paintball flamethrower

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Автор paintball 2254 ( назад)

Автор Travrinity ( назад)
Everyone hated this video because they wanted to see it in action

Автор JIMMY LOWE ( назад)
how you make that paint flamethrower

Автор CraftersAhoy ( назад)
Title Correction, Paint Ball Squirt Gun!

Автор Occupy Cherno ( назад)
one frame per minute

Автор SUPERHOT ( назад)
The best Moment: 0:45 !!!! :O

Автор Hannah ( назад)
How can it be a paintball FLAMEthrower? I know there's all these paintball
machine guns and paintball grenades and that going about, but a
flamethrower is one thing you actually can't replicate. It's just a hose
with paint coming out.

Автор MrLookatthevid ( назад)
i didnt :)

Автор Vostadues ( назад)
Tag Weapon +1 Painting Job Done! +1 Crap Control! +1 Car Wash +1 PARTY
TIME! +1 Beer Fight! +1 OP Is A Noob Who Don't Know How To Use Photobucket

Автор Jemencalissepasmal ( назад)
next time go post your picture on flicker and let youtube for video

Автор 575cj ( назад)
(>o.o)> FAIL <(o.o<)

Автор xXragingtacoXx ( назад)
are those bbs?

Автор Aidan Roth ( назад)
This video is epic in slow mo!

Автор ldawson218 ( назад)
Wow best video ever at 27 sec i saw a trollface :P

Автор Dion Williams ( назад)
thumbs up if u skipped ahead

Автор Hermanandre ( назад)
Hell no! 0:16 is still the best part EVER!

Автор jonathon ruacho ( назад)
like to dislike

Автор MiguelConQueso7 ( назад)
No i believe the best part is 0:27

Автор Brandon Chesner ( назад)

Автор Legal Freedom ( назад)
It's called GIF.

Автор juvraj bisla ( назад)
the best part was when the thing blew up at 0:40

Автор ryantheinternetguy ( назад)

Автор Chris Kaliber ( назад)
I liked the part at 0:12 when the guy was like spraying it everywhere.

Автор Butters Da Baller ( назад)
LOL all the comments are fucking hilarious but this actually is fucking
awesome. now im actually going to look up a VIDEO of it

Автор gamerqs999 ( назад)
youtube is ment for videos dumbass

Автор Tomáš Řeháček ( назад)
It is not flamethrower...it is paintthrower :)

Автор HQDicing ( назад)
Its like watching paint dry on a wall 0:45 Is the best we dont have to see
its fagishness faggotory level: 9001 ITS OVER 9000!

Автор waffleslayer1 ( назад)
nice choice of color, no one messes with a guy with an expensive can of
pink spray paint

Автор SuperBert ( назад)
is a paintball flamethrower a spray paint can?

Автор logos2600 ( назад)
no lower FPS video available?

Автор Xboxisbetterhaters ( назад)
the book was better

Автор Daniel Weaver ( назад)
Worst video but nice pic

Автор adidassoccer4 (539 лет назад)
its called a squirt gun that you put paint in. congrats.

Автор spoofer44 (1728 лет назад)
fps is kinda low. what kind of mpeg compressor you usin for vid?

Автор Marshallfan607 (446 лет назад)
i liked it when the picture was like there

Автор Philosophered (1540 лет назад)
Thats very interesting, I love the part where it shows the flamethrower

Автор MrTj159789 ( назад)
thats what she said

Автор AJ287772 ( назад)
im subscribing

Автор LikeTheOldTimes ( назад)
worst than rick roll

Автор awertt ( назад)
@oneshotkill98 Rlly???

Автор Cod4Ipod ( назад)
Paintball flamethrower= Just use Can Spray Paint

Автор filmnlocationsi ( назад)
@PattyObrien616 totally agree

Автор TheWeirdCreeperKid ( назад)
I bet everyone skipped to 0:30 just because of the top comment.

Автор lilwill3104 ( назад)
@SEBROCKSTHISWORLD son, i am dissapoint.

Автор kirbora ( назад)
sinnlos ^^

Автор Carson Van Beek ( назад)
But will it blend........

Автор Crimson Skyz ( назад)
..............all you need is a sprayer........

