Python swallowes a deer alive, then spits it out

Here's something you don't hear about every day. A python near Pune city in western India state swallowed a deer alive on Christmas day. But it wasnt the easiest of meals to keep down. Please be warned that this report may contain graphic images.

About 30 miles outside of Pune, a farmer couple in Mulshi village were taken aback when they came across a 12-foot python lying in their field with a swollen abdomen.

The python seemed lethargic as it lay still.

Soon, frightened villagers collected at the site.

Volunteers from "Friends of Nature" then arrived . and identified the snake as a rare Indian rock python.

The python was trying to eject its victim as it was probably too large to digest.

[Naina Aabale, From "Friends of Nature"]:
"He took 10 minutes to vomit it completely. As it kept coming out, it looked like the barking deer species, and it came out. For about 2 minutes the python did not move because the head of the barking deer was stuck in its jaws and it was not moving."

It was later found that the animal was a Chinkara deer, which the python finally managed to eject.

The python was taken to a secluded place in the jungle where it's being treated for internal injuries.

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Автор bopking brandon next soulja boy ( назад)
ew !!!!!!!👿😈

Автор Saileach ( назад)
I was hoping they were going to say, "the python was identified as Sssammy Sssnake."

Автор Kaiken Karvainen ( назад)
Pythons regurgitate so they could escape. These people wanted to relocate the python and checked it for internal injuries because they belong to a wildlife protection group.

Автор IAmKira ( назад)
i like snakes

Автор Tex Montana Will Survive! ( назад)
In season 4 of my television show, I let a python do exactly this to me. Was in to my feet for 6 hours. You can look it up, we got all them GoPro angles. SURVIVE!

Автор HotHubHD ( назад)
the python realized little kids in africa could have eaten that deer

Автор Phillip reader ( назад)
They treated it for internal injuries????  They should have KILLED that hideous creature.  Snakes are hideous creatures from HELL.

Автор Sobeyda Mercedes ( назад)

Автор Eric Stevenson ( назад)
Why would they treat the python?

Автор Christopher Ade ( назад)
I think snakes regurgitate their meals when threats are present so they can escape more easily.

Автор juanmiguel dela cruz ( назад)
people taking pic from a python and a dead dear their not scared...........wow

Автор eva morgan (353 года назад)
Lmao poon city

Автор TheKravika ( назад)
Python is bulimic 

Автор Aslanie Macawadib ( назад)

Автор Alex ( назад)
lmfao did he say in poon city

Автор Naveed Arif ( назад)
What about the fucking deer <°< your supposed to save the deer to

Автор My Reining4 ( назад)
Oh my God!it's horrible!

Автор Taxi Talk NYC ( назад)
Actually - I think that's an old Python tradition; he throws up a large water buffalo as a gift to the village people (..not the band). Either that - or he just listened to Obama for 5 minutes.

Автор Corwin Morrison ( назад)
kill that fucking snake till when it kill 1 of Yael child then you an want to kill it kill that fucking thing now people

Автор Lydia Lopez ( назад)
Pythons could eat humans too.

Автор Itty bitty titty commity ( назад)
Did I just see a Chinese dude with an Australian accent? I've seen it all now...

Автор ThatsMrMoronToYou ( назад)
Fake!  Is plainly a dog dressed as a snake.

Автор Eryan724 ( назад)
they TREAT THE PYTHON?!? lol wtf? these barbaric uncivilized people in india love animals so much, where i live, they would just have killed the python.
but thats ok because there arent any large predators here anyway -.-

damn why cant i live 8000 years ago -.-

Автор SuperMel1975 ( назад)
That python was like,"Nope that's to much,naw"

Автор SillyKidReacts ( назад)
Aww poor snake :(

Автор The Truth ( назад)
I see pythons every day when i pee. 

Автор Malik emanuel ( назад)
Lol people takin care of a snake then turn around and they n the deers place

Автор tea ( назад)
Poor snake? He should've tried to eat it. Poor deer getting ate.

Автор Joseph Estrada ( назад)
Haha, PUNE city.

Автор RangerOfAlcyone ( назад)
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Автор Onier Rivas ( назад)
We do this shit too. Bit off more than you can swallow? Spit that shit out!

Автор London Purcell ( назад)
I could care less about neither  of the animals as long as I was not involve

Автор Shotgun Cheney ( назад)
this reporter is fucking retarded much like the ppl surrounding the python and the comments regarding this video, what's really going on is a python feeling threaten so it vomits its prey to get away faster , just imagine trying to get away from a predator with that deer in ur belly, its well known and documented, im guessing only ignorant  dumbfucks dont know this, you fucking retards should have just left the python alone u did more harm then good....fucking indians......

Автор Golden Wyvern ( назад)
I have nothing to say but maybe chew your food a little champ ;) lol

Автор Homailot ( назад)
Poor snake

Автор travis curry ( назад)
If it can eat deers just imagine what it will do to your child who ever said they can't easy humans is a damn lie

Автор chistine lane ( назад)
what happened to the deer?

Автор djkokie ( назад)
I`m not an expert, but I read somewhere, that the snakes are enjoying vomiting their victims. It is because they feel some kind of joy when they eat or vomit something. weird, doesn`t?

Автор Erik Davtyan ( назад)
Vot eto kruto

Автор Mackenzie Clark ( назад)
whatttttt.. da fuq

Автор mark williams ( назад)
if it was dumb enough to bite off more than it can swallow let it die

Автор O.J. De los Santos ( назад)
A python ate a deer on Christmas Day.
An unhappy ending for Rudolph.

