What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор Michael Sidabutar ( назад)
'It's big and its getting bigger'...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!...

Автор ja565hr ( назад)
I could tell this vid was a loser when it wasted almost the entire first
minute with graphics and mysterious music - all designed to go over the
heads of idiots.

Автор DittyWolf ( назад)
So the universe is expanding bug only in the sense of creating more
distance between objects? Or a new things being created in that expansion?

Автор Alex K ( назад)
What program do you use for the simulations?

Автор Hammer Nail ( назад)
"The big bang" describes A piercing "Singularity" Everything "Matter". With
an expansion rate greater than the speed of light. What is this Singularity
expanding into? What is this " Void"? Did this "Big Bang" cause a bow
shock? I feel a headache coming on.

Автор Reece Boyle ( назад)
simple answer: A bigger universe

Автор david andthegiant ( назад)
what a crock!

Автор Unanimous0001 ( назад)
can't do this 5 minute bullshit haha i need hourly documentaries :)) yay

Автор Recreator Band ( назад)
The universe is expanding in to 2 new universes, just like when cells

Автор Benjamin King ( назад)
Maybe our entire universe is just a single neuron firing inside the brain
of a very ordinary, 5th dimensional being.

Автор headschlong ( назад)
Maybe it's expanding into a single point.

Автор D Just D ( назад)
I propose sending space probes at various far off distances so they can
relay any images or radio signals to each other and back to Earth. I will
call the project "Leapfrog" and it may help us understand how vast the
universe is. Please donate all your money into my GoFundMe account so I
can start the project immediately after my Vegas vacation.

Автор junkyardnut2 ( назад)
I doubt that the Big Bang Theory is actually a single bang because any
galaxy is too big to conceive that I suspect that each galaxy is actually
more of an universe itself.. which I mean that each galaxy began with its
own big bang.

Автор It's Me ( назад)
How do we see photons from the earliest parts of the Universe? That relies
on the premise that we are here before the photon gets here, and if the
photon started travelling billions of years ago, before the earth was even
formed, how did the matter for the earth to form from get here before that
photon did, when the matter the earth is made from came from supernova'd
stars, the matter of which came from energy, which came from the Big Bang.
All of those things would have to get here and occur before that photon
could get here, which left it's origins way before the matter we are made
of ever got here, so how is it that a photon travelling at the speed of
light got here billions of years after the matter did? I just don't follow

Автор elchacalito07 ( назад)
all this ass hole ass says is how limited shit is... I say bs. y'all
believe in y'all selves getting to infinity

Автор Emanuel Gonçalves ( назад)
3:20 kerbal space program song haha

Автор Allan Jimenea ( назад)
What was the cause of the Cause of the Big bang??? how could nothing exist
before the universe existed? What existed before the universe existed? 0_o
... There were no Colors billion years ago. (Black, White , Gray, yellow..
etc)... No objects like Dust, rock... etc... And --> "NOTHING" did not
exist Billion years agooooo , before big bang even "NOTHING" did NOT exist.
No sounds,light , BLACK. Etc. .. 0_o... so in terms of bible.. Who created
God? and Who created God's creator.. so on and so for...... 0_o .... How
is/was dust formed in space before Big bang.... Yeah.. I'm Going crazy haha

Автор Dennis Lowe ( назад)
He means farther and farther away.

Автор something else ( назад)
If universe has a boyndary then what is beyond that boundary? I want to put
my hand out at the boundary 😑

Автор Karel van der Velden ( назад)
We observe spiral shapes from DNA to Galaxies. So maybe this universe is a
spiraltoo. Etcetera.....

Автор nosuchthing8 ( назад)
If it was infinite to begin with, it can keep expanding without end.

Автор Noah Namey ( назад)
The only reason the Universe is expanding, is to accommodate the ever
burgeoning girth of the human ego.
The smarter we think we are, the bigger and weirder it gets to prove us

Автор johnny zenn ( назад)
Great question... but NO ANSWER IN THIS VIDEO. DUMB...

