How to Kickflip on a Ripstik

This is how to kickflip on a Ripstik. It was also like 100 degrees out while I was filming this. This is a VERY DETAILED tricktip. Thumbs up, Comment, and Subscribe.

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Автор Trey Rotert ( назад)
cut your hair please

Автор emoloverjas biersackwood ( назад)
wow ur cute but this helped me allot

Автор TheRathofKhan Gaming ( назад)
Very informative

Автор Lissy Dee ( назад)
luv the hair

Автор ana milovic ( назад)
its not kickflip it heelflip

Автор Sarah Clarke ( назад)
you look like Justin beiber

Автор Not Yuno ( назад)
the cicadas

Автор Zenani Sithole ( назад)
Love th different colour socks😂

Автор Ali Abbas ( назад)
dude your shoes are fucked up

Автор Slide Shows ( назад)
Thanks. It helped alot.

Автор Kreo Granger ( назад)
wtf are doseeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор Bryan Ramirez ( назад)
think you for teaching that new trick you
are so coooooooooooooooooooool😀

Автор Alexander Young ( назад)
what are those

Автор That OneNerd-_- ( назад)

Автор austin heath ( назад)
that was,y

Автор Kyren Brown ( назад)
it's Justin Bieber

Автор Nathan Anderson (1274 года назад)
┃ ● ══ ┃
┃█ U used █┃
┃█ to call █┃
┃█ me on █┃
┃█ my cell █┃
┃█phone. █┃

Автор nouri youssef ( назад)
inizia ha mettere i calzini giusti fai cagare

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор joseph mendez ( назад)
you are really good

Автор Thecarlos16_Gameplays ( назад)
black and white

Автор Jesús Eduardo Rojas Alarcon ( назад)
podrias decirlo en español

Автор Moby “gie” Me ( назад)
Why do you a different socks?

Автор Cris Beige ( назад)
210 people have severe injuries

Автор gr8 gaming ( назад)
that wasn't a kickflip and wt r thooseeeeee

Автор Victoria Wolska ( назад)
And your cute! =]

Автор Victoria Wolska ( назад)
hey!, i have the same Ripstick!!! =]

Автор martin carlin ( назад)
That's shit

Автор scribble 6ix ( назад)

Автор Ashton Wolfe ( назад)
What are THOOOOOOOOSE!?!?!

Автор Alex Seth ( назад)
Justin bieber

Автор Jacob Phelps ( назад)
How do you even

Автор Ultra Altra ( назад)
lmao to the skaters that thought you couldn't do skateboard tricks such as
the kickflip on a casterboard

Автор Amaury Hernandez ( назад)
When are you gonna give me a board then

Автор MA Handles ( назад)
It's good to know how to Ollie because when your do oh my god a kick flip
you need to be in the air like how your supposed to be when you do an Ollie

Автор Mitchell Swordsman (1905 лет назад)
wrong u need to be able to ollie be for kickflip

Автор VeXG3NETIK ( назад)
What are thoooooooose

Автор Ahmed Hussein ( назад)
Sorry my whight is87kg can the ripskate or ripstik bear me 

Автор antonio mejia (1654 года назад)
Thumbs up for mix n match socks

Автор MooN DJM MooN ( назад)
When did Justin bieber ride a rip stick

Автор Carrie Moritz ( назад)
shut up you don't know any thing ugly face

Автор david lukin (iDavely) ( назад)
It's Justin beiber

Автор cleeve odiaz ( назад)
This dude is a fan of justin bieber i think
hahahaha but great video 

Автор Victor Nguyen ( назад)
thx dude , gr8 tut !

Автор vBurke ( назад)
Man fuck all you haters. This kid has major talent and all you little
fuckers have none. Your the best man. 

Автор Chance Brubaker ( назад)
I liked it because I was struggling with kick flip on ripstick

Автор The jokester24 ( назад)
The next video you make try to say the name"The Jokester24"please

Автор ryotofurytobe500 ( назад)
x3 i wear different color socks to. up top dude.

