Home Alone - Recut Trailer (Horror / Thriller)

READ THIS FIRST! Click the link below to watch the Remastered version that amends corrections (spelling and such) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEi1IPkh7x8

Part 1 of the Killogy. My first attempt at a recut trailer. It's zany all right...

Part 2:
Part 3:

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Автор Bella Barton ( назад)
i love you
jorden love you

Автор BluLynx ( назад)
1:41 Seriously? SERIOUSLY? It's YOU'RE, not YOUR. Yes, I am not my own house this year. Thanks for the warning.

Автор Wattybangbang GD ( назад)
LOL, you're not very smart if you can't spell you're

Автор Declan ( назад)
Home Alone: Inside The Mind Of A Pyschopath.

Автор Trevor_Phillips ( назад)
lmao...so stupid, at least some original music

Автор Pia Gonzaga ( назад)
no eggnog

Автор Allen Jaenke ( назад)

Автор Dallas ( назад)
Oh no! the deranged son takes out his family xD

Автор Liam Belluche ( назад)
I paused at 0:48 and did the iPhone dolor switch and it looked perfect

Автор John Poole ( назад)
I'm more terrified of the director's grammar - Pay your not home? Really

Автор Greg Gibbs ( назад)

Автор A Google User ( назад)
good job, but it's "You're," not "Your"

Автор DJ Donnelly ( назад)
So is Kevin is the killer or is it the old man? Lol

Автор Bec ( назад)
1.08 made me laugh way too much

Автор The Great Silence ( назад)
This is not Home Alone, this is the Prequel to The Good Son.

Автор Tripper Getem ( назад)
This is hilarious

Автор Two-Face ( назад)
Lol this great

Автор Pia Tuomainen ( назад)
Holy crap...! AWESOME work! Truly chilling!

Автор GinolasSon ( назад)
Genius how the burglars are the victims

Автор Destinee scott ( назад)
Omg this should be a real movie

Автор 03bgood ( назад)
Home Alone 3: The Good Son

Автор chicagocubs10601 (1543 года назад)
this is perfect except for the "YOU'RE" 😞

Автор godisgoodallthetime ( назад)
Snakes, snakes? I don't know no snakes!

Автор autumnisnotinteresting g ( назад)

Автор fennigah97 ( назад)
Looks a real horror movie

Автор Bilal Abid ( назад)
nice railer

Автор Josiah Plummer ( назад)
"He murdered his whole family and half the people on this block."

LMAO. That's a Hell of a killing spree for an eight-year-old.

Автор Theo Bowie ( назад)
My God!!! At 1:09 :O

Автор Chris Geoffrey ( назад)
Lol @ Nightmare on Elm St style music in the beginning of this!!

Автор Tyler Scott ( назад)
Keep the change ya filthy animal

Автор Hunter Vex ( назад)
I haven't laughed at anything as hard as 1:30 in a while!!!

Автор Erin May ( назад)
I loved this until the end.. the misuse of "your" kind of ruined the whole thing for me ._. I hate to be that person, but, you're*

Автор Angryjolly ( назад)
Maybe I am mistaken but; I saw this video at the website "askmen".com They repackaged it as if it was their own video and gave no credit to the uploader. You might want to call them on it. http://www.askmen.com/top_10/celebrity/greatest-movies-recut-as-horror-trailers_5.html

Автор feioncastor ( назад)
This is really good, and I hate to be that guy, but...


Автор JKT84 ( назад)


Автор richard courchene ( назад)
critics call home alone riveting, spellbinding and downright shocking. rolling stone magazine writes I couldn't catch my breath and newsweek calls it the most terrifying ride you'll have all year.

Автор chara.elc15 ( назад)
hahaha :P

Автор panakos chrisochou ( назад)

Автор Todd Devlin ( назад)
Dude, this is awesome. Well done.

Автор Sally H ( назад)
Keep the change, ya' filthy animal.

Автор nintenoangel101 ( назад)
Great. It's "Good Son" all over again.

Автор prophetkillz ( назад)
That was pretty good buy if they threw in scenes from the good son it would be more believable lol

Автор rickyfan3956 ( назад)
It sounds like the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.

Автор ballsworker97 ( назад)
What is the dramatic choir music called???

Автор Faten s ( назад)
wow ! very talented! u should direct movies of somethin :D

Автор RequiemFrost ( назад)
this movie was scary enough without this trailer lol

Автор mjs11999 ( назад)

Автор mjs11999 ( назад)
Where can I watch this horror? Looks awesome.. Anyone know release day?