Автор Lezly Gaona ( назад)

Автор mohammed ruhul amin ( назад)
it looks dead already

Автор Tim Jones ( назад)
Eyes bigger than its stomach !

Автор Tim Jones ( назад)
Eyes bigger than its stomach !

Автор Afiq Mahmood ( назад)
Shut up guys !!!!!! 
So stupid u Snake !?
eh? not wow  -_- 


Автор HandicapMafia ( назад)
I'm impressed they didn't kill it. I expected that to end badly for the snake. Props to them.

Автор jane7310 ( назад)
A snake can handle their self just like the can always at any time and bit u.

Автор Zakku ( назад)
Why is this even news? 'Oh some animal did something strange'. Well, would you look at that. 

Автор Ikenna FuNkEn ( назад)
nah, it vomited the deer because of people gathering around it.. they do that, so they can defend themselves... why snacking they are completely vulnerable. fucking people! man... howd i end up here I was just watching an interview with Steven Van zandt

Автор Kerstinyaw ( назад)
Thats one hell of a greedy snake.

Автор Jeff Lugosi ( назад)
Holy motherfucking shit!

Автор Randall Evans ( назад)
fuck that python let it die in the jungle.  They need to treat their own people first!

Автор DDanny1 ( назад)
Riiiight. It was taken to a secluded place alright. Somebodies kitchen. In Africa people would eat the snake before they would eat the deer.

Автор Mona Humberg ( назад)

Автор Ivan Camero ( назад)
U bitch with no heart what if you were the snake or deer lets let u die too

Автор total23 ( назад)
why the hell are they treating that thing for its internal wounds, just let it die FUCK SNAKES 

Автор bee jaayee ( назад)
LOL @ mkmason2002 !

Автор antenor regalado ( назад)
que gordo

Автор KitsuneNeko ( назад)
Or it decided to vomit the deer so it can get the fack away from the people messing with it. Snakes do that when they feel threatened... Vomit the extra weight and get out of there....

Автор Lou Albino ( назад)
They're treating that thing for internal injuries?fucking morons, it's going to ambush one of you in the jungle once it recovers.

Автор cavino82 ( назад)
240p....we meet again.

Автор mkmason2002 ( назад)
And the moral of this story: Never bite off more than you can chew. : )

Автор justin moss ( назад)
winner winner Christmas dinner

Автор Brayden Stimers ( назад)
I feel bad for the deer

Автор Alexandra Hermschulte ( назад)
Ist gros und schon Love

Автор Kevin Hendrie ( назад)

Автор Sanil Lokhande ( назад)
Bro...it's Hindu Culture ,,,Married Womens apply it in Hindus.....It's called "Bindiya"....a new per day

Автор IdHitThatWithMyTruck ( назад)
What is that between the ladies eyebrows at 0:50? I've seen it before but i'm not sure what it symbolizes..

Автор Yousef Khawaja ( назад)
These villagers, they were so frightened by this snake that they all collected by it's side and watched it devour a deer.

Автор Der Grossmann ( назад)
The deer was already dead when the snake ate it. Retarded news reporters don't realize that it's nearly impossible for snakes to eat live animals without killing them first.

Автор xght321 ( назад)
why r they doing a report on this :/

Автор James A ( назад)
python is being treated for internal injuries? what about the deer?

Автор Casey Cochrane ( назад)
Is it maybe possible that the python regurgitated because it was stressed with all the human activity around it?

Автор Marshall Jim Duncan ( назад)
Now that is deepthroat.

Автор Denae Gordon ( назад)
Err wat da fuck

Автор Matskie Beavertron ( назад)
greedy bastard

Автор KazuyaSnakeSK ( назад)
Giving birth lmao

Автор PanzerAngriff V ( назад)
"I then asked the deer for its hand in marriage, but I was unfortunately rejected..."

Автор einar bergquist ( назад)
Then it gets released into the woods where it will try to eat another whole deer

Автор Jack Dauphan ( назад)
that looked like a home made movie of my girl going down on me ;)

Автор Lavrentizodiac ( назад)
good moment for get a Sharp machete and bye bye piton!!!

Автор Nizwiz411 ( назад)
the best time to watch this is during a meal

Автор marvin adams ( назад)

Автор captaincomputaa ( назад)
Because i would'nt fancy being eaten alive by the fucker!

Автор Freezies ( назад)
What's with all the "why didn't they kill the snake" comments?
Other than the fact that they mentioned it was a rare breed, why should they kill it?
It's just a python.

Автор Freezies ( назад)
Because it was a rare breed.

Автор TydalKoda ( назад)
Everything is on this earth for a reason. Rats are not even close to being gone. And I for one love snakes! :)

Автор TydalKoda ( назад)

Автор captaincomputaa ( назад)
Why don't they just kill it?

Автор Роман Тестостеронов ( назад)

Автор Redemption HD ( назад)
You were a pretty good movie

Автор juan lopez ( назад)
You get the internet from Mcdonald? You get out of here.

Автор Bakkwoodz34 ( назад)
Keep thinking

Автор Bakkwoodz34 ( назад)
You guys sound like a bunch of low life fucks. Arguing over Youtube about what you should do and what you don't need to do. Why don't you both shut the fuck up and watch the video instead of judging people on how they spell or how they don't use punctuation on YOUTUBE.

Автор liam stebb ( назад)

Автор Christine Loh ( назад)
@adamland12345 the deer is alr dead. What else can they do but treat the snake?

Автор MexicaninDisguise ( назад)
This sounds like me when i go to a buffet.

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