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Автор juanmiguel dela cruz (22 дня)
people taking pic from a python and a dead dear their not

Автор Naveed Arif (4 месяца)
What about the fucking deer <°< your supposed to save the deer to 

Автор Андрей Новаков (3 месяца)
Постольский сейчас ВОРУЕТ.

Автор Itty bitty titty commity (6 месяцев)
Did I just see a Chinese dude with an Australian accent? I've seen it all

Автор Corwin Morrison (5 месяцев)
kill that fucking snake till when it kill 1 of Yael child then you an want
to kill it kill that fucking thing now people

Автор Alexander Elia (4 месяца)
lmfao did he say in poon city

Автор Kannon Borrelli (5 месяцев)
These idiots! The python had a nice meal and then it spit it out. Only
because when they are scared, they regurgitate their food to get away. Poor
guy had a good meal and they ruined it for him

Автор eva morgan (3 месяца)
Lmao poon city

Автор TheKravika (4 месяца)
Python is bulimic 

Автор Андрей Новаков (3 месяца)
На ВЗЯТОЧНИКА-УБИЙЦУ Дрыжак Путина все смотрят, а он только знает, делать
УБИЙСТВА !, у Путина ГЛИСТ !

Автор Ambra Horse (5 месяцев)
Oh my God!it's horrible!

Автор ThatsMrMoronToYou (6 месяцев)
Fake! Is plainly a dog dressed as a snake.

Автор 1SillyKid (7 месяцев)
Aww poor snake :(

Автор Eryan724 (6 месяцев)
they TREAT THE PYTHON?!? lol wtf? these barbaric uncivilized people in
india love animals so much, where i live, they would just have killed the
but thats ok because there arent any large predators here anyway -.-

damn why cant i live 8000 years ago -.-

Автор Aslanie Macawadib (4 месяца)

Автор Golden Wyvern (1 год)
I have nothing to say but maybe chew your food a little champ ;) lol

Автор Bunny (1 год)
Aww, I hope the snake is okay. Poor thing.

Автор IAmCharlene2000 (1 год)
Oh shit. I'm in the wild animals part of YouTube...

Автор rdatlasmbrd (1 год)
lol getting treated for internal injuries. GTFOH! LOL

Автор Mackenzie Clark (1 год)
whatttttt.. da fuq

Автор Lydia Lopez (6 месяцев)
Pythons could eat humans too.

Автор Rage Goat (10 месяцев)
Haha, PUNE city.

Автор SuperMel1975 (6 месяцев)
That python was like,"Nope that's to much,naw"

Автор mark williams (1 год)
if it was dumb enough to bite off more than it can swallow let it die

Автор Taxi Talk NYC (5 месяцев)
Actually - I think that's an old Python tradition; he throws up a large
water buffalo as a gift to the village people (..not the band). Either that
- or he just listened to Obama for 5 minutes.

Автор O.J. De los Santos (1 год)
A python ate a deer on Christmas Day.
An unhappy ending for Rudolph.

Автор Malik emanuel (8 месяцев)
Lol people takin care of a snake then turn around and they n the deers

Автор Homailot (1 год)
Poor snake

Автор INSigotem (1 год)
why the hell are they treating that thing for its internal wounds, just let

Автор travis curry (1 год)
If it can eat deers just imagine what it will do to your child who ever
said they can't easy humans is a damn lie

Автор London Purcell (1 год)
I could care less about neither of the animals as long as I was not

Автор Onier Rivas (1 год)
We do this shit too. Bit off more than you can swallow? Spit that shit out!

Автор HandicapMafia (1 год)
I'm impressed they didn't kill it. I expected that to end badly for the
snake. Props to them.

Автор Erik Davtyan (1 год)
Vot eto kruto

Автор Afiq Mahmood (1 год)
Shut up guys !!!!!!
So stupid u Snake !?
eh? not wow -_- 

Автор Tyreshap (9 месяцев)
Poor snake? He should've tried to eat it. Poor deer getting ate.

Автор RangerOfAlcyone (11 месяцев)
Anti-Whites support massive politically orchestrated 3rd World immigration
into White nations.
Anti-Whites promote intermarriage and condemn everybody who oppose
Anti-Whites use threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment,
physical violence & prison time against White People who oppose this
artificially created multiracial society.
Anti-Whites talk about the inevitable brown future.
(Their intention of White GENOCIDE shines through). 'Anti-Racist' =

Автор mohammed ruhul amin (1 год)
it looks dead already

Автор Lezly Gaona (1 год)

Автор Kenna Okoye (1 год)
nah, it vomited the deer because of people gathering around it.. they do
that, so they can defend themselves... why snacking they are completely
vulnerable. fucking people! man... howd i end up here I was just watching
an interview with Steven Van zandt


Автор jane7310 (1 год)
A snake can handle their self just like the can always at any time and bit

Автор The Truth (8 месяцев)
I see pythons every day when i pee. 

Автор Luciferum (1 год)
Why is this even news? 'Oh some animal did something strange'. Well, would
you look at that. 

Автор Jeff Lugosi (1 год)
Holy motherfucking shit!

Автор Karthick Karthick (1 год)

Автор DDanny1 (1 год)
Riiiight. It was taken to a secluded place alright. Somebodies kitchen. In
Africa people would eat the snake before they would eat the deer.

Автор bee jaayee (1 год)
LOL @ mkmason2002 !

Автор Jay Franklin (1 год)
this reporter is fucking retarded much like the ppl surrounding the python
and the comments regarding this video, what's really going on is a python
feeling threaten so it vomits its prey to get away faster , just imagine
trying to get away from a predator with that deer in ur belly, its well
known and documented, im guessing only ignorant dumbfucks dont know this,
you fucking retards should have just left the python alone u did more harm
then good....fucking indians......

Автор djkokie (1 год)
I`m not an expert, but I read somewhere, that the snakes are enjoying
vomiting their victims. It is because they feel some kind of joy when they
eat or vomit something. weird, doesn`t?

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