What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор Gmmaverick (2 месяца)
"The fabric of space and time is expanding"
This is why I (being polite) call these people "babbling idiots"
*First-* Time doesn't exist, it's merely a measurement tool created by
humans to measure how long it takes for a particle to move from point *A*
to point *B* and,
*Second-* If space was "expanding" the most basic logic tells you that we
wouldn't be able to realize it because *EVERYTHING* would be expanding at
the exact same rate. Hence the solar system would be expanding, the earth
(and everything in it) would be expanding, WE would be expanding, and of
course our measurements devices would be "expanding" as well, *AND* with it
the measures themselves.

Автор hellavadeal (8 дней)
is the universe flat?

Автор Michael Monterey (20 дней)
This is a great example of why there IS a very real crisis in physics and
SM "cosmology" - why? It's based on utterly ridiculous nonsense, totally
kuku myths, and unexamined assumptions perpetuated to perpetuate really bad
unscience: the mythified current Standard Model. 

Автор s0medudeonline (2 месяца)
In the video he said that if there is a boundary we can never see it
because the universe is expanding. I've got a fair understanding of the
expansion of the universe concept (I couldn't follow the math to save my
life but I think I understand the concept fairly well) and of course
looking from earth we could never see the boundary if there is one but if
someday we derived a technology to warp space to travel faster then light
or create wormholes and teleport then what is stopping us from seeing the

Автор Zachary Hunter (5 месяцев)
Simple. Thought creates reality. Pure consciousness is neither polarities
on the quitensential basis of metaphysics. An outer universe that wraps
around the universe created a world of gods and goddeses and their faerie
kingdom with their own version of nature. peace

Автор Alfredo Baker (5 дней)
Truly mind boggling, I find videos like this so interesting but at the same
time it upsets me because the realisation of what goes on here on earth
sets in, there's so much too explore out there, but collectively were still
arguing about religion, still killing one another, for what? Surely if we
have the knowledge within us too understand the universe we can push aside
our petty differences and create a global consciousness? 

Автор Yusif Carlos (2 месяца)
وَالسَّمَاءَ بَنَيْنَاهَا بِأَيْدٍ وَإِنَّا لَمُوسِعُونَ

And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its]

Автор willieofroanoke (2 месяца)
Another video that answers no questions. Watching another of his junk...
oops I mean "science" videos he said before the big bang there was
literally nothing. Not time, not what we refer to as space, no atoms, no
matter, no particles, nothing, nada, totally empty, just a big fat zero.

That begs a simple but tantalizing question. IF there was nothing,
absolutely nothing, how did anything happen? You have no space for any
Singularity to form in. If that's not a big enough problem you neither have
time for it to happen in. Yet science insists this magical Singularity of
their imagination is the cause of both time and space and everything in it.

If you protest and say our universe is but one of many in some limitless
multiverse that's a cop out because all I need to ask is how the first of
these came to be. If you said they all happened at once, I still can ask
how? Where did the first spec of matter/energy come from? Say it always
existed and the universe or multiverse is infinite that still avoids the
same question unless you say everything that is, ever was or will be
originated from nothing. Absolutely nothing. Anyone honestly think that
makes sense?

Автор TheAceHD (10 дней)
Is new space actually being created ? Or is the same finite space-time
being stretched ? As in the space between two galaxies is being stretched
not some new space is being created in between them. 

Автор iiXeno (3 месяца)
This is false. God made the solar system and stars, not a universe as you
would call it. Why do you think he was on Earth? to save us!

Автор JTsDiamondMine (1 день)
I can hear HTwin's Scale Of The Universe 2 music in the background.

Автор B Ambo (4 дня)
a 40 sec intro of excrutiatingly annyoing noise for 5 minutes of material
?!?! REALLY ???

Автор chase1146 (1 месяц)
what is the universe expanding into?? void. something that we dont know

Автор J Med (18 дней)
You can't figure it out :)

I made it that way dawg....don't trip but every life it's its own universe


Автор Tecnovlog (2 месяца)
curved universe doesn't have any sense to me. bended by what? and what
there is outside? a wall?

Автор rakuna üçyüzdört (21 день)
It is sad in such magical and nice universe, when our bodies die, we die
forever. When our body dies, we stay as dead forever. This is so ironic.

