Python swallowes a deer alive, then spits it out

Here's something you don't hear about every day. A python near Pune city in western India state swallowed a deer alive on Christmas day. But it wasnt the easiest of meals to keep down. Please be warned that this report may contain graphic images.

About 30 miles outside of Pune, a farmer couple in Mulshi village were taken aback when they came across a 12-foot python lying in their field with a swollen abdomen.

The python seemed lethargic as it lay still.

Soon, frightened villagers collected at the site.

Volunteers from "Friends of Nature" then arrived . and identified the snake as a rare Indian rock python.

The python was trying to eject its victim as it was probably too large to digest.

[Naina Aabale, From "Friends of Nature"]:
"He took 10 minutes to vomit it completely. As it kept coming out, it looked like the barking deer species, and it came out. For about 2 minutes the python did not move because the head of the barking deer was stuck in its jaws and it was not moving."

It was later found that the animal was a Chinkara deer, which the python finally managed to eject.

The python was taken to a secluded place in the jungle where it's being treated for internal injuries.

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Автор Homailot (28 минут)
Poor snake

Автор IAmCharlene2000 (4 месяца)
Oh shit. I'm in the wild animals part of YouTube...

Автор rdatlasmbrd (1 месяц)
lol getting treated for internal injuries. GTFOH! LOL

Автор Bunny (2 месяца)
Aww, I hope the snake is okay. Poor thing.

Автор mark williams (1 месяц)
if it was dumb enough to bite off more than it can swallow let it die

Автор HandicapMafia (2 месяца)
I'm impressed they didn't kill it. I expected that to end badly for the
snake. Props to them.

Автор travis curry (13 дней)
If it can eat deers just imagine what it will do to your child who ever
said they can't easy humans is a damn lie

Автор mohammed ruhul amin (1 месяц)
it looks dead already

Автор Kenna Okoye (3 месяца)
nah, it vomited the deer because of people gathering around it.. they do
that, so they can defend themselves... why snacking they are completely
vulnerable. fucking people! man... howd i end up here I was just watching
an interview with Steven Van zandt

Автор Luciferum (3 месяца)
Why is this even news? 'Oh some animal did something strange'. Well, would
you look at that. 

Автор O.J. De los Santos (1 месяц)
A python ate a deer on Christmas Day.
An unhappy ending for Rudolph.

Автор Jeff Lugosi (3 месяца)
Holy motherfucking shit!

Автор Afiq Mahmood (1 месяц)
Shut up guys !!!!!!
So stupid u Snake !?
eh? not wow -_- 

Автор INSigotem (5 месяцев)
why the hell are they treating that thing for its internal wounds, just let


Автор Lezly Gaona (1 месяц)

Автор bee jaayee (5 месяцев)
LOL @ mkmason2002 !

Автор DDanny1 (4 месяца)
Riiiight. It was taken to a secluded place alright. Somebodies kitchen. In
Africa people would eat the snake before they would eat the deer.

Автор Tim Jones (1 месяц)
Eyes bigger than its stomach !

Автор jane7310 (2 месяца)
A snake can handle their self just like the can always at any time and bit

Автор Kerstinyaw (3 месяца)
Thats one hell of a greedy snake. 

Автор Randall Evans (4 месяца)
fuck that python let it die in the jungle. They need to treat their own
people first!

Автор Mona Humberg (4 месяца)

Автор djkokie (20 дней)
I`m not an expert, but I read somewhere, that the snakes are enjoying
vomiting their victims. It is because they feel some kind of joy when they
eat or vomit something. weird, doesn`t?

Автор Irvin Zarco (1 месяц)
I feel bad for the python.

Автор Ivan Camero (4 месяца)
U bitch with no heart what if you were the snake or deer lets let u die too

Автор bcdowney512 (9 месяцев)
Actually, Mosquitoes are one of the few things that would have almost no
effect on the ecosystem if they went extinct.

Автор JammyThingz (9 месяцев)
Is that a serious question?

Автор Ajit Gaikwad (9 месяцев)
h r u

Автор Lindokuhle Sindane (9 месяцев)
Did anyone kill you for eating burgers????

Автор Karen Muñoz (9 месяцев)
OMG I just asked myself the same question.

Автор antenor regalado (5 месяцев)
que gordo

Автор Meedat Leedat (9 месяцев)
Uhh, you talking about snakes or humans ?

Автор philbinthomas10 (5 месяцев)
ya judgin on u thats a fact

Автор justin moss (5 месяцев)
winner winner Christmas dinner

Автор Edgar Vega (9 месяцев)
Wat happened to the deer

Автор BloodstainedSinner (9 месяцев)
First of all, work on your grammar, because that attempted, but failed
attempt at making a statement makes you seem like a child in the special
education class. Secondly, you're dead wrong, and a fucking moron at that.
Snakes control populations that could explode, and spread disease, and
deplete resources, which in turn causes more species to die, then more
species, and so on. Get educated before you speak out of your ass.

Автор Timothy Pearson (10 месяцев)
I'll shove one up your butthole.

Автор cavino82 (5 месяцев)
240p....we meet again.

Автор sotoelisa41 (5 месяцев)
Stop puting websites people

Автор wolvesrfun (9 месяцев)
It would cause less deaths of Marlaria! (can't spell)

Автор libertarianation1 (9 месяцев)
his digestive system just couldn't handle it...lol

Автор 99Sunnydaze (9 месяцев)
I hope the damn thing dies a horrible death!

Автор Christine Loh (9 месяцев)
@adamland12345 the deer is alr dead. What else can they do but treat the

Автор bcdowney512 (9 месяцев)
I did not post this...who is on my account??

Автор KazuyaSnakeSK (7 месяцев)
Giving birth lmao

Автор Christopher Veranneman (9 месяцев)
How dafuq did i end up here.... I was watching puppy's

Автор Luis Albino (5 месяцев)
They're treating that thing for internal injuries?fucking morons, it's
going to ambush one of you in the jungle once it recovers.

Автор Rodney Toney (9 месяцев)
Indian Rock Pythons are not endangered.

Автор yasser abood (9 месяцев)
the deer is dead

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