Roast Yourself Challenge!

A new challenge has emerged that most people probably wont wanna do, but for those that are brave enough... looking forward to seeing you guys roast yourself!
See bloopers and bts for this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ACthFTpo8

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Длительность: 5:35
Комментарии: 43987

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Автор Benjamin Porsche ( назад)
Those roasts were....


Автор الوداد حمد ( назад)
ryan: "ok yeah as you can see im not a good roaster, im a great one


Автор SOY SAUCE ( назад)
tbh ryans done preety good like he gained 2mil subs in 7months

Автор Nicki Cole ( назад)
YAAAS RYAN YASS! the 'progressive' part catch me off guard! niiiiiice

Автор MH - Entertainment ( назад)
Now this is how you do a diss track

Автор DangerousGamer131 ( назад)
Damn his mixtape was fire

Автор xBaemin ( назад)
Wer ist auch nur wegen Julien Bam hier?😂😂

Автор Heyson :v ( назад)
Buen video CRACK

Автор Nupur Iyer ( назад)
Why was this never included in Youtube Rewind 2016?!!!!!!! Almost every
youtuber did this!

Автор Funky Rodd ( назад)
pewdiepie started in 2009. has 52M subs
nigahiga started in 2006. has 19M subs.


Автор ニック・ホーティー ( назад)
I honestly really wanna do this but my self esteem is too low for that shit

Автор Fluffy popcorn ( назад)
Talent more like towel lint

Автор magicact 19 ( назад)
people say I'm so short I'm ugly as pig so I should snort

Автор magicact 19 ( назад)
ksi means kentuckies stupid idiot

Автор dulce campa ( назад)
cough cough


Автор Harley Queen ( назад)
Ryan Higa is a trendsetter

Автор Games On English ( назад)
The video starts at 3:04

Автор Haroon Wahid ( назад)
why are you not uploading

Автор Alpha ( назад)

Автор AwesomePugsAndKittens //kittenmaster ( назад)
I came here from ksi on his vid roast me

Автор Bulbachu X ( назад)
Roasting yourself isn't good you need to love yourselves AND others

Автор Toniverse ( назад)
All these people like "wait Ryan created the roast yourself challenge?"
when I saw this the day it came out...

Автор Eshaan shah ( назад)

Автор love yourself//0_0 ( назад)
when you ask for 1 like than you get more than 50 likes .. ;)

Автор Tahsin Zaman ( назад)
all because he felt left out

Автор Alyssa Palumbo ( назад)
i want Liza Koshy to rost herself

Автор Sunya Mohammed ( назад)
now this challenge has spread to people who just use the challenge to seem
cool, and really compliment themselves the whole time

Автор Mykayla's Wonderland ( назад)
go on a date with superwomen

Автор NameGaming King ( назад)

Автор Kpop Mini ( назад)
Ryan you deserve more subs I swear I'm really not hating I kinda like
pewdiepie but you deserve more subs you are so so cooler and funnier hope
you get to 50 million subs too 💭❤️😊

Автор Bathing ape 21 ( назад)
It is so good that I watch it soooo much timeline

Автор gloria Hampton ( назад)
Do ricegum

Автор Kerry M ( назад)
Roasting starts at 3:08 your welcome

Автор Jorja Martinook ( назад)
OMG this is so good you did it again Ryan!

Автор Pokemon lover ( назад)
You're the best

Автор Channel Rain ( назад)
ILY :3 OMG Ryan always has top quality content even when roasting himself

Автор Exotic Butters (ExoticButtersYT) ( назад)
hello random person scrolling through the comments

Автор HAK ohne C ( назад)
Wer kommt von Julien Bam?

