A Powerful Meditation For Prosperity

A Grand Meditation for everlasting Prosperity Abundance Peace Joy Health and everlasting Happiness.

Love & Peace!

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Powerful Prayer I AM Meditation for Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance Money Riches Peace Joy Health Wealth Everlasting Happiness positive soul searching healing beautiful cool calm calming soothing relaxing relaxation music Help relax heal remove negative energy stress fear anxiety karma achieve nirvana high vibration learn how to connect higher self conciousness divine realms eternal love oneness all there is inspirational one world going beyond religion spirituality comprehending ultimate relality God space

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Автор TheAndreiaZ ( назад)
Thanks for posting! Lovely meditation!

Автор Marcus A ( назад)
What mountain is in that picture? Where is that exactly? It's so beautiful.

Автор Jose Eduardo Tobes ( назад)
Una hermosa musica que es un deleite para los oidos

Автор Mihaita Sprinceana ( назад)
thank you <3

Автор David J ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Florence Bride ( назад)
I loved the music. Thank you for this moment of relaxation

Автор David J ( назад)
Thank you, that helped m when I was very low and distressed

Автор Annie O ( назад)
This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

Автор Minerva Mohabir ( назад)
This is a unique way of meditating. I agree, seeing the words, and speaking
them out loud does help to retrain our subconscious, which really holds our
thoughts, beliefs (and blocks) to experiencing lasting peace, love, joy,
happiness and abundance. I like this way of meditating. I will keep
practising this video. Thank you for this!

Автор Ellie Andrea Amman ( назад)
simply awesome 

Автор Colleen Jones ( назад)
I loved the music and was tempted to close my eyes, however, I had to read
from the screen.

Автор capemay8 ( назад)
This is a beautiful video-----the only thing that would make it better
would be if someone w a great soothing voice were reading the affirmations.
I like to hear them instead of read them. Thanks.

Автор FriendlyLighthouse ( назад)
@John Jugalaks - Going through it once, your mind has read and will record
and embed it into your subconscious permanantly. Replaying this
consequently or occasionally by just listening to the music is sufficient
as subconciously you are already aware of what this relates to.

Автор FriendlyLighthouse ( назад)
@John Jugalaks - Yes it's possible to read and meditate at the same time..
Once you go through this initial process, true meditaion or divine
connection takes place at a subconscious level - It's all about achieving
the highest grandest 'FEELING' of absolute LOVE. The words are there just
to generate and invoke these specific feelings within you.

Автор FriendlyLighthouse ( назад)
@jdickerson23 - What's primarily needed to kick start the process is to
explore it with a very honest intent and an openness of mind. Openess to
the possibility that it's potentially possible to expeirence or undergo a
shift. A shift that may not instantaneously change your physical world but
gradually slip into your physical experience as you start fine tuning into
the grand feeling of ABSOLUTE LOVE!.

Автор FriendlyLighthouse ( назад)
@jdickerson23 - The words are there just to generate and invoke these
specific feelings within you. Going through it once, your mind has read
will record and embed it into your subconscious permanantly. Replaying this
consequently or occasionally by just listening to the music is sufficient
as subconciously you are already aware of what this relates to. 

Автор FriendlyLighthouse ( назад)
Yes it's possible to read and meditate at the same time.. Once you go
through this initial process, true meditaion or divine connection takes
place at a subconscious level - It's all about achieving the highest
grandest 'FEELING' of absolute LOVE. 

Автор sabrina deville ( назад)
Beautiful wish I Could watch this at home 

Автор MsIslandchick ( назад)
I find having to read it very distracting. It would be much better if you
could close your eyes and relax and hear the words thru the headphones. The
music is very beautiful though.

Автор Autumn Ancalime ( назад)
Thank you so much. This has helped me in so many ways and really works for
me. I have had some of the best and happy days after meditating this. My
confidants has grown and I truly cannot express how wonderful this
meditation video is! So once again thank for sending this meditation out
into the world for us lucky souls. May karma bless you!

Автор Rani Gronau ( назад)
nice video, but there is a typo. everlating love should be everlasting love

Автор aerialkate ( назад)

Автор L. Charles ( назад)
Hello. I don't know wether you fixed it. Or if it was my internet
connection. But it is now perfect. Again thank you for taking time to Do
this. I really appreciate it. And peace and love to you :-)

Автор L. Charles ( назад)
Please fix the words. They are blurry! Deep appreciation to your kind

Автор hetalvadanlal ( назад)
i am seeing it twice every day from past 20 days.. everytime i watch this i
am totally relaxed even when i am angry if i watch this i feel calm happy
and relaxed thank you so much just one question.. i havve been looking for
work. will this meditation help me reach my goal.. for those wondering how
can u read and meditate both at a time= meditation means concentrated at
one point..

