What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор Denise Case (9 месяцев)
The universe is expanding.. but what is the universe expanding into? +Tony
Darnell touches on this fascinating topic in another beautiful video from +Deep

Автор Ludak021 (4 месяца)
what is the space between electrons or quarks or anything in that scale?
It's not air of course, it's not gas (we are on a far lower scale) what is
it? It is empty and consists of nothing yet it provides some distance in
space...Maybe I am just ignorant...

Автор quetzalamaru (5 месяцев)
Mean while, here on earth, we size our problems into politics, having no
idea how insignificant we are to the size of this thing we intent to
imagine - the universe.

Автор trsk (5 месяцев)
I never got how we so easily assume that everything is moving away from
us.. What if we are on the edge kind of reality bubble in an infinite sea
of nothingness, where it looks like everything is moving away from us, but
it's just that the bubble is expanding.. So there may be many more bubbles
but we cannot observe them.. because the bubbles are seperated by
nothingness.. And what if we are moving toward some kind of singularity,
where getting close to it makes us believe everything is moving away from
us, and that singularity happens to have at it's core the same space/time
that we see as the big bang, putting us in an infinite loop.. We just see
these as seperate events/places but in truth they are one event happening
continually in null time/space.. We are eternally being eaten and shat..
The mind boggles.

Автор genie0390 (4 месяца)
the universe is infinite in every direction, the human mind cannot process
that concept and never will. This precludes thinking as to what's beyond
the edge of the universe

Автор Tefo Reborn (4 месяца)
“And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) EXPANDER.”
(Quran 51:47)

Автор SeanMauer (7 месяцев)
The separating cocoon is in the mind that cannot infer extra-dimensions.
Everything from quantum behavior of sub-atomic particles to the room needed
to expand a universe requires extra-dimensions. What we experience as the
universe is only a small sliver of the infinite dimensional substrate. I
can't be held back by limiting dogma.

Автор Greg Hensley (8 месяцев)
That's easy, SPACE !! Whoever said space is a sugar cube. Our universe is a
sugar cube sitting in the middle of field. Think of that. Think of how many
other sugar cubes are in that field. We probably aren't the only other
sugar cube. Just like we aren't the only Galaxy, just like we aren't the
only solar system. Hell there probably are billions of other universe's.

Автор Naimul Haq (2 месяца)
Why are the galaxies tumbling into other galaxies although expanding
universe means they should be moving away from each other?

Автор Jaximous (4 месяца)
we may be able to cheat and rip a hole in the space time fabric, like black
holes theoretically do, but it would probably be extremely dangerous saying
it would be a vacuum, unless it was a reasonable size, which it probably
will be. or in order to travel across the universe easily and quickly maybe
we can manipulate quantum tunneling to do teleportation.

Автор Ronald de Rooij (6 месяцев)
The more I learn about the universe, the less tangible it gets. Space and
time linked, third dimension is an illusion, space is a hologram, energy
out of nothing, virtual particles, time is an illusion, etc... I did not
know that a year ago... If this goes on I think in a few years time, I will
learn that my whole existence is an illusion created by my own illusive
brain or something?

Автор Roxidius (4 месяца)
Man, your videos are almost like a spiritual experience to me.
I'm an atheist btw.

Автор Zachary Hunter (18 дней)
Simple. Thought creates reality. Pure consciousness is neither polarities
on the quitensential basis of metaphysics. An outer universe that wraps
around the universe created a world of gods and goddeses and their faerie
kingdom with their own version of nature. peace

Автор Al Milligan (2 месяца)
Interesting that when we talk about space/time we are measuring it by an
absolute space and time. These forms seem to be fixed. The narrator says
space/time is not a static entity. Measured by what but those forms of the

Автор yinYangMountain (4 месяца)
1. If the universe is infinite, how can the question even be coherent?
I.e., If the fabric of our universe is space/time, and more is being added
-- while at the same time expanding from a dense point into itself, how is
this coherent?

2. The question unanswered: You are in a ball of expanding flat space/time
(think of the chocolate cookie dough example not the outside surface of a
balloon example) and somehow travel to the last galaxy; you continue to the
inside edge of where 'fabric' ends; what will happen if you travel one
meter more?

3. If there is a multiverse, and gravity waves are caused by universes
bumping, what is the stuff between them that they are expanding into? And
if it is literally nothing (non-existence) how is it coherent they are

I await a response that does not spend almost six-minutes to say, we don't
know; it does not concern us; or, conflate the concepts which confuse the
topic and question posed.

Автор JakeZHD (3 месяца)
3:07 KSP vets know all too well what that music means.

"I actually got this flying bundle of fuel and scrap metal into space!"

Автор Jeffrey Harris (8 месяцев)
You didn't really answer the question because even if the universe has s
boundary, it is still expanding. In that case, what is the bound universe
expanding into?

Автор sphinxrising58 (6 месяцев)
Space is exapnding into "nothing", a complete void (,empty of time, space,
gravity & anything else if you will), hence since we know from ancient
Greek studies that "space abores a vacum", there is no real justification
in believing in this so-called "dark matter & dark energy", as the universe
since it's birth, has been expanding while this void has a drawing effect
of sorts that will pull the mass & energy of the universe into it.