Автор Joshua Bristol ( назад)
I think the universe and spacetime is like a flower unfolding, or new
growth appearing on a plant. In that way, plants mimic, and are
manifestations of the structure of the universe. The universe then is
probably a crystal lattice like plants are, but obeying its own laws of
growth. The question of from where does new spacetime arise, and into what
or where does it expand is the same as from where does a new petal or leaf
of a plant arise.The answer of course appears to be magical in nature.
Therein lies the seed of all creation, that initial spark of being that yet
resonates through the cosmos. The closest we can come to understanding the
laws of the universe might be the Fibonacci sequence. In that light, the
universe can be seen as a recursive, crystalline fractal. Ebbing and
flowing, undulating and growing. A wellspring of energy upon an ocean of

Автор David Levesque ( назад)
Sounds like we are a cell in an aerogel..and it is in an atmosphere plus
Vektor from DespicableMe is about to squirt us out with his squid from his
squid gun landing maybe in the sky or the cosmos. Life is Good

Автор Nite Trane ( назад)
@Deep Astronomy .. 1.) The Universe is not expanding into anything.. Just
like there was nothing, not even time, before the Universe began to exist,
there is nothing outside the Universe for it to expand into..

2.) The expansion of the Universe is absolutely not creating new space-time
as you said in your video.. The expansion is simply stretching the already
finite amount of existing space-time.. Think about what you are saying...
When you blow up a balloon are you creating new balloon surface as it gets
bigger and bigger, or is the surface of the balloon stretching? I think the
answer to that would be immediately obvious to a group of Special Ed

The total sum of everything in our closed system came into existence at the
same time, all at once, and then expansion took it over from there..
Nothing has been newly created, or destroyed since..

The Universe is finite in the sense of matter, energy and time, but
theoretically, if you could just start traveling through the space of an
expanding Universe, the Universe would appear to be virtually infinite to
you if the rate of expansion is happening faster than you can travel.. You
could never reach the border/edge of a Universe expanding faster than you
can travel, so it would seem to you to go on and on and on, forever.. This
is if time wasn't finite.. If time wasn't finite, then the Universe could
simultaneously be finite and infinite.. Finite in the sense that there's
only so much matter and energy in the Universe, with no matter and no
energy neither being created or destroyed, while the infinite stretching of
finite space-time occurs, but again, the problem is, in time, our Universe
will cease to exist altogether, just as it began.. Like death, time is the
great equalizer, without it, empty space couldn't exist, and without space,
there would be no place for matter to exist..

Автор Renz Albert Ventabal ( назад)
the answer is space

Автор Ähhhm... ( назад)
wonderful! thank you for sharing!

Автор achtsieben87 ( назад)
If our Earth is 4 billion yrs old, and our Sun is 10 billion yrs old, then
13 billion yrs old for the Universe seems rather young to me

Автор Leo Yohansen ( назад)
Space itself is the boundary. The finite universe is a toroidal pulse wave
expanding in an infinite/eternal hyperspace. You can read about this in
REALITY by Un-Maa Saa.

Автор Peter Herz ( назад)
I'll share with everyone what this video misses telling deliberately and
succinctly. The Universe like all matter and the Earth herself is shaped
like a sphere and thus the perplexing question of its shape and dimensions
similar to flatlanders before they circumnavigated the globe to make the
spherical discovery. As far as its expansion 'into' anything else that
depends if you believe in an infinite formless God who uses spheres as his
or her geometric instrument on all scales that integrate into unified
physics. Thus the big bang was a conversion of infinite self into infinite
particle bindings of energy where the Universe is expanding and decaying
into God cyclically.

Автор Valentina Sherren ( назад)
When I was at school, one of my tutors said "never say never". Our cosmic
journey has, basically, barely begun - and I think we will have to do more
researching and a lot of theorising before we can say that we will never
reach the edges of our galaxy and cosmos.. One question I've wanted to ask
is , while looking at a picture of galaxies and assorted stars what exactly
fills up so much of the space between the galaxies? Are all those white
spots simply stars and their solar systems?

Автор saxecoburggothas UK ( назад)
The Concave Earth

Автор Aaron Schwark ( назад)
if the universe is expanding, why cant u see the evidence of it in the

Автор Destiny F ( назад)
This was awful you could have given us theories about what the universe is
expanding into. Such as, the black hole theory, or anything really, not
just we don't know, but it is accepted that the universe is infinite so it
really isn't expanding, but what if it isn't infinite, what if it is
expanding into something, what if it is expanding in a multiverse give us
something not just well we are not sure.

