"Livin For Deep Fried Okra" By Mark Lowry

LOL, Mark Lowry does a very funny parody to ricky martin's song.

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Автор Ashley Pearson ( назад)
Brilliant, But I'm from South Africa, what's "Okra"?

Автор Lou Soots ( назад)

Автор Allen Boos ( назад)

Автор hoover4000 ( назад)
@jadeth30 mark lowry on broadway dvd

Автор Teresa Barton ( назад)
I'm freaking out that Jerry Falwell is in the video! Sweetest man I've ever

Автор Steelwind ( назад)
story of my life.

Автор Nathan Caldwell ( назад)
What video is this on? Is it available on DVD?

Автор kenny maese ( назад)

Автор Minerva Troi ( назад)
Best part of this is 1:50-1:51 - Bill Gaither in the poster!

Автор Minerva Troi ( назад)
@KelSIZooo Lucky you! He seems like such a sweet, funny guy; I'd love to
meet him.

Автор GivingThe ( назад)
I love this song! Thank you for putting it up!

Автор wowperson26 ( назад)

Автор lotrloreman ( назад)
OMG hilarious

Автор historyeducator ( назад)
I just asked if was really Jerry Falwell in this video and they responded
with, "he did..." Just funny knowing that Jerry Falwell would do a video
like this.

Автор Melui Azriel Blackheart ( назад)
grew up listening to mark woot!

Автор TheGoofyKidBand ( назад)
This is his best parody, to bad it gets cut into every once in a while.

Автор makeacandidbroadcast ( назад)
Bill Gaither coming alive from the poster. Now that's comedy!

Автор hoover4000 ( назад)
the old lady isn't mark's mom bev

Автор LighthawkTenchi ( назад)
The guy at 1:15. I know that the person you're thinking of is indeed mark.

Автор LighthawkTenchi ( назад)
His mother, Bev Lowry. Very nice lady with a phenomenal voice. Hear her,
and you'll know where Mark gets his talent.

Автор Gary Atkins ( назад)
eat your heart out WIERD AL Yankovic lol

Автор hoover4000 ( назад)
the person wasn't trying to cuss they were refering to the characters in
the movie shrek, they did a cover of the original song livin la vida loca
in one of the movies.

Автор Jenna Mastascuso ( назад)

Автор Duane R ( назад)
that kinda language isnt needed man ill be praying for you Jesus loves you
in oberlin ohio therell be a msic festival in the town square june 28th
23rd-26th therell be crusades

Автор hoover4000 ( назад)
ricky martin

Автор Leonie Laoh ( назад)
The Original tune is Livin La Vida Loca but i dont know the artist

Автор BellaSparrow ( назад)
hahaha one of my absolute favorites of mark's parodies! (no, its NOT jerry
fallwell..mark is just making a joke)

Автор LighthawkTenchi ( назад)
I'm almost certain it is him. The show was from several years ago, and he
put on some weight before he passed this past May. I did go to his funeral,
and it was very nice.

Автор Rawk4Life ( назад)
Actually, the Supreme Court ruled in 1994 that a song parody is fair use of
an original, without requiring permission or royalties. Believe me, if it
weren't true, Apologetix would not have recorded and/or performed over 400
parodies since 1994.

Автор Dulcimerist ( назад)
Okra ROCKS!!!

Автор Raven Kai ( назад)
I just adore Mark Lowry! I love fried okra as well. This video is just

Автор Mark Lester ( назад)
No it's Ricky MARTIAN!

Автор Mark Lester ( назад)
I have this movie,but he lierty got copy right permission from the org.
people and is singing"Living thee the loca","Deep Fried Okra",I think it's
the Village People being Remixed!

Автор LighthawkTenchi ( назад)
I'm almost certain it is indeed Jerry, and I believe the woman feeding him
all that food is none other than his own mother, Bev Lowry.

Автор LighthawkTenchi ( назад)
At 1:11, that looks an awful lot like Jerry Falwell, doesn't it?

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