What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор Rissa Gabrielson ( назад)
It's crazy to think that one single atom... Created this.... Or maybe God
was the last man who ever survived this whole entire existence to reach
death, our brains work very strangely and we all don't know what is after
death, people have explained bright lights, think about it .. They said God
died for us...right? Well maybe God died for us, as the first human being
ever, to create life and bring us in eternal life. Because he was the only
man smarter than the rest of us.. To figure this whole mess out. Idk. It's
just a thought I've been thinking of

Автор Pat González ( назад)
Hi everybody, i'm Christian, yes, I believe in God, in Jesus Christ, and in
science. Science is a beautiful thing that God gave us, I mean, without
science, we can't understand nothing, and that's obvious, :) I don't see a
conflict or a wall between Faith and science. Everytime that I hear
something about the universe, about life in other planets, about DNA, and
about life, I think: ''God is great and amazing'', A few months ago, I was
an agnostic, but then, I saw science like the hand of God, is totally
amazing. I don't have problem with atheist people, is their decisions, and
I'm ok with that. I'm not a crazy religious, but I believe in God and I
pray to Him, ;) Is my opinion.

Автор Lucian Apetrei ( назад)
Statements of absolute certainty like "it will forever be outside our
detection" do not belong in science. Nothing is impossible.

Автор Suvadip Mandal ( назад)
If you are interested in expansion of universe, here is one....

Автор Barry Kumnick (1665 лет назад)
Nothing. The universe is a self-generating formal system composed from the
transfinite recursive composition of field differentials. It can only
generate itself from the inside, from field differentials in its own
fields, so it can have no boundary and no outside.

Автор billy copper ( назад)
Go outside, look to the sky and a millimeter from your nose starts

Автор nexsixtynine thritynine (359 лет назад)
This is a thought that has always troubled me, & I'm an Atheist, & it
almost makes me want to be an Agnostic. (I was formally a Christian)

Why is there existence......?

I often get the thought. What if existence never came into existence? There
would be nothing.


That scares me. That scares me a lot.

Автор Pollywog Snoopdog ( назад)
Space is infinite . Whethet it has matter in it or massless objects or
virtual particles. Even if our universe folds in there will still be space
in some form outside of our universe. No true boundary.

Автор Rifath ( назад)
So, in a 10 year old's perspective, the Universe is Minecraft. It is always
expanding, just like a Minecraft world. The player is Steve, who witnesses
every thing, and the "player" of the universe is Physics, creating
everything, witnessing everything.

Автор Dimension Entangled ( назад)
Are there stars which show blue shift?

Автор Pollywog Snoopdog ( назад)
+Yamyatos. Space is probably expanding into simply more space. Just as air
expands into air when heated. Space seems to expand when heated. The
objects expanding so fast are 13.8 billion LYA. That implies that they and
space in that area were expanding that rapidly 13.8 BYA. Our young universe
was very very hot then. Especially when compared against absolute zero.
That was then. What is happening out there at those distances today? To
answer that with certainty one would have to wait 13.8 billion years. There
is of course the chance that I am dead wrong. Right now everything we think
we know is theory and might turn out to be wrong. Peace

Автор Pollywog Snoopdog ( назад)
+Gunter Raffel. Space is not the distance between objects. Space is
obviously between objects yet if you took all of the objects out you would
still have space.
Since we are not infinite our lifetime is finite. Time is a means of humans
to measure distance and velocity. We notice that the sun and moon travel
across our sky. We call the distance that sun travels to go from one
horizon in the east to the horizon in the west a day.Summer to summer a
We break it down into smaller increments. Hours minutes seconds. Up to
light years to measure how far light travels in what we call a year. Just a
simple way of measuring speed and distance.

Автор Pollywog Snoopdog ( назад)
Space is infinite . Whethet it has matter in it or massless objects or
virtual particles. Even if our universe folds in there will still be space
in some form outside of our universe. No true boundary.