Автор Lineage2MediaCom ( назад)
nigger? did he say nigger? 1:47

Автор davidk1061 ( назад)
I am no cosmologist or physicist, so will someone please explain the
following seeming paradox to me? If the universe was created in the big
bang, and if it IS, and always has been expanding, then working backwards
in time, didn't there have to be SOME time when the universe was NOT
infinite? It surely wasn't infinite before it was even created, and
assuming the process of space-time expansion started at its very inception,
then wouldn't it seem that it has to have had limits as it grew/grows? Or
is it possible that a "Big Bang" that spewed MATTER out at some noninfinite
rate nevertheless accompanied a creation of space-time that was itself
INSTANTANEOUSLY infinite? My head hurts!

Автор Rayxl1 ( назад)
Its not expanding into anything. There is no outside of the universe and
certainly nothing to stop it expanding!

Автор Kgw100 ( назад)
im sure its just infinite like anything else. like how solar systems are in
galaxies which are in the universe and then the universe is one of many
floating around which is in something else

Автор Ole Larsen ( назад)
Trees don´t grow into the sky,we say. So it´s probably something naturel
out there. I´ve heard it is finitive with no boundries,like the surface of
a ball is.

Автор Patrick Ryan ( назад)
This info is outdated.. This might not be the only universe.. When they
study the CMBR at the edges they can see what looks like ripples, as though
there are other universes around us and we are all kinda expanding together
like suds..

Автор fucheduck ( назад)
the Universe is a crystal snow globe and the flakes are the galaxies. but
unlike a snow globe there is no glass "boundary" when the flakes end so
does the Universe a cluster of ice crystals freely within a gravitational
"Sphere" beyond that is beyond the observable therefore laws of physics
don't exist or are different. dimension 0 is not a 3d "Space between
Universes" but nothing at all. but its there none the less. other Universe
lay on this 0 some over lap what is unobservanable to anything of
intelligence anywhere in Our Universe, and if we go to these fringes we
will not be perceiving it in 3d space, non-sense? not really.

Автор fucheduck ( назад)
if it goes too far, it will expand into another universe and beyond the
observable limit of ours. chaos will rein. I look forward to it! CHAOS

Автор Metallica Dragon ( назад)
If anyone is using Headphones to watch this video take them off now !!

Автор Janusha ( назад)
The universe will likely just keep expanding until the last particles
fizzle out and the last black holes evaporate.

Автор lyellbro1 ( назад)
Never say never

Автор Vikrant Patankar ( назад)
what's the music at 3:20?

Автор joelombrdo ( назад)
A very interesting video. thankss

Автор Locahaskatexu ( назад)
100 billion galaxies.... 100/200 billion stars in each galaxy.... and
people still think we're alone?! It's a very well done bit of film this,
but just think, how vast this universe is, it's beyond our comprehension. I
simply don't think our minds can comprehend what lies beyond creation, is
it absolute nothingness? If so, what is it made of? Can we comprehend that
something is made of nothing? Is it made of a material that is as of yet
beyond our imagination? is it sub-atomic matter in a chaotic state?

Is the universe just a carrier? Did the big bang in fact not create the
universe itself, but just the stars and galaxies within it? is the space in
which these creations the sheer infinity we get taught it is as children?
If it is truly infinite, can our system of physics even acknowledge it as

Автор sarbaze watan ( назад)
bullshit music.

Автор Martin Mcgill ( назад)
Could you please make more videos like this about cosmology and/or deep
time, theoretical physics ?


Автор blipzero (589 лет назад)
how much mass do you have to make before you have gravaty.

Автор Billythe406 (1815 лет назад)
What if, the Biggest Star in our Universe, is another "Big Bang" With
another universe? What if We are that "Star" in someones Universe? Like
Bubble in Bubble. But, yes, we cant be so smart to know what is nothing,
and why is nothing something, cuz nothing cant be nothing, its always
something that we dont know.

