Luciano Pavarotti - Pour mon ame - Live 1972 (with the Met)

Luciano Pavarotti sings 'Pour mon ame' famed for its 9 high Cs; he holds the final one for roughly 9 seconds!! The show stops for a standing ovation. The audience loved it!

This is from act I of Donizetti's La fille du regiment.

This performance was in New Orleans on the Met's tour of 1972, recorded from the second balcony.

Live 1972 - The Metropolitan Opera orchestra conducted by Richard Bonynge

The user 'SalGibet' sent this recording to me and requested it be uploaded, many thanks!

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Длительность: 3:45
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Автор Orfeo Pecci ( назад)
Bravo, Luciano!!!

Автор Dsome Rsome ( назад)
I can shout louder. So what?

Автор Randal Rushing ( назад)
I was there! I was a wide-eyed high school junior in New Orleans for the
first time, going to my first opera to hear this new sensation: Luciano
Pavarotti. I will never forget the unbelievable rendering of this aria and
the audience response!

Автор bravaLiz ( назад)
THE BEST "Pour mon Ame" LIVE or recorded, I ever heard. It was shortly
after this when he began "transitioning" over from the bel canto style, to
the more dramatic roles. LOVE IT! What a treasure!

Автор Angelo Casarola ( назад)
Perhaps the greatest high "C" in the history of the Met!

Автор Fernando Gonzalez ( назад)
This is impressive indeed!

Автор josé caballero ( назад)
JDF realiza la más bella versión para tenor lírico ligero realiza una
versión lleno de coloratura y su vibrato es más complejo y con más
equilibrio producido por la glotis y el diafragma es más bello, como el que
tenía Kraus más joven, además el francés de JDF es mejor que el de
Pavarotti,, Pavarotti tiene más amplitud en la última nota, es decir más
extensión vocal de tenor lírico, gran timbre, su vibrato es más del
diafragma. En concreto, prefiero la versión de Florez

Автор john m ( назад)
Pavarotti was a complete 'one off', beyond comparison in many
ways....especially in his rendering of this aria and the role itself. 

Автор OperaMyWorld ( назад)
Could you please upload the whole perfomance??I Have the 1966 Covent
Garden,Met 1972 & 1973 perfomances and are Great!!!Also I have the Atlanta
1972 Met on Tour perfomance which is also amazing!!

Автор numetutelare ( назад)
E dopo aver ascoltato Pavarotti dicono che Flores è il migliore? bah... Si
sono scordati Kraus e Blake?

Автор Napoleon Poincare ( назад)
..is enough to see how long it is on that militaire...cannot be compared to
nobody this amazing thenor,nobody like you Luciano

Автор GWEBITYALA ( назад)
The Maestro is dead, but his voice lives!!!!

Автор flicfan416 ( назад)
I was on some sort of vendetta against florez when I wrote that. Don't mind
my inebriated comments of yesteryear. I have no idea what I was smoking.
That said I'm still not the biggest fan of Florez but his repertoire
selection has nothing to do with that

Автор John Wallace ( назад)
Hmmm... Could be because he's staying within his rep, since he is, well, a
leggiero tenor. Just sayin'.

Автор Nicbobo ( назад)
thanks for sharing the love :)

Автор sopranosd ( назад)
I know what you mean! :)

Автор Nicbobo ( назад)
oh my god, i just listened to it, so jealous. i feel so raw

Автор sopranosd ( назад)
I heard Pavarotti live at the Met in 1986 and I'll never forget the
experience. It was Tosca. He totally ruled E lucevan e stelle. Yes, BE
jealous of me~! ;) There is a clip of him singing this aria on youtube, but
they won't let me put the link within this comments. Not surprisingly. It
was uploaded by simonides123.

Автор Enes Burak ( назад)
I fell so lucky for listening this. Thanks to SalGibet n u for uploading

Автор Paulo Martins ( назад)
Pavarotti o imcomparavel... Magnifico, Explendido... O Melhor de tds os

Автор Charles Cornner ( назад)
To jdf's credit, he doesn't try to compare with Luciano. Luciano is the
greatest Pavarotti ever, and Florez is great to his standard.

Автор Nicbobo ( назад)
man i wish i could be there... people's ears must've been blown off

Автор Alain Muller ( назад)
Ca doit être difficile pour Florez d'entendre ca....

Автор voltamore ( назад)
THIS is opera!!!

Автор Alessio Zanetti (1300 лет назад)
Assolutamente perfetto!! Chi ha messo non mi piace non capisce niente di

Автор 2496zappa ( назад)
Jeez, it sounds like he incited the audience to riot.

Автор marcello shaunard ( назад)
jdf can't compare to this. this is simply beautiful. florez has agility and
a nice marketing but pav had a voice, heck... ernesto palacio had a more
beautiful voice than florez ever could wish to have.

