What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор Manuel Lagos ( назад)
I have a theory but it is just something that I have thought to myself and
is in no way scientific or whatever.
I think that somehow matter has the property to exist or not exist, what I
call nothing is not an empty space but just something that doesn't exist
yet, somehow matter in this universe has the property to create existance,
space and time, so literally it is not expanding into something, it is just
the universe creating existance as it advances, anything outside the
universe doesn't exist.
That would explain why universe moves faster than light and Big Bang
expanded faster than light, Einstein was right that light is the fastest we
can go but once we live in an existant universe, as the universe would be
literally creating existance then it means there are no rules of speed that
it would have to follow, the rules of physics can only exist once there is
something, if the universe is creating existance it could expand at
whatever speed possible.

Автор mazmik (1020 лет назад)
the narrator said if we cannot see the edge of the universe now we never
will because it is expanding. this I think is nonsense. 200 years ago we
thought man would never fly or see the bottom of the ocean let alone go
into space and explore the planets. don't be so quick to put the human race
down. the hubble telescope is a good example. when astrophotography was
young we looked at the cosmos and thought these were the best images we
would ever see. now hubble can peer into an apparently starless patch of
space an detect many new wonderful galaxies that we would never have
detected from earth. my point is just because we can't think of a way to
detect it now doesn't mean we never will. even if it does keep expanding.

Автор maui waui ( назад)
clear as shit

Автор YerPope ( назад)
Maybe none of this is really real, but, is simply the imagination of an
infinite mind.

Автор Pat-kun Teruel ( назад)
the Earth is on a Star System... a star system is in a Galaxy... Galaxies
are the sources of light and which is why Universe keep expanding...
Universe has an edge... but the Edge expands with speed of light.. Time
moves "normally" inside the expanding universe... If you have successfully
defied the physics and thrusted your rocket more than the speed of light,
you'll reach the infinite space. But the space outsidr the universe is
instantaneous... which is why you'll feel that you can't reach the edge...
every time you do so, instantly the universe expands on your region...

therefore, what the universe is expanding into... is Infinite space...

Автор Eter Wael ( назад)
It's just existance expanding into non-existance. simple as that.

Автор Chukkzy ( назад)
That was beautiful.

Автор Bob Kent ( назад)
Asking what is the universe expanding into is the same as asking what
exists 10 minutes from now.

Автор Steven b ( назад)

Why not build a huge observatory on the moon 

Автор Josip Pešo ( назад)
just kiding, its expanding into its maximum size, watch my other comment on
what caoused the big bang video, it will lose its fuel and the rest of the
weak fuel will become a bit of stars and galaxies, then it will not be
infinete anymore, it will be like
google lightyears in diamater,now thats what i call big!

Автор msotil ( назад)
It's turtles all the way down, young man.

Автор astrophonix ( назад)
I asked astronomer Neil de Grasse Tyson what is the universe expanding
into, and he replied "Yo momma!"

Автор mabus ( назад)
The universe is infinite, accept it.

Автор Łukasz Brodowski ( назад)
Hi all,
I have a problem that could maybe be discussed in one of the new videos.
We have all heard about space expansion. The proof for that we have is the
red-shift of light coming from distant galaxies.
But my question is how is the space expanding? Is it the number of Plank
Lengths being increased or the number stays the same and the Plank Lengths
it self are increased? The second solution sounds nonsens but still leaves
an open question... because if the number of Plank Lengths is increasing
than where are they coming from?

Автор Roj H ( назад)
We're just looking at it the wrong way around. Space-time isn't expanding
into anything. A better analogy is that the 'amount' of space-time is
increasing inside the singularity of the (poorly named) Big Bang. From our
perspective, this creates more space (and duration) within which all the
material stuff can occur. It also has the effect of pushing all that stuff
away from all the other stuff (or at least seeming to) as greater
quantities of the space-time medium 'fill in the gaps'. Outside the
universe, there's nothing to expand into where space is a meaningless idea;
from that perspective, the universe is a timeless point of zero size
indistinguishable from all the other absence of location or duration.

