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hey everyone out there! this is my first video on youtube, and i was so excited. i first wanted to start doing my splits when i thought, 'hey, maybe when i am able to do the splits, i could put a video of myself on youtube, how to do the splits!' and what do you know? my wish came true! anyway, this video is just of the basic splits stretches, and i added in the butterfly. i know my voice sounds a little weird, but that is just because i wasn't very close to my webcam. and yes, i know i can't do the left split. so please don't leave any bad comments! hope you like watching it! thx!!!!! :D

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Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
@wendolya well, if you;ve nver ever done splits before, and your not
flexible at all, it made take you up to about a year or two to get the full
splits it took me about three years but after that i got it, and i have to
stretch every day or else i'm gonna lose them. and make sure you stretch
everyday for at least half an hour, and beofre you start to stretch, run
around a lil bit so your muscles are warm. happy to help!! :)

Автор lunaticmika ( назад)
WOW, nice.

Автор Maoortha ( назад)
im still bad at my left splits

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
personally, i don't think it makes a difference cuz i take gymnastics and
they say you could just slide into from the floor, or you can do a split
side down, which is basically a standing up one, then just sliding into it

Автор ryanjoeraqqa ( назад)
sorry that we,ve been like fighting on who's going to subscribe but um i go
to jazz and ballet lessons and when we do splits they tell us to start by
first standing up and from standing up go down is it still good if you
start like you did not standing up or not? btw you said you're not that
good you're definetly better than i am well done keep practicing

Автор Btownskater02 ( назад)
that would hurt my dick. hahah alot

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
well, what i do is i keep my hips forward (ALWAYS KEEP UR HIPS FORWARD) and
then i slowly push and then when it hurts a lot, i come up, and i do it
again. that's what i do. i find it helps. hope it helps u! remember: keep
ur hips forward, even if its hard

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
i'm a lefty well actually i'm ambidextrous, but i do a little better in my
left. and now i can do the left split! hopefully soon i'll put up a new

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
ya i figured out what u meant. i'll make a video. i'll try to put it on

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
i didn't exactly get that

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
what does that mean

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
ur welcome =D

Автор Jordann12328 ( назад)
I can do splits but after it kills me lol =p

Автор hsmfan113 ( назад)
cool =)

Автор katelynrosexo ( назад)
Good Job. xx.

Автор princessleba44 ( назад)
i luv my video! (even though i don't sound how i really do)

Автор xXMisZxLOcitAXx ( назад)
oh cool =D lol i cant do splits at all =p

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