Sex On The Beach Cocktail Drink Recipe

Sex On The Beach Cocktail Drink Recipe Video. This is a fun party drink and can also be made as a mini shot. Subscribe for more drink recipe videos weekly.More cocktail drink recipes at http://barbook.com/drink-recipes
3/4 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. peach schnapps
1 oz. orange juice
2 oz. cranberry juice

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Автор Fedon Martz ( назад)
filmed with a potato

Автор Kris Sajewicz ( назад)

Автор juancarlos avendano ( назад)
rum????? its vodka

Автор Katie Marie ( назад)
Smirnoff vodka is not 'a very nice vodka'

Автор James Blonde ( назад)
nice vid man thumbs up

Автор Avamylove120710 ( назад)
I Liked your Video, I found it very educational and pleasing!! Ignore Them
all! YOU did found the bartending school not them

Автор SamanthaMassey61373 ( назад)
it taste very nice

Автор TheHardon1 (973 года назад)
Absolut is better vodka.

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
We're you an abused child? When was the last time you were sober? You
should seek professional help. It's apparent you have a problem. Thanks for
the kind words.

Автор Wesley MacDonald ( назад)
please continue to work like this idiot, more crap bars in the world, more
guests come to my bar for proper drinks

Автор Mr.Zomzak Zithipornpan ( назад)

Автор CaitlinCooks ( назад)
Love this video :-) Please check out my Sex on the Beach video w/ my Nana!
If you & your viewers need a laugh, it will definitely give them a few ;-)

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
I don't pour extra. It's a slight of hand to make customers think that they
are getting more.

Автор SonOfTheRightHand29 (1112 года назад)
Why use the measurer if youre gonna pour extra in anyway? aha.....oh and i
use pineapple juice rather than orange juice

Автор Valentin Badea ( назад)
u are one sad bartender

Автор Cheryl Duthie ( назад)
at the end of the video, the recipe is written out for the viewer to see.
it's incorrect. they put "rum" instead of "vodka".

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
it's optional

Автор kahurangipiata ( назад)
wheres the garnish

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
A good bartender doesn't drink when they are behind the bar.

Автор musikero101 ( назад)
I am a new bar tender and my recipe is: 1 1/2 oz Well Vodka 1/2 oz Chambord
(or the well version, Rasmataz) 1/2 oz peach shnapps Equal parts of
Pineapple and Orange Juice to fill the highball glass splash of Grenadine
for color I tend to build in the glass and shake. I garnish the glass with
a Orange half and a cherry.

Автор Esther Mawi ( назад)
What's wrong??? He used Smirnoff VODKA and in the end it said 1 oz of

Автор slimjim74811 ( назад)
Wait, you confused me. In the video, you said to use vodka. At the end, it
says to use rum. Which one should you use?

Автор Tom Melanson ( назад)
I never remember my schnapps lol I always just throw some vodka and my
juiced together. Like a vodka punch with pineapple

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
No, I wish I was and than I'd be sitting by the pool with lots of pretty
babes. If only I was a movie star.

Автор Stikleris (611 год назад)
Are you a bartender from The Shining?

Автор Kimberly Enriquez ( назад)
My faves are the appletinis or adios mf!

Автор cicp89 ( назад)
what is the music at the start and the end of the viedo???

Автор Farcutiu Mihai ( назад)
thanks for tutorial, nice

Автор Andrew Columbos (112 года назад)
then, were going to give it a feet...peach flavor 0:50

Автор ilias kalivianakis ( назад)
@dankcharlie666 if you shake it it will have 1 colour if you not it will
have 2 colours and that is better sorry for my english i am from greece

Автор dangerdakota ( назад)
lol i buy Smirnoff casue it cheap

Автор isocrate27 ( назад)
Who drinks all your recipes?

Автор justin goth ( назад)
@carloskr no recipe says rum

Автор justin goth ( назад)
@AWDracer you shouldnt teach people the wrong way to make a drink

Автор justin goth ( назад)
@jtiano ice workin mixer.... no build... nobody seems to know how to make
this simple drink,,, an this guy founded a barteding school.... this is why
we have so many bad terrible bartenders in america

Автор Brenda lakey ( назад)

Автор Aynenflow ( назад)
Did i see RED sex on the beach?