Автор Ryan Eyestone ( назад)
Is there any concise sources of information that describe how in astronomy
distances are determined? I am not looking for " well you see there is red
shift and blue shift.. look at my hands wave!", but common language
explanation of the concepts involved.

It seems like those methods could be talked about a great deal more.
Especially given science is about evidence and not unsupported belief.
Would be just as useful and interesting to mention often for active
scientist as saying 'Quantum Einstein' is to laymen.

Автор neemguy81 ( назад)
How can the universe be 91 billion light years across, but only 13 billion
years old? Even expansion at the speed of light, that would only be 26
billion light years across... I'm confused.

Автор Kermit on Crack ( назад)
It's expanding into your mom's vagina.

Автор RuLeZ1988 ( назад)
The Universe is expanding into nothing, otherwise it wouldnt be able to
expand at all due to the lack of free space.

Автор Marwan Yafi ( назад)
It will expand to return into new return, but Doomsday will happen...

Автор Carlos Echeverry ( назад)
The Uranos is expanding into the universe, the Uranos is our Cosmos. To me
its the same that with the word Atomo, that actually havent found yet.

Автор Rakesh Sahoo ( назад)
existence of universe should not be questioned ... but of hydrogen , helium
and carbon

Автор The Rhythm Channel ( назад)
I was under the impression from other videos, by tracing back the big bang
to the source point , a finite amount of matter erupted based on quantum
mechanics and how much matter can be crammed into one cubic plank space
without becoming a black hole.
Now I know they claim to have weighed the universe so does all the matter
they have "weighed" add up to this theoretical value including dark
matter?Or are they short by some astronomical amount?Also the geometry has
been determined to be flat so this must mean we are not a black hole.

Автор Alec Nelles ( назад)
this song is totally from runescape

Автор Cherds Tude ( назад)
expands into itself

Автор Entropy Asar ( назад)
Answer to the question of where the universe is its here

Автор Great Israel ( назад)
5:38 What music is this? Don't say Darude Sandstorm!

Автор Omkar Sheral ( назад)
Narration and visuals are unrelated

Автор Rushaoz ( назад)

Автор Slig575 ( назад)
whats The song in The end

Автор Ant Canavan ( назад)
I knew we had reached space when the Kerbal Space Program soundtrack
started playing...

Автор Paul Habib ( назад)
Considering the universe is a bounded infinity. From the observer's
perspective, ours, the further we look away, the more we see into the
beginning of space time. Since the universe is expanding into that
direction, away from us, I suspect it is expanding, quite literally, into
it's origins-the singularity from whence it spawned. The future is, in
fact, becoming the past.

Автор Kathee Bowling ( назад)
Do the universe's birth

Автор AntoNeo1 ( назад)
Or if God is infinite then the universe in infinite, and his creation of
each galaxy are too.

Автор AntoNeo1 ( назад)
My theory is that space time expansion is faster than light, space expanded
faster than the photon ever could, it was not bound by matter just length
and width, it could be a cube, a pyramid or a sphere in shape, but the
matter that makes galaxies could be in a sphere within the basic shape like
smoke in a room, while the room doubles and expands upon itself in each
expansion, but matter will ultimately run out, but if the universe creates
mirror expansions of it self does it mean it copies the other galaxies with
it on a quantum level, are those 20 Billion Galaxies just that a quantum
version of ours? A form of Grid cube universes of each island universe
known as a galaxy. But if we are a design then the Earth is the Universe a
memory card version of all the information.

Автор Darren Bunce ( назад)
Multiple Universes, Think Beyond your Limited Human Thoughts, and thats
just the beginning....

Автор LUCKYJ3SS3 ( назад)
"Keep looking up". No thank you. I have a life. =)

Автор SupernalOne ( назад)
world without end amen

Автор Chris Blank ( назад)
what if the universe isnt expanding, what if we are shrinking?

Автор Chris Blank ( назад)
You are the boundary.

Автор James McComb ( назад)
well, space could be expanding, or the space in-between space could be

Автор Carlos Diogo ( назад)
This video seems so deep due to the music. It's like it's making us think
that we will never figure things out about the universe.