Now think about that for a second, we have something that is expanding into
nothing, which would plot out as 0,0,0,0 (3 demensions & time ), so iot is
in effect non-existant, but yet we have a unverse that is soemthign like 26
billion light years across expanding into this nothingness, what a mind

Автор Zeeshan Zakaria (6 месяцев)
Science doesn't know and probably will never know what the universe is
expanding into.

Автор Jackie Wilson Fan (3 месяца)
You really do have to ask yourself the question. What the F%*#K is going
on? What the F&#K is it all about? Life I mean... And the universe. I'm
sorry but god is just to simpler answer. Or maybe not. Who really knows.
Absolutely no one that's who. lol. Anyway better just enjoy it aye.

Автор dolphinsatsunset1 (4 месяца)
The universe is expanding into hyperspace. I believe our universe is a
white hole excreted from an infinitely dense and infinitesimally small
region known as a singularity. 

Автор Josh Cook (1 месяц)
If I had 1 wish, it wouldnt be for money or fame, it would be to know all
the secrets of life. I find myself with many questions. For instance....Our
earth is in the solar system, and the solar system is in the universe, but
what exactly is the universe in?

Автор Glenn Morgan (9 месяцев)
The universe is expanding.. but what is the universe expanding into? +Tony
Darnell touches on this fascinating topic in another beautiful video from +Deep

Автор yinYangMountain (4 месяца)
I'm sorry, but this video is just poetic rhetorical nonsense. It in now way
attempts to answer the question -- and at one point even insults the viewer
by saying, in essence, "Why should we care."

The video marries multiple incompatible concepts which will only function
to confuse the viewer. For shame!

If space and time are one thing (space-time), came into being a finite time
ago, and is flat, then it's not expanding into space-time! It's a huge ball
or tube of dough expanding.

Let's make the question easier for the science majors, and one they cannot
traverse: You are able to live forever and can travel at speeds at any rate
(forget about the time limitations), you get to the last part of space-time
and the edge of the last galaxy. Now, keep going/traveling...

Eventually where will you be? Do not give the more space, back at the
beginning, or 2D balloon answer -- as this avoids the premise and question.
Good luck!

My guess: You will enter a transitional area where you will cease to exist
-- as this is non-existence and only nothing exists there. Not empty space
nothing; literally non-existence.

Автор BowlerHat (2 месяца)
Tony! It's me! Max Koch (aka Jeff Koch from my younger days). It is SO
weird what led me to this video. I use MacLeod music in a ton of my vids
and a guy on Twitter sent this to me and there YOU were! You were such a
cool part of my growing up! Incredible work you are doing here. You
always were a higher thinker. But still funny as hell. Congrats! :-D

Автор David Satterfield (15 дней)
God, what the hell is goin' on? 

Автор Barbara Miller (15 дней)
so the center of the universe is empty because of the expansion and our
universe is like a doughnut ?

Автор Gaerteuth (2 месяца)
The Universe is just too big for us.

Автор chatter10101 (2 месяца)
Outerspace never has an end, for if it had an end, there would be
outerspace outside of the end. This understanding is how the physical
meets the spiritual.

Автор gboy1441 (1 месяц)
or what if infinity or a boundary both dont apply to an answer? we are
trying to answer the question based on the laws of our universe, our local
laws, our 5 senses/perception. its quite possible there are factors,
constructs, causes, materials, or other things within existence, that make
the answers unknowable and immeasurable. for all we know, it may be
possible within creation for impossibilities to exist somehow, thus making
both science and philosophy just tools to help analyze or speculate on some
of the facets of existence.

i know the best we can do is use what we have or guess within the
constructs of our 5 senses, experiences and local laws, obviously, and we
are limited, but still, just speculating its quite possible that even the
word "existence" morphs or changes into something else to explain how these
paradoxes and impossibilities exist.

heck, even if you say theres "nothing" beyond all of existence (not just
the universe but existence, even any god that exists), then would it still
be insane to say that "nothing" isnt something. And how could anyone ever
know if that "nothing" is just a void that leads to something else.

I think its just endless. Even if you could peruse and know 99.9999% of all
of existence, unless you know the last .0001% you cant truly say you
understand all of existence. Ie, a man travels 99.9% of the earth and finds
no purple unicorns, can he truly know for sure purple unicorns don't exist
unless he views all 100%? no he cannot. he can only assume based on

Автор ThracianKing Spartacus (1 месяц)
we don't know if we will ever see the boundary. what if the universe
instead of expanding starts to contract.
the boundary will move against any potential ''middle'' point. 

Автор ByRTD yO (1 месяц)
Great video man!!!!

Автор Phiuk (1 месяц)
I would love to be reborn at year 500,000 just to see if the humans still
exist and if they have an answer to all of this...

