭💩💩

Автор Naseya Brown ( назад)
3 seconds in was a major travel

Автор Nik Geric ( назад)
Lebron is my all time favorite player;-)

Автор Thorn flex ( назад)
This guy does all these dunks, and will be the alltime scorer in the
history of the nba ,and scoring and dunking isnt even his best ability, wow
truly the Goat.

Автор ClutchThree Irving ( назад)
05-06 Is just like what he did to Terry lol

Автор Juan Martines ( назад)
@ 0:56 "This is for fucking my mother, fucker," no pun intended.

Автор Zak Magic ( назад)
3:25 😂

Автор ༼D347h210P5༽ ཾ ( назад)
For 2017 it should be the one against the Warriors on Christmas.

Автор Juan Martines ( назад)
@ 0:56 "This is for fucking my mother, fucker." No pun intended.

Автор Gabe Tatrow ( назад)
labron James should be in NBA

Автор Beats S ( назад)
Dunk on j terry was the best

Автор finlay longhurst ( назад)
I swear he traveled on the first one

Автор Chris ( назад)
That Jason Terry dunk still gives me goosebumps DAMN LeBron!!!

Автор Jarett Bousquet ( назад)
Steve Kerr at the beginning is awesome. "How old is he? 12?"

Автор Wes Go ( назад)
beonest im not a haiter but he traveled on the first dunck

Автор Smack DAS ( назад)
Giannis Antetonkoumpo #NBAVOTE

Автор Sligo12191 ( назад)
LeBron James if the GOAT if anyone says otherwise they are part of the
rebel alliance and a traitor

Автор Derrick Tillman ( назад)
I think the 14-15 season wen he dunked on Kent bazmore was better

Автор Bryant Robertson ( назад)
If LeBron was still in his prime like the Dunk of Jason Terry with the Heat
he would for sure beat the Warriors even with Durant he slowing down and
not jumping like he used to but he still great as ever and better jump shot

Автор GBALLERRZ ( назад)
When LeBron dunked on Delonte West I bet he said " You fuck my mother I
DUNK on your ass"

Автор thepook04 ( назад)
1:08 at that moment West made it his mission in life to fuck LeBron mom

I couldn't resist

Автор Izaiyah Rivers ( назад)
In 2010-2011 season he went to the Miami Heat

Автор King Chris ( назад)
I remember 2k14 Miami could just give it to lebron and he would dunk it

Автор Akai Swindell ( назад)
first one travel but nice dunk

Автор Reginald Harrison ( назад)
Miami Heat days=Cyborg Lebron💯

Автор Alex Ndekeng ( назад)
Lbj's left hand on the last one ridiculous

Автор NBAgames ( назад)

Автор nba 2k16 ( назад)
lebron sucks

Автор Grant Moore ( назад)
2006 dunking on his dad like that.. no respect..

Автор Domz Dean ( назад)
weak ass dunk

Автор Josh Schmidt ( назад)
raptors ECF last year ring a bell?

Автор Wrya ( назад)
I`ve literally at least replayed every dunk 10 TIME MORE!!!

Автор TommyShake ( назад)
the first dunk (2003) was an uncalled travel

Автор Metro Louis ( назад)
Lebrons Miami years were his best

Автор Jalen Klutz ( назад)
The 2nd Greatest Ever .. if not 1st BlessUP

Автор pudman31 ( назад)
The first one was an obvious travel

Автор sterling 24 ( назад)
why do all these warrior bandwagon bitches watch lebron Highlights 😂😂 I
never watch bullshit warrior highlights....

Автор sterling 24 ( назад)
the GOAT

Автор Niya Slim . ( назад)
he need to dunk like this more often but he still 🐐

Автор Trunks ( назад)
All these dunks are so disrespectful I love it!

Автор Matthew Dobson ( назад)
Bro traveled in the first 5 seconds of the video

Автор StuckOnPandora ( назад)
the 06-07 dunk....dirty.

Автор Max Durk ( назад)
LeBron James will play til he's 40, 2025 will be his last season, calling
it now. 

Автор Harrison Highlights ( назад)
Th first one he traveled when he got it

Автор JayO ( назад)
1st play, travel...

Автор Mr. Jay ( назад)
Aye like my profie pic❤️

Автор CJ B6 ( назад)
13-14 christmas day dunks and 06-07 game 5 ecf last 2 dunks against the
pistons 08-09 dunk against the hawks

Автор Patrick Beavery ( назад)
lol delonte sounded like a bitch when lebron dunked on him

Автор Kaine Dudley ( назад)
0:56 *lebron to delonte* "that's payback for getting with my momma"

Автор CalfonZ ( назад)
Why did he always bang on the Celtics

Автор Jairus Dela Cruz ( назад)

Автор Otf Otf ( назад)
At least he dunked on the nigga that was Dunkin his mom

Автор TheParrot1000 ( назад)
Dude was born for this game :D ALL HAIL THE KING JAMES !!!

