What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор randy109 ( назад)
If our Galaxy was the size of a Neutrino, the size of the observable
universe would be about the size of a Hydrogen Atom. All things being
relative we should be studying and spending more on the Sub-Atomic
"world". We like to think BIG but thinking small sort of frightens most of

Автор Jake Jones ( назад)
The universe is not expanding into anything because it is infinite.

Автор InvaderBryce ( назад)
The Universe isn't expanding into anything as there is no predefined space.
The universe is everything that will ever exist, so any talk of there being
a physical boundary is nonsensical. The only "boundary" that does exist is
temporal and that is 13.8 billion years in the past.

Автор Radrook 2 ( назад)
One fellow said it is expanding into itself!

Автор M Cal ( назад)
I think its versuality of space to be virtual but then again spageanous
erratical spacy...

Автор TacomaPaul ( назад)
If one believes in The Big Bang (and I don't mean many... I mean *THE* Big
Bang), then somewhere there is the furthest piece of matter.
Which means the Universe is lopsided, and continue to be.
And because Gravity rules all... everything will eventually go toward that
direction and the Universe ultimately becomes a straight line !?

Автор Brett Marshall ( назад)
I freakin love u man

Автор fanjapanischermusik ( назад)
there is also a 3rd possibility: imagine a balloon, its surface is not
infinite big, but you can walk around on it and never hit the edge. and
when you blow air in it, it gets even bigger but is still infinite as it
was before. i think spacetime is a bit like it.

Автор Mohammad Sabir khan ( назад)
“And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) expander.”
(Quran 51:47)

Автор FlyestOnDatube ( назад)
Maybe there is something greater than infinity and we are simply not
intelligent enough to have a clue of what that would be...

Автор Ashish Choudhary ( назад)
we are expanding into hilary clinton's GIANT PANTY

Автор Dan Gordon ( назад)
I love reading the comments from all of the armchair Astrophysicist ,

Автор Antonio Vitale ( назад)
Deep thought here. Everyone says the galaxy is always expanding and all
that with matter.. What if (since there is so much of everything) That
there is such a massive black hole so big that we just simply cant see it..
That we aren't expanding just coming closer to the black hole. Lol idk just
wanted to share my thought XD

Автор Oscar Radikoro ( назад)
do they ever say they dont know!

Автор Quantum̴͎̌ò̵̖r̷̫̅p̸͉̈́h̵̨́ ( назад)
What?? No Piu Piu Piu? Or ka-boom? I think I'm dreaming.
Beautiful 3D, Class A image quality, pleasant voice -
That I allowed to experience something like that again ...

Автор FFGG22E ( назад)
Well that answered absolutely nothing.

Автор John Mailk ( назад)
The answer is visible every night when clouds don't obscure it, a Black
Hole. All information vanishes into it at the event horizon, about 14.8
billion light years from us in every direction. Our existence is the past,
the other side is the future. The horizon itself is the beginning and
ending of everything, the present.

Автор handa swami ( назад)
fucking same retarded background music and boring talker my fucking god im
done with these videos

Автор Jason Johnson ( назад)
I kinda feel like the short answer to this question is... Your guess is as
good as ours.

Автор IE ƎI ( назад)
Two Facts:
1) The video claim new space/time is being created.... This is just a
theory and nothing solid to base your assumption
2) The video does not answer the question set in the title
Absolute waste of time

Автор Hank TheAmericanTourist ( назад)
well done

Автор jeremiah white ( назад)
In my opinion and this is also a thoery, I think the universe is similar to
planets where is if you travel far enough you'll end up right where you
started. Unlike the planets the universe has the ability expand. So in
short mybe the "edge" of the universe is just another point of the universe
but constantly expanding. I like this theory because I can wrap my mind
around it lol. Also since space expands and contracts that also means
warp-drive's COULD be possible.

Автор Victor Eduardo Diaz Osorio ( назад)
but in the posiility that the universe has a boundry and it's expanding
into somewhere else, doesen's that would mean that, where the universe is
expanding into is then part of the universe and so you arrive into the
conclusion that the universe is infinite ?

