Cybill Sheperd pantyhose legs and feet

Cybill Sheperd pantyhose legs and feet

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Автор pythonfan1 ( назад)
What TV show is this from?

Автор coffee ph ( назад)
Nice view of her pantyhose feet 

Автор ben callos ( назад)
nightflyer50,leave dodgerfn5 alone you nontolerent jerk...

Автор ben callos ( назад)
i want to really smell her feet too, nylon,or bare...

Автор MrAntiSellOut ( назад)
So do I.

Автор sprintbass ( назад)
@Dodgerfn5 probably smell like viniger lol 

Автор andrew plotnick ( назад)
@FreeRadical1015 I agree that it is a shame when women do not wear

Автор B Ferr ( назад)
Im moving to Poland too

Автор FreeRadical1015 ( назад)
@clogspantyhose I'm moving to Poland

Автор FreeRadical1015 ( назад)
@clogspantyhose this is true - even in the UK women still wear them quite a
lot. It's just America that women don;t wear them, which is a shame.

Автор alonenjersey ( назад)
I'd love to get a foot job from her.

Автор XZYAFFAIR ( назад)
There's a great scene from The Last Picture Show where Cybill stands on a
diving board and takes off her clothes and dives into the pool. There's a
great closeup of her stocking feet. She was 21 at the time of filming.

Автор fussfreund1970 ( назад)
she's one of my favs from the 80's....love that!

Автор millyillyz ( назад)
i would love to smell em too, bet she has a NICE scent!

Автор millyillyz ( назад)
thanks for this ! im 29 now and have been wanting to see her feet since i
was 5 when she was in moonlightning

Автор Dodgerfn5 ( назад)
I want to smell her feet so bad!

Автор ♡hosenheels ( назад)
What show was this?

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