Pepper's Ghost Effect

See the effect that has been used in film, magic, and in Disney Parks around the globe for many years.

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Автор Nicholas Tosoni ( назад)
I'll tell you what else used this illusion: The old (but still way-cool)
Transporter playset from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Here's how it
worked: The "slider" controls were linked to a dimmer switch. The interior
was partitioned at 45 degrees by, yes, a piece of plexiglass (a one-way
mirror). There was a bulb on either side of the reflective wall, and the
dimmer switch was the transition between "there" and "not there."

Автор 2028 END ( назад)
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Автор storieswithoutwords ( назад)

Автор Sifjada ( назад)
It's about Pepper's Ghost, not Ghost Peppers... Way to read.

Автор yahhkatiyah ( назад)
Ever since the tupac thing I wanted to know how it work. Thank you. I bout
to scare all kinds of people

Автор ECWnWWF ( назад)
What does this have to do with Ghost Peppers? douche bag. troll.

Автор Nathan Johnson ( назад)
And they admitted that they messed up on that :P

Автор koen7b ( назад)
went on the ride again this summer and looked very closely and saw the edge
of the glass :P its really really hard to see

Автор gemini16th ( назад)
In Disney's Haunted Mansion ballroom scene, the furniture, fixtures etc.
are real. The ghosts are "reflections" of actual aniamatronic figures
located out of view but strongly illuminated(the figures also have
"ghostly" coloring(blue-gray skin, pale colored clothing). The reflections
are produced on a giant plane of glass that is strategically angled(along
with the positioning of the robot figures) to give an illusion of "ghosts"
in the room. "Pepper's Ghost" was first peformed in late 1800's.

Автор jtwalsh678 ( назад)
It's just projected onto the glass

Автор fullmooncrazy4hs ( назад)
is the image just projected onto the glass or does it create a "physical"
ghost in the scene?

Автор Kristen Duffy ( назад)

Автор irbananaking ( назад)

Автор sakiTF2 ( назад)

Автор TaylorHound ( назад)
that is why at Disneyland the Women are leading the men because it is

Автор crawlkill ( назад)
this is bitchin! never did bother to figure out how these scenes work. it's
so simple! I love it!

Автор GeRmAnBoMbErBoY ( назад)
That's actually how they did the Tupac thing, it's kinda cool to see how it

Автор BazBuzinkum ( назад)
Coolness. Ghost dick in a box. If you used an actual action figure, would
the effect be more 3D?

Автор wenchsammas ( назад)
Great video thanks!

Автор koen7b ( назад)
Could you maybe make a drawing or a model to show us how the glass is
angled and where it is in the ride i now know how the trick works but that
part still confuses me ty a lot if you do ill syb to you so i know when its

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
@koen7b Because the glass is some feet away from the cars, the reflection
is still seen. This same effect is seen with windows. If you stand in front
of a window, and put your hand beneath your eyes to prevent you from seeing
anything thats below you, you can still see the reflection of things below
you in the glass. Hope this helps. ~Dan FutureImagineer1

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
@koen7b the glass panel is not right up against the side of the track. The
glass is about 10 feet in front of the 'ledge' the buggies run on. beneath
the cars, there is a mirrored replica of the ballroom (with the glass
acting as the line of symmetry), except everything in the replica scene is
painted black, except for the animatronic ghosts (which are white). This
allows for only the ghosts to be seen in the reflection (much like in my

Автор koen7b ( назад)
So there a robots in there somewhere dancing around but how can you see it
from top down like in the attraction wouldnt that destroy the effect and if
you are moving left and right the ghost moves aswell but the almost not
moving ghost at the piano doesnt move at all im confused

Автор Marjan Pindakaaz ( назад)
I'm doing an internship now at a studio in Amsterdam where they use this

Автор gethsoftware ( назад)
hatsune miku is made by this effect

Автор Schuch Designs ( назад)
@kometmoment I used an inexpensive "half-mirror" from ebay on mine. It has
a slight mirror coating (like sunglasses) giving more reflection.

Автор Aurochs hunter (141 год назад)
Hey thanks pal, I already knew how Pepper's ghost worked, but you explained
it far better than any of the articles I read.

Автор all_of_the_interwebs ( назад)
@TECfan1 is plexi glass in stores?

Автор ttapodcast ( назад)
whats that stuff you got at target?

Автор LugoFilms ( назад)
I dunno what the hell i did wrong to mine bcu it wont work!

Автор TEC1 ( назад)
@tdwiffle you can just print a ghost and cut it out.