Автор Draven ( назад)
Loved the Freddy theme in the beginning

Автор roxirose ( назад)
Would have pressed thumbs up if you had made it professional enough to spell "you're" correctly.

Автор arachnophobe ( назад)
1:42 it's "you're" damn it not "your"
Apart from that I loved it

Автор dgester ( назад)
It would be so awesome to see this re-cut as a full-length horror.

Автор Adele Pagliaro ( назад)

Автор Ronny Vo ( назад)
Youre awesome for this. I'm surprised you dont get more subscribers

Автор EnriquePalazzo ( назад)
Sorry - All fixed now.

Автор kingsfold ( назад)
This is awesome. But, the "Click Here to Watch in HD" link points to a private video. :-/

Автор deadbynightupbylunch ( назад)
loved it, I think at the end it should have went "It's lil neros sir, I have your pizza" "Keep the change ya filthy animal" (Gunshot)

Автор L0L L0L L7L ( назад)
This is so funny it´s scary.

Автор OkLawnPenny ( назад)
Ha Ha

Автор Drunken Punk 800 ( назад)
I would TOTALLY watch this!

Автор Nagashi26 ( назад)

Автор Drunken Punk 800 ( назад)
What's with the spic ass trailer at the beginning?!

Автор Egirl01 ( назад)

Автор Roman ( назад)
1:41 you're*

Автор JustMeBrad ( назад)
I used to find this scary when I was a kid anyway. Ahha!

Автор ghostrecon755 ( назад)

Автор شموع الايام ( назад)

Автор Mr13borf ( назад)

Автор Tommy F ( назад)
e4 ripping this off on their ads. nothing new there then

Автор Russell Aaron Marc Pittman ( назад)
Lol always knew Kevin was a murder

Автор UnluckyToonLink ( назад)
Uh, Enrique, sorry to burst your bubble, but, you forgot the 20th Centry Fox logo.
Just saying.

Автор Kiwi ( назад)
No matter how many times I watch it, I still find the ending hilarious.

Автор Kappa Koopa ( назад)

Автор Jonatan Timson ( назад)
I loved this, except I NEVER got to hear "Keep the change, you filthy animal!"

Автор poshislove ( назад)
Completely wrong grammar.

Автор Ashley Tinzel ( назад)
This is one of the best recut trailer on youtube. I lost it at the end when Kevin cocks the gun. Be curious what you think of my edit of Inception Trailer RECUT: 2012.

Автор Mustaches28 ( назад)
The "Pray Your Not Home" was smart... until I realized its supposed to be "You're"...

Автор FartyFace ( назад)
yeah this movie was already made, it was called "The Good Son"

Автор Jack Chastain ( назад)

Автор 1Morey ( назад)
It seems like it could be a prequel to Saw.

Автор AshEZ9194 ( назад)
I love how you put A Nightmare on Elm Street music in the video!

Автор Sara Long ( назад)
1:42 *you're

Автор sallybunny23 ( назад)
intro CHUCKY MUSIC yaayyyy

Автор PsuPepperoni ( назад)
this is one of the best recuts ive seen

Автор Tyler Wendt ( назад)
I have not laughed this hard in a long time.

Автор Charlie Borrows ( назад)

Автор nerdygrl647 ( назад)
This sounds like another Silently Night Deadly Night movie!!

Автор sethmanrockandroll ( назад)
The real film actually is kinda scary.

Автор Jurassic0Al ( назад)
That's actually very good. Too bad you can't make an alternate movie entirely.

Автор valer48 (308 лет назад)
Kevin McAllister murdered half the people on the block...lol!!

Автор BigHead Willy ( назад)
You know macaulay culkin was on youtube one day watching this right?

Автор TheVidSquids ( назад)
i love how people are complaining about one mistake in a awesome video who cares is he misspelled a word it was still a good video!

Автор avenger1000 ( назад)
This is brilliant. Good job to the video editor.

Автор Lstar07 ( назад)
This is amazing. Love the use of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" theme at the beginning.

Автор GunterJPN ( назад)
I really hate it when people upload something with typos in it.

Автор TheAce707 ( назад)
Reminds me of the Good Son... oh wait!

Автор ThuSkyline ( назад)
lol, it's very fitting.

Автор FlowerPowerWorld ( назад)

Автор Cleveland Rock ( назад)
@blonddude207 (Kevin stuffs Uncle Frank into the furnace) "Oh, you're cooking, Frankie!"

Автор robin hoogvliet ( назад)
Haha horor/thriller

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