Автор marcello shaunard ( назад)
c'mon... someone really compared florez to this?

Автор Grahcm ( назад)
Oh to have been there

Автор MrFrenchaccent ( назад)
Fantastic !!!

Автор cubadude1 ( назад)
@honestopera I love people who think their opinion is the only thing that
matters. Florez is one of the most desired Rossinian tenors, I'm pretty
sure most people think very highly of his voice.

Автор Merdish ( назад)

Автор flicfan416 ( назад)
Yeah, Flores spoke better french. But I don't see flores singing a TENTH of
the repertoire Pavarotti did. JDF seems to hop from one tenor leggiero role
to the next.

Автор thomassmile ( назад)
how can you not worship this man ? :p

Автор dimakauffman ( назад)
the one who said pavarotti's had a tiny voice must be getting deaf

Автор Dominique Pommelet ( назад)
luciano is very very good but his french is not so good no? frorez has e
beautyful french

Автор louie1a ( назад)
@tomclaudetom it was 9

Автор italianswiggler ( назад)
@bari2tenor Haha, thank you my friend! Seriously, 2 dislikes?! 1:52-2:03.
Nuff said.

Автор Malcolm Cooper ( назад)
@italianswiggler hahahahahah. Thats hilarious. Well put.

Автор Giovannifabuloso ( назад)
Pavarottti in his prime. what an amazing voice he had and what incredible
high C,s

Автор donde2k ( назад)
He wasn't human. Listen to the utter ease with which he flies up to each of
those notes - and all the other ones ! He's practically leading the
orchestra at certain points - "Come on, let's go !!" Bravissimo, Primo
Tenore !

Автор Luigi Zacco Giovanelli (1885 лет назад)
Eccelso, questo era il vero repertorio di Luciano ìììì

Автор KingGale ( назад)
Pavarotti's performance in this opera at the 17th of February 1972
alongside Joan Sutherland at the Met achieved a record number of curtain
calls - namely, 17, more than any other performance, before or since.
Well-deserved, Maestro.

Автор dominique pommelet ( назад)
et bien bravo JUAN DIEGO FLOREZ.....

Автор Олег Кувалов ( назад)
Amaizing sound! Amaizng control! Pavarotti & Corelli best voices ever!!!

Автор elyavet666 ( назад)
espectacularrrr.....lomejor en la historia y no dudo que a ahora le este
cantando a dios con los angeless...

Senza parole.....

Автор VIV ( назад)
@stevevandien actually im pretty sure he was a full lyric tenor with quite
good size. maybe he wasnt a big dramatic tenor like domingo but do you
think he'd sing at the met for so long with a small voice?

Автор Giulio ( назад)
He doesn't "hit" those notes; he crushes them!

Автор italianswiggler ( назад)
Two people who watched this video are Andrea Bocelli fans.

Автор ttirovapa ( назад)
If I share that Pavarotti was a tenor very popular, but I think in my
opinion that in its early years was in possession of a unique voice with
which he could achieve a unique, and for me was one of the best versions Ah
mes amis! .. Pour mon ame

Автор 22441932 ( назад)
@pjay22 And that was a damn good orgasm!!!

Автор Roberto Martínez ( назад)
Juan Diego what?

Автор pjay22 ( назад)
That wasn't a standing ovation, that was an orgasm. Damn that was amazing.

Автор yoheliomcr ( назад)
Really... The Best. For Ever !!!!

Автор Raffaele Polli ( назад)
bravissimo tenore leggero

Автор FeelinMinnesota ( назад)
@Kraus4ever With not even half the power that Pav had. Not to mention in
the beggining he could only do like one vowel sound in the high C, While
pav could always do the 5 italian vowels. Besides, Krauss was a light
tenor, little voice, pav was a lyric one, warmer, much bigger voice.

Автор histeringg ( назад)
que bien sostiene el do agudo en la ultimaparte

Автор thomassmile ( назад)
one word only : perfection

Автор bigus ( назад)
i take that back he wasn't second class, he was good just not in the same
league as pav....but then few were....imo. fisichella was more comparable
to vargas to me.

Автор bigus ( назад)
@ShawDAMAN yea i think Fisichella must have been deaf to say pavarotti
sounds germanic. i think he was just very jealous. he was a 2nd class tenor

Автор Pete Soebekti ( назад)
wow he held it long

Автор macatenor ( назад)
Heart, soul and balls in perfectly balanced amounts...... And coupled with
that unassuming smile!...... The Shiz! :)

Автор vladmorten ( назад)
ah perdón, no quise puntuarte negativo me equivoqué de ícono. Concuerdo
contigo Luciano fue grandísimo!