Автор John Joe ( назад)
Smirnoff is an okay vodka. just fine for mixed drinks. But get the top
shelf people, Vox Belvedere, 360, ciroc. Why not put the best in your body
? 5-10 dollars difference most of the time

Автор karen vasquez ( назад)
@BboyFeeney belvedere

Автор carloskr ( назад)
He says to use vodka. But the end recepie says rum. Wich is it?

Автор Karina Verastegui ( назад)

Автор 2007jk2007 ( назад)
you look like you've been training bartenders for 139 years! looks like
late nights have taken a toll on you my friend

Автор pencrazypal ( назад)
yeah it is the good recipe...for east coast that is..because west coast is
a totally different recipe

Автор Tim Feeney ( назад)
"Smirnoff very good vodka" Absolute work better.

Автор htddu908 ( назад)
i dont want to ctrique but i though it was 1 ounce peach schnapps and 1/2
ounce vodka? explain?

Автор alexisblair ( назад)
THERES NOOOO such thing as too much vodka. lol that was barely anything

Автор gourleycoinsDOTcom ( назад)
There are about a million different ways to make this drink. Some add
pineapple juice, some add other liquors, and some even add peach syrup
instead of peach schnapps. At least that is the many different recipes I

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
Collins glass is taller and larger. Often collins 'glasses are called
chimmey and frosted.

Автор American Bartending School ( назад)
It could be make either way by shaking or building depending on the
bartenders preference.

Автор dankcharlie666 ( назад)
no shake?

Автор BeckySilva08 ( назад)
Missing the pineapple juice.. lol

Автор Mcload22 (421 год назад)
dats not how u make it and he put 2 much vodka

Автор zmagoNS ( назад)
never heard of it?!?! it's a clasic! :DDD

Автор ReptiliansAmongUs ( назад)
what exactly is the difference between a Collins glass and a high-ball
glass? And can I use a Collins glass on a drink that "requires" a high-ball
glass and vice-versa?

Автор alex9nanc ( назад)
uMmMmMmMmm hai 2 u. bored? lets chat! im naked! =) maybe B

Автор Cheryl Charming ( назад)
This is the original Sex on the Beach that came out in 1985. Peachtree
schnapps came out in 1984 and then the Fuzzy Navel was born. Then the Hairy
Navel (vodka, peach schnapps, and ornage juice), then cranberry juice was
added and it was called a Sex on the Beach. There are about 5 different
kinds now. Some made with Midori and some made with Chambord.

Автор jenniferswe ( назад)
this sounds like an awesome drink! I want one!

Автор Hollis2Hollywood ( назад)
i love the porn music added to the video lol

Автор tco99cre ( назад)
Mmm, i work in a bar as barman and i've never hears about this recipe...
maybe it is another version... I'm gonna try...

Автор Xicu12345 ( назад)
orange juice and cranberry juice :)

Автор BadEendje666 ( назад)
That orange juice has such a weird color. =o

Автор skillomoutsounos ( назад)
what is oz???

Автор harsh singh ( назад)
man who drinks those drinks after they have finished with the video??

Автор DimeNRhoads8204 ( назад)
Isn't it also in a highball glass not a collins glass?

Автор EternalSilence ( назад)
He probably has so many. Look, this guy is delivering his expertise on
preparing drinks via Youtube. If you don't like it, then don't watch
anymore of his videos. But showing a little bit of respect and/or
appreciation would be good...

Автор simonvalentino ( назад)
Just what I was thinking...there is no rum..he on drugs lol

Автор rastamady ( назад)
with cream it s sooo much better!!!!

Автор thedude200710 ( назад)
he always uses more than a fucking ounce! he wants to get drunk

Автор Picard0 ( назад)

Автор gerwinf ( назад)
Delicious drink :)

Автор youtubazer ( назад)
nice ;)

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