Автор Mohammed Aliadai ( назад)
we will die soon or later and the universe will remains in the eyes of its
owner peace

Автор John Wayne ( назад)
Literally nothing.

Автор Biswa G Singh ( назад)

Автор Teren Essex ( назад)
I have a mind thought theory. Like the multiverse theory, what if the
universe was like a galaxy, or even a solar system, orbiting around and
with larger "things" with unimaginable size. Just a thought.

Автор Andrew Remlinger ( назад)

Автор Andrew Remlinger ( назад)

Автор tahir (852 года назад)
One way to understand what it is that the universe is expanding into is to
first set aside our preconceived notion of what space, in which our
expanding universe exists, itself is because when we ask this question we
do so from within the confines of a universe which we believe has time plus
three spatial dimensions as expressed in length, width, height, depth, and
breadth. Which is why we expect the answer to our question to fit into
these spatial dimensions. But the layout of the universe is not that
simple. Brane cosmology for instance tells us that the visible,
four-dimensional universe exists in the confinement of a brane inside a
'higher-dimensional' space, called the 'bulk' or 'hyperspace'. According to
wikipedia "If the additional dimensions are compact, then the observed
universe contains the extra dimensions, and then no reference to the bulk
is appropriate." So whereas the question itself is not 'nonsense' , to
answer it in terms that makes sense to the universe, we have to reformulate
in way that conforms to the layout of space as it actually is rather than
as we conceive it to be.

Автор BlueRice ( назад)
i like this channel. straight to the point of the question itself. even
though i asked myself the same question and get the same answer, i just to
relate myself to others who feels the same

Автор SAAMIAM99 (321 год назад)
Nothing. There is no "thing" for the universe to expand into, otherwise it
would be part of the universe.

Автор Virtimera ( назад)
The universe expands into Expanded Universe, and to become non-canon.

Автор Senad Zeco ( назад)
according to the jewish scientists, its expanding outside the body.

Автор Freddy Krueger ( назад)
how do galaxies collide if everything is spreading apart from everything

Автор TheShredartist ( назад)
In to Uranus.

Автор kamilbrez ( назад)
Looking at the Universe and Micro-verse, I ponder if we are part of a
growing "being". Whether it's dimensions, liquid or electric universe, it
seems we are less than electrons bounding around atoms of a larger "thing".
What if our visible universe is large scale string theory and there is a
massive creature where we can't even see the thickness of one of it's

Автор csdr0 ( назад)
Why did the scientists conclude that since all galaxies in every directions
are moving away from us in a manner that follows Hubble's law of expansion,
space itself is expanding rather than galaxies moving away from each other
into the outer reaches of infinite space?

Their collective answer is this.

From our point of view we appear to be the center of the universe since all
galaxies are moving away from us. But wait a minute. Before we conclude
anything let's first examine the different kinds of explosion on earth and
in outer space and the expansion of the 2D surface of a balloon in 3D space.

1. The movement of galaxies with reference to us cannot be the same as the
scattering of matter in all directions from a typical explosion that we see
on earth Why? Because in a typical explosion nothing remains at the center
and yet we appear to be at the center of the universe with respect to the
moving galaxies that we see in all directions. Further, let's say we are in
one of the lumps of matter in that typical explosion. If we observe the
other lumps of matter scattering away we will find out that they don't
follow Hubble's Law since many will be directly moving towards us, some
laterally away from us or some laterally towards us and others directly
away from us. Not all lumps of matter will be observed to be moving
directly away from us. Clearly the so-called Universal Expansion observed
by Hubble cannot be of the same nature as a typical explosion of matter on

2. Neither can we compare it to a supernova (explosion of star) in outer
space. Why? Because in a supernova something remains at the center of the
explosion. What remains will be a very dense material like a Black Hole,
for example. In our case we are not inside a Black Hole for obvious reason.