Автор joseochoa77 ( назад)
Sencillamente IMPRESIONANTE!!!!! Bravo Pavarotti, Bravooooooo!!!!!!

Автор Webarton ( назад)
He was pretty darn good.

Автор IfYourMomWereATaco ( назад)
@Valkyrie91a In the same way aroncooker suggested that Pavarotti doesn't
fall under the category of tenor, I'd like to suggest that neither does
Andrea Bocelli... but for entirely different reasons... :p

Автор Samuel Karlberg ( назад)
The last high C is the best live high C I´ve ever heard!

Автор aabadv ( назад)
Coincido en afirmar que Pavarotti fue sorprendente en esa Ária por su voz
colosal, pero no comparen a Domingo con él, son voces completamente
distintas. Pavarotti era lírico y Domingo dramático. Mi opinión personal...
me gusta más Domingo por su calidad interpretativa, fuerza, candor y
actuación; si fuese lírico como Pavarotti hubiese sido otra historia.

Автор kunfusinger ( назад)
disculpen la groseria pero por la puta madre ¡¡¡¡¡Que grande eres

Автор Pavarotti4eva ( назад)
@jcmcpr then fuck you

Автор fabiancamposparedes ( назад)

Автор lUCA pACINI ( назад)
voci così ce le scordiamo da qui in avanti

Автор Jean Carlos Martinez ( назад)
i dont like pavarotti at all but i got to admit that this was a very good

Автор StuartLou ( назад)
.... was at the first performance. Both were great. Why they didn't
televise "that" is typical of the Met. You couldn't help but love them
both. Ah, those golden years... gone forever.

Автор don carlo ( назад)
What can one say? Lucianissimo....you were the greatest. Yes, Kraus was a
GREAT singer and could sing the High C just about until the day he died but
Pavarotti had a MUCH more beautiful voice. Just magnificent. Sorry I never
saw him in and Dame Joan in Fille.

Автор Aaron Cooker ( назад)
Well of course! :) I hate Bocelli and how people compare him to Pava. He
has so many technical issues.

Автор Nancy Winters ( назад)
@aroncooker You are right, nobody else even comes close. Try listening to
this and then Bocelli....Pav was and always will be the ultimate tenor.

Автор Aaron Cooker ( назад)
This, my friends, is why Pavarotti is not in the category of tenors, but
rather above them all in a place I like to call "Beasts". or rather
"Beast". This blows my mind everytime I hear it. JESUS WHAT A VOICE

Автор Kraus4ever ( назад)
Alfredo Kraus is no doubt the king of the High Cs!! ( He could do them like
a good till his dieth!!)

Автор Kameron L ( назад)
Very well deserved applause.

Автор SiMiChiamanoMariel ( назад)
pfff y yo que creia q JDF era el rey de los high Cs...! pavarotti is the
KING! no...hes GOD..! amazing!

Автор Calvet ( назад)
Magnifique, superbe, on ne lasse pas .On n'est pas près de vous oublier,
Monsieur Pavarotti merci

Автор MataTosti ( назад)
Holy Mother Mary!!! Pavarotti IS Pavarotti...!

Автор arkeeltamayo ( назад)
Creo que es injusta la comparacion, porque aunque amos tenores, son cuerdas
totalmente diferentes.

Автор MrMrmike5 ( назад)
wow that's long applause

Автор guilhem32 ( назад)

Автор John Greene ( назад)

Автор Yilmael ( назад)
wow... they clapped for over a minute... that's ridiculous.

Автор Nater389 ( назад)
Sure, Domingo did sing nearly all operas. But, that does not mean he sang
them all well. He transposed nearly all of them down.

Автор Nater389 ( назад)
Yes, maybe he did sing it. But like I said, there is no way Domingo would
ever attempt this aria infront of an audience in original key. He could
barely ever hit high c's let alone 9 in a row.

Автор Domingo ( назад)
Domingo is the one who sang nearly all Operas. So I'm sure he sang it,

Автор aaronsande ( назад)
Agreed! And I think he never did sing it. Di Quella Pira on key, only once
as far as I can tell, is as brave as he ever got! =D

Автор Nater389 ( назад)
I seriously doubt it. If he did, he transposed which defeats the entire
purpose of hitting all the top C's.

Автор sandrol76 ( назад)
The clappings and "bravo"s at 2:04 moved me! Simply the best, Maestro.

Автор thomassmile ( назад)
Magnificent ! impressive ! spectacular ! majestic ! wonderful ! Thrilling !
Amazing ! Perfect in fact !!!! Nothing more to say; Thank you maestro !!!
For your voice and your haert !!!! WE MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор aaronsande ( назад)
I've never heard another tenor sing this aria better! And that's from a
domingo fan ