What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор hellavadeal (3 месяца)
is the universe flat?

Автор LCPD9111 (3 дня)
What does he mean when he says if we can not see the boundary now then we
probably never will 

Автор universalstudios13 (25 дней)
If we say that the universe has a boundary, what would we call the
space/zone/area on the other side of that boundary? Is the outside not
still considered as a part of the universe?

Автор nando1881 (3 месяца)
I`ve seen in other videos that the universe is expanding faster thatn the
speed of light, if that`s the case the we`ll never be able to reach the
edge because nothing can travel faster than the speed of light INSIDE our

Автор Erika K (1 месяц)
What is the Universe Expanding Into?: http://youtu.be/kV33t8U6w28

Автор Daniel Ayers (1 месяц)
Isn't the Andromeda Galaxy approaching us?

Автор assaultbravo14 (1 месяц)
If there is no boundary then all the space and time that is needed is
already in place. There for the universe is not continuing to create space

If the universe has a boundary then either A. Space time has all been
created and the boundary is the limit of space time or B. Space time has
been forced to stop by another force. Example A. Put a drop of water on a
table and the water drop will have a boundary created because the volume of
water is not enough to continue expanding.
Example B. Pour a bucket of water on a table and set up walls to contain
that water.

Anyway you slice it space and time is not continuing to create itself.

So why are things going further apart from one another? Space time is
massive and was in place before any celestial body. Example the earth is
already created. On the fourth of July when a firecracker explodes in the
night sky what happens? The explosion moves out from its source. The parts
move further away from each other as the go along. But no one would say
that since the parts are moving away from each other more sky os being

This kimd of confusion amd silliness comes from the big bang theory. In the
beginning there was nothing, absolutely nothing. No space no time. Then all
of the sudden all of these gases came together and formed this super dense
singularity which exploded and produced the universe.

First this is how they explain it. But did you see what happened? I start
by saying there is no space, no time, nothing. Then i immediately talk
about space time amd something already being there. With no space then you
do not even have enough room to put the smallest of singularities. With no
time nothing would have the time to come together to form the singularity
or even the time to explode. If you have nothing you have no energy because
energy is something. Without energy then the singularity could not explode.
If there is nothing then you also do not have the gases to compress
together to help form the singularity and so on and so forth.

An example of the big bang theory is like me telling you I going to teach
you how to make your very own boots and boot laces. Then I will show you
how to properly tie and polish them up. I tell you, ok so right now we have
no materials, nothing. So now now that you have your boots and boot laces
completed here is how you tie and polish them. You would say hey wait. How
did you make the boots and laces? In the beginning there was nothing, no
space, no time, nothing. Then there was a whole bunch of various gases that
came together to form a super dense singularity.

Автор Atomic Vapor (6 дней)
My head hurts

Автор SomeDudeOnline (5 месяцев)
In the video he said that if there is a boundary we can never see it
because the universe is expanding. I've got a fair understanding of the
expansion of the universe concept (I couldn't follow the math to save my
life but I think I understand the concept fairly well) and of course
looking from earth we could never see the boundary if there is one but if
someday we derived a technology to warp space to travel faster then light
or create wormholes and teleport then what is stopping us from seeing the

Автор Michael Monterey (3 месяца)
This is a great example of why there IS a very real crisis in physics and
SM "cosmology" - why? It's based on utterly ridiculous nonsense, totally
kuku myths, and unexamined assumptions perpetuated to perpetuate really bad
unscience: the mythified current Standard Model. 

Автор MindStrider34 (2 месяца)
"And it is We Who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is
We Who are steadily expanding it." (Qur'an, 51:47)
Quran written 1400 years ago, in a middle of a desert. No technology. Word
of the creator or word of an illiterate man?

Автор Paul J (29 дней)
If the furthest object we can see is 13.6 bn light years away, then it was
where it seems to be, now, that long ago; and similar objects in the
opposite direction, suggest that 13.6 bn years ago it was already 27.2 bn
light years across, with our viewpoint in the centre?

Автор tomtom1793 (9 дней)
I believe our universe is one of many universes occupying an infinite area
of space. 

Автор Russian Turnipz (11 дней)
An answer to counter all questions about this , "We Don't Know". It's that
simple... Anything could and couldn't exist..Such as religion , our way of
thinking , etc. We don't know the answer to the universe..

