Giant Shark (Megalodon?) found on Florida beach

the suspected megalodon, a 65 foot giant shark, is found washed up on a florida beach.

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Комментарии: 1993

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Автор Buddy Trow ( назад)
That is no megalodon that looks like a basking shark

Автор Michael Jones ( назад)
That's not megalodon

Автор Richard Johnson Jr ( назад)
A megladons baby tooth is the size of a adult hand

Автор Cameron Freet ( назад)
My .|. Is longer than his...

Автор Mhannifey ( назад)
Are you people seriously that stupid, the uploader even puts in the video
that it is a basking shark

Автор BattlefieldGamer67 ( назад)

Автор deborah tepe ( назад)
i'm sooo happy my curiosity got the better of me this time cuz that was
hilarious!!!! WORTH THE WATCH!

Автор Alexandra Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Maya Parlin ( назад)
I laughed my head off!!! XD

Автор craigbuchan ( назад)
blue whales are bigger than Megladon

Автор Luke Hong ( назад)
that is small

Автор WishGaming ( назад)

Автор Der Grossmann ( назад)
You're not serious, right? Megalodon didn't get much over 80 feet in length

Автор Der Grossmann ( назад)
Erm... no not even. Megalodon maxed out at 80 feet long and weighed 60
tons. Blue whales max out at 110 feet long, and can weigh up to 160 tons.
This is a basking shark, which can measure up to 50 feet long,
approximately the same size as the whale shark.

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Автор sydney aman ( назад)
Well I have 3 words fake as hell. It may be a real shark but! Megalodon
will make a regular sized shark the size o an ant and a great white can be
about the size of a person. It would take 6 beaches to hold one.

Автор Anabel Godoy ( назад)
too small

Автор boss bro to ( назад)
he just t tell you great white and the hamra head are not black retard

Автор Melanie ♥ ( назад)
Hey, we know that sharks are bad, and they eat us, but poor sharky :'c. For
me it was chocking seeing a nature creature dead there.

Автор crazedangrybird347 ( назад)
That is a mega mouth shark.

Автор healthytrex ( назад)

Автор lilrascalrc ( назад)
IT'S A GREAT MEGLA SHAME! And some pretty sad Photoshopping.

Автор SuperBunny Hop ( назад)
IF you guys watch the ENTIRE video you will see the joke. He was acting
like the fat guy on the left side of the screen was the megalodon. He even
said It's a basking shark. Thumbs up so all theses other people know what
the fuck is going on.

Автор Zach Johnson ( назад)
A juvenile Meg would be about 12-14ft and full grown about 60ft weighting
in at 55tons, so if that was a Meg, its was a baby.

Автор kriss Torrice ( назад)
ok so it's not a hammerhead "DUH" and its not a great white.... in the text
the guy even said that its a BASKING SHARK

Автор China Tamblyn-Cunniffe ( назад)
So far it has been proven that the 'Submarine Shark' Is the largest shark
still alive today. It is as long as 60 feet and they live more in the
tropical warm waters. Megaladon may still be out there but we need more
proof. Recently on Animal Planets 'Shark Week' They had a showing about the
Megaladon. A huge boat sunk leaving a giant bite out of its side and no
survivors and so far they think its the Megaladon. I highly suggest
watching Animal Planet to find out more facts.

Автор BoyOnFire12 ( назад)

Автор Daniel Decker ( назад)
its neither

Автор Daniel Decker ( назад)
no its not

Автор Daniel Decker ( назад)
blue whales are the largest creatures to ever exist. and its a basking
shark did you even watch the video? it makes me sad that you have the top
comment here

Автор BD Tallboy ( назад)
the blue whale would be much larger than a megalodon shark. you over
exaggerate its size. plus just because something is not as big as what its
estimated full grown size is doesnt mean it cant be smaller. everything has
to grow. would you look at a kid and say its not a human because its not
the average height of an adult?