Автор Robbie Nally ( назад)
man nick plgala where is the universe located? that's the best question
ever. I think we are located in the middle of a dark space. and we're
probably floating around , but we're farther out now than we were before,
cause space videos say the universe is expanding

Автор Sasa Miksovsky ( назад)
if something can be infinite....then it's a possibility, and if it's a
possibility it's awesome, and if it's awesome....i can do it!

Автор fred21679 ( назад)
this video states several times that no boundary to the universe has been
observed, are black holes not an end point to spacetime?

Автор Jennifer Laing (1809 лет назад)
I bet the Doctor could tell us what's on the other side of the universe.

Автор Obi Wan ( назад)
This is the best astronomy video for me. It's the only video that
represents the universe as infinite, something I came to conclusion in
second grade with my common sense. And then all this nonsense with big
gangbang and death of the universe, multiverse.. give me a break.

Автор Zack ( назад)
There are things we can understand with our minds and things we cannot.

Infinity: Some things are beyond the mind, thus beyond understanding. The
mind has to realize it has limitations. All infinite and never-ending
things are beyond the mind, and the essence of everything is infinite and
never-ending. Example: we cannot comprehend that the universe goes out
forever, but we can understand that it has to. It is impossible for the
universe to stop going out. Something has to keep going out, even if it is
just empty space. This tells us infinity exists. We can understand infinity
exists without understanding infinity. Outer space is the easiest place to
see infinity, but it is actually the nature of everything in one way or
another.go to truthcontest ▲ com "Google "Truthcontest and read the
present/present with religion".

Автор jetboy33 ( назад)
I'd imagine the universe is expanding into...void. Absolute nothingness,
the same void that surrounded the singularity just before the "big
bang"...assuming that particular theory is correct. That goes for a
universe that's either created by an intelligent designer (God) or simply
came to be on it's own.

The void/nothingness is removed from space/time, and therefore is infinite.
The universe is finite, even though it could theoretically expand forever.
Eventually, the universe as we know it will die...when all the hydrogen is
used up, and stars will no longer be born. Even then, the universe could
continue to expand into the void. Space/time might continue to exist, but
the universe will be very dark, and very cold.

That's my opinion.

Автор Skipper Russell ( назад)
The universe as we see it is a sub system. There are many universes a we
see the one we are in. All these universes are part of a larger system.
This goes on forever.

Автор patstarz ( назад)
the universe is not expandning, its actually shrinking in

Автор jab7168 ( назад)
nice quick video.....

Автор cugamer ( назад)
Makes you feel all big and significant, doesn't it.

Автор Broken Chalk ( назад)
"boundary is so far away that it can never affect us". wtf? wtf kind of
answer is that? Like 99.99999999999....% of the current universe is close
enough to affect us? So does that mean because it doesnt affect us like
99.999% of the current universe, we shouldn't study or question it? By that
logic we shouldnt bother with anything outside our galaxy. But we do. Out
side the next 3 galaxys next to us. But we do. Thats the point. It all
started with us venturing just 40,000 miles off our own ground, and now
were out viewing things trillions of times further than that. Why
arbitrarily stop in between where we are now and infinity. Were striving
for infinite knowledge. Worm out of this one: what was the ultra-dense
singularity of the universe sitting in before it exploded???????? Where did
the singularity come from???? All the matter in the universe now, was once
condensed into that singularity, where did that matter come from?????? I
thought matter couldnt be CREATED or destroyed?? you are following theories
and laws to explain this video, that agree with conservation of energy, yet
it is defied by the singularity. PSEUDO SCIENCE. The idea of the
singularity is pseudo science as well. It all is past 13.7 billion
lightyears. So dont talk about things beyond that many light years as fact.

Автор joe banana ( назад)
What was there BEFORE the "big bang"?

