Giant Shark (Megalodon?) found on Florida beach

the suspected megalodon, a 65 foot giant shark, is found washed up on a florida beach.

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Автор Dic Soupcan (5 месяцев)
That is not even close to the size of a megaladon, a megaladons baby tooth
is the size of a fully grown male, bigger than blue whales, and feeds on
blue whales. No remains of whales, no megaladon!

Автор Varun Dixit (1 месяц)
that was a basking shark

Автор Penguin (14 дней)
You do realise mega loons are like 10 times that size and evolved over time
into smaller shark or just went completely extinct so this is Bull

Автор Jack Fennessy (4 месяца)
HAHAHA! LOL it was the man, not the shark!!!!!!!

Автор savvapn (4 месяца)
Megalodon is A LOT larger that this!

Автор Douglas Thompson (5 месяцев)
"...Is found washed up on a florida beach."...there was a chain around its
tail fin. That indicates it was dragged there to me.

Автор Lee Hoffnung (5 месяцев)
it is a basking shark!

Автор kurtiss stephens (4 месяца)
4,918 people disliked and left before seeing the fat guy with the red ring
around him

Автор The Oddities (5 месяцев)
Think about what you click from here. You are at the entrance to the weird
part of youtube

Автор tamika brown (5 месяцев)
the megalodon is bigger then that

Автор Chih-Sheng Yen (5 месяцев)
its a giant great white shark when is megalodon we are all died

Автор Alondra SanchezRivera (4 месяца)
Didn't you understand the video he is joking he said the megalodon was
WATCHING the dead bascking and then he surounded a man watching the sharck

Автор ActualStellaNation (5 месяцев)
LOL.....Got me better than any Rick Roll!

Автор german valdivieso (5 месяцев)
have you an idea of how much sizes the megalodon? this is a big white...
take a book or look some videos before posting this like a megalodon...
give me back my 27 secs of life i lost watching this...

Автор Kyle Chan (5 месяцев)
Megalodon, really! That could be a sperm whale or great white shark

Автор Perry edling (5 месяцев)
I hear of megaladon off the coast of new jersey all the time just go there
if you want to see one so bad

Автор DaestE1 (5 месяцев)
The Megalodon was known for eating Whales.
"A song for all my haters", "Proof".
Think about your own words, and lack of research. Do you think the shark in
the picture could devourer a whale?

Автор mechaela marasigan (2 месяца)
it's alwase on florida beach -_-
last time there was a mermaid now a giant raw shark to eat... _

Автор Chih-Sheng Yen (5 месяцев)
Thats giant greatwhite shark when is megalodon they will said in the news

Автор MetalHed888 (1 месяц)
everyone that comments is an expert, lol.

Автор Daniel Roberts (3 месяца)
Anyone else on a random video marathon?

Автор jowe leahy (5 месяцев)
report this video please

Автор Cameron Freet (5 месяцев)
My .|. Is longer than his...

Автор Katarina Duskstar (10 месяцев)
"But, does it exist?" this one thing that got to me. ITS NOT A LEGENDARY
SHARK!!!!!! its the prehistoric shark that lived thousands and millions of
years ago! not some dumb myth!

Автор The Ice Prins (10 месяцев)
This is not a megalodon, a megalodon is 3 times that Sise.

Автор Jaah Rual (10 месяцев)
how could you say that there instinct though when science cant prove shit.
when it comes to the deep blue or outerspace we kno more about space. how
you kno that beast don't lurk down there and shy away from the destruction
above whales travels where we cannot to hunt for something we thought was
outta a fairy tale... being opened minded is not stupid

Автор Luke Hong (5 месяцев)
that is small

Автор Whitney Thomas (9 месяцев)
Whales have horizontal tails doofy. Its a shark.

Автор Janet Jones (9 месяцев)
I will slap u with and hot iron rod

Автор scm831mh (8 месяцев)
Come on now guys your taking it too literal...it's funny as hell if you
think about it while watching the video....good job everyone needs a good
sense of humor these days...hahaha

Автор BD Tallboy (8 месяцев)
the blue whale would be much larger than a megalodon shark. you over
exaggerate its size. plus just because something is not as big as what its
estimated full grown size is doesnt mean it cant be smaller. everything has
to grow. would you look at a kid and say its not a human because its not
the average height of an adult?

Автор TheCorySimpson (9 месяцев)
Did anyone even get the joke? He's not referring to the shark as being the
megladon, but the guy.

Автор hexor81 (9 месяцев)
its a motherfuckin whale

Автор Kitty Saeki (9 месяцев)
did all of ya see the end? FAKE VIDEO.

Автор OutdoorsGuy365 (9 месяцев)
basking shark or a deformed whale not a megalodon

Автор Manmoog E (9 месяцев)
The megaloden is 6 times the size of that

Автор Rain Borner (7 месяцев)
IF you guys watch the ENTIRE video you will see the joke. He was acting
like the fat guy on the left side of the screen was the megalodon. He even
said It's a basking shark. Thumbs up so all theses other people know what
the fuck is going on.

Автор truce allen (9 месяцев)
yeah good pic minus the rap crap music everyone thinks they have to include
with videos.. now.

Автор Yaseen Khalil (9 месяцев)
what song is that

Автор Jonathon Miller (9 месяцев)
I swear, a lot of the people in this comment section are fucking retarded
just throwing out all kinds of impossible size projections for megalodon.
Some dumb cunt even said it was 18 miles long. I have lost my faith in

Автор Mhannifey (5 месяцев)
Are you people seriously that stupid, the uploader even puts in the video
that it is a basking shark

Автор Tiera Danheux (10 месяцев)
Ha ha ha.

Автор ImDeepjot (10 месяцев)
*have been

Автор Matt Mars (9 месяцев)
First of all, it's a whale. Look at the frickin tail. Second, Megalodons
were 40 to 120 feet long. That thing is like 10. That thing looks like a
Pigmy Sperm Whale.

Автор Moises Macedo (8 месяцев)
it's called even huger plus it's trapped in a cave under the ocean floor
the reason it's still alive is because it's huge and it ate alot of the
animals when the meteor struck

Автор not4uable (9 месяцев)

Автор gisella garcia (9 месяцев)
ignorents shut ur fucking mouths and enjoy the video , megalodon can still
be out there and really a hammer head , it can be megalodon dammit

Автор Luna1210 (5 месяцев)
Hey, we know that sharks are bad, and they eat us, but poor sharky :'c. For
me it was chocking seeing a nature creature dead there.

Автор craigbuchan (5 месяцев)
blue whales are bigger than Megladon

Автор epickiwi coolperson (10 месяцев)
nice job at photo chop.. what website do you use? XD

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