Honey Gourami Laying Eggs

A pair of Honey Gourami ( Trichogaster (Colisa) chuna) breeding in a community 4' tank. Female layed 16 times over a 2 hour period.

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Автор Emoji Queen ( назад)
em? did the fish lay eggs?

Автор Home Made ( назад)
once gouramis hatch eggs do I need to keep them out or let it be with those
little fishes

Автор anton gayle ( назад)
they spawn exactly like bettas

Автор Raymond Cendana ( назад)
is it easy to breed

Автор Darryl Milne ( назад)
I'm guessing u need a tank without surface agitation ? Like my filter
dropping clean water in

Автор Hailee msp ( назад)
ha so its not only my gourami that eats bubbles

Автор Schliech and Hamster Lover ( назад)
When my male gourami had a bubble nest I eventually had to take it out
because he would take all of the little pelets that I feed my tropical fish
and put them in the nest. It was kinda cool but my other fish started to
starve and he would get aggressive and kill some of them if they were to
close to the nest

Автор April Foster ( назад)
Nice video! Thanks for sharing!

Автор TheAnimusProject ( назад)
one of my gouramis belly is huge like really huge... i believe its pregant
there was 2 males i guess i seperated the one tht wasnt close to the
pregnant one.... put it in a new tank... anyways.. i hvnt seen any bubbles
nest lately and its been 2 days... also seems the one that was always
around the female one.. seems to be hurting her now so im kinda lost is
this fish love or what???

Автор yohannsphotography videography ( назад)
i have the bubbles whats next. 

Автор Kalie Verchatelli ( назад)

Автор Z He ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. Now I know why I got some bubbles before in my tank,
but I did not know that is because of the Gourami, and I think I cleaned
the tank that time. I will really pay attention to the bubbles next time. 

Автор Aqua Lover ( назад)
hey friends:) awesome fish;) i have tetras. Do they can live with my tetras
in hight aqua?


Автор Nico Rønning ( назад)
What is the male? it is the absence of the gray stripe or with strip

Автор Alexander Montserin ( назад)
how can someone dislike this

If I come back as a fish. I hope it's not these. That looks like too much
work. I rather come back as a Molly or Plattys. Lol

Автор MrDragonzSlayer ( назад)
He's not eating the eggs . He's putting them into his mouth so he can
transfer them into the bubblenest @brady Thompson

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
yes i think so 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
In my experience having the least amount of turbulence on the surface is
best as to not damage the bubble nest but if you have air stones maybe buy
some plants that reach or lay on top of the water to create still water....

Автор Colin W. ( назад)
i have a large air stone that makes a lot of water movement at the surface
of the water. will this harm the eggs or cause the female not to lay the

Автор abhilash mukherjee ( назад)
are honey goramis also a type of dwarf gourami?

Автор Stephanie Da Silva ( назад)
mine just mated today! I'm relieved to know it was normal that they kept
going for more and that the daddy turned the mommy over to push her eggs
into her bubble nest! :)

Автор jamie gibson ( назад)
ive got 1 Gourami as my other one passed away will i be able to breed it if
i buy more Gouramis 

Автор MrWwemaster13 ( назад)
i love the fishes couliur :O wow

Автор justin94block ( назад)
thats a slutty female.

Автор OoMASEoO ( назад)
it;s so cute how the girl keeps coming back for more and the male looks
like he's dead afterwards. lol

Автор OoMASEoO ( назад)
that's so freakin cool! hopefully mine mate soon

Автор Phantomic ( назад)
fish porn :)

Автор Mr365436543654 ( назад)
strong finish.

Автор Jeroen B ( назад)
humans should do it too! ;) 

Автор OnoeHoshino ( назад)
Cool. I didn't realize they were so much like bettas in this regard.

Автор Linda Ben (722 года назад)
Amazing....They breed exactly like bettas.......Acually im pretty sure
there in th same family belontidae...I may be wrong

Автор 1111pips ( назад)
great movie, thank you.

Автор 1111pips ( назад)
great movie, thank you.

Автор Chelsea Moore (1661 год назад)
They breed just like betta fish

Автор puahone1 ( назад)
One of the best videos on this subject. thanks for posting. I have two that
are going through this now and I was wondering about how long it takes for
the fry to leave the bubble nest. that's when you remove the male? 