Автор Trumble Research (1 месяц)
That hurt my head

Автор chase1146 (4 месяца)
what is the universe expanding into?? void. something that we dont know

Автор willieofroanoke (5 месяцев)
Another video that answers no questions. Watching another of his junk...
oops I mean "science" videos he said before the big bang there was
literally nothing. Not time, not what we refer to as space, no atoms, no
matter, no particles, nothing, nada, totally empty, just a big fat zero.

That begs a simple but tantalizing question. IF there was nothing,
absolutely nothing, how did anything happen? You have no space for any
Singularity to form in. If that's not a big enough problem you neither have
time for it to happen in. Yet science insists this magical Singularity of
their imagination is the cause of both time and space and everything in it.

If you protest and say our universe is but one of many in some limitless
multiverse that's a cop out because all I need to ask is how the first of
these came to be. If you said they all happened at once, I still can ask
how? Where did the first spec of matter/energy come from? Say it always
existed and the universe or multiverse is infinite that still avoids the
same question unless you say everything that is, ever was or will be
originated from nothing. Absolutely nothing. Anyone honestly think that
makes sense?

Автор D TEE (2 месяца)
The universe is expanding into "God"; 

Автор Juhary Sambulawan (19 дней)
this is not new in islam, 1400 years ago The Noble Qur'an tells Us the
Universe is expanding continuesly! AllahuAkbar...MashaAllah

Автор samiullah abdul rauf (12 дней)
we tell that the universe is expanding, but we should know that anything
will expand when it has a space to expand, and that space allows it to
expand it. this means that there was already an empty space before the
universe came to existence.

Автор Ferrocity Technologies (1 месяц)
That's because physics are incorrect.

Автор Demonwhisper (21 день)
I think that the big bang and the continuing expansion of the universe is
what creates time and the flow of time from the past, through the present
and into the future. Think about it. Einstein initially thought that the
size and shape of our universe was static and that all the particles moved
around inside a static universe. Imagine time passing in a static universe
and particles moving around inside it. Each and every moment within this
universe is a state of the universe and in a static universe there is the
statistical possibillity that the same state of the universe might occur at
different moments in time. In fact if time is infinite within such a
universe then each state that the universe can be in will occur infinitely
many times. So you cannot have time flowing in the sense that we are used
to in our expanding universe from the past and into the future in such a
static universe, since past states of the universe are bound to reoccur and
the universe will be travelling back and forth between states revisiting
past states. The expansion of our universe is what makes time flow from the
past and into the future and it is what makes sure that a past state of the
universe can never ever happen again, because the universe has expanded
away from the past! To revisit a past state our universe would have to
implode and shrink back to the past.

Автор Brian M (8 дней)
man just has to accept the fact that "infinite" can and does exist ,but
lets say there is a boundary to space ' as we know it ' . then the question
would be ,what the hell is blocking it ,how thick is it, whats behind the

Автор Alfredo Baker (3 месяца)
Truly mind boggling, I find videos like this so interesting but at the same
time it upsets me because the realisation of what goes on here on earth
sets in, there's so much too explore out there, but collectively were still
arguing about religion, still killing one another, for what? Surely if we
have the knowledge within us too understand the universe we can push aside
our petty differences and create a global consciousness? 

Автор IntricateUniverse (2 месяца)
I'd like to think that there is a multiverse. We have yet to discover
anything that is unique in our universe. We though our sun was special,
there are countless others. We though our galaxy was special and we also
discovered that there were countless others. We think our Universe is
unique but why does it have to be? Unfortunately we will never be able to
see outside our own cosmic horizon so the multiverse theory can never be
proven. Also if there is a multiverse that also begs the question what are
they a part of and how do they come about. maybe those multiverse are a
part of a bigger body that body is in turn a part of another body and so
on. Or maybe our human brains aren't hard wired to understand the whole
picture. We may be intelligent compared to our fellow species but there is
only so much our brains are capable of understanding. Its like trying to
teach a dog calculus; no matter how you explain it the dog will never get

Автор harjit singh (6 дней)
Univers had no end if it's , then again a new binging so it's end less 

Автор M Murray (2 дня)
What would Einstein have said about this faster than light stuff? I'm sure
that he had a law against it.