3. Thus, scientists have no other option but to conclude that it is our 3D
space that is expanding in order to explain why the movement of galaxies
follows Hubble's Law. They likened the movement of galaxies to the movement
of dots on a 2D surface of an inflating balloon where all dots are moving
away from each other. If we choose any dot (say DOT A) we see that the
other dots move away from it following Hubble's Law. If we choose another
dot (say DOT B) we again see that the other dots move away from it
following Hubble's Law. This is true to all the dots on the balloon
surface. We observe that the 2D surface of the balloon is expanding with
its center outside the 2D surface. We note that the center of the inflation
is located in the 3D space where the 2D surface of the balloon is expanding.

If we apply this analogy to the movement of galaxies in our Universe can we
infer that our 3D Space is expanding into a 4D space?

If we go backward in time and collapse our 3D space what will remain? Is it
an empty 4D space? Is this 4D space infinite in dimension where all other
3D Universes like our own came from and also expanded? Or is this 4D space
expanding too? If yes, then we will eventually fall into the trap of asking
the endless question of, "What is it expanding into? Nobody knows the
answers to all these questions.

Автор Omogae Sefo (1891 год назад)
I think the universe is expanding into an empty space (nothing). I don't
support the notion that space was formed after big bang. An empty space
should be there before anything was formed.

Автор goldenthroat86 ( назад)
*Finite universe expanding within an infinite multiverse.*

Автор hjalmar poelzig ( назад)
The space is expanding WITHIN the universe, between the galaxy clusters.
There is no "outside" the universe.

Автор David S ( назад)
What is the universe expanding into or where is the universe located? Get
abducted by some aliens and ask them.

Автор ramon sandoval ( назад)
The day we realize and recognize what we are, that day we will learn that
there is no reason or motive to kill or hate each other, that day Mother
Nature will feel happy and proud of the load it carries with her, that
beautiful process called life. In this life and the next, stay in the
light. Ramon Sandoval

Автор Seamus Mac ( назад)
well done sir

Автор NederlandGamers ( назад)
if you read this you don't belive it!! : if stars explode there comes a
black hole. But they say the big bang was a litte star...
.so is it possible?! we live in a black hole.. . they said a black hole has
enough to make life. so its right!! maybe :/ in a black hole are another
universes. black holes get always biger Ps. i'm 11 years :D

Автор Red Falcon ( назад)
This is a stupid, unscientific question. The Universe is not expanding.
¨Big Bang¨ back door Creationism. You need to learn to seperate science
from religious superstition.

Автор Robert Devino ( назад)
HEY! Haven't you heard ? Halton Arp's analysis of quasars and intrinsic
redshift in relation to galaxy's these quasars are exchanging gases with.
Has shown that redshift is not a measurement of distance but a measurement
of age. The quasars are actually new galaxies being ejected from the center
of galaxies. We have observed this in the x-ray spectrum. They are ejected
in pairs and a galaxy will eject a string of them in both directions. The
pair closest to the parent galaxy has the highest redshift value. They are
also very close to each other in value. Then the next pair out is lower in
redshift and so on. This is a clear indication that as these baby galaxy's
age their redshift decreases.
What this means is that the whole premise that the universe is expanding
goes poof! That would be by way of if you can't use redshift to judge
distance then we really can't tell if the universe is expanding. Also this
means we have no idea how old the universe is. So if we can't tell if the
universe is expanding. We can't find any point that it might have started
from to calculate an age..

Автор moses howard (1150 лет назад)
The universe isn't expanding "into" anything, unless it is the space
between it and other universes. space doesn't exist except between the
objects in it.

Автор hawk8403 ( назад)
I was hoping Mike Tyson would be the narrator.

Автор 8acenelson ( назад)
I'm not a physicist (or a scientist of any kind), but I'm fascinated by
physics. I have a question about the expanding universe. I understand that
a curved universe could in effect be infinite and thus without boundaries,
but if the universe is finite, how do physicists know the increased
distance between galaxies is due to the creation of new space/time and not
due the movement of galaxies over a fixed amount of space/time? If I hit a
golf ball towards a pin 150 yards away, it moves away from me, due to the
propulsion of the strike, over a fixed area. The movement of the ball away
doesn't create or necessitate new space/time, which in turn would create
the illusion of movement. The ball moves away, the movement is real, and
the 150 yards between myself and the pin remains constant. So, if
scientists detect increased distance between galaxies, how can they
determine it's due to new space/time between the galaxies and not due to
propulsion? If propulsion, could the source be the Big Bang itself? Is the
continuous generation of new space/time a necessary condition of General
Relativity? Or is there a different explanation? I'm not suggesting the
answer must be propulsion, but to a layman like myself that would seem to
be the more obvious answer--and thus the less likely one. I hope one of the
Deep Astronomers can answer my question.