Автор Damur Shrawan ( назад)
what's the difference between male and female? did you separate them before

Автор Ehab Hammam ( назад)
tanks for amazing video 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
i have found that the only thing the female contributes to the whole
reproduction is the donation of the eggs, otherwise the male will not let
her near the nest or fry. but that may be just my pair 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
haha i think it was a few hours 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
no i left the female in the tank, the male would not let her anywhere near
that side of the tank, for a small fish he was quite aggressive to the rest
of the community tank. i removed the fry about a week after they hatched 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
eKunGaming is correct, the male was placing the eggs in the nest 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
yes the eggs did hatch and i did remove the fry and raised them in a
separate tank 

Автор TropicalKIng1990 ( назад)
realy cool i hope mine lay eggs :)

Автор eKunGaming ( назад)
i think its gathering them then putting them in the bubble nest.

Автор Inter WebSurfing ( назад)
are they eating there egg?

Автор agaheb eretyg ( назад)
They breeds exactly as the Betta Splenders wow.. nice video, thanks for the

Автор agaheb eretyg ( назад)
He is not eating the eggs, he is taking care of them, he takes them into
his mouth ands puts them up in the nest of bubbles.

Автор cupcakesrule22 ( назад)
how big are ur gouamis and y does it look like there eatting their eggs

Автор kkuzyk1 ( назад)
wow mine did that too

Автор Sai Vang ( назад)
at the begginig male: im finish hun female: OK HERE I COME female: OMG I
GOT SQUISH dangg tahts a fast breeding there, how long did it take him to
finish build the nest?

Автор Aquascaping the World by BM ( назад)
Thats beautiful. great footage. i just got 3 today for my planted.

Автор Griarz “Fifa13Millionair” s ( назад)
@DeAwesomest123 they're eggs hence the title saying "laying eggs" 

Автор MajorMentos ( назад)
do they lay eggs or give birth to live fry?? coz they look like fry

Автор New American Fishkeeper (343 года назад)
Did anyone notice they mate exactly like betta fish?

Автор MrReyno Tanks ( назад)
@mattbatterson1 These are just a color variant of the Trichogaster Chuna. I
found a paper describing the wild color variations of T.Chuna. Mislabeling
in stores is a frequent problem, that needs to be dealt with. I purchased
to types gouramis both labeled as sunset honey gouramis. Half turned out to
be Sunset Thicked-Lipped Gouramis ( Trichogaster Labiosa) while the other
half were True Honey Gouramis (Trichogastor chuna ) of the red cultivar .

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
thank you all for clearing up what breed these fish were. i have changed
the title to suit. 

Автор Matt Batterson ( назад)
@Reyma777 I'm Not sure. The local Aquarium sold them as Dwarf Guramis which
now i have now learn t are honey guramis so i definatly couldn't tell you
if they are cross breeds of something else. sorry 

Автор AbelAuditore ( назад)
Female-"rushes over" SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX! Male-"waiting" here she comes!
SEX SEX SEX 45 degrees! 

Автор 17Americanoboi ( назад)
Why does the male always chase the female away after they have mated? 

Автор Reiseumdiewelt ( назад)
@Reyma777 Your Honey Guramis are Colisa (Trichogaster) chuna, a species
from Assam in E-India. By the way, watch my YouTube video youtu - dot -

Автор Reiseumdiewelt ( назад)
@ZeroLaCrue mating time

Автор ZeroLaCrue ( назад)
can you german??wann ist die paarungs zeit??

Автор MrReyno Tanks ( назад)
@Reiseumdiewelt Is this variant a natural or selective breed morph ?

Автор ZeroLaCrue (1509 лет назад)
nice love this fish

Автор ZeroLaCrue (1528 лет назад)

Автор MrReyno Tanks ( назад)
@ZeroLaCrue This are gold honey gourami ( Trichogaster (Colisa) chuna) 

Автор ZeroLaCrue ( назад)
whats the name of the fish

Автор Reiseumdiewelt ( назад)
@Reyma777 That's right! The title should be changed!

Автор treasy ( назад)
Great footage. I love how they're totally non-functional for like 2 seconds
after spawning

Автор Claudio Rikower ( назад)
Where do I get those beautiful gouramis in the states? Thanks!

Автор MrReyno Tanks ( назад)
These are honey gouramis not dwarf

Автор skyh2k ( назад)
wow.. Nice work! I need to fine a female for my two males. 

Автор szasz85b ( назад)
you should put floating plants into that tank, gouramis like it and its a
good for the bubble nest

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