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Автор Tomáš Řeháček (3 года)
It is not flamethrower...it is paintthrower :)

Автор blaze11394 (3 года)

Автор LikeTheOldTimes (3 года)
worst than rick roll

Автор caleb carnal (3 года)
best part 0:45

Автор TehEpiczBanana (3 года)
@TheRebelEye And then fire it in this guys face XD

Автор kirbora (3 года)
sinnlos ^^

Автор theNSKO (3 года)
stupide creep ...picture on youtube .....go burn fatass dumb

Автор Prince Noah (3 года)
*clicks link* *checks like/dislike bar* *dislikes and clicks back without

Автор waffleslayer1 (3 года)
nice choice of color, no one messes with a guy with an expensive can of
pink spray paint

Автор Jamie lee (3 года)
This isn't boring at all

Автор plowdawg555 (3 года)
Ha your flame thrower has more range than your marker.

Автор Blop orz (3 года)
10l a sec...

Автор james dinjin (3 года)
you should see this vid in 1080p fuckin awsome

Автор pjicleanair420 (3 года)
ratings speak volumes....

Автор Dion Williams (3 года)
thumbs up if u skipped ahead

Автор Cod4Ipod (3 года)
Paintball flamethrower= Just use Can Spray Paint

Автор pokegang31 (3 года)
0:45 best part

Автор Cowmangii (3 года)

Автор Jemencalissepasmal (3 года)
next time go post your picture on flicker and let youtube for video

Автор aragon2235 (3 года)
where's the balls? ಠ_ಠ

Автор lilwill3104 (3 года)
@SEBROCKSTHISWORLD son, i am dissapoint.

Автор thisishowyousk8 (3 года)
i thank 0:44 was the best part of the whole video

Автор Occupy Cherno (3 года)
one frame per minute

Автор BanMace (3 года)
nice picture

Автор Dan Cosme (3 года)

Автор edaman1231 (3 года)
@foeownz1 that comment. is so old and very very annoying...

Автор Brandon Begley (3 года)
@paintballKid545 shut up.

Автор KICKERMAN124 (3 года)
technically its a paint thrower

Автор Haden McGaughey (3 года)
@flashmuch liar

Автор Aidan Roth (3 года)
This video is epic in slow mo!

Автор TheBeschikbaarheid (3 года)
what a sound....:S

Автор mws123 (3 года)
i think thats called a supersoaker

Автор Hermanandre (3 года)
Hell no! 0:16 is still the best part EVER!

Автор Kenyon Mckinzie (3 года)

Автор Nicolai C. (3 года)
@PattyObrien616 No its 0:45

Автор Predator2169 (3 года)
im flagging this for porn

Автор Marshallfan607 (3 года)
i liked it when the picture was like there

Автор jumpupdnbdj (3 года)
If you want to upload pictures, use flikr or photobucket.

Автор Trent Ausbon (3 года)
sucks @ 0:25

Автор JDK1981 (3 года)
lol this is called a paint sprayer, but there cheaper and have a reason to
use one.

Автор ethan carter (3 года)
thumbs down if you watched it all

Автор Taiki Rhodes (3 года)
i have one too, its called a can of spray paint

Автор HQDicing (3 года)
Its like watching paint dry on a wall 0:45 Is the best we dont have to see
its fagishness faggotory level: 9001 ITS OVER 9000!

Автор jonathon ruacho (3 года)
like to dislike

Автор Butters Da Baller (3 года)
LOL all the comments are fucking hilarious but this actually is fucking
awesome. now im actually going to look up a VIDEO of it

Автор xXragingtacoXx (3 года)
are those bbs?

Автор Lawrence Lugar (3 года)
will you marry me, mr paintball flame thrower man...

Автор TheDrumma13 (3 года)
also known as spray paint?

Автор tester6656 (3 года)
@InfoAlien ya but you cant use it. well i'ed asum that you cant use spray
paint on acount that spray paint is toxic plus i dont think it comes off
easly. :( sorry

Автор aadre2003 (3 года)
best part is 12:00

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