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Автор LCPD9111 (2 месяца)
What does he mean when he says if we can not see the boundary now then we
probably never will 

Автор Atomic Vapor (2 месяца)
My head hurts

Автор universalstudios13 (2 месяца)
If we say that the universe has a boundary, what would we call the
space/zone/area on the other side of that boundary? Is the outside not
still considered as a part of the universe?

Автор nando1881 (5 месяцев)
I`ve seen in other videos that the universe is expanding faster thatn the
speed of light, if that`s the case the we`ll never be able to reach the
edge because nothing can travel faster than the speed of light INSIDE our

Автор Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala (1 месяц)
I have a question, where is the universe located?

Автор hellavadeal (5 месяцев)
is the universe flat?

Автор assaultbravo14 (3 месяца)
If there is no boundary then all the space and time that is needed is
already in place. There for the universe is not continuing to create space

If the universe has a boundary then either A. Space time has all been
created and the boundary is the limit of space time or B. Space time has
been forced to stop by another force. Example A. Put a drop of water on a
table and the water drop will have a boundary created because the volume of
water is not enough to continue expanding.
Example B. Pour a bucket of water on a table and set up walls to contain
that water.

Anyway you slice it space and time is not continuing to create itself.

So why are things going further apart from one another? Space time is
massive and was in place before any celestial body. Example the earth is
already created. On the fourth of July when a firecracker explodes in the
night sky what happens? The explosion moves out from its source. The parts
move further away from each other as the go along. But no one would say
that since the parts are moving away from each other more sky os being

This kimd of confusion amd silliness comes from the big bang theory. In the
beginning there was nothing, absolutely nothing. No space no time. Then all
of the sudden all of these gases came together and formed this super dense
singularity which exploded and produced the universe.

First this is how they explain it. But did you see what happened? I start
by saying there is no space, no time, nothing. Then i immediately talk
about space time amd something already being there. With no space then you
do not even have enough room to put the smallest of singularities. With no
time nothing would have the time to come together to form the singularity
or even the time to explode. If you have nothing you have no energy because
energy is something. Without energy then the singularity could not explode.
If there is nothing then you also do not have the gases to compress
together to help form the singularity and so on and so forth.

An example of the big bang theory is like me telling you I going to teach
you how to make your very own boots and boot laces. Then I will show you
how to properly tie and polish them up. I tell you, ok so right now we have
no materials, nothing. So now now that you have your boots and boot laces
completed here is how you tie and polish them. You would say hey wait. How
did you make the boots and laces? In the beginning there was nothing, no
space, no time, nothing. Then there was a whole bunch of various gases that
came together to form a super dense singularity.

Автор Sith Smasher (1 месяц)
Where is it going to? Big crunch, big freeze or big rip? That's the
question I hope to see answered one day...
If I had to make a bet, my money is on the crunch. What's yours?

Автор Russian Turnipz (2 месяца)
An answer to counter all questions about this , "We Don't Know". It's that
simple... Anything could and couldn't exist..Such as religion , our way of
thinking , etc. We don't know the answer to the universe..

Автор twodogs716 (12 дней)
Boundaries & Dimensions
Luke 16:26

Автор Hip Hop Bluez (1 месяц)
*What is the Universe Expanding Into*?
#Educational_ScratchABuLLy | #Educational 

Автор Marc Bell (1 месяц)
Brahma did it.

Автор Sahand Sanie (21 день)
If the universe shrinks, is it still considered as infinite?

Автор JRandWRownyou (1 месяц)
If we can never see the boundary, does that imply that our universe is
expanding faster than the speed of light?

Автор K. Wright (21 день)
I think Penrose has nailed it with his CCC theory.

Автор Marius Nilsen (7 дней)
For anyone looking for the last melody, it's "Long Road Ahead" under the
"Celtic & Folk" category in the Royalty Free Music section on the website
in the description.

Автор tomtom1793 (2 месяца)
I believe our universe is one of many universes occupying an infinite area
of space. 

Автор M Murray (1 месяц)
What would Einstein have said about this faster than light stuff? I'm sure
that he had a law against it.

Автор spruceguitar (1 месяц)
Is this guy who did the video messing with us???
The question was what is the universe expanding into. He answered the other
question, whether or not we shall ever see its boundaries. A politician's
answer to a question. He never answered the question in case B: where the
universe was finite.

Автор Paul J (2 месяца)
If the furthest object we can see is 13.6 bn light years away, then it was
where it seems to be, now, that long ago; and similar objects in the
opposite direction, suggest that 13.6 bn years ago it was already 27.2 bn
light years across, with our viewpoint in the centre?

