How to Kickflip on a Ripstik

This is how to kickflip on a Ripstik. It was also like 100 degrees out while I was filming this. This is a VERY DETAILED tricktip. Thumbs up, Comment, and Subscribe.

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Автор angelo chen ( назад)

Автор Lucas Ruiz ( назад)
Fuck that those things are for faggots

Автор sylvia hernandez langley ( назад)
4:38 lol

Автор sylvia hernandez langley ( назад)
4.38 lol

Автор The Clorox Bleach Gamer ( назад)
i have the same ripstik

Автор AntiSocial ( назад)

Автор Asvp Barlos ( назад)
Riostik is not a real skateboard

Автор Bictor Garcia ( назад)
dude WTF is up with your shoe`s and socks

Автор ryanthefox ( назад)
Or you could you know get a fucking skateboard

Автор Jakeman ( назад)
You helped me out a lot

Автор lukas Neumayer ( назад)
this is the part where all cheap boards breack and destroi but not the
waveboard from streetsurfing

Автор Expertgamet 102 ( назад)
U guys are making fun of some ill kik ur ass bitch

Автор RileyWalker Vlogs ( назад)

Автор Walker Tyra ( назад)
I'm doing a tryflip

Автор Trey Rotert ( назад)
cut your hair please

Автор heythereimjasmine ( назад)
wow ur cute but this helped me allot

Автор TheRathofKhan ( назад)
Very informative

Автор Lissy Dee ( назад)
luv the hair

Автор jana milinkovic ( назад)
its not kickflip it heelflip

Автор Sarah Clarke ( назад)
you look like Justin beiber

Автор Not Yuno ( назад)
the cicadas

Автор Zenani Sithole ( назад)
Love th different colour socks😂

Автор TheRedEyedKrow ( назад)
dude your shoes are fucked up

Автор Slide Shows ( назад)
Thanks. It helped alot.

Автор Kreo Granger ( назад)
wtf are doseeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор Bryan Ramirez ( назад)
think you for teaching that new trick you
are so coooooooooooooooooooool😀

Автор Alexander Young ( назад)
what are those

Автор That OneNerd-_- ( назад)

Автор austin heath ( назад)
that was,y

Автор Kyren Brown ( назад)
it's Justin Bieber

Автор Nathan Anderson (1274 года назад)
┃ ● ══ ┃
┃█ U used █┃
┃█ to call █┃
┃█ me on █┃
┃█ my cell █┃
┃█phone. █┃

Автор nouri youssef ( назад)
inizia ha mettere i calzini giusti fai cagare

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор TheChikis_YT PvP Diversión Y Más ( назад)
black and white

Автор Jesús Eduardo Rojas Alarcon ( назад)
podrias decirlo en español

Автор Moby “gie” Me ( назад)
Why do you a different socks?

Автор Blank ( назад)
210 people have severe injuries

Автор gr8 gaming ( назад)
that wasn't a kickflip and wt r thooseeeeee

Автор Victoria Wolska ( назад)
And your cute! =]

Автор Victoria Wolska ( назад)
hey!, i have the same Ripstick!!! =]

Автор martin carlin ( назад)
That's shit

Автор scribble 6ix ( назад)

Автор Ashton Wolfe ( назад)
What are THOOOOOOOOSE!?!?!

Автор Alex Seth ( назад)
Justin bieber

Автор [Strafe] Ultra0x7 ( назад)
lmao to the skaters that thought you couldn't do skateboard tricks such as
the kickflip on a casterboard

Автор Amaury Hernandez ( назад)
When are you gonna give me a board then

Автор MA Handles ( назад)
It's good to know how to Ollie because when your do oh my god a kick flip
you need to be in the air like how your supposed to be when you do an Ollie

Автор Mitchell Swordsman (1905 лет назад)
wrong u need to be able to ollie be for kickflip

Автор VeXG3NETIK ( назад)
What are thoooooooose

Автор Ahmed Hussein ( назад)
Sorry my whight is87kg can the ripskate or ripstik bear me 

Автор antonio mejia (1654 года назад)
Thumbs up for mix n match socks

Автор i Rewind ( назад)
When did Justin bieber ride a rip stick

Автор Carrie Moritz ( назад)
shut up you don't know any thing ugly face

Автор david lukin (iDavely) ( назад)
It's Justin beiber

Автор Its Cleeve ( назад)
This dude is a fan of justin bieber i think
hahahaha but great video 

Автор Victor Yuen ( назад)
thx dude , gr8 tut !