Автор cena221122 ( назад)
does it hurt or is it like a water ballon

Автор Steven rauen ( назад)
that whould kinda be dumb waste of bb's

Автор caleb carnal ( назад)
best part 0:45

Автор Jeannie Sass ( назад)
@LordSexylicious i prefer the legitimate name- hellfire missile

Автор Lawrence Lugar ( назад)
will you marry me, mr paintball flame thrower man...

Автор D4rkCybr4n ( назад)
nice !VIDEO! ><

Автор xsimplyunreal ( назад)
i would have preferred being rick rolled instead

Автор Mr. Burger ( назад)
@LordSexylicious OOOR we could build two flying replicas of helicopters,
equip them with a small calibre paintball cannon and let those two battle
each other

Автор Nicolai Carlé ( назад)
@PattyObrien616 No its 0:45

Автор leon leolol ( назад)

Автор leon leolol ( назад)
this is very opfer

Автор Blood Money ( назад)
I don't think your jizz is supposed to be purple. Nice picture bro for all
we no u could just be throwing a can of paint.

Автор crzy4skittlez ( назад)
Best part is 0:45

Автор TheTeamsc0n ( назад)
A picture? really? So gay.

Автор Aadre ( назад)
best part is 12:00

Автор Sergeant Weijand ( назад)
people invented that a long time ago GRAFFITI

Автор azoreanblade2 ( назад)
i can water my lawn with that thing.

Автор BanMace ( назад)
nice picture

Автор engleis24 ( назад)
just call it a paintthrower

Автор jcardwell3rd ( назад)
is there always a little paint leaking out the front like the pilot on a
flame thrower?

Автор airforce5551 ( назад)
wow that gun chops too much... my sugestion is to get a faster hopper! xD

Автор Daniel Hartnett ( назад)
the best part is 0:30

Автор FromTheAshesWeRiot ( назад)
i like the part where he shot paint out of the gun

Автор SuperSavySaver ( назад)
youtube is for uploading videos you dumb fuck. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

Автор Mr. Dansho ( назад)
is darth bader sables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Javier Inzunza ( назад)

Автор BlazedSoulz ( назад)
Whats next a paint throwing knife ?

Автор Nicholas Cage ( назад)

Автор plowdawg555 ( назад)
Ha your flame thrower has more range than your marker.

Автор Andrés Licona ( назад)
I love the part when he stands en the middle of the field, and shoots his
flamethrower.... Epic Moment

Автор Taiki Rhodes ( назад)
i have one too, its called a can of spray paint

Автор Seb Raubenheimer ( назад)
what, no 009 sound system?

Автор jumpupdnbdj ( назад)
If you want to upload pictures, use flikr or photobucket.

Автор MrFitz0312 ( назад)
ur all wrong... the best part is :46

Автор revoltinggnome (1116 лет назад)
Plz animate

Автор X0887778 ( назад)
might as well just get a spray can...

Автор Blake Miller (771 год назад)
dude show us a video not just a pic

Автор klaus121991 (47 лет назад)
i so want this for the soul purpose it would piss people off if you hit
them with it

Автор theguppy1999 ( назад)
@SEALboy171 46 seconds not 45 silly goose

Автор CarsonScholz ( назад)
i love 0:31

Автор cashholmy123 (590 лет назад)
HEY WATCH 0:32 THTs the best part!!!

Автор dragneeln915 ( назад)
ghost busters !

Автор thealmostfreakyfreak ( назад)
Coming soon: Paintball tactical nuke

Автор freezebain15 ( назад)
@SEALboy171 45 seconds i will never get back

Автор kevin kosa ( назад)
you should see this vid in 1080p fuckin awsome

Автор Dan Cosme ( назад)

Автор nash ( назад)
-kindergarten teacher- alright kids, PAINTING TIME -kids- YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Автор bryce johnson ( назад)
the fuck.....

Автор james eubank ( назад)
spray paint pack-a-punched

Автор tester6656 ( назад)
@InfoAlien ya but you cant use it. well i'ed asum that you cant use spray
paint on acount that spray paint is toxic plus i dont think it comes off
easly. :( sorry

Автор HairyFistTheFirst ( назад)
youtube is for videos

Автор John Knapp ( назад)

Автор InfoAlien ★ Tutorials & More ★ ( назад)
I can get a portable flamethrower from home depot, its called spray paint.

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