Автор thimphu1 ( назад)
It can happen that Universe is not expanding at all. We believe Universe is
expanding in our 3 dimentional space, but according to the nowaday physics
Universe has 10-11 dimentions and our 3 dimentions is just a projection of
the whole number of dimentions. And this expanding could be just a changing
of 3-d projection. Let's assume we live in 1 dimentional world in a line. A
line (let's assume it's on the X scale) has infinte lenght, but it can be a
point of zero size if you look along it when Y=0. A kind of singularity.
Like that one before the Big Bang. We can't move along Y, but let's assume
the world is made this way that it is always moving along Y (like Time in
our world). Then if you move above this line along Y you will see the
length of the projection of this line will grow with increasing speed. But
the line is the same, just a projection is changing. In our world Y is
Time. We can't move in Time, but our 3-d world is moving along Time scale
with us and we see the 3-d world (actually a projection) is changing,
expanding with increasing speed.

Автор Asrat Mengesha ( назад)
The universe is not expanding.
If the space between galaxies is really expanding then we know what happens
to any point in that space, it will double, just in a moment. That means in
three moments all the galaxies will disappear out of the visible radius.

Автор draco-draco ( назад)
if something is eternal then it has no beginning and no end but the instant
we realize that there was a beginning by definition it cannot possibly be
eternal. Take for example life and death - life has a beginning and an end
but we think of death as going into eternity which does not make any sense
at all because even death has a beginning so it cannot possibly be eternal.
However looking at things in a linear fashion everything makes a little bit
of more sense. When a human is inside the womb there is a beginning there
and an end when that human leaves the womb or that world after 9 months and
enters this world - does it mean that we ever want to go back into the womb
? No, no one is interested in going back - then in this life just like in
the womb we develop and finally die or simply leave this world and enter
another without ever wanting to come back to this one - thus the dead never
returns - the human in the womb has never seen this world and when he or
she is born notice how afraid they are until placed in the mothers arms.
The same thing happens with death. We are so afraid because we have no clue
of how it is going to be. So thinking about things in a linear way helps to

Автор Asrat Mengesha ( назад)
Some people say that the universe is expanding and big bang is happened
because they see it by the red shift. And, they say that the saw by the red
shift, galaxies moving away each other and from us.
Well, if this is not pure lie how could they see by the so called red
shift, that the galaxies moving away from each other even if they see
galaxies moving away from us?

Автор xxxYYZxxx ( назад)
An expanding universe with static contents is equivalent to a static
universe with contracting contents. The latter model requires no pesky
background space or continuum, neither of which can be made intelligible,
and instead models reality essentially as proceeding via "descriptive
processing". See C.M. Langan's CTMU pdf & "Physics & Metaphysics" pdf.

Автор C Dorman ( назад)
The whole Einstein shit is getting tiring now. Half of his hypothesis and
merely that... HYPOTHESIS.

Автор Peter Timowreef ( назад)
I find it hard to imagine that something with a beginning (big bang)
doesn't have an end. So I think the Universe is finite.

Автор Shadowman1965 ( назад)
The question is a good one but can never be answered with our current
technology. Most people, even educated one still think that the Big Bang
was an explosion in "space" not an explosion of space/time. I remember
learning the steady state theory of space when I was a much younger man,
that never made any sense to me. Of course the Big Bang theory was already
around in the 70's, it had just not become well known to the public yet.
The fact of a beginning is about the only evidence of a supreme being for
me, did something will space/time into existence?? Of course, if there is
a "God" it is nothing like we imagine or even could imagine. It would be
like asking a virus what a human is like, only taken to an infinite
amount. Only one way to find out for sure, die.:)

Автор DNV J ( назад)
No such thing as boundary when space is included.

Автор niku physicist ( назад)
+Deep Astronomy If the universe is infinite does that mean that there was
no big bang?Many people are confused about this despite all the evidence
supporting big bang so i would ask you to make a video

Автор Morel Contreras ( назад)
America is the best galaxy.

Автор dhhpickle7 ( назад)
I get these thoughts that just blow my mind open when I think about this
kind of stuff. Many questions can't be answered even if we were directly
told something that was true it still just would be enough to explain the
kinds of things that pop into my head when I think about time or the

Автор Killatunga ( назад)
So glad I found this channel, it truly encapsulates what a mind bending and
humbling experience astronomy is!!