Автор TEC1 ( назад)
I had no glass or plexi-glass so I used an old front of a cd case. xD

Автор tdwiffle ( назад)
what did you use for the ghost?

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
@MrDjaslights yeah i wanna do set design with a lighting emphasis. Lighting
is so creatively awesome! -D

Автор MrDjaslights ( назад)
I wanna do this when i grow up i wanna do lighting check out my vids on

Автор gt4611 ( назад)
@FutureImagineer1 thanks!

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
@gt4611 anything that is see-through yet still reflective would/should
work. i only used glass because i had it readily available (i used glass
from a photo frame)

Автор gt4611 ( назад)
Great career choice bro, because that's what I wanna do as well! Maybe
we'll work together someday! (by the way, would plastic or plexiglass work
because I dont have any glass)

Автор SkittleE275 ( назад)
what?!!!!!!! thanks for ruining the illusion! jerk!(not realy

Автор lasaboteuse ( назад)
Your setup lasted more than two minutes and you never actually demonstrated
the effect!

Автор NickanapFilms ( назад)
can you explain how peope do the effect where a person morphs into someone
else using peppers ghost?

Автор Guitarisma ( назад)
Listen to Pepper's Ghost by Buckethead =]

Автор Myron Wouts ( назад)
@FutureImagineer1 Cool, someone with the same dream. I want to become an
imagineer since my 6th!:P

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
@KatyPalmTree thanks so much!! :D and yes Imagineering is my passion and
dream! :D

Автор Andrew Nagy ( назад)
The glass i situated at a 45 degree angle. So when the incident ray bounces
off the glass, since it acts like a mirror, there is a partial reflection
that goes to your eye and since your eye assumes that light travels in
straight lines the image/hologram thing appears.

Автор ronald ferreira ( назад)
that ghosts is barely seen let alone the furneiture in the dark needs more

Автор Nevanator7 ( назад)
@FutureImagineer1 alright thanks! i've always thought it was a projection
of the ghost i never knew it was a window thing. i attempted to make one in
a shoe box but i failed yours turned out very good!

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
yes, in many disney attractions such as Haunted mansion, Tower of terror,
and The Seas with Nemo they all use peppers ghost on a much, much bigger
scale! So yes, as long as you ahve a piece of glass with something to
reflect you'll be good!

Автор Nevanator7 ( назад)
hey if i or someone were to replace the "ghost" and move around on a much
bigger scale would that still work?

Автор Brokent3eth ( назад)
pretty cool

Автор theboombody ( назад)
This effect is kind of interesting. You don't need any mirrors at all? Just
the glass?

Автор zamm0rock ( назад)
can u make a tutorial

Автор Giacinto Mirto ( назад)
Me too. I wanted to do a Haunted Mansion themed haunted house this year but
my parents arent big on the whole Halloween thing. I can't wait to see what
you do!

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
yeah I've always been interested in it. And on top of that I love theming
things (wait til u see what i do for Halloween!) ill post that stuff in
like July-august. :P

Автор Giacinto Mirto (1856 лет назад)
Thats sounds cool. I would love designing but im not that good when it
comes to the pencil and paper.

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
yeah id like that. but im really hoping for some kind of art position like
show set design or creative development.

Автор Giacinto Mirto (1981 год назад)
Yeah. I played around w/ it and got it to work better. ITs my dream too. If
I were to be an Imagineer, the Special Effects Field ("Illusioneering")
would be where I would wanna go.

Автор Dan Brookwell (1093 года назад)
Thanks. Its my dream. But with yours, one thing that I didnt mention is
that for some reason it reacts the best under florescent light (which is
what i used in the video). And you're right that you are limited to a
specific angle. But im glad to see youre interested. Message me with any
more questions or if you just wanna chat.

Автор Giacinto Mirto ( назад)
I have to say that I love your screenname because that is my all time
profession. And I made one too. But obviously yours was done better because
for some reason the light has to be weirdly placed in order to see my ghost

Автор Sam Towler ( назад)
plexiglas would work, as long as you get a thick piece of it, other wise it
would bend and warp and distort your reflection. Glass works better since
it's rigid, as long as you don't get glass too thick or you'll get a double
refraction image.

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
I just would like to say thank you to everyone who posted postive comments!
I will be working on other 'hidden' tricks in the World of Disney and
Entertainment. Stay Tuned!

Автор Dan Brookwell ( назад)
Sorry, I havnt logged in in quite some time. But yes, you can use
plexiglas. You can use anything as long as it can reflect a picture around
a 90 degree corner.

Автор iscrapman ( назад)
Nice explanation ... should show more of the effect tough .

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