Автор Pollywog Snoopdog ( назад)
No need for Allah nor any other God.if the light from the most distant
objects we see took 13.8 billion years to reach us then then that is where
the object was 13.8 billion years ago. Could be much much farther away now.
I am not convinced that time was created. Space-time is actually just
space. Time is simply a means of measuring distance and or velocity(my op)
at the moment.
It might work and look beautiful and they say that beauty is truth. Just
remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Peace

Автор x0xOne ( назад)
One thing is in another thing, start from our planet. We live on Earth,
earth is in solar system, solar system is in spiral arm, and spiral arm is
a part of Galaxy, galaxy is in a cluster of Galaxy, and cluster of Galaxy
is in universe, universe is in malti-universe????its getting bigger,
bigger, and bigger of never ending existence.

Автор Sp0rk ( назад)
What would the boundary look like?

Автор fowzie777 ( назад)
The fact that this is longer than it takes to say we don't know and can't
know says a lot about the state of so called science.

Автор Eu Sou Un ( назад)
Considering the smallness of the human being, all questions are possible.
What we know is the result of what we see, and what we see is too little
for us to make such statements as "the Big Bang marks the birth of the
Universe" or that "the Universe was born 13 billion years ago". Math and
Physic are nice sciences, but we still know too little about that, too.
Only an arrogant mind can claim that he knows everything.
Frankly, I don't believe in the Big Bang and, therefore, also don't believe
that the Universe was born 13 billion years ago.
The amount of time used to measure the clearance of galaxies of they call
call the "peripheral Universe or edge of the Universe" was too short to be
able to issue such statements, such as the expansion of the Universe. The
planet Earth, or by the same token, the solar system, can be moving away
from a certain amount of Galaxies, for some time, 1000 years, for example,
and you may be thinking that it is the other ones who are moving away from
Then, when it states that the Universe is expanding, why don't you say that
it is the Earth that is following a inverse route?

Автор Fan Craft ( назад)
@ 4:12-4:20 That is until it collapses in on itself.

Автор dangflo ( назад)
"And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its]
expander" (Quran 51:47)

"Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth
were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every
living thing? Then will they not believe?" (Quran 21:30)

Автор Draco Dragonsoul ( назад)
lets begin with this What is God(god is perfect) What is it to be
perfect(perfection is the ability to do anything, create anything in a
fraction of a instant...time and space are human creations there to blind
you...that is why you cannot see. What is perfect to us in our known
Universe "Nothing" what came before creation "Nothing" What was the Godly
force that created everything "Nothing" There cannot be nothing since the
instant Nothing exists there is no time or space and there for the time it
takes to becomes something is instant. God is everything and nothing.

Автор Samy Hassanien ( назад)
Well he answered one question. It wont expand into anything if its infinite
and we cant see the boundary.

Автор Vertical Horizon ( назад)
As there is expansion, then a finite boundary cannot exist.

Автор Algenon Effingham-Smythe ( назад)
so..........the universe is expanding cos` things in it are getting bigger
& being created & when they start to die the universe shrinks again to one
big almighty black hole which when too full goes bang & we start all over

Автор mosquitobight ( назад)
The Universe is a hypersphere. It is the 3-D analog of the 2-D surface of a

Imagine an inflating balloon with insects crawling on the surface. The
interior of the balloon is the "past" when the balloon was smaller. Outside
the balloon is the "future" which the balloon will occupy as it grows. So
the "time dimension" is all rays emanating from the geometric center of the

Just as the surface of the balloon at any moment has finite area, our
Universe at any instant has a large but finite volume.

An insect walking on a balloon in a straight line would return to its
starting point if it could walk faster than the balloon grows, without ever
seeing an "edge" of the balloon, because there is none. If we had a
spaceship that could travel through space many times faster than light,
faster than the Universe expands, we could travel in a straight line and
return to our starting point from the opposite side, without ever seeing an
"edge" of the Universe.

Автор rawstarmusic ( назад)
There is no help with answering the question in this video. We all know we
haven't got an answer. Even the question can be wrong. At some point humans
will understand and have an answer but that is far off. It's not just
better technology but much better brains needed. The deeper you look into
the brain, the more primitive it is so it needs new add-ons.