Автор Aamir Mirza (2 месяца)
The Presenter assertion that we did not have any knowledge of other
galaxies about 100 years a go is plain wrong. Maybe in the West they did
not , Ancient Indians however were fully aware on the Universe, Galaxies
and stars , Our own Galaxy was called the "Akash Ganga", Universe
"Bhramand" , they knew the earth was round and went around the sun. As far
as 3000 BC.

Автор Dark Inkosi (3 месяца)
If you are interested in learning the simple truth of life and overcome
yourself and this pathetic realm:

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Автор Georg Wilde (24 дня)
Universe is a lie, you live in the box, fed with a illusions.

Автор Bender Bending Rodriguez (21 день)
I'm surprised there are no "yo mamma" comments yet...well there you go..

Автор Desolo Zantas (26 дней)
If we can make a 4th Dimensional telescope we could see further

Автор shumayelahmed (14 дней)
The universe is expanding into the same space and time that existed even
before the big bang. The universe cannot expand into something that has
boundaries and the big bang could not happen if space time did not exist
already, since in order to hold that very seed of big bang, a space had to
exist and thus time. Think of this as an exploding particle that needs to
be placed in some space in order for it to explode and in doing so only
creates/spreads new particles but not space itself. The big bang in the
same way did not create any space or time but only created matter of our
universe and spread it in the space/time that existed already. What we
think as creation of space and time is relative to our understanding and
observation of the universe. It is by all means possible that it has
existed and that the biggest thing we know of to exist might not be the
universe but space and time. If we think this way, there can be answers
sought through experimentation. A non existent space/time field basically
equates to zero possibility of any explosion or for that matter zero
possibility to even hold any particle or its existence since nothing =

Автор dangflo (1 месяц)
"And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its]
expander" (Quran 51:47)

"Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth
were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every
living thing? Then will they not believe?" (Quran 21:30)

Автор Jason Weeks (29 дней)
Did the universe travel at light speed,Neutrino speed or Tachyon speed
after the big bang ?

Автор pa2kelis (12 дней)
Expanding universe adding more space.To be more correct adding more
space-TIME.If universe expanding in ourselves then in my vision explains
from where the gravity exist,i mean by pressure in this dimension.Added
time in to expanding universe in to ourselves make people think did time
run and where is coming from.Sorry for bad english

Автор Ioan Larion (2 дня)
Einstein curved everything in 3D only.

Автор Spread Love (1 месяц)
but what if we develope devices, that can look further, faster than the
universe can expand. maybe it is someday possible

Автор Donny Vang (3 месяца)
Can't imagine a universe that goes on forever or infinity! On the other
hand can't imagine one where u come to a stop and hit dead wall, what then
lies on the other side of the wall. And if it does curl up on itself like a
bubble, one would have to imagine what and if there are other bubbles
outside. I have a distinct feeling it's a question we cannot know right
now, our evolutionary has not brought us far enough to withstand the
answer. If we can step out and be able to see the whole thing, shape and
structure, and if there are other universes, we would just collapsed and
die. Our brains just aren't wired to understand or comprehend something
that large, we simply cannot take it!

Автор Dannys99887 (2 месяца)
@ Dean Bainbridge: When you see a comment that begins with the words "Time
doesn't exist", which then proceeds to totally dismiss one of the most
successful theories in the history of science, all you can really do is
ignore the nut job who posted it. He may be a religious fanatic, or he may
be a huckster peddling his own cosmology theory, but it's all simply
arrogance and ignorance, and there's never a way to penetrate that
combination. (The name calling starts really fast with these guys.) This
guy wouldn't be able to understand the theory's mathematics of General
Relativity, but he could understand the concepts of the theory with the
resources posted on the internet. He could understand the time coordinate
of cosmology by simply reading the Wikipedia article on "Cosmic Time." But
guys like this are not about to do something as simple as that. He prefers
to spout gibberish.

Автор Roxidius (8 месяцев)
Man, your videos are almost like a spiritual experience to me.
I'm an atheist btw.

