What is the Universe Expanding Into?

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

This concept is non-trivial to try and explain in a 5 minute YT video, but I do my best. I hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you space fans for watching this channel, it means a lot to me.

Music from Kevin MacLeod:

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Автор Stuart Bermingham (15 дней)
If the space between objects is expanding then doesn't that mean that
objects will also be getting bigger because the space inside them is
expanding? Therefore object would not appear to be moving away from each
other... please help me!

Автор Zachary Hunter (1 месяц)
Simple. Thought creates reality. Pure consciousness is neither polarities
on the quitensential basis of metaphysics. An outer universe that wraps
around the universe created a world of gods and goddeses and their faerie
kingdom with their own version of nature. peace

Автор AlexanderHL (8 дней)
NO! NO WAY!!! I REFUSE!!!! If space time has to be created anew, than
beyond the limit of expansion of our universe shouldnt be any existing
spacetime so what is? >:( Are we in the middle of nowhere? Where is this
nowhere ? Whats it made of? ARGGHGHHHHHH !!?!?!?!?!?! >:(

Автор 2robdot (12 дней)
I regularly hear people say that new space/time is being created, if the
universe is infinite, how can this be? Can you add to an infinite volume?
Can it be more infinite?

Автор Matthew Alder (19 дней)
how can the universe be expanding, surely just the stars and planets that
were created in the big bang are just expanding into the universe that was
all ready there. as the universe means everything it can not expand as its
infinite as what ever is beyonde the universe is the universe too. just a
thought :-)

Автор Alexander Laurie Birchley (21 день)
As I understand it this question has no real meaning? The Universe isn't
expanding into anything, because there is nothing beyond the Universe into
which it can expand. Our apriori understanding of reality demands we
experience Space and Time as dynamic, because that is the way we make sense
of this reality. Philosophically all we can say about the Universe that has
any meaning is that our understanding of it is entirely determined by the
way we experience it. Other animals view this Universe differently (a house
fly for instance) because of limitations built into their anatomy. Likewise
humans also are limited by our anatomy - mainly that of our brains.We
experience that our Universe is expanding i.e. getting larger. But this
impression may be an illusion. Space-Time may appear to be getting bigger
because we are able to experience more of it. The more we look and probe
the more we see.

Автор Brad Woodfield (25 дней)
The Universe isn't expanding. The idea of the expanding universe was based
off the idea of red shift of the light we were receiving. It was initially
thought that the red shift was caused by the objects moving away from us in
the doppler effect. It was later found to be cause by the rotational
energy of the body, but the idea of the doppler effect had already been
picked up and the new results ignored. The idea of the expanding universe
(and dark energy) goes against the laws of thermodynamics and conservation
of energy since the amount of energy to expand the universe quickly ramps
to infinity. 

Автор TheDarkomasia (21 день)
God doesn't exist, religitards, ever heard of the Big Bang?

Автор Nelson Diaz (1 месяц)
Some galaxies are on collission trajectories.

Автор proximity1620 (1 месяц)
One day a person looking through a microscope will observe a person looking
through a telescope.

Автор Introgauge .C (1 месяц)
Here's a question I've never heard before, is our galaxy moving somewhere?
and at what speed? Seems kind of naive to think that our own galaxy is just

Автор snakebitmgee (1 месяц)
I don't know what makes less sense; A universe that ends, or a universe
that goes on forever.

Автор EpicFishStudio (1 месяц)
ball don't have edges, it has only surface. Maybe space is same thing...
but in 4D instead, as as surface, there is 3D space instead. 

Автор Al Milligan (3 месяца)
Interesting that when we talk about space/time we are measuring it by an
absolute space and time. These forms seem to be fixed. The narrator says
space/time is not a static entity. Measured by what but those forms of the

Автор mehdi abedian (2 месяца)
Time-space matter is meaningsless whitout thinking about enegy and mater.
Because defintion of time-space is the other dimensions of mater-energy

Автор Roxidius (5 месяцев)
Man, your videos are almost like a spiritual experience to me.
I'm an atheist btw.

Автор Tefo Reborn (5 месяцев)
“And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) EXPANDER.”
(Quran 51:47)

Автор Kavi Mehta (3 месяца)
The universe is really only 13.5 millon years old that is very small time
considering that it is such a vast thing and has grown to such a size.

Автор James McDaniels (3 месяца)

Автор larkstoungeinaspic (1 день)
So, in short, what this video is saying is...

We have no idea what the universe is expanding into, or even if it's
expanding. It's doubtful we will ever know.

Автор Naimul Haq (3 месяца)
Why are the galaxies tumbling into other galaxies although expanding
universe means they should be moving away from each other?

Автор carl green (3 месяца)
I.m going too take a walk to the edge of the universe. I maybe some

Автор Roy Rki (14 дней)
So the universe is a black hole?

Автор Ludak021 (5 месяцев)
what is the space between electrons or quarks or anything in that scale?
It's not air of course, it's not gas (we are on a far lower scale) what is
it? It is empty and consists of nothing yet it provides some distance in
space...Maybe I am just ignorant...

Автор Thripitakaya (19 дней)
What is the name of this music at the end?

Автор Josh Cook (2 месяца)
If I had 1 wish, it wouldnt be for money or fame, it would be to know all
the secrets of life. I find myself with many questions. For instance....Our
earth is in the solar system, and the solar system is in the universe, but
what exactly is the universe in?