Автор Brooks Gibson ( назад)
We have trouble conceptualizing "outside" our universe because we only
perceive in terms of space/time, the "stuff" of which the universe
consists. There is no "space/time" on some "other side". We cannot imagine
it because it does not share our universe's basic property of space/time.
We cannot describe it, detect it, observe it, or measure it-- even our idea
that there is some "it" is flawed--because all space/time occurs only
within where we perceive space and time. We may be permitted to conceive of
this "it" as an infinite "no-time, non-space", or as an "all time, all
space", neither one of which shares the fundamental properties of
space/time we know. It is precisely because of our discomfort with the idea
of some other kind of reality, either non-being or a transcendent kind of
being, that we impose a space/time "construct" on our original question. To
ask what the universe is expanding "into" is itself the wrong kind of
question: we can't figure out a way to ask it that can shed space/time
preconceptions themselves.

Автор omaduskilas ( назад)
What is it expanding into?? Into??? It's is expanding outo empty darkness.
If it was 'into' then there would be an ending into a car room etc.
MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE(98% dark space), is expanding outo the emptiest
darkest reaches of the universe. What the universe really is, is dark
space. Call matter plants galaxies gasses etc etc cosmos. Universe = 1

Автор Dominik Chat ( назад)
What if energy can be "converted" into new space? eg. Dark energy, which is
considered responsible to exnapsion of the universe. What if dark energy is
just being converted into new space, and it's (dark energy)
volume/size/amount is decreasing, and universe size/volume is increasing at
the same rate?

Автор cellofingers ( назад)
Not just new space but new space time...good point!

Автор cellofingers ( назад)
I have always said there is the space that we understand and "proto"
space..the first space before the Big Bang.

Автор Pyotr Magpie ( назад)
what about, "universe does not expend, space dimension shrinks" or some can
says "there is more and more time"

Автор I Post Stuff ( назад)
Let's just agree that honestly we don't know what the universe is or how to
even look at it since its so big and were so smalll hell maybe stars are an
alien kids baseball

Автор Sean Hogarth ( назад)
We are the universe experiencing itself

Автор Wil Z ( назад)
I assume you mean visible universe when you say 100 billion galaxies.

Автор Florian Floppy ( назад)
To me the universe is expanding into empty space (completly empty until our
universe fills it), what is beyond that ? To me the answer is simple other
universes. Look how big our own universe is, and we can't even see it
completly, so how could we say, that other universes can't be there, of
course they are, like i love to mention, solar system, galaxies, group of
galaxies, why is the list got to stop here ? To me you can add, universes,
and group of universes, and maybe even something bigger, and bigger, and
bigger, indefinetly.

To be honest, all of that is speculation, but our big bang is not unique,
this is what i can guarantee you, and it happens everyday, it comes from a
blackhole, or two other universes colliding in eachother, both of these
scenerios which is starting to get a lot of approved people, include
multiverse solution.

So i think we should start to see it, even if physicaly we can't see it,
but mathematicly it is likely what it is.

We ain't alone, and i am not talking about aliens, but universes, which for
a long time people thought was our home, when actually it is a little
something, in a big stuff. Universe will always surprise us, that's the
reason i love it. And we all should do love it.

Автор Felixkeeg (1411 год назад)
The universe isn't infinite, there has to be a boundary. But since the
universe is expanding faster than light, it is impossible to observe the
Outside of the universe there has to be "nothing", as the universe is
expanding faster than light and nothing can move *through space* faster
than light.
Therefore "outside" of the universe there is neither space nor time.