Автор Sapien Nxt ( назад)
ich glaub....Unsere denkapparat ist nicht dafür geschaffen..es ..zu

Автор Gammel Prutte ( назад)
What I can't grasp is that we can look in one direction and see back in
time almost to the beginning of the universe, and look in the opposite
direction and see back in time almost to the beginning of the universe --
yet those two opposite sides were, at the beginning of the universe, in the
same place, or at least very close together.
My brain hurts.

Автор Angela T ( назад)
What if the universe is just a science experiment created by immortal,
multi-dimensional beings 15 billion years ago who were originally trying to
construct gravity? Not only did they succeed in doing that but also
discovered other life forms multiplying on the rocks (planets) floating in
their gravitational study. It's all being done inside a small black tank
that they can see in to but we cant see OUT OF. The stars are nothing but
tiny needle point holes in the tank that they observe us from. God im
really high right now.

Автор Just DEFECT ( назад)
it Last century ! Amazing !! ITS IS THE WORD OF GOD ! 

Автор Sawyer Engholm ( назад)
Soooooo... No stabs in the dark I already knew all that stuff WHAT IS THE
EDGE! Still cool Video

Автор Nova CHEV ( назад)
So what happens when the universe dies? Lol

Автор Colby Neal ( назад)

Автор Yeti Bfur ( назад)
We are inside of a speck of DNA of another UNIVERSE. This is why space and
time matter. Billions of years can happen here, but on the outside only
minutes has passed by.

Автор Berrgk (1924 года назад)
Our minds evolved probably somewhere like the plains of Africa as hunter &
gatherers, learning our environment as it revealed itself to us along with
our evolving intellectual capabilities. We're not that many generations
away from our hunter/gatherer ancestors in cosmological terms. That's the
origins of our 'common sense'. The very tool you are using in an attempt to
unravel the deepest questions one can currently ask.. When it comes to
science/reality, you must be ready to make adjustments to your 'common
If you can't find a reasonable explanation to your queries regarding the
Universe & its boundaries, don't worry about it.. Whatever you end up
deciding best suits your logic will probably be wrong anyway.
The real question is; Can you accept the fact that no one really knows, and
perhaps never will?
If not, you will probably end up religious or spiritual or some other form
of 'believer' -(i.e. those whom prefer to assume they guessed correctly).
However, if you are able to accept that you simply cannot yet know, then
your mind is free. Keep dreaming.
But either way, understand that our imaginations are strictly limited to
things we've experienced.
Envisage a colour you've never seen?
Imagine something (anything) that isn't simply a combination of other
things you've seen? Of course not.. You're a product of your environment in
every sense.
The universe has proven to be far more 'imaginative' than people ever have
been. Take for instance Time Dilation.
Indeed, the universe forced us have to adjust the way we comprehend our
environment, many times over. You know this.. Just enjoy the fact that it's
far greater than you can even know.. and however insignificant each lil
piece may occasionally seem, it's surely all part of something we can, for
now at least, consider magical.
Personally I love feeling lost in this place.. What if you one day found
out 'What it all means/How it all begun' and it wasn't a satisfying answer..

I do truly hope it isn't anything as dull as the old primitive guesses
which some people still actually believe are true, though. The ones
involving them God type character things. That would be hugely
disappointing. I don't mean any offence by that btw, but feel free to take
some if you wish. I don't mind.

This is one thing i enjoy not knowing, but that's not to say i don't wish
to know, and that's not to say i'll be disappointed if i/we never know.
There's something rather magical about that. I guess that's the only true
form of magic.. simply not possibly being able to understand something.
Anyway, ima go ava smoke n take a dump while i mull over the expanding
universe and whether or not my turd is actively inflating along with the
cosmos - relative to something "outside the universe" that is..

Автор Jere616 ( назад)
Go backward to where it started. There'll be a large office; once there
find the form that tells us what it's expanding into. Problem solved!

Автор xxx_Jaden_ Chicken?_xxx ( назад)

Автор StopCoercingMeIntoUsingGoogle+andMyRealName ( назад)
Good bid but I have a big problem with words like never granted never etc..
we don't know what might happen hell we might build a word drive or
something in the future or something never say never 

Автор David Walter ( назад)
what if the universe isn't expanding outward but instead closing in on
itself and will eventually collapse and recreate big bang, then repeat
itself over and over

Автор kano8506 ( назад)
3:06 but the andromeda Galaxy is going to collide with the Milky Way Galaxy
so doesn't that mean it is moving 

Автор kano8506 ( назад)
So is Einstein God?

