James Cordon Saves Red Nose Day | Comic Relief

Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis are desperate for help with Comic Relief's Red Nose Day. They call on James Cordon's Smithy to save the day! He alone can talk a host of celebrities into taking part in a meaningful way.

Originally shown on Red Nose Day 2011.

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Длительность: 13:16
Комментарии: 1241

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Автор Debby Kiehner ( назад)
God love you George and your wonderful sense of humor....that is one of the many things we will miss the most :-(

Автор Susan Bell ( назад)

Автор Dom D ( назад)
great !    love u George.

Автор Jack Joynson ( назад)
RIP Roger Lloyd-Pack :(

Автор Sarah Foster ( назад)
These kids live in such abject poverty that the words 'quidditch' and 'hogwarts' mean nothing to them. Lbh true dat!! XD

Автор Kevin Davidtz ( назад)
Keira is too good looking!! LOL

Автор stephanie .kalinski ( назад)
"Tom do you ever wear any clothes?" HAHA love it

Автор ethanxmr ( назад)
did he even go?

Автор izeea ( назад)
'Don't you ever wear a shirt, Tom Daley?'

Автор funsizetara ( назад)
I hate tubbies. -Rupert Grint

Автор karen ( назад)

Автор Youshouldlearn toshutup ( назад)
@IFFY786IFFY adidas...

Автор The Scottish Operator ( назад)
didnt someone shoot ringo?

Автор Matthew Evans ( назад)
justin bieber ruined this for me, until paul came along!!

Автор harryisgr8 ( назад)
which 150 pricks disliked this vid? its amazing!

Автор Sophie Evans ( назад)
Gordon Brown doing that hand raising thing. Hilarious.

Автор HelenHish ( назад)
George Michael makes me happy on so many levels. I love him I love him I LOVE HIM!

Автор ollyman2 ( назад)
@JoMacAndTosh YEAH

Автор pkeyte ( назад)
this is a rip off of Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's club

Автор Omie I ( назад)
What was song Justin bieber playing?

Автор brennand61 ( назад)
he should really keep his eyes on the road

Автор Mrbodchop ( назад)
Rio ferdinand has a orgasm LOL!

Автор Kale Rose ( назад)
Materpieace!... James Corden is brilliant =] .. James Corden.. JLS.. Justin Bieber in the same room.. what could be better.

Автор Freakyshygirl1 ( назад)
gm is so funny

Автор Freakyshygirl1 ( назад)
omg gm is so funny as himself!!

Автор Astral Frost ( назад)
One of the few 13 minute videos worth watching on YouTube.

Автор Sandra A ( назад)
"ron and the albino kid"

Автор Vacant Suite ( назад)
Who's this ?
Lenny Henry.
WHo ?
The bloke from the premier inn adverts.

Автор Vacant Suite ( назад)
And how many americans were in this ?

Автор Penny Kasuba (301 год назад)
omg so funny I almost peed myself haha

Автор AndrewL ( назад)
justin bieber spoilt this video

Автор Olivia Tinsley (305 лет назад)
God i 'm blimin proud to be british

Автор HarleyQuinnVids ( назад)
Tom Felton<3

Автор Andreas Stasiak ( назад)
George Michael is a very very funny man....and my favourite singer.I love it to see,how he makes jokes on himself.great guy!!!!

Автор Peter Pojuner ( назад)

Автор MarekUtd ( назад)
Kiera looks so hot here.

Автор Lewis Saunders ( назад)
good but Justine bieber made it not good

Автор Brooke Nyman ( назад)
British Humour.... gotta love it :)

Автор NFGaming ( назад)
I loved it when CR got RickRolled.

Автор monkey3782 ( назад)
great sketch

Автор stuffwithpetr ( назад)
Love you beatles

Автор Dendiol ( назад)
It's hard to believe Justin Bieber is older than Tom Daley

Автор Emma Maton ( назад)

Автор Beckie Dronfield ( назад)
paha, when i saw JLS, i got well over excited :']]]

Автор Alicia Ewen ( назад)
i screamed when i saw Justin AAAAHHH xxx

Автор Catherine ellen ( назад)
Aston is soooooooo amazing :) <3

Автор rolybling ( назад)
LOVE the bits with George Michael that man is a superstar! Also loved the bits between JLS and Gordon Brown, 'Fancy a pint?' ..' Of course bruv, lets bounce' lol

Автор PADGEist ( назад)
A place where the words 'quidditch' and 'hog warts' mean nothing to them ....LMAO x

Автор x ray ( назад)
Still hate Gordon Brown

Автор Dreamerxx8 ( назад)
What's the song that plays in Smithy's car at 0:32 ...?

Автор ELIMINATORRRR ( назад)
I think this is probably the only comments page your going to find Justin Bieber fans and Beatles fans getting along lol.

Автор TheMileyJustinB ( назад)
LMAO at when Aston goes 'You plonka' at 6:43

Автор ToasterMic ( назад)
Why was JB there? He doesn't know who Smithy is... Was he just in the studio at the time maoping about so they invited him in?