Автор Rohit Gulati ( назад)
nice nil explaination. just say you do not know.

Автор Manuel Branco ( назад)

Автор walkingonwater ( назад)
Do we know in what speed the universe is expanding?

Btw: I like the slogan "keep looking up"

Автор Alan Jay ( назад)
If the universe is infinite, how can it have a finite age? Was is infinite
when it started 13.7 billion years ago? Or was it finite the but now it's

Автор Dylan Plemons ( назад)
Wrap your mind around that. Crazy stuff

Автор Mohammed Aliadai ( назад)
the cosmos is huge but also it has edge but we as human beings we don't
have the power and the knowledge to change anything about it because it has
creator and that creator know how it works because he created it and he has
the power and knowledge to save it

Автор Xavier Bonnome ( назад)
Hello guys, what about some french subtitle (I didn't get everything !).
Anyway, fascinating images and subject

Автор James Graves ( назад)
Any answer to this question that avoids infinity will be unsatisfying. The
infinite regress that follows (into what is this existing?) will leave you
in the same ignorance of the ultimate nature of existence that you are
trying to understand.
Perhaps a different question needs to be asked, a question our minds are
not yet capable of grasping.

Автор James Donlan ( назад)
Except that the Universe isn't expanding.

Автор Aliens do exist ( назад)
china ..probably

Автор Kobe Allen (1493 года назад)
It's expanding into my testacles

Автор ‫עלי שנאוי‬‎ ( назад)
We are inside a big sphere and tgat sphere is in an infinite parrellel

Автор kolin hapeta ( назад)
Deez nuts hahah got em

Автор XnNitro (1838 лет назад)
Imo, the universe will expand and continue to speed up untill it reaches
the point where it begins to slow down and eventually start collapsing from
the outside inwards. Once reached one point all matter ect re-explodes and
causes another bigbang.

Автор ThePieMan305 ( назад)
I just realized that the big crunch, big freeze and big rip are the three
stages I go through when eating rocky road ice cream.
Mind Blown.

Автор XKeyscore KLP ( назад)
And what if the universe is just a big Russian Nesting Doll? It's expanding
with new stars forming, and 'slowly dying' because old stars are
well..getting old and losing energy.

Автор David H. ( назад)
personally, i believe that the "universe" is the empty space in which all
heavenly bodies exist...and that it is literally infinite. if this is
indeed true, then the universe is not expanding at all, as that which is
already infinite cannot "expand" in a true sense of the word.

Автор Benswan187 ( назад)
Nothing is not real. There's never simply nothing. We practically know
"nothing", it really annoys me how so called experts talk about things like
facts when it's a theory.

Автор Predator Pink ( назад)
We might know the answer to this if gravitational waves are actually

Автор astralprojectionstudio .com ( назад)
THE UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING INTO NOTHING... aether, ether, pure energy, dark
energy, God, love, the energy our imagination is composed of is expanding
into nothing. Love expands and the universe is created from joy, all
particles are made from conscious energy waves... there is nothing outside
of this wave of the highest order.

Автор Naim Islam ( назад)

Автор Virtualgod2009 ( назад)
I tend to believe there's an "edge" we will never observe since it's moving
away faster than light (non-physical objects can do that). I just find it
hard to believe a single event can create infinite anything (infinities
tend to imply a broken theory when they show up in the math). In that case
the universe is expanding into higher dimensional space (ie the bulk from M
theory) that is infinite and has always existed (might as well postulate
that since until we can leave the universe and return with our
observations/findings no way to test it anyway). What sucks is what we can
actually observe is shrinking over time. Hypothetically if we wouldn't be
extinct in 10-20B years and moved to Alpha Centauri by then the only thing
telescopes would see other than the blackness of space is maybe a few other
galaxies in our own supercluster like M87. The rest will have
expanded/moved outside the visible universe or like Andromeda have long
since merged with the Milky Way. Astronomers and cosmologists will have a
boring job in that era if they are not unemployed altogether.

Автор carlos villalba ( назад)
Song in the beginning?

Автор Brannon Hudson ( назад)
Can you please share the song used at the end of the video?!