Автор jay murray ( назад)

Автор Jimmie Spears ( назад)
fuck you

Автор MiguelGaymerD66 ( назад)

Автор luhximo j ( назад)
Id talk to this kid if I saw him, what a good kid. Honestly 👍

Автор MrAwesomePantsJr ( назад)
does this work with a ripstik pro?

Автор Tiski Gaming (tiski and leski) ( назад)
FREE BOARDS??????????????????????????????? OMFG I NEED ONE lol i left my
other one out it the rain........ -.- like shit why in the f*ck*ng rain?

Автор Virginia Vagnone ( назад)
You should do more videos

Автор Virginia Vagnone ( назад)
That was super😄👍👍

Автор Samuel Tu ( назад)
Wow ur advice actually works

Автор EmperorGaming CSGOGameplay ( назад)
didnt work ass hole go fukc ur self

Автор EmperorGaming CSGOGameplay ( назад)
is it just me but no affence he looks like justin beiber ? not trying to be

Автор Adner Ramirez ( назад)
What is wrong with you people he has fellings you what the fuck is wrong
with you shame on you

Автор Whisper Rodriguez ( назад)
Ur good thanks

Автор SangSoo Joung ( назад)
You look like Justin Bieber. Shame on you

Автор Breydon E ( назад)
Lol those socks tho

Автор I Eat Dick ( назад)
Yeah no XD "There's no way i could do that" 

Автор David Mata ( назад)
look justin bieber

Автор Chase Balan ( назад)
Good job

Автор Sheila Odonnell ( назад)
Any tips for landing

Автор Johan Orozco ( назад)
I flicked of when I got mad with my hand, lol

Автор KickBackNRelax TeaStoner ( назад)
4:44 fag

Автор Coolbro2003 ( назад)
Lol I noticed his socks

Автор Coolbro2003 ( назад)
It's a ripstik

Автор Natsu Dragneel ( назад)
The shoes is his foot

Автор Erin Popham ( назад)
I have that ripstick

Автор Mayan Baghdadi ( назад)
Hey thanks bro.

Автор Oscar Ottaway ( назад)
Yhe I'm a really really expedients ripstiker and this takes really really
high skill so really well done.:-) 

Автор Leany Carrier-Lapointe ( назад)
its somehing

Автор HowToProductions 101 ( назад)
sweet that looks soooooo hard

Автор Javon C ( назад)
What u can do that for real that awsome

Автор izyy's AMV Studio ( назад)
its waveboard

Автор TJ Perenara ( назад)
Lol, he took his shoes off, by the way, nice od socks. LOLOLOl

Автор Jacob Peterman ( назад)
Nice vid and tutorial. Why are you so sweaty though?

Автор sandy rupchand ( назад)

Автор sandy rupchand ( назад)

Автор brandon Wilson ( назад)
your not cool
justin bieber fag

Автор Yukii Anims ( назад)
Black & White socks.... Like a pro

Автор Jon LaRock ( назад)
Doesnt even look steezy on a rip stick, it ruins the kickflip, anyways
props for being able to do it on that thing! :))

Автор gavin ortiz ( назад)
Your cool

Автор Jason “JayKid101” Ramirez ( назад)
If you're going to kickflip and do tricks just get an actual skateboard!
What's the point of. Dipsticks anyway they're not for crushing and sure as
he'll not for tricks so just get a real board

Автор Guyon Hoevenaars ( назад)
2 soks

Автор Tycho Bezuur ( назад)
Haha 2 different socks

Автор Kistler Clipz ( назад)
thanks for the post

Автор Peyton Sedacca ( назад)
It's justin

Автор josh wheeler ( назад)
Aye look it's justin beiber 

Автор Robert Wilburn ( назад)
what up with the black and white socks

Автор galaxwolfo ( назад)
:23 lol

Автор Людмил Андреев ( назад)
y do you have two different socks

Автор Ashleigh Drake ( назад)
love it!

Автор Vini Maciel ( назад)

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