Автор Ghazi Sarhan ( назад)
I'm glad I found your channel

Автор Matt Stumblovski ( назад)
Proof that science relies on as much blind faith as its arch-nemesis,

Автор Brice S. ( назад)
......Is it normal to get nose bleeds while watching this?........

Автор bluenetmarketing ( назад)
If "the space-time between all 100 billion galaxies in the Universe is
increasing", then the space-time WITHIN all 100 billion galaxies MUST also
be increasing, a convenient truth left out in cosmology and the Standard
Model. The "space-time-is-increasing-between-galaxies" excuse is
selectively and erroneously used to explain why the Universe is 95 billion
light years wide but only 13.5 billion years old. Impossible!!! If
space-time is increasing between galaxies, space-time MUST also be
increasing within every quark, electron, proton, photon, magnetic field,
electric field, etc.. Think about it. And you might want to question the
manufactured entity "space-time" as well. Impossible!!!

Автор aluisious ( назад)
"Adding more fabric to infinity doesn't make more infinity." False. Not all
infinite quantities are the same. One reason "infinity" isn't a number. How
many integers end in 3? There's an infinite number. How many many integers
are there? Ten times as many. Still an infinite number.

Автор elkayem enope (1705 лет назад)
So if we lived in a galaxy at the very furthest edge of the universe and
our planet was on this edge, then 1 side of the sky will contain no stars
at all?

Автор Wilhelm Felix ( назад)
Deez nuts came from nothing.

Автор Gar Laa ( назад)
Where's the gorgeous chicks in bathing suits, isn't this Miss universe

Автор Saddle Sore ( назад)
Wow man, this is like really fn far out man. Like this is so heavy you
can't think about it. It's like, everything that is, is all right there,
man. Wow!

Автор Boltzmann ( назад)
Finally, someone other than myself asks this question.

Автор Lrlr gg ( назад)
So sad to see some actually believe this shit.
Wanna know the truth? The world was created in 6 days by the great Lizard.
The great Lizard wants to confuse us all by this thing called Univerese,
because he likes making a fool out of us.
Want to know the whole truth? Visit www lizardtruthcontest com

Автор Rog5446 ( назад)
If, as stated here, that whatever direction we look there are aproximately
the same number of Galaxies, then does that mean we are at the centre of
this universe?
If we are not at the centre, then if we looked away from where the centre
is, we would see less galaxies than if we looked toward the centre.
This assumption is based on being able to see 50% of the universe on the
other side of the centre, plus whatever percentage of galaxies there are
between us the the centre.

Автор Marius-Cristian Florea ( назад)
i don't get one thing... if you claim that we were able to see photons that
were travelling since the universe was a few millions of years old then
that means the universe is expanding from something, from a singularity
point - thus the big bang, right?
now the kicker... how can you claim that the universe is in fact infinite
since it started from something, from a physical, mesurable size? I get the
fact that time and space are being added continuously but i just can't wrap
my head around the fact that the universe is in fact ... infinite. An
infinite universe has no edges to expand into... as you mentioned

Автор hotmojoe. ( назад)
3:08 cue KSP space music

Автор hotmojoe. ( назад)
This finally answers the couple-of-years-old-question once asked by Ferb's
mind-state in an episode of Phineas and Ferb.

Автор savcob ( назад)
its not expanding its diluting out..

Автор Dean McCoy ( назад)
it ant expanding into anything. it is easy to prove that no light ever goes
in a straight line. Beside there is nothing it can expand into expect
itself because Universe means everything, physicists would have to redefine
Universe to mean less than half of everything since if it was expanding
into something, that something would have to be bigger than it.

The idea that you can change the passage of time is also the thought of a
real ignorant mind, since time is a measure of how far mass has moved,
changing the passage of time means you have just displace all matter in the
entire universe, an act that even god would have trouble performing.

Автор Bill Malcolm ( назад)
I liked Dr. Brian Greene's metaphor of the universe being like a bubble in
a block of swiss cheese, and the universe expands out into the cheese. Now,
whenever I think of something outside of space-time, I refer to it as "the

Автор Cameron Foord ( назад)
Maybe the expansion of space-time is just the universe rebounding from when
it was a singularity.

Автор Derek Biggerstaff ( назад)
"General relativity makes it possible" ??? That was enough for me.

