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Автор Roll Fizzlebeef (1 месяц)
Used to play here as Xaru. Good times. ;)

Автор xBaer (27 дней)
I can not log me why..? Pls help

Автор Matthew Ulmer (1 месяц)
I wanted to play on Excalibur but for some reason i cant download the
launcher lol

Автор Axeso Valen (3 месяца)
Its closed this server?

Автор Pvt MattyMatt (4 месяца)
is this trustworthey

Автор MrLudde423 (4 месяца)
For people wondering if this server is still online and running?
Yes it is. 200 people online Everyday depends when you log on ofc. But it's
still popular^^

Автор michalis christodoulou (8 месяцев)
is this server still on? Are there people playing?

Автор michalis christodoulou (8 месяцев)
Question here: i downloaded the game, i made an account in the site. in the
site i can log in with my account but i cant do it in the launcher. When i
try to log in it says: ''unable to validate game version. This maybe caused
by file corruption or the interface of another program''

Please a little bit of help here:) thanks

Автор Nyamema210 (8 месяцев)
Does this server still exist? If so is it still popular with players and
worth playing?

Автор giuseppe scarpinati (1 год)
esiste un server italiano di wow tbc thedarkearth

Автор Brubert Chadbert III-VII (9 месяцев)
I'm playing on Smolderforge to get a feel of the end-game hunter so I know
how to play when Corecraft comes out.

Автор Ihz (11 месяцев)
Anathema 😉

Автор Betim Hudai (1 год)
i dont know how to download it. plss make a guide

Автор Supa Pooky (1 год)
is there any of these test servers that u dont need freekin torrent

Автор Dumbo King (1 год)
I can t login in what i need to do plss say me :(

Автор s Locus (7 месяцев)
Old good Times :)

Автор Emilio Hudson (1 год)
You can't get on this shit the website is fucked with pop ups such bullshit

Автор William Ashcroft (1 год)

doing a testing wow server Blizzlike 1.12.1 pre TBC. ip address txt me at 4802044174 if you want to play! 

Автор Vlad Kopanev (1 год)
Gnome Warrior? O_O

Автор Tristan Hayden (1 год)
Please make 2.4.3 all best servers review. Would help me so much,

Автор TheGameGuru13 (1 год)
dude there are like 20downloads all together before you can play ain worth

Автор Mathias Larsen (1 год)
Wow... Welcome to nostalgia...

Автор SHADOW13243 (1 год)
Guys when i try to log i get the Unable to Connect how to fix it??

Автор Tspec110 (1 год)

Come supporter a gamer and get a chance to win! Recommendations would be
appreciated It's what the gamer's want.

Автор Shadownoob Noobslayer (11 месяцев)
omg all talent tree nostalgia blast :P

Автор BTNHwishbone (1 год)
is there pve on this?

Автор Zenki Lord (2 года)
i cant log inn

Автор Ivo Ostojić (3 года)
It requires some patch..cannot log on server :S

Автор Werm Smith (1 год)
How do I join this server? And where do I go to even download it

Автор Nikola Kandic (2 года)
haha goust at 8:02 wtf !

Автор tllporto (2 года)

Автор Mike Le Soup (2 года)

Автор k den (2 года)
well i looked at the site and it seems to be still running. im trying to
join now so i would try it mate

Автор Aaron Colon (2 года)
Hey man, I just registered on your server! I hope more people will come!

Автор MagnusTexaco (2 года)
What to do when it says "Authenticating" for hours and hours?

Автор Savagefox921 (2 года)
I got it all working and I've been enjoying it for a few days now. But
thank you for offering your assistance :)

Автор Dwumper (2 года)

Автор Alexander Jensen (2 года)
But the only mac client to download is the patches and not the
pre-installed one..? I am currently running MoP so how do i depach my wow
down to tbc???

Автор Austin smd (2 года)
is it possible to down this on a mac?

Автор NotGoingCrazy (2 года)
You should make a server

Автор GenXUnderground (2 года)
Don't use a laungher, use the wow.exe file in the world of warcraft folder

Автор Dreadfow1 (2 года)
When i try to login to my account in-game, it says Unable to connect. Does
any1 know how to fix this problemo? THX!

Автор Nick Morris (2 года)
how the hell do you get this ive been trying for days ! !

Автор Heyonicho Hecasamizi (3 года)
@DajNoEeeh Who cares????? some people finding clicking easier I click far
away keys but 1-8 and f1-f I dont

Автор Spyro12345667 (2 года)
if i have private server realm can i use normal realms?

Автор Phillip Lindgaard (3 года)
dude, we need a link how to downlaode the patch!

Автор Doomedlion (2 года)
Or good private servers will have it fully explained on their forum, like
the server I was on, just follow every step, no thinking needed xD

Автор Smoker 0162 (2 года)
how to download i this game?

Автор chandler zackery (2 года)
Best i have found is go to wowbeez.com use the utorrent client and download
the tbc 2.4.3 from their list then change the realmlist to whichever
server's list and start playing (they also have every other game client
from 1.2.1 vanilla -4.3.4 cata)

Автор Harry Gooch (3 года)
crepid gear looks sick

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