Автор quinsy Peleti (quin) ( назад)
the rap I'd @3:04

Автор Ornake Animations And Gaming ( назад)

Автор Robyn Nicole ( назад)
can you give me a shoutout im trying to promote my channel and i wrote a
roast for my channel but i want to get some more views on it

Автор anahita ramachandran ( назад)
Uhh yeah he can't rap sure 😝😝😝😝😛😝😛😝😛😜😜(he can rap much better
than me )

Автор Avi Yusupov ( назад)
Your not a roaster your a rooster

Автор TTH_ Candy ( назад)
Do the love yourself challenge

Автор Faith Olivia ( назад)
Lol I think u are a singer

Автор Mabel Flaherty ( назад)
I wanna see Liza koshy do this

Автор Makiah Quinn ( назад)

Автор Kelly Smith ( назад)
"i wanna be part of the drama!" me whenever my friends start yelling at
each other

Автор Salah Ziad ( назад)
Who just came from RiceGum😂

Автор Lydia Lee ( назад)
lol I love this video 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Leila &Aya ( назад)
we need more of Ryan in this world 😂😂😂😂

Автор ainameable ( назад)
"she needs to take off her make up and put on some clothes" lel

Автор Richy Doodle ( назад)
I'm making a video roasting my friend in a rap check it out it's coming out
on sunday

Автор MM Creative ( назад)
There is something about his name that I don't feel comfortable.

Автор Masked Ria ASMR ( назад)
RYAN HAS NO JAM! Any kpop fans here? Help you out....

Автор Bailey Muskego ( назад)
Just imagine if this whole thing failed, that would have been embarrassing
for him

Автор Bennosparigus ( назад)
Holy ass you're good

Автор Bennosparigus ( назад)
Damn boi! You're spittin bars yo

Автор Flaming Creeper ( назад)
Yo guys at 1:09 you hear Marley barking

Автор Denis Kim ( назад)
hardcore much

Автор Nyah Hacks ( назад)

Автор Alex Pardo ( назад)

Автор Tanisha Yadav ( назад)
that was so good it is my favorite roast yourself challenges

Автор Salma Ehab ( назад)
well you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, why would you hurt yours? I
watched your draw my life and you don't have to make fun if yourself to
avoide bullying , I kicked a girl that bullied me once and she never talked
to me again that's a good thing. my point is don't hurt yourself for
other's sake

Автор TheMightyGaming Official ( назад)
Lol just did mine on my channel

Автор Ayesha Mackie ( назад)

Автор ATL ( назад)
This sounds like sweatpants by Childish Gambino

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
If you look at his eyes he looks like a demon

Автор Ahlaysha Sullivan ( назад)
I like gabbies best The Gabbie Show

Автор TRIX 02 ( назад)
The rap starts at 3:06 if you were wondering

Автор iTzSuper ( назад)
Hi Ryan you epic!!!!!!!

I left a like

Автор Lollypop Candy ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Video starts at 3:03
Now say thank you 😂

Автор Jenny Horwill ( назад)
I know Ryan's Asian but where's he actually from?

Автор Christine Matthews ( назад)
I feel like all these roast yourself challenges were a product of Onision

Автор The Local Girls ( назад)
Hi Random Person Scrolling Threw The Comments Iv Got A Challenge For You

Find The Odd One Out


Like When You Find It

Автор MR. Withered Bonnie ( назад)
suomeks kirjotettu? i'm confused

Автор 레어 유튜브 ( назад)
Dude ryan just roasted ksi and pewdiepie 😂😂😂

Автор Divya Srijay ( назад)
was the roast yourself challenge in youtube rewind?

Автор FearOfFlight Gaming ( назад)

Автор nate marcouillier ( назад)
foositube were all looking at you

Автор DangerousKey2592 A.K.A Markipiler fan ( назад)
im a retard😄

Автор Aurio Z ( назад)
I love Ryan so much honestly, he's so creative and down-to-earth.

Автор Maddison Bauschatz ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The video you want
Starts at 4:02

Автор Alex Ekstrand ( назад)
you should have called out Justin Bieber

Автор Ali cj ( назад)
Didn't wolfie start this challenge ??

Автор Emily Bell ( назад)
Talent, more like towel lint

Автор Snuckled ( назад)
Ha I get it drama life and draw my life :)

Автор Ishcabob24 Quinn ( назад)
Who is the Legend27??

Автор Ishcabob24 Quinn ( назад)
Who is the Legend27??

Автор James Cook ( назад)
Make ricegum

Автор Naomi Canales ( назад)
Haha some of these where too accurate 😂💚

Автор Moohyun Lee ( назад)
I honestly thought he was a Vietnamese when I first saw the channel

Автор Bryan Orihuela ( назад)
who else bursted out in laughter when he said " handicapped drake"

Автор Wayno Isn't here ( назад)
For pewdiepie he should have said pubitypie

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