Автор vBurke ( назад)
Man fuck all you haters. This kid has major talent and all you little
fuckers have none. Your the best man. 

Автор Chance Brubaker ( назад)
I liked it because I was struggling with kick flip on ripstick

Автор The jokester24 ( назад)
The next video you make try to say the name"The Jokester24"please

Автор ryotofurytobe500 ( назад)
x3 i wear different color socks to. up top dude.

Автор jay murray ( назад)

Автор Jimmie Spears ( назад)
fuck you

Автор MiguelGamerD66 ( назад)

Автор luhximo j ( назад)
Id talk to this kid if I saw him, what a good kid. Honestly 👍

Автор MrAwesomePantsJr ( назад)
does this work with a ripstik pro?

Автор Tiski Gaming (tiski and leski) ( назад)
FREE BOARDS??????????????????????????????? OMFG I NEED ONE lol i left my
other one out it the rain........ -.- like shit why in the f*ck*ng rain?

Автор Virginia Vagnone ( назад)
You should do more videos

Автор Virginia Vagnone ( назад)
That was super😄👍👍

Автор Samuel Tu ( назад)
Wow ur advice actually works

Автор EmperorGaming CSGOGameplay ( назад)
didnt work ass hole go fukc ur self

Автор EmperorGaming CSGOGameplay ( назад)
is it just me but no affence he looks like justin beiber ? not trying to be

Автор Adner Ramirez ( назад)
What is wrong with you people he has fellings you what the fuck is wrong
with you shame on you

Автор Whisper Rodriguez ( назад)
Ur good thanks

Автор SangSoo Joung ( назад)
You look like Justin Bieber. Shame on you

Автор Breydon E ( назад)
Lol those socks tho

Автор Ben Au ( назад)
Yeah no XD "There's no way i could do that" 

Автор David Mata ( назад)
look justin bieber

Автор Chase Balan ( назад)
Good job

Автор Sheila Odonnell ( назад)
Any tips for landing

Автор Johan Orozco ( назад)
I flicked of when I got mad with my hand, lol

Автор KickBackNRelax 420 ( назад)
4:44 fag

Автор Coolbro2003 ( назад)
Lol I noticed his socks

Автор Coolbro2003 ( назад)
It's a ripstik

Автор Elanor Hawke ( назад)
The shoes is his foot

Автор Erin Popham ( назад)
I have that ripstick

Автор Oscar Ottaway ( назад)
Yhe I'm a really really expedients ripstiker and this takes really really
high skill so really well done.:-) 

Автор - Sup3r G4mer - ( назад)
its somehing

Автор HowToProductions 101 ( назад)
sweet that looks soooooo hard

Автор Javon C ( назад)
What u can do that for real that awsome

Автор TJ Perenara ( назад)
Lol, he took his shoes off, by the way, nice od socks. LOLOLOl

Автор Jacob Peterman ( назад)
Nice vid and tutorial. Why are you so sweaty though?

Автор sandy rupchand ( назад)

Автор sandy rupchand ( назад)

Автор brandon Wilson ( назад)
your not cool
justin bieber fag

Автор Yukii Anims ( назад)
Black & White socks.... Like a pro

Автор Cringe Toob ( назад)
Doesnt even look steezy on a rip stick, it ruins the kickflip, anyways
props for being able to do it on that thing! :))

Автор gavin ortiz ( назад)
Your cool

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