Автор The Tiger Koley ( назад)
Fantastic video, narration and channel. Subscribed.

Автор Big Cheeso (501 год назад)
I like how most people here think they're physics/astronomy majors and
think they work for NASA XD

Автор Goat OverLord ( назад)
Name of the music? Please and thank you.

Автор randy109 ( назад)
If our Galaxy was the size of a Neutrino, the size of the observable
universe would be about the size of a Hydrogen Atom. All things being
relative we should be studying and spending more on the Sub-Atomic
"world". We like to think BIG but thinking small sort of frightens most of

Автор Jake Jones ( назад)
The universe is not expanding into anything because it is infinite.

Автор InvaderBryce ( назад)
The Universe isn't expanding into anything as there is no predefined space.
The universe is everything that will ever exist, so any talk of there being
a physical boundary is nonsensical. The only "boundary" that does exist is
temporal and that is 13.8 billion years in the past.

Автор Radrook 2 ( назад)
One fellow said it is expanding into itself!

Автор M Cal ( назад)
I think its versuality of space to be virtual but then again spageanous
erratical spacy...

Автор TacomaPaul ( назад)
If one believes in The Big Bang (and I don't mean many... I mean *THE* Big
Bang), then somewhere there is the furthest piece of matter.
Which means the Universe is lopsided, and continue to be.
And because Gravity rules all... everything will eventually go toward that
direction and the Universe ultimately becomes a straight line !?

Автор Brett Marshall ( назад)
I freakin love u man

Автор fanjapanischermusik ( назад)
there is also a 3rd possibility: imagine a balloon, its surface is not
infinite big, but you can walk around on it and never hit the edge. and
when you blow air in it, it gets even bigger but is still infinite as it
was before. i think spacetime is a bit like it.

Автор Mohammad Sabir khan ( назад)
“And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) expander.”
(Quran 51:47)

Автор FlyestOnDatube ( назад)
Maybe there is something greater than infinity and we are simply not
intelligent enough to have a clue of what that would be...

Автор Ashish Choudhary ( назад)
we are expanding into hilary clinton's GIANT PANTY

Автор Dan Gordon ( назад)
I love reading the comments from all of the armchair Astrophysicist ,

Автор Antonio Vitale ( назад)
Deep thought here. Everyone says the galaxy is always expanding and all
that with matter.. What if (since there is so much of everything) That
there is such a massive black hole so big that we just simply cant see it..
That we aren't expanding just coming closer to the black hole. Lol idk just
wanted to share my thought XD

Автор Oscar Radikoro ( назад)
do they ever say they dont know!

Автор Quantum̴͎̌ò̵̖r̷̫̅p̸͉̈́h̵̨́ ( назад)
What?? No Piu Piu Piu? Or ka-boom? I think I'm dreaming.
Beautiful 3D, Class A image quality, pleasant voice -
That I allowed to experience something like that again ...

Автор FFGG22E ( назад)
Well that answered absolutely nothing.

Автор John Mailk ( назад)
The answer is visible every night when clouds don't obscure it, a Black
Hole. All information vanishes into it at the event horizon, about 14.8
billion light years from us in every direction. Our existence is the past,
the other side is the future. The horizon itself is the beginning and
ending of everything, the present.

Автор handa swami ( назад)
fucking same retarded background music and boring talker my fucking god im
done with these videos

Автор Jason Johnson ( назад)
I kinda feel like the short answer to this question is... Your guess is as
good as ours.

Автор IE ƎI ( назад)
Two Facts:
1) The video claim new space/time is being created.... This is just a
theory and nothing solid to base your assumption
2) The video does not answer the question set in the title
Absolute waste of time

Автор Hank TheAmericanTourist ( назад)
well done

Автор jeremiah white ( назад)
In my opinion and this is also a thoery, I think the universe is similar to
planets where is if you travel far enough you'll end up right where you
started. Unlike the planets the universe has the ability expand. So in
short mybe the "edge" of the universe is just another point of the universe
but constantly expanding. I like this theory because I can wrap my mind
around it lol. Also since space expands and contracts that also means
warp-drive's COULD be possible.

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