Cybill Sheperd pantyhose legs and feet

Cybill Sheperd pantyhose legs and feet

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Автор FreeRadical1015 (3 года)
@clogspantyhose I'm moving to Poland

Автор andrew plotnick (3 года)
@FreeRadical1015 I agree that it is a shame when women do not wear

Автор Dodgerfn5 (5 лет)
I want to smell her feet so bad!

Автор millyillyz (5 лет)
thanks for this ! im 29 now and have been wanting to see her feet since i
was 5 when she was in moonlightning

Автор millyillyz (5 лет)
i would love to smell em too, bet she has a NICE scent!

Автор clogspantyhose (3 года)
@FreeRadical1015 LOL!!! Well there are pantyhose wearers here. Even in the
middle of summer. What's nice is there are natural pantyhose wearers here.
When I say natural I mean for them it's like wearing jeans or a shirt.

Автор FreeRadical1015 (3 года)
@clogspantyhose this is true - even in the UK women still wear them quite a
lot. It's just America that women don;t wear them, which is a shame.

Автор XZYAFFAIR (4 года)
There's a great scene from The Last Picture Show where Cybill stands on a
diving board and takes off her clothes and dives into the pool. There's a
great closeup of her stocking feet. She was 21 at the time of filming.

Автор RevDarkehorse (4 года)
I never was a big fan of Cybill Sheperd, but she does has some nice gams.

Автор clogspantyhose (4 года)
@2hip4g Those days ARE HERE! Go to Eastern Europe or Asia where women wear
pantyhose and where these days are right now. Even Chinese women wear
pantyhose. Half a billion of them. Russian women wear pantyhose, about 70
million. European women do Eastern especially, about 300 million. Japanese
women do. about 60 million. Together how many? Well? Those days are here.
Just not in your country.

Автор ben callos (1 год)
i want to really smell her feet too, nylon,or bare...

Автор sprintbass (3 года)
@Dodgerfn5 probably smell like viniger lol

Автор fussfreund1970 (4 года)
she's one of my favs from the 80's....love that!

Автор clogspantyhose (3 года)
@FreeRadical1015 Yes, that's how it is. I am in Poland where I can see more
than a dozen sheer pantyhose wearers with sandals per day and even when
it's hot out some women will wear shorter skirts, switch to sandals, but
the pantyhose still stay on. And teenagers will wear pantyhose with shorts
sometimes. It's big a culture difference.

Автор MrAntiSellOut (2 года)
So do I.

Автор ♡hosenheels (5 лет)
What show was this?

Автор ragar001 (5 лет)
What is this from?

Автор picantico06 (4 года)
divinos pies

Автор B Ferr (3 года)
Im moving to Poland too

Автор alonenjersey (4 года)
I'd love to get a foot job from her.

Автор nightflyer50 (5 лет)
sick creep: smell your own feet

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