Автор C E Mason (1 месяц)

Автор ReZdItalia (1 месяц)
The universe is fake. We all actually live in a very large FedEx box.

Автор Pearl the Gem (23 дня)
Its expanding into a penis.

Автор Savchenkov Maxim (1 месяц)
у меня пыль на экране, выглядит как звезды

Автор TheEvil (3 дня)
I literally feel like a shit . Amazing.

Автор whyhatestrangers (11 дней)
Short answer: nobodyyyy knoooowwwwwssss

Автор Tecnovlog (5 месяцев)
curved universe doesn't have any sense to me. bended by what? and what
there is outside? a wall?

Автор Randomisticful (1 месяц)
if there is a boundary.... what is the boundary into.... what is that thing
the universe is into, if it is into something, that something is surely
bigger, does that something has borders, and what is that something we are
into - into? F*ck this, it is suffocating me. We are alive but we know
nothing about our environment, or about ourselves, or about life!

Автор 0AndrewShepherd0 (1 месяц)
Wake up people! We live in a computer simulation, nothing is real! We are
all computer programs!

Автор beneehall (2 дня)
Here's a question that was posed to my high school physics class. Say you
had a standard sheet of paper and you drew two lines parallel to each
other. There is space between those lines.

Now imagine your sheet of paper was infinitely long and your parallel lines
were infinitely long. Would those lines, at some infinite distance,
eventually meet ?

Автор cloned 2death (2 месяца)
They should have this guy announce World War 3 on TV. I'd be okay with it.
Awesome voice.

Автор 2bjjones (1 месяц)
Haha! That's funny. I'm so tired of the physics community goose stepping
their way into astronomy/cosmology as if they are the same. The universe
is just as chemical and biological as it is physical. While physics is
unavoidable and any astronomy program probably makes their students learn
it, astronomy is its own unadulterated science. Ancient astronomers who
probably had little to no understanding of physics, yet found inventive
ways to make astronomical observations can attest to that.

Автор Ender kitty43 (2 месяца)
I have a theory, I think that outside the universe there are other
universes and and parallel universes, like for example, if you drop your
ice cream, you create another universe where you didn't drop your ice
cream. Or for another example, if you break a 1000 vase at a shop, you have
to pay for it then your broke and you lose your house... etc, you create
another parallel universe outside our universe. And my theory on why we cat
see the boundaries of our universe is because our vision is teleported to
the other side of the universe (this one is pretty lame but whatever) like
an invisible (something that the brain cant prosses) wormhole or black
hole. I know your probably not reading this but if you are then well done,
your like me :-)

Автор relcychoho (1 месяц)
I liked this video = included some hard science - clear picture = some
speculative statements to start a persons' mind turning - also - mentions
the fact that the stars and galaxies are relatively evenly spaced apart -
suggesting planning

Автор copperNB1 (1 месяц)
Kinda new to this. How do we know that the universe is expanding? In theory
couldn't there be a wall of some sort somewhere way out in deep space that
we have never seen that reflects the light giving the illusion of a
drifting? No hate please I'm just thinkng 

Автор Pookie Pook (6 дней)
All i can agree is keep looking up!!!

Автор futarb d (13 дней)
We will have a better understanding of the universe if/when we figure out
what dark matter and dark energy is along with how gravity affects matter
at great distances. "Dark" is just a term that currently means "we don't
have a clue what it is".

Автор Mohamed Maxamed (10 дней)
So if the universe is expanding then will there not be a moment were the
fabric will start to ware out or rip apart i mean thats if its

Автор Ivan Ivanovič (9 дней)
If universe is expanding, it means that when we are looking back in time,
we are looking from a distance point, in a way, a point, which is out of
the smaller early universe. The universe is obviously expanding into
eternal nothingness, which was not created and cannot be destroyed, because
it is just nothing within which exists all that exists: matter, energy ...

Автор Paul Myers (2 месяца)

Автор ExtremeHardcoreGamer (2 месяца)
Who created god? If you say he was always there, the same can be said about
the universe. No god needed.

Автор MrKillingBalls (28 дней)
Ballsack !
we live in a dog's ballsack.

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