WoW Private Server Review - Smolderforge (2.4.3)

This is my review of the WoW private server Smolderforge hope you enjoy :)

Here is a link to the realm:- http://www.smolderforge.com/
More servers - http://topg.org/wow-private-servers/

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Автор Poshko v ( назад)
so much players :( :( :(

Автор Kordian Borowiec ( назад)
Used to play here as bojka and kordix good times;)

Автор Bloody Knight ( назад)
I have the game file ( Smolder ) i can change the realmlist to play in
Excalibur ?

Автор xBaer (1922 года назад)
I can not log me why..? Pls help

Автор Roll Fizzlebeef ( назад)
Used to play here as Xaru. Good times. ;)

Автор Matthew Ulmer ( назад)
I wanted to play on Excalibur but for some reason i cant download the
launcher lol

Автор Axeso Valen ( назад)
Its closed this server?

Автор Pvt MattyMatt ( назад)
is this trustworthey

Автор MrLudde423 ( назад)
For people wondering if this server is still online and running?
Yes it is. 200 people online Everyday depends when you log on ofc. But it's
still popular^^

Автор s Locus ( назад)
Old good Times :)

Автор michalis christodoulou ( назад)
Question here: i downloaded the game, i made an account in the site. in the
site i can log in with my account but i cant do it in the launcher. When i
try to log in it says: ''unable to validate game version. This maybe caused
by file corruption or the interface of another program''

Please a little bit of help here:) thanks

Автор michalis christodoulou ( назад)
is this server still on? Are there people playing?

Автор Nyamema210 ( назад)
Does this server still exist? If so is it still popular with players and
worth playing?

Автор Brubert Chadbert III-VII ( назад)
I'm playing on Smolderforge to get a feel of the end-game hunter so I know
how to play when Corecraft comes out.

Автор Ihz ( назад)
Anathema 😉

Автор Shadownoob Noobslayer ( назад)
omg all talent tree nostalgia blast :P

Автор Betim Hudai ( назад)
i dont know how to download it. plss make a guide

Автор giuseppe scarpinati ( назад)
esiste un server italiano di wow tbc thedarkearth

Автор SHADOW13243 ( назад)
Guys when i try to log i get the Unable to Connect how to fix it??

Автор Supa Pooky ( назад)
is there any of these test servers that u dont need freekin torrent

Автор William Ashcroft ( назад)

doing a testing wow server Blizzlike 1.12.1 pre TBC. ip address txt me at 4802044174 if you want to play! 

Автор Tspec110 ( назад)

Come supporter a gamer and get a chance to win! Recommendations would be
appreciated It's what the gamer's want.

Автор Vlad Kopanev ( назад)
Gnome Warrior? O_O

Автор Emilio Hudson ( назад)
You can't get on this shit the website is fucked with pop ups such bullshit

Автор BTNHwishbone ( назад)
is there pve on this?

Автор TheGameGuru13 ( назад)
dude there are like 20downloads all together before you can play ain worth

Автор Mathias Larsen ( назад)
Wow... Welcome to nostalgia...

Автор Dumbo King ( назад)
I can t login in what i need to do plss say me :(

Автор Tristan Hayden ( назад)
Please make 2.4.3 all best servers review. Would help me so much,

Автор TheAmko10 ( назад)
pls help me when i try to log in it says ´´unable to log in``

Автор NationsofGaming ( назад)
I think you're forgetting the period after shit, good sir. :) Stupid Jake
is stupid :)

Автор OfficialHelpKenny ( назад)
I'm right you're wrong, get over it w/o insulting someone lol.

Автор Werm Smith ( назад)
How do I join this server? And where do I go to even download it

Автор Austin Landes ( назад)
Go try eternal wow it is the best server out there best staff and I80 and
255 fun so come join us and you will have a good time guarantied!

Автор Austin Landes ( назад)
Go try out eternal wow it is the best!

Автор RackyanHD ( назад)
You sir are 12.

Автор OfficialHelpKenny ( назад)
Using a punctuation right goes under the grammar section, also you
capitalized the first letters in grammar and punctuation, which is wrong.

Автор Tactical ( назад)
yay i'm his 9.410th sub

Автор Mason justin ( назад)
u just got a sub

Автор RackyanHD ( назад)
Okie C:

Автор NationsofGaming ( назад)
Nu im not haw am i a retardie

Автор RackyanHD ( назад)

Автор OfficialHelpKenny ( назад)
It is though...

Автор RackyanHD ( назад)
You're an idiot.

Автор NationsofGaming ( назад)
Yas it iz retaride

Автор RackyanHD ( назад)
No it's not...

Автор NationsofGaming ( назад)
but itz teh sam thing

Автор RackyanHD ( назад)
His Grammar was fine you mean Punctuation? Dip shit.

Автор NationsofGaming ( назад)
Google how to use grammar, dip shit.

Автор Jax Venom ( назад)
Well you can always google it asshole

Автор Vladimir Krstic ( назад)
is it well populated? :D

Автор jinsenthebest ( назад)
make sure realmlist is : connect(dot)smolderge(dot)com

Автор leroy alexis ( назад)
this isn so much shit a pack of shit

Автор Smoker 0162 ( назад)
unable to connect why that?????????????