Автор ThèBâd Tîgèrš ( назад)
How they say 5 million make me looks like I'm 2

Автор Cloudsol ( назад)
I can hear a couple taps inbetween lines of audio, like a spacebar being

Автор wilfred correia (680 лет назад)
Sometimes i feel that we may never know everything, that inspires me to
chuck it all and buy a bluemoon, an orange, barbecue wings and play pink
floyd, and hope tomorrow never comes.
But the next day I wanna know more. Why cant I live peacefully, by
shrugging the desire to know it all. Lol.

Автор Mick Obrien ( назад)
We're like ants trying to understand the Earth. They don't have the
hardware to understand Earth, and we don't have the goods to understand our
Universe. It's pointless to even ponder these things. But it sure is fun to
think about.

Автор Mbwenga Maliti ( назад)
3:06 was i the only one thinking of ksp?

Автор Rob K Music ( назад)
Reading through the comments section is incredibly sad.

Автор TonightAtTheRialto ( назад)
You sound like Physicist James Gates

Автор ray123ification ( назад)
I do not understand and neither do 'they'...

Автор John Fabiani ( назад)
To assert that the universe is wider than we can detect presumes that our
detection methods will not improve.

Автор Amar Agrawal ( назад)

Автор Soulife ( назад)
what if, WHAT IF.. the galaxy expanding was just an illusion?.. what if it
appeared as though things were moving away from us because we were slowly
moving away from it? were slowly getting pulled back into a black hole
while the observable universe that is outside of this massive black holes
gravitational pull stays "stationary".. remember, at one point in history
not long ago we thought the sun rotated around the earth.. js..


Автор june laurel ( назад)
what my girl told me 1:48

Автор feralapple ( назад)
It's turtles all the way down.

Автор Jesse Jacobs (184 года назад)
The Universe isn't expanding into anything.
The Universe is expanding into itself.

It's hard to describe visually... Imagine a two points in an infinite void.
Say we call the distance between them 1. Say we make a ruler that touches
both points and it is exactly '1' in length. Now over time the distance
begins to grow...


But we notice the ruler is still touching both vertices. The ruler hasn't
'grown' or changing in shape or size... rather, the quantity of the
distance between the points has grown.

The ruler always stays the same length, but the number of units on the
ruler increase over time. The universe isn't "expanding". The quantity of
distance is just growing. What was once 1 length is now 1.1 length. It
isn't expanding into anything. It is simply growing in distance within
itself, never changing it's shape.

Автор Alexander Of Anarchy ( назад)
Huh, just some speculation, do you think that there could be another big
bang in our universe? It happened once, so why not again? I honestly think
that'd be incredible, and would actually be a contradiction to the second
law of thermodynamics.

Автор Dwight Frost ( назад)
finite needs math infinite does not...

Автор Jona OConnor ( назад)
This sound deluded, the universe does not create time only duration and
matter schrinks because there is more inward light then there is light
going outward this explains everything from red shift to gravity
accelaration it has to do with, what is creating electrons, HINT the bow
for magnetism...

Автор j9dz2sf ( назад)
How the universe could be infinite if the theory of inflation is true? If
it is, the universe started with a dot, therefore finite. Even with a huge
huge inflation, it cannot transform into an infinite one, can it? Or else

Автор JerryG1815 ( назад)
I often hear that the universe is expanding. Given we are probably not in
the center of the universe, then in some directions the universe should
seem to be expanding faster than in other areas. Given this, where does
this place us in our universe?

Автор Jim Hall ( назад)
It is impossible to say with accuracy that there are 100 billion galaxies
in the universe.

Автор concerned4u ( назад)
Well, that certainly cleared that up... What was the question?

Автор Jostein Eliassen ( назад)
It is not true that humans have not discovered other dimensions. People
that have out of body experiences can go in to other Dimensions and explore
our physical universe.

Автор Capt. β2 ( назад)
OMG There are no religious nuts here disliking the video?

Автор Open-minded Skeptic ( назад)
The macroverse.

Автор Terence Crowley ( назад)
imagine... take what you know.. wait 100 years and multiply by 100 billion.
.. what will come to pass in the next 100?

Автор Valken ( назад)
Maybe we already saw the end of the universe... Black holes.

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