Автор TheZacdes (18 дней)
lol..a great NON answer:/

Автор Nesmaniac (10 дней)
It's quite obvious to me now that we are just inside a larger atom and
galaxies are just subatomic particles that make up the inside of this
larger building block for a larger universe. Same holds true the other
direction too. I'd say inside out bodies are universes in each atom and
inside each of those universes it just keeps going infinitely in both
directions. If we humans just look at it from a non human centralistic view
you can see the galaxies form a web structure which is most likely
something like a quark in a gigantic (to us anyways) universe. Just a
theory I've had since about 8th grade but who knows. Maybe I'm way off but
it's logical if you look around.

Автор James Hamilton (16 дней)
There is a boundary. Space is expanding into particles that pop in and out.
Which is the way it was before the big bang. Particles can come from
nothing. When you drink a cup of coffee there is a particle appears out of
nowhere. Dark Matter is going through all of us at a high rate of speed. We
can't feel is because it is so small. 

Автор Brian M (2 месяца)
man just has to accept the fact that "infinite" can and does exist ,but
lets say there is a boundary to space ' as we know it ' . then the question
would be ,what the hell is blocking it ,how thick is it, whats behind the

Автор sixersfanatic (1 месяц)
This video has the same soundtrack as the L.A. Beast

Автор chase1146 (6 месяцев)
what is the universe expanding into?? void. something that we dont know

Автор tolstoyleo (1 месяц)
I hate that the narrator says "we will never know" "because it will always
lie beyond our detection" ... at the 4:40 mark, I mean seriously, fuck you.
How do you know it will always lie beyond our detection? who knows what
magnificent tools mankind has yet to create?

Автор John Massingale (24 дня)
The universe before the Big Bang must have been somewhere right? 

Автор travis kerns (1 месяц)
So how are galaxies running into each other and combining, if they are all
moving away from each other?

Автор Obi Wan Cannoli (1 месяц)
Quick thought. In order for something to have a shade, color, or just be
black there has to be light reflecting off of something to make a shadow.
Now think about it when an astronaut puts his hand out in front of his face
in orbit. Is he going to see black or a shadow? No, it will be as if
nothing is there. So, what is the difference between that and the edge of
the universe? Just one of those nights lol.

Автор 3ajeeb (6 дней)
"The heavens, We have built with power, And We are expanding it." (Qur'an

Автор catherine hislop (12 дней)

Автор Will O'Riley (20 дней)

Автор Juhary Sambulawan (2 месяца)
this is not new in islam, 1400 years ago The Noble Qur'an tells Us the
Universe is expanding continuesly! AllahuAkbar...MashaAllah

Автор Gohot229 (4 дня)
Simply cinders with life spans measured in time. Infinitely big or
infinitely small, relative to us.

Автор TheEvil (2 месяца)
I literally feel like a shit . Amazing.

Автор sky van wyk (2 месяца)
42 baby

Автор Ricardo Ruiz (1 месяц)
Even if there is some sort of wall what's behind that

Автор Michael Monterey (5 месяцев)
This is a great example of why there IS a very real crisis in physics and
SM "cosmology" - why? It's based on utterly ridiculous nonsense, totally
kuku myths, and unexamined assumptions perpetuated to perpetuate really bad
unscience: the mythified current Standard Model. 

Автор Pearl the Gem (2 месяца)
Its expanding into a penis.

Автор subrata koley (26 дней)

Автор Depth Charged (15 дней)
Still so much we don't know.

Автор Nichole Freedman (23 дня)
Another 'dimension' or another ' realm ' , are they the same thing ? If I
can walk through a wall , am I in another dimension ?

Автор swampthing401 (17 дней)
the universe is not expanding, it is the mass in the universe that is
expanding outward from the center (big bang) according to the laws of
nature it is impossible for it to be infinite. its just really really big.
think on the terms of scale. to a atom, the planet is huge , almost
infinite. well that's the scale we are on compared to only our own galaxy.
only even smaller.

Автор Maxundmoritz Hautala (1 месяц)
When you drive down a highway and cars slow down because there is a vehicle
with flashing lights it is because those cars are being driven by beings
from another dimension where they worship machines with flashing lights.

Автор MindStrider34 (4 месяца)
"And it is We Who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is
We Who are steadily expanding it." (Qur'an, 51:47)
Quran written 1400 years ago, in a middle of a desert. No technology. Word
of the creator or word of an illiterate man?

Автор Joel Losoya (14 дней)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор philasyr (13 часов)
What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Nevermind.
- Homer Simpson

Автор Pookie Pook (2 месяца)
All i can agree is keep looking up!!!

Автор bokac1984 (1 месяц)
Can anyone else hear keyboard press at 3:41? :)

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