Автор JusticeForTheDead ( назад)
I love British humor and I'm American - I was saddened to see such a nasty comment by one person that hundreds thumbed up mocking Americans as a whole. George is bloody fantastic! He's had more #1's and made most of his money in the USA (along with Paul & Ringo), and we LOVE them... you can keep Bieber, although he might be a good actor one day! ha

This Smithy fella is VERY funny!! I love "I can't walk into Comic Relief with you! Comic Relief's about helping people LIKE you! LOVE GM!!!

Автор 0nceler ( назад)
gotta love the Brits with their humour, able to hang it on themselves without batting an eyelid. Kinda hate to say this but Beiber in this was random..yet good...!

Автор Sophie Eden ( назад)
Still think Claire Balding looks like Ray Mears.

Автор T. BooksMovies ( назад)
Beatles: i was in the biggest rock and roll band in the history of music
James: that's a bit disrespectful your front of JLS

Автор peter challoner ( назад)
sounds like rio is constapated

Автор lauren lovechild ( назад)
LOL at
and then

Автор lauren lovechild ( назад)
LOL at
10:51 and then 11:15

Автор MissLouiseeMary ( назад)
@JivJovJones hahaah yeahh :)

Автор [moved to lucyfer] ( назад)
i love you smithy

Автор [moved to lucyfer] ( назад)
@JoMacAndTosh yeah

Автор Inez .Angela ( назад)
hahha love it ;p
what is the last song when they drive away in the car??

Автор Shane Flynn ( назад)
When Justin Bieber went I love u smithy :L :L
i dont like bieber but that was too funny XD

Автор dantemaycry89 ( назад)
Davina does the peoples eyebrow!

Автор leesbrookaccount ( назад)

Автор Katie g ( назад)
best ever :)

Автор carlsunshine ( назад)
all good cept for fatass

Автор montinadiz1 ( назад)
Love you Beatles!

Автор montinadiz1 ( назад)
Paul: I'm the last rmeaining beatle left
Ringo: what about me?!
Paul:-one of the last remaining beatles left
Classic, love all of you! Especially Smithy and George

Автор Jenne Grainger ( назад)
omb I love you SMITHY and BIEBER!! xD xx <3

Автор JivJovJones ( назад)
is it me or does rio ferdinand look like neil from the inbetweeners crossed with ricky gervais and craig charles

Автор McLean716 ( назад)
Rio ferdinand hahaha

Автор Sweetlittlemystery ( назад)
that's a big table

Автор Jaclyn Rangel ( назад)

Автор michel031257 ( назад)
Have to apologize to all my neighbours - I laughed and laughed and laughed during the entire clip! Grrrrreat Vid!

Автор Kal - El ( назад)
shoulda asked JT for crying tips.

Автор alfie forth ( назад)
so good

Автор michel031257 ( назад)
My poor neighbours - I had to laugh and laugh and laugh during the entire clip! Great!

Автор Wolfcub_GD ( назад)

Автор yoon1003 ( назад)
Wow!! It's absolutely brilliant!!! The funnest red nose vid

Автор Freddie Marsh ( назад)
whats the last song as they leave?

Автор xNicoleSx ( назад)
wow, so many british celebrities in one video
great idea and really funny

Автор Jem ( назад)
BBC know how to make you laugh:D

Автор Spider From Mars ( назад)

Автор Joel Fernandez ( назад)
Smithy always wears the same top

Автор MoxiMerrygold ( назад)
Smithy's right JLS carnt go they are to fit ;) thumbs up if u agree

Автор Dudan90 ( назад)
the funniest part : only fools n horses .... hhahahahah

Автор Joanne Needham ( назад)
My boys JLS :) All lookin fine! ... Love James Corden!! x

Автор Jenna Harris ( назад)
gordan brown is da bomb..lol

Автор kay mac ( назад)
12:51 smity and sperliy gr8 guys thaxs 4 helping others

Автор JusticeForTheDead ( назад)
1st song is Wham's Club Tropicana, the 2nd is Wham's I'm Your Man, and the the one at the end is Wham's Freedom.

George STEALS this clip, he is so surprisingly good! Him and Smithy are so funny together.

George was great on Eli Stone (American series). He needs to be in a movie/sitcom!

Автор Andrew Clark ( назад)
George michael is not a joke he is a legend

Автор elchafa ( назад)
Very funny indeed

Автор Oak McGarry ( назад)
whats the name of the song right at the end?

Автор Hannah Buttriss ( назад)
Smithy you ledge! <3

Автор Anthony Coombes ( назад)
At the point Rio couldnt cry Smithy should have said "wheres Jhon Terry when you need him"

Автор Oak McGarry ( назад)
whats the name of the song at the end of the sketch?

Автор New Tech Geek ( назад)
Smithy or whatever his name is a complete rip off of Ricky Gervais. His comedy style, timing in fact EVERYTHING!!! not half as funny as Ricky! Great video though, very funny

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