Автор Heli Doggett ( назад)
Very good! Thank you. 

Автор elena elen ( назад)
everything you watch on youtube are just models, about how we should view
their own desires .... View ideals and thank God for everything you have
and desires come true

Автор layladarling13 ( назад)
How can you be meditating if you are reading?

Автор gentle deer ( назад)
love this meditation - (everlating typo at the end is a wee bit distracting
but then i realized it was an opportunity to teach myself to be

Автор Peter Chua ( назад)
I am abundant in every way and everyday. Thank you

Автор ProsperousWellbeing (530 лет назад)

Автор cesca barredo ( назад)
This touches my heart

Автор Danny702Matrix ( назад)

Автор Anita Caprice ( назад)
It's a blessing to be free. "A Powerful Meditation for Prosperity" gives me
freedom. ~lifelightlove...anita

Автор JamieNTT ( назад)
Is this the music from A Land Before Time?

Автор John Jugalaks ( назад)
That is without doubt, the most beautiful and soothing piece of music I
have ever listened to. But, how can I truly mediate when I am meant to be
reading the words and uttering them loudly? 

Автор JLD ( назад)
If one is reading they are not meditating is my point. 

Автор Ryan Van Lue ( назад)
*mantra* for example. it is very powerful, when meditation are used along
with words, because words are one of the most essential, and life altering
apparatuses. eg: only ask, and my will be done. you can't change your
reality and future by willing it to be done. it is a beautiful realization.

Автор JLD ( назад)
meditating and reading at the same time, that is an interesting idea

Автор Rai Miranda ( назад)
Song reminds Me something scintilla tingly familiar that I heard in The
Circle of Nine --- lemme guess ... was it taken from the Sacred Liturgy by
Fritz Heede?

Автор hetalvadanlal ( назад)
it is a lovely share. i feel relaxed.. i see it once in day any time.. now
will try to watch it before bedtime.. but can anyone share if they have got
gud sum of money by this video>

Автор WealthHealthPeace (482 года назад)
Wonderful, relaxed me greatly. May you all be prosperous and happy! :)

Автор Johanne Hand ( назад)
Really nice, thank you! can you tell me what is the musical piece in the
beginning? I found it very soothing, would love to download it!! Thanks!

Автор Jill Whittamore Coach ( назад)
What is your opinion on listening to this every morning and adding EFT
instead of in the evening? I really enjoyed it.

Автор samsungsamurai ( назад)
i feel more gratitude and love running in my mind, it made my day, thank
you thank god 

Автор Ronnie James Osbourne ( назад)
Thanks For The Upload! Music Kinda Reminds Me Of "The Princess Bride" LoL

Автор jdx350 ( назад)
I used to think stuff like this was garbage, but now that I've tried it,
I've got to reconsider. I don't know if it will bring abundance, but it
certainly challenges some deeply held notions I've had about myself, things
I didn't even realize were part of me before. Just one thing, I agree with
the comment below. If you could fix "everlasting," that would be great. It
kind of gave me a jolt when it appeared.

Автор mahsa V ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Lucky Tara ( назад)
Thank you and so it is!! 

Автор sgombia ( назад)
thank you for this beautiful music of meditation 

Автор Kim Rily ( назад)
Thank you for your work on this. But please fix the word "everlasting" at
the end instead of "everlating." I'm an editor and it threw me off. I
imagined myself extremely joyful and happy and having a stack of money in
front of me, sharing it with others and getting another stack of money and
giving it to myself and others. 


Автор laurzettm ( назад)
Thank you very much for this video and meditation!!

Автор Denise McCall ( назад)
So very beautiful and calming. Thank you so much!

Автор letmesing6868 ( назад)
Thank you for this most beautiful meditation. I feel recharged!! 

Автор anjylkat ( назад)
Wow!! What an AWESOME meditation!!! Ive had a terrific headache with HUGE
knots in my shoulders that i havent managed to get rid of all day but after
dollowing this med my headache is completely gone anf the intense pain in
my shoulders greatly diminished!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing!! Now
we'll see how well it works to remove all my financial worries!! ;-)

Автор Samuel Young ( назад)
It seems like if I just lived next to a mountain like all these video's
show I would just be happy...um..happier. lol nice video though. Peace

Автор Stephen Ward ( назад)
nice and relaxing, thank you, Love, Stephen

Автор CB Fall ( назад)
Very soothing & relaxing for the mind! Thank you very much!

Автор myraadrian ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful! I have honored your request. Namasté Myra

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