Автор orlando098 ( назад)
I suppose that like it makes no sense, probably, to say "what happened
before the big bang?", because time was created in the big bang so there
was literally no time before the big bang, it probably makes no sense to
say 'what' is it expanding into, because it is only in the universe that
space/time exists, therefore there is literally nothing at all 'outside'
it. Apparently it's possible for space/time to expand into 'nothing' like
it's possible for space/time to come into existence out of no-time.

Автор orlando098 ( назад)
It started incredibly small 13 billion years ago or so and has been
expanding out - so how can it be infinite/have no boundary? I don't get
that. If it was once very small and has been growing, I don't see how it
can now be infinitely large.

Автор Jhinga Chika ( назад)
Nice video.

Автор Jhinga Chika ( назад)
I don't think the universe is infinite. Nothing is infinite. Not even
infinite can be infinite.

Автор philasyr ( назад)
What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind.
- Homer Simpson

Автор tubee103 ( назад)
So is it expanding or not??...One minute the narrator says it IS then says
that i "appears" to be expanding due to new things apearing so what gives??

Автор abbie croom ( назад)
One question pardon me if I sound like an idiot, but they say that space
expands faster than light. If it expands faster does that mean that it has
a speed? Can we measure it? I am not that knowledgeable about physics.

Автор James Blonde ( назад)
Nice, but it doesn't pay the bills.

Автор Gohot229 ( назад)
Simply cinders with life spans measured in time. Infinitely big or
infinitely small, relative to us.

Автор 3ajeeb ( назад)
"The heavens, We have built with power, And We are expanding it." (Qur'an

Автор Jon Smith ( назад)
Piffle. Told me nothing. And the soundtrack! For Goodness sake.

Автор Marius “Mani” Nilsen ( назад)
For anyone looking for the last melody, it's "Long Road Ahead" under the
"Celtic & Folk" category in the Royalty Free Music section on the website
in the description.

Автор Fabien McPherson ( назад)
Too much for my puny human mind to handle.

Автор KroyosB ( назад)
Implying there is a boundary to the universe, and the universe expanding is
causing the movement of the galaxies, why are the galaxies not moving right
on that boundary? And if space is essentially nothing, how exactly is it

Автор Nesmaniac ( назад)
It's quite obvious to me now that we are just inside a larger atom and
galaxies are just subatomic particles that make up the inside of this
larger building block for a larger universe. Same holds true the other
direction too. I'd say inside out bodies are universes in each atom and
inside each of those universes it just keeps going infinitely in both
directions. If we humans just look at it from a non human centralistic view
you can see the galaxies form a web structure which is most likely
something like a quark in a gigantic (to us anyways) universe. Just a
theory I've had since about 8th grade but who knows. Maybe I'm way off but
it's logical if you look around.

Автор Greg Queen of Everything ( назад)
space can never be bounded by nothing.
time can never be created without time.
scale can never be undivided.
therefore the universe is infinite in space, time and scale.

Автор crushedz ( назад)
Home to 100 billion observable galaxies?

Автор David Mwaniki ( назад)

Автор twodogs716 ( назад)
Boundaries & Dimensions
Luke 16:26

Автор catherine hislop ( назад)

Автор Asrat Mengesha ( назад)
The universe is not expanding into any where, because it doesn't expand.
"Space expansion" is end of existence, it is non existent.

If the space expands towards you and pushes you from all your sides so you
cannot move an inch, backward/forward up/down side /side, you just have a
chance to explode in the very early age, a moment, after you have been
formed (created). The same is true if you were a galaxy. Right?

Автор Joel Losoya ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор shoa31 ( назад)
The universe is trying to create intelligent life.

Автор Depth Charged ( назад)
Still so much we don't know.