Автор Naeem kuzco (3 месяца)
"And the firmament We have verily built with might, and verily we are
expanding it*" (51:47)

﴿وَالسَّمَاء بَنَيْنَاهَا بِأَيْدٍ وَإِنَّا لَمُوسِعُونَ﴾

Автор rubbersole79 (13 дней)
As infinite as fractals. The further you look, the further it goes.
Of course there can be no "boundries". Nothing, or nothingness is still

Автор I haz Cheezez (1 месяц)
no wait.
my life is to short to think over this kind of thing
Thats my conclusion about "Nothing"
Im going to do something fun now.

Автор JTuaim (25 дней)
If it expands over 16 billion miles a day. The end is near! Oh, excuse
me, I;m mixing science and religion here - oops. But it makes a kind of
sense since the Universe is theoretically curved. So, how large is the
Universe? Do you mean from the moment you asked, or the moment I answer?
Does the curve change the calculation? Oh, wait, it's another moment now
- must recalculate everything.

Автор Ron Bohlouli (2 месяца)
As I understand "space time"; If somehow all matter were frozen (stopped)
in a now moment, there would be no past or future Hence time would not
exist. Since all matter is moving, by all accounts in one direction "the
arrow of time" this gives us the past, the now and the future. And it can
work only in this way, barring warping space time, but that is a different

Автор GrubSlayer (10 дней)
When God wants me to understand the meaning of the Universe, he'll throw me
in front of a bus. lol.

Автор Mark McLaren (2 месяца)
God simply creates the Universe to never be discovered its secret by the
humanity ever. There was no boundary its simply Infinite maybe? We can ask
so many questions about this but we will never be discover any of it. The
Fotons from where the universe was created about 500 million years ago was
all that we can capture because that's how the light pass through the lens
of any instrument can detect or maybe the fotons fade. He created the world
in exact timing so that mankind will never find the answer though he give
us brain and the ability to think.

Автор Gunter Raffel (1 месяц)
" ... the universe expanding into?" That is a misleading question. The
Universe is not expanding into anything but is simple expanding, and
thereby more space is 'created' that was not there before (to expand into).

Автор Justus McNeal (3 месяца)
The question is a good question, but the answer is simple:

This question assumes that the Universe is "inside" of something, which is
an assumption that, even if true, which no evidence points to, then it only
begs the question "What is the thing the Universe expanding into inside of?
Eventually, you're going to arrive at a point where this "thing" isn't
inside of anything, and it is simply all there is. 

Автор Darkmoontenchu (9 дней)
Anyone believe in the bubble universe theory ? 

Автор Richard Ames (1 месяц)
The stars are not for man.

Автор Stuart Bermingham (4 месяца)
If the space between objects is expanding then doesn't that mean that
objects will also be getting bigger because the space inside them is
expanding? Therefore object would not appear to be moving away from each
other... please help me!

Автор john hansley (27 дней)
ok this is basically what the vid said
Us: what should i have for dinner
This guy: yes

Автор Mark Kastrioti (1 месяц)
This introspective into what we are looking at freaks me out!

Автор Jake Jones (2 месяца)
Notice that he did NOT answer the question when he said "if there are
boundaries"? He only said "we are expanding into something".

Автор Brad Woodfield (4 месяца)
The Universe isn't expanding. The idea of the expanding universe was based
off the idea of red shift of the light we were receiving. It was initially
thought that the red shift was caused by the objects moving away from us in
the doppler effect. It was later found to be cause by the rotational
energy of the body, but the idea of the doppler effect had already been
picked up and the new results ignored. The idea of the expanding universe
(and dark energy) goes against the laws of thermodynamics and conservation
of energy since the amount of energy to expand the universe quickly ramps
to infinity. 

Автор Commodore Man (1 месяц)
After seeing this I was wondering "what is nothing"? I can't come up with
one example of it. Nothing is just a concept, but to my knowledge has never
been observed. For us there is always something. Maybe that is what
infinity looks like.

Автор SuperRustyTrumbone (1 месяц)
i think i get it now. its like if you had a 2d universe in your hands like
a peice of paper and connected the ends, the 2d creatures would travel all
they way round and bend with the spacetime so it would seem to them like
theyre travelling straight. so its the same sort of thing for us right?
except the shape the universe is folded in more than 3 dimensions right?

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