Автор csdr0 ( назад)
At 3:28 mins the Narrator asks, So what is the universe expanding into?....
At 3:43 mins.. "If we live in an infinite universe then the answer would be

It should have been said, "If we live in a finite universe then the answer
would be it is expanding into a 4 dimensional hyperspace."

For the expansion to follow the Hubble Law where every point in the
Universe is the Center, the conclusion that the Universe with 3D space is
expanding into a higher spatial dimension (4D) cannot be avoided. We can
imagine dots in a 2D surface moving away from each other while following
Hubble's Law only in a 3D space. But we cannot imagine galaxies in 3D space
moving away from each other while following Hubble's Law in 4D space.
Nevertheless we can demonstrate it using mathematics.

Also, "If the universe is infinite then the answer would be the universe
should not even be expanding at all."

If the universe is expanding in size then it is by default FINITE in size.
If it is already INFINITE in size then it is illogical for anyone to say it
is still EXPANDING or INCREASING in size. An infinite space has already
reached its ultimate potential in size.

Автор 巨美尻女王 (Queen BumBum) ( назад)
Fucking deep !

Автор NightFlutter ( назад)
is there still new galaxies forming?

Автор Aryo Seno ( назад)
Omg 3:12 Kerbal space program music!

Автор Queen Victoria ( назад)
I'm not religious but I do believe that god expands the universe as said in
Genesis thousands of years ago.

Автор cjspeedster ( назад)
****random thought*****
when we are on earth we look outside this sphere and see stars and planets
and galaxies ..... what if the observable universe is just another sphere
that we are in that we could escape ..... and we could get outside of it
and look down onto our universe ..... and see other universes existing
inside another sphere!!!!! We may never know just how small we are in the
grand design!!!! I'm not offering any science here or theology just a
random thought based on pure imagination!!!!!

Автор nuklear41 (1783 года назад)
Can't unhear him hitting his spacebar to stop the audio recording.

Автор Okky Irmalia ( назад)
What happen if universe stop expanding ? But decreasing 

Автор Huur Den ( назад)
Really dumb question Do Laws exist outside our universe? If not could we
somehow exit the universe and travel faster than light and enter the
universe arriving at our destination? Wow that really sounds stupid but it
also sounds cool.

Автор MudflapDB ( назад)
The universe is huge, millions of Galaxies, then you zoom out and out and
out and you come out of a huge penis and some big giant is fapping

Автор maxwell simon ( назад)
What if (AND THIS IS A BIG WHAT IF) the observable universe was actually
all there is, and the edge if the observable universe where we see the
cosmic background radiation actually is the boundary of the universe? Or do
we already know stuff lies outside our observable universe due to gravity
moving stuff around in ways that wouldn't happen if that was the edge 

Автор Wade Smith ( назад)
Argument from 3:30 to 4:00 is faulty, because elementary algebra and
calculus shows us that different infinite functions grow more quickly than
other infinite functions. Therefore the question is not meaningless. The
universe can be infinite and still be smaller than some other infinity.

Perhaps to see this more quickly we can instead observe infinitesmals,
usually some number divided by a value which approaches infinity as a
variable grows, and we can see that some infinitesmals "shrink" faster than
others. We can see that some series of infinitesmals nevertheless go to
infinity (such as the harmonic series) which the double harmonic series
also has an infinite number of terms, nevertheless converging to a finite

Therefore the universe can be infinite and still be smaller than other
infinities, and therefore "adding to" the universe is not meaningless.

Adding a number to infinity DOES make more infinity, otherwise the Squeeze
Theorem in Calculus would be invalid and you would not be able to use it to
prove limits.

That is to say "Infinity plus 2" is in fact a bigger number than
"infinity", even though we usually simplify "infinity plus 2" to just be

Most of the time this simplification doesn't matter, but if you are talking
about what is "real" and talking about a real universe expanding, rather
than just an infinitesmal where the difference doesn't matter at all. i.e.
(1/infinity vs 1/(infinity +2)...

If you are talking about reality, then adding to infinity is in fact a
bigger number than the original infinity.

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