Автор Smoker 0162 ( назад)
why cane i not log in the game ??? im registerd

Автор Smoker 0162 ( назад)
how to download i this game?

Автор xSour Muffinsx ( назад)
i need a video on how to download this.....

Автор keredkered22 ( назад)
MrGamemasterReviews can you please assist me with downloading this? i get
everything download but the patch downloading wont work. Help would be
greatly appreciated

Автор sebbee lawl ( назад)
tbc.thunderwow,com Welcome! TBC 2.4.3. No custom content and much, much
more! Helpfull GM's, friendly community. We offer free and easy migration
from other servers. Thunderwow 2.4.3 tbc.thunderwow set realmlist

Автор Dreadfow1 ( назад)
When i try to login to my account in-game, it says Unable to connect. Does
any1 know how to fix this problemo? THX!

Автор jigubigule ( назад)
u are retard

Автор Mr.Runebeast ( назад)
if you don't know then you shouldnt join one.

Автор mudza92 ( назад)
you didnt play on fenix project, vanilla and TBC pure blizzlike. please do
review its an awesome server, no donation gear or something.

Автор cameronrule1000 ( назад)
How do you download it

Автор Martin Schou ( назад)
He did...

Автор Emil Bech Sucks ( назад)
Its not org where they duel, isnt it durotar? :D

Автор Nikola Kandic ( назад)
haha goust at 8:02 wtf !

Автор Josh s ( назад)
how do i download a private server? please help

Автор Alexander Lundberg ( назад)
I've just downloaded the server again etc and when im going to log in it
always says '' Authenticating'' and it says that forever ...Some help

Автор Kevin Rumple ( назад)
how doi change it back to a wtf file?

Автор Kevin Rumple ( назад)
cannot log in changed realmlist and everything

Автор Chad Kaczynski ( назад)
How do i connect

Автор Alexander Lundberg ( назад)
Can't log in :(

Автор aaron purdon ( назад)
All private servers use the code thing, its a stupid system. Actually blizz
does too.

Автор ThunderDoods JK ( назад)
can you play one private server and reviewing it together so for me its
gonna be a bit more fun to do that.

Автор Cube4Life ( назад)
no problem :)

Автор Tomasz Damięcki ( назад)

Автор Zenki Lord ( назад)
i cant log inn

Автор Savagefox921 ( назад)
I got it all working and I've been enjoying it for a few days now. But
thank you for offering your assistance :)

Автор WTF ( назад)
Thank you so so so much :)

Автор Cube4Life ( назад)
see if its still a .wtf file and not just a notepad file

Автор Cube4Life ( назад)
just when u downloaded the burning crusade just go to the wow file and look
for data and then u search the realmist.wtf file and open it and delete
everything in there and change it to set realmlist
connect(dot)smolderforge(dot)com change dot to .

Автор WTF ( назад)
please someone tell me how to download this game please i have it but its
dont work please guys someone just tll me how to play i want to join this
cool server.

Автор GenXUnderground ( назад)
Don't use a laungher, use the wow.exe file in the world of warcraft folder

Автор Savagefox921 ( назад)
How do I get on the server I changed the realm list but the launcher keeps
telling me that I need to login with a battle.net account...

Автор Savagefox921 ( назад)
A burning crusade server? YES!

Автор Spyro12345667 ( назад)
if i have private server realm can i use normal realms?

Автор fraps22 ( назад)
watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D7Asn4erTis new 2.4.3 PVP server!

Автор fluffyncute063 ( назад)
If only resilience property worked on this server.

Автор Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen ( назад)
You just have to change a your realmlist.wtf, look it up dumbass.

Автор Roll Fizzlebeef ( назад)
Hey MrGamemaster, you might want to re-visit the server soon. They're
adding a whole bunch of changes, the latest one was the addition of a new
World PvP zone, and transmogrification and other stuff coming soon.
Constant new things being added. :D

Автор Alexander Jensen ( назад)
But the only mac client to download is the patches and not the
pre-installed one..? I am currently running MoP so how do i depach my wow
down to tbc???

Автор CursedWolfx ( назад)
i play smelderforge atm, maybe we can play together, and yes, since cata
wow sucks... Cata was easy as fuck, and MoP continues this stupidness...

Автор Jay Jazz168 ( назад)
well i looked at the site and it seems to be still running. im trying to
join now so i would try it mate

Автор gerharddj200 ( назад)
is this still online ?

Автор Tafel Poot ( назад)
Google a fucking website on how to join a 'privite sever' dip shit

Автор Matt Boyette ( назад)
you have found me a good private server, thank you. i quit real wow cuz mop
is stupid as hell. if u still play smolderforge i would love to play with
you. youtube message me if interested

Автор david ponce ( назад)
Make a fuckin vid on how to join a privite sever dip shit

Автор Jonathan O'Bannon ( назад)
im new to priv servers helpppppppp pweeez

Автор pika166 ( назад)
Smolderforge!! <33

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