Автор Mc Kokas ( назад)
I think the galaxies are being pushed by some kind of gravitacional force.
That could explain why the farest galaxies are moving faster than the
closer ones. And there is a study that says that the galaxies are moving in
the same direction.

Автор swampthing401 ( назад)
the universe is not expanding, it is the mass in the universe that is
expanding outward from the center (big bang) according to the laws of
nature it is impossible for it to be infinite. its just really really big.
think on the terms of scale. to a atom, the planet is huge , almost
infinite. well that's the scale we are on compared to only our own galaxy.
only even smaller.

Автор TheZacdes ( назад)
lol..a great NON answer:/

Автор Will O'Riley ( назад)

Автор K. Wright ( назад)
I think Penrose has nailed it with his CCC theory.

Автор Sahand Sanie ( назад)
If the universe shrinks, is it still considered as infinite?

Автор Nellie Strydom ( назад)
Another 'dimension' or another ' realm ' , are they the same thing ? If I
can walk through a wall , am I in another dimension ?

Автор John Massingale ( назад)
The universe before the Big Bang must have been somewhere right? 

Автор Paramdeep Singh obheroi ( назад)
Can anyone explain me how general relativity allows the universe to be

Автор subrata koley ( назад)

Автор subrata koley ( назад)

Автор Bobby David ( назад)
dat kerbal music

Автор Eseret ( назад)
I don't think it's endless. I feel it's part of something greater. That
doesn't mean we can necessarily escape it tough. Like being trapped inside
an unbreakable box floating in an ocean.

Автор Toughen Up, Fluffy ( назад)
Wrong question. Should be "What—is the Universe expanding—in TWO?"

Автор Nikola Bucan ( назад)
Music at 3:09?

Автор Denzel Thompson ( назад)

Автор Hip Hop Bluez ( назад)
*What is the Universe Expanding Into*?
#Educational_ScratchABuLLy | #Educational 

Автор Angelo The Promoter ( назад)
*What is the Universe Expanding Into*?
#Educational_ScratchABuLLy | #Educational 

Автор bokac1984 ( назад)
Can anyone else hear keyboard press at 3:41? :)

Автор spruceguitar ( назад)
Is this guy who did the video messing with us???
The question was what is the universe expanding into. He answered the other
question, whether or not we shall ever see its boundaries. A politician's
answer to a question. He never answered the question in case B: where the
universe was finite.

Автор kenga nyuma ( назад)

Автор lzepln ( назад)
I don't get it... If the universe is infinite, how could there have been a
big bang? How could there have been a singularity? And how could an
infinite universe be only 14 billion years old? How could it have expanded
from a singularity to infinity in 14 billion years?

Автор travis kerns ( назад)
So how are galaxies running into each other and combining, if they are all
moving away from each other?

Автор Maxundmoritz Hautala ( назад)
When you drive down a highway and cars slow down because there is a vehicle
with flashing lights it is because those cars are being driven by beings
from another dimension where they worship machines with flashing lights.

Автор sixersfanatic ( назад)
This video has the same soundtrack as the L.A. Beast

Автор JRandWRownyou ( назад)
If we can never see the boundary, does that imply that our universe is
expanding faster than the speed of light?

Автор Marko Pietikäinen ( назад)

Автор Dante Autotorri ( назад)
So the answer is the same for both . The question has no meaning .

Автор tolstoyleo ( назад)
I hate that the narrator says "we will never know" "because it will always
lie beyond our detection" ... at the 4:40 mark, I mean seriously, fuck you.
How do you know it will always lie beyond our detection? who knows what
magnificent tools mankind has yet to create?

Автор Ricardo Ruiz ( назад)
Even if there is some sort of wall what's behind that

Автор Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala ( назад)
I have a question, where is the universe located?

Автор Marc Bell ( назад)
Brahma did it.

Автор Obi Wan Cannoli ( назад)
Quick thought. In order for something to have a shade, color, or just be
black there has to be light reflecting off of something to make a shadow.
Now think about it when an astronaut puts his hand out in front of his face
in orbit. Is he going to see black or a shadow? No, it will be as if
nothing is there. So, what is the difference between that and the edge of
the universe? Just one of those nights lol.

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