Автор practicesafesax44 ( назад)
lol no not two blue whales not even one actually Megalodon has been
estimated to be about the size of a city bus which is still a huge shark
but the shark in the video is, like the poster notates in the video, a
basking shark which is kinda like a whale shark but doesn't get as big. You
can tell by the mouth that is hanging open extreamly wide because its a
filter feeder. he makes fun of a fat guy looking at the shark at the end if
you actually watch it

Автор Zeaphyr Iroas ( назад)
It wasnt two blue whales. It was like, 1/3 of a sperm whale

Автор Its always been Wankershim! ( назад)
thats a whale shark from the shape of its head

Автор Matthew Hill ( назад)
Come on now guys your taking it too literal...it's funny as hell if you
think about it while watching the video....good job everyone needs a good
sense of humor these days...hahaha

Автор Moises Macedo ( назад)
it's called even huger plus it's trapped in a cave under the ocean floor
the reason it's still alive is because it's huge and it ate alot of the
animals when the meteor struck

Автор Brendan Mercado ( назад)
Not a whale it's back fin isn't horizontal.

Автор Nick van Doorn ( назад)
that was not megalodon it may be a whaleshark, but its not a megalodon

Автор mmmmmBLAM ( назад)
it was 65 feet long or 20m so not as large as a blue whale

Автор LIZ LUSH ( назад)
oi cunt face who rattled your cage ..fuckin jog on.. prick

Автор Jordan LH ( назад)
Is a dolphin that big bro?

Автор Zaheer Laher ( назад)
What Balls !

Автор Dream Works ( назад)
The blue whale is the largest creature that has ever existed, just to
clarify. :)

Автор XaeeD ( назад)
Well now I feel dumb lol I hadn't watched the entire video, but it says
it's a basking shark.. oh well, at least I was right

Автор XaeeD ( назад)
Yeah this is not a whale, it's a fish, a shark.. my first guess would be
basking shark

Автор Finnley Hazell ( назад)
it looks like a dolphin man

Автор Tsuyoshi Iwao ( назад)
I will slap u with and hot iron rod

Автор Cubamus Prime ( назад)
Wished Youtube would delete garbage like this..

Автор Pan Stanley ( назад)

Автор Kitty Saeki ( назад)
did all of ya see the end? FAKE VIDEO.

Автор Kitty Saeki ( назад)
did you see the end of the video?

Автор Kitty Saeki ( назад)
did you see the end of the video?

Автор Lily Diane ( назад)
Oh so ya'll jesus? Becuase you dont know if they are or are not real so
stop while your ahead!

Автор TheCorySimpson ( назад)
Did anyone even get the joke? He's not referring to the shark as being the
megladon, but the guy.

Автор Jenny Zhang ( назад)
the megalodon is extinct

Автор hexor81 ( назад)
its a motherfuckin whale

Автор Mars Man ( назад)
First of all, it's a whale. Look at the frickin tail. Second, Megalodons
were 40 to 120 feet long. That thing is like 10. That thing looks like a
Pigmy Sperm Whale.

Автор isac gunnarsson ( назад)
if you look more closely you will see that it lays on the side

Автор Jane TheKiller ( назад)

Автор NOAH RODRIGUEZ ( назад)
Lol that troll xD

Автор Rommel Jimenez ( назад)
its to small how can that be a megalodon its just like 3 reef sharks

Автор Austin Neal ( назад)
basking shark laying sideways also trolled lol

Автор Mucio Cesar Castillo Muñoz ( назад)
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Автор velenoproteico ( назад)
Megamouth shark ( inoffensive 'cause eat plancton) that's it

Автор Still Blazin ( назад)
Sharks generally also stand vertically and wait on beaches disguised in
suits to catch their whale prey...

Автор nataly romero ( назад)
That Was a whale 🐳

Автор Samirah Ullah ( назад)
Why do people all ways show pictures? Why don't they actually prove
everything by making a vid

Автор sylvarwolf ( назад)
BTW, the shark was laying on it's side. The fin was indeed vertical.