Автор C.R.E.A.M. (4 месяца)
Every time I sit down and really try to wrap my small mind around what the
universe is, or how large it is, or how mathematically reasonable it is
that there is life on other planets and things like that I get this strange
feeling. It's almost like excitement that comes with shortening of breath
and other odd sensations. Is this weird?

Автор Davidvaillanco (25 дней)
I think this video is one of the best I have ever seen. I hope there are
alternative realities like other universe like bubbles.

Автор Thunderbird Tsa (28 дней)
This is such a great channel.

Автор Jakob Skov Hansen (29 дней)
Distance and redshift are 2 different things.

Автор Nao Nunai (1 месяц)
+Deep Astronomy 

Автор mohandas karimpanackal (1 месяц)

Автор mmspeedy09 (1 месяц)
Never ever? Scientists dont say that. Come on.

Автор Jackie Wilson Fan (4 месяца)
You really do have to ask yourself the question. What the F%*#K is going
on? What the F&#K is it all about? Life I mean... And the universe. I'm
sorry but god is just to simpler answer. Or maybe not. Who really knows.
Absolutely no one that's who. lol. Anyway better just enjoy it aye.

Автор Paplo Pamplona (4 месяца)
it expands into space -.-

Автор eliotrh93 (1 месяц)
This beautiful and amazing universe makes me shed tears of joy, makes me
want to live forever and see what's out there, far, far away from what
humankind has seen till today...

Автор Dragos Grigoroiu (1 месяц)
why say that ? we know there are illuminated people all around the world

Автор Jack stratif (1 месяц)
Well string theory take you before the big bang and even predicts other

Автор Barbara Miller (1 месяц)
so the center of the universe is empty because of the expansion and our
universe is like a doughnut ?

Автор roboticsxxx1 (1 месяц)
You know humanity's physics equations only apply to the 4% of the universe
that we can see and touch (matter). The physics that affects 96% of this
universe is unknown and so there is no surprise that we cannot it answer or
even comprehend this problem. We hardly know anything at all. We don't even
fully understand the nature of of this 4% slice of our cosmos (weird
quantum mechanical observances etc.,) It's literally only been like a
century ago when we learnt that there is more than one galaxy. We have a
loooong way to go so for now anything is possible and my claim that the
universe is expanding into liquid fairy dust and chuck Norris's tears is
just as valid as anything else. :)

Автор JakeZHD (4 месяца)
3:07 KSP vets know all too well what that music means.

"I actually got this flying bundle of fuel and scrap metal into space!"

Автор yinYangMountain (5 месяцев)
1. If the universe is infinite, how can the question even be coherent?
I.e., If the fabric of our universe is space/time, and more is being added
-- while at the same time expanding from a dense point into itself, how is
this coherent?

2. The question unanswered: You are in a ball of expanding flat space/time
(think of the chocolate cookie dough example not the outside surface of a
balloon example) and somehow travel to the last galaxy; you continue to the
inside edge of where 'fabric' ends; what will happen if you travel one
meter more?

3. If there is a multiverse, and gravity waves are caused by universes
bumping, what is the stuff between them that they are expanding into? And
if it is literally nothing (non-existence) how is it coherent they are

I await a response that does not spend almost six-minutes to say, we don't
know; it does not concern us; or, conflate the concepts which confuse the
topic and question posed.

Автор t woo (1 месяц)
Universe is the universe itself. You can not stand in the South Pole then
ask where is the south? So ask what is outside of universe is meaningless.

Автор Wilson da Matta (2 месяца)
It doesn't even try to consider what there is beyond boundaries of our
universe (are there boundaries?) that must be considereda, once the most
accepted theory demandas an exterior limit. When I was eight years old I
questioned a astronomer about what there should be beyond the limits of our
universe, and he answered me: God. It happenned in São Paulo, in
Ibirapuera, and I am now 58 years old. But the question remains unanswered.

Автор David Gardner (2 месяца)
Space contains everything within it and nothing. The area outside our
observable universe may contain more space, which may have no matter, some
matter or lots of matter. It may contain more ggalaxies with stars, planets
and nebula. It makes no difference because we can only see so far and live
but so long. Mankind will never know if there is an edge of the known
universe or not. Perhaps we should concentrate on things closer to home.
And no, I do not mean travel to Mars, as that is totally idiotic and a
waste of time and money. 

Автор Ronald de Rooij (7 месяцев)
The more I learn about the universe, the less tangible it gets. Space and
time linked, third dimension is an illusion, space is a hologram, energy
out of nothing, virtual particles, time is an illusion, etc... I did not
know that a year ago... If this goes on I think in a few years time, I will
learn that my whole existence is an illusion created by my own illusive
brain or something?

Автор Spyvspy aeon (2 месяца)
For me, the Universe expansion does not make entirely sense. What if the
primordial element (dark matter, dead matter, no energy) was there like we
still "see" some huge bubbles. What if.. what expanded was pure energy
through the Universe. What is matter without energy? How come energy fused
with matter to make atoms as we know atm? Cience does not explain that, and
that is what I expect :) we live inside our box, it's difficult to see what
is unreachable. 

Автор thebatmanover9000 (2 месяца)
I heard some say it will burn out, others say it will collapse in on itself
and some say it will expand forever.

Автор Rony B Chandran (2 месяца)
my thoughts are shaped...

Автор WildHuman87 (2 месяца)

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