Автор Jayson Martin ( назад)
where is the "no regards for human life" dunk against kg? and also the
alley oop from kyrie vs gs on finals is better than that dunk vs lakers

Автор TrAz FaDe ( назад)
In the 15-16 season Jr Was wearing Kyrie 2s

Автор Matías Arroyo ( назад)
Kobe better.

Автор grant goodman ( назад)
lebron still making it look too easy!

Автор Joshua Moller ( назад)
Piece insist sight toward rapidly capable enterprise pocket.

Автор Steven t ( назад)
2007-2008 dunk too crazy

Автор Luis Polanco ( назад)
Lebron wanted for quadruple murder. RIP Delonte, Eddie House Jason Terry
and Millsap.

Автор Love Biyy ( назад)
uhmm travel

Автор Deku Rose ( назад)
He double clutches in air ones are INSANE...

Автор Yusuke FuryRoad ( назад)
0:58 if u look closely, the ref yelled ,"rape" blocking foul and one, 09-10
sickest one. 12-13, that was like nba street vol 2. Combo alleyoop. What a
catch and control on last one.

Автор Sarah Said ( назад)
Damn Danial

Автор Dem BeTrippin ( назад)

Автор Emmanuel Enyinwa ( назад)
@1:17. Timmey??!! Say it ain't so.

Автор Emmanuel Enyinwa ( назад)
@1:05. Dunking on your dadday like that, Bron!

Автор Yeediatable ( назад)
That was a travel times three on the first one....NBA players get away with
a lot of travels and ball palming nowadays..kinda spoils the
game.....having said that..Lebron is a BEAST!...:\......sorry MJ, but
Lebron would have smoked you back in the day.......he's got speed and
physical strength AND variety....only concession for MJ is that he inspired
these players by innovating moves and taking the game to another level of
possibilities ....and for that, MJ is technically the best....but Lebron
would have smoked him nonetheless...:\...

Автор Derrick Reed ( назад)
how you gone dunk on yo dad like that

Автор Jose Maldonado ( назад)
And here we have the wild zoo animal roaming in its natural habitat
competing against the mammals who are obviously too weak for the animal's

Автор ZoePage ESPN ( назад)
1st play was travel

Автор Jonathan Blaze ( назад)
3:27 was like a gang rape.

Автор Georgia Blue ( назад)
Travel on the first one

Автор Cj Brown ( назад)
0:55 So this is why Delonte West was messing with Lebrons mother 😂😂 he
needed some revenge

Автор OBLIQUE ( назад)
Those acrobat dunks were looking like lay-up attempts . . .

Автор OBLIQUE ( назад)
Man, Face-Mask Lebron stayed shitting on people.

Автор Renz Fernandez ( назад)
I think the 2016 Lebron's dunk was on the finals against GSW when he got
tripped and then he still mange to get up then pass to kyrie for the Lob
ang throw down by lebron.

Автор BaraKuda _ ( назад)
i loved it when he dunked on his dad delonte west

Автор Breezyboy 143 ( назад)
The king

Автор DeMar J. Mar ( назад)
03-04 biggest travel

Автор Max Savage ( назад)
His headband popping off like a rubber band on an egg made me laugh

Автор Supreme Vixx ( назад)
Nick b who you callin dumb

Автор Golden_Plays_Gaming ( назад)
Lol the coach at 59 seconds /0506

Автор Kid82fy ( назад)
Back in the day when he used to hide the hairline

Автор Kid82fy ( назад)
1:04 Then he fucked Brons mom

Автор Harold Shoeib ( назад)
Damn Lebron is a savage he dunked on his dad

Автор Pixel 's ( назад)
1:49 that guy already? lmao

Автор Ian-Devon Lewis ( назад)
1:25 This is why I have always hated Tim Duncan. He was such a lazy
defensive player...

Автор Tiyeni Onabanjo ( назад)
he traveled on that first dunk

Автор King Canada 2k ( назад)
Watch my video on who's going to win MVP

Автор sergio carbonel ( назад)
The first dunk was a big journey! Traveling violation!

Автор Jun Dell Retinio ( назад)
The first one is traveling.

Автор TerminatorTom 150 ( назад)
That legend27 ad tho

Автор Jalen Thomas ( назад)
He said lebrons mom "got around" the NBA before she had lebron🤔🤔lebrons
mom was 16 when she had lebron🤔so he's saying half the nba's pedos😂😂😂😴

Автор Blake Unrein ( назад)
He loves dunking on the celtics 🍀 fml

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