Автор sylvarwolf ( назад)
Dude, it's a joke. The dead fish (yes it is a fish) was a basking shark.
Did you not read the bit saying that the megalodon was watching the dead
basking shark and the red circle around some guy?

Автор Lorenzo Peach ( назад)
This is OBVIOUSLY not Megalodon. You where pretty close, it looks like a
HUGE Hammerhead or some kind strange-looking whale.

Автор Lucy Rapfogel ( назад)
Way to small for a Megalodon. A grown human can usually fit in its jaws, to
me it looks like a mutated hammerhead

Автор jiggahippo ( назад)
hummm, he was referring to the guy in the tie and hat as a Megladon shark
not the actual basken shark. Don't know why but whatever.

Автор Nico Segura ( назад)
It's just a reagular shark there that size

Автор Delilah Drummond ( назад)
Why does the link lead to some type of video of a gang? I wanted to see the

Автор Sarah A ( назад)
I don't know what the heck I was saying....... I put that up at like 3 in
the morning my brain wasn't working........ I really shouldn't have been
commenting on stuff when I'm tired...... Yeah

Автор truce allen ( назад)
yeah good pic minus the rap crap music everyone thinks they have to include
with videos.. now.

Автор Kyle Jacobs ( назад)
no shit retard.. its a joke

Автор pierce watson ( назад)
Megladon was, what, Like 2 blue whales?It May Exist Somwhere,but not that.
Way 2 small. Might be a large great white , or big hammer-head. Not A

Автор gisella garcia ( назад)
ignorents shut ur fucking mouths and enjoy the video , megalodon can still
be out there and really a hammer head , it can be megalodon dammit

Автор puggilove ( назад)
18 miles long!! I can't stop laughing at that, oh its too funny. one mile
would be unrealistic x

Автор Jonathon Miller ( назад)
I swear, a lot of the people in this comment section are fucking retarded
just throwing out all kinds of impossible size projections for megalodon.
Some dumb cunt even said it was 18 miles long. I have lost my faith in

Автор Tomáš Kapalko ( назад)
I am pretty surre that is the uniting of Photoshop and Hammerhead shark. Or
It is the wale shark :)

Автор Kenneth Oakes ( назад)
what was that?

Автор Sarah A ( назад)
If you looked closely at the picture you would see the body twisted to the
side so the tail laid flat. Therefore if you put it the way it's supposed
to be it would be vertical. As you said sharks, like other fish, have
vertical tails making this a shark and not a type of whale. Also it's which
not witch, learn how to use words correctly.

Автор not4uable ( назад)

Автор Oreochocolate Andpepsi ( назад)
yes it would. This is a basking shark it says it in the video. :)
Megalodons are scary big.

Автор Oreochocolate Andpepsi ( назад)
The video says "the megalodon was spotted here watching a dead basking
shark on the beach and then it shows a red circle around a guy, presumably
the 'Megalodon'"

Автор superiorLZ ( назад)
its laying on it's side though. -.-

Автор whishark ( назад)
If it really was megalodon it would be bigger than that

Автор Hiro Damigotchi ( назад)
i thought whale shark was the biggest

Автор Kristen Higgins ( назад)
i have seen other videos of this... its a whale you fucking idiot. stop
trying to trick people to believe your shit

Автор OutdoorsGuy365 ( назад)
basking shark or a deformed whale not a megalodon

Автор Anamie ( назад)
Yeah, it's a basket shark!

Автор Summer B. ( назад)
that looks nothing like a tiger shark this is a basket shark

Автор Gwiber WurmChild ( назад)
I am surprised.. it was a f*cking joke. He pointed out some guy as the
Megaladon.. I dunno who the guy was. but it was a JOKE people.

Автор Anamie ( назад)
65? You are drunk? It's a normal shark. Probably Tiger shark

Автор Yaseen Khalil ( назад)
what song is that

Автор Whitney Thomas ( назад)
Whales have horizontal tails doofy. Its a shark.

Автор Redstonefilms11 ( назад)
its a wale its tail is not the right way to be a shark

Автор GameHunterMaster ( назад)
Basking shark

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