Автор RichysGames (2 месяца)
I think either way there is a boundry, However only 1 is a boundry that we
as individuals inside the universe will ever be able to perceive, Imagine
if like a balloon if you went round in every direction you would still end
up back at your starting point. Does this mean that the balloon isn't
expanding into something? I don't think so. it just means that if you're
inside the balloon you would never perceieve an edge.

Автор crawlFace (2 месяца)
Perhaps the boundary is not located/happening at some edge of the universe
where potential becomes space-time but instead the boundary may exist in
the relationships/interaction of matter at any location. In this sense we
would be looking inward instead of outward in order to find the limits.

Автор Riot4Peace (2 месяца)
The masses couldn't handle the notion of infinite time and space...People
need closure for everything... So, scientists want to place us in time with
the big bang theory to appease creationists.... believing there was once a
time when the universe was created... blah

Автор Voltron4ev4 (4 месяца)
Hopefully we've all just been over thinking things and the answer turns out
to be less complex than the concepts we've come up with so far....doubtful

I like the idea of a continual loop provided by trvk below, but surely even
a continuous loop or cycle has to start somewhere/time? Like genie0390
said, the concept of infinity is damn hard to contemplate. Hopefully
science and technology will show us the way.

Автор Dannys99887 (3 месяца)
@ valhalla83: This throws up comments about an "edge" to the
universe...seemingly to allow the title of the video to make any sense. But
the video then accurately offers up the current science which indicates
that the universe is "probably" infinite and has no edge. And if it's not
literally infinite, its dimensions are so much larger than our "observable
universe" that we can never have any knowledge of any edge that might
exist. (The observable universe is by definition a sphere centered on the
observer, and includes everything we have ever seen by observing light and
radiation that has had time to reach us since the big bang.)

One point of conceptual difficulty about an "edge" arises from the
erroneous popular media concept that "THE UNIVERSE" was once a small point
at the big bang that expanded to its present dimensions. This is a
confusion involving the fact that the point source big bang only represents
the initial state of the sphere that is our "OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE."
Scientists now more generally refer to the big bang as a "hot dense state"
of the universe which then expanded. The "hot dense state" universe may
have been effectively infinite and without limit even at the big bang. On
that basis, the big bang would have a different point source origin for
different observers across the universe, each of whom have a different
location and a different observable universe. 

Автор JaySeanDerulo1 (5 месяцев)
I like how you are not bias, makes you more reputable. cool vids

Автор Zoe TheCat (5 месяцев)
Our universe is probably a local event. The Big Bang that created our
observable universe is only one of an infinite number of others. Think of
an infinite sponge of 'Nothing' where big bangs occur randomly.

This would imply that there is infinite life.

Автор valhalla83 (3 месяца)
This didn't answer the question at all; all it said is what prompted the
question: "What is outside the supposed edge, if one exists?"

Автор Claire Stinks (7 месяцев)
The Universe is infinite, it will never stop expanding. *Its the same with
your awareness*

~~~> *Life knowing Life is the next step in evolution* <~~~

Google: *TruthContest* and "The Present" will show you the *True nature of

Автор sphinxrising58 (6 месяцев)
Zeeshan Zakaria: Well, it suyre beats studying science's version of the "
Flying Spheghettie Monster" (dark matter & dark energy), as note, we cannot
detect it, cannot measure it or it's strength (much less anything else
about either), so all of science believes in something for which there is
no proof, but in religion, they call that "faith".

Автор gianis doniras (3 месяца)

Автор Cynthia Kelly (3 года)
*What is the Universe Expanding Into?*

Автор mehdi abedian (1 месяц)
Time-space matter is meaningsless whitout thinking about enegy and mater.
Because defintion of time-space is the other dimensions of mater-energy

Автор Joseph Nordenbrock (1 месяц)
I still want ALL my questions answered !!!! I guess I will never get
everything I wan't even from a made up god story that divides people into
groups that have other conflicting god stories. It all boils down to a
popularity contest for the most believable GUESS while there's no clear
evidence that personalities survive brain death to make contact with the
living. I ask myself seriously if my dying will end my thinking and my best
educated guess is that it will. I think my choices with how I live will be
limited to what I know for sure, what I'll leave behind for the living, and
how I might want people to remember me. I don't want to be remembered as a
superstitious person that prays on my knees. I am a free man on the inside
and I get to decide if I'm guilty of being unkind or unfair. Time travel
and light speed travel for humans is just Sci-fi dreaming.

Автор EdikShepherd (5 месяцев)
Empty space time is being created in between celestial objects? I was under
the assumption that all matter was simply sailing away from the source of
the Big Bang, propelled by the explosion with nothing but a vacuum to slow
it down. Is this simply another theory? Or do we theorize there is new
space time being created because matter is moving away at an increasing
rate instead of slowly expending the kinetic energy of the Big Bang?

Автор John Webb (8 месяцев)
Another example of man's finite mind trying to comprehend the
incomprehensible infinity of space and do so without thought of a Creator.
I believe in the "big bang" but somebody started it.

Автор FeelingTehRUSH (6 месяцев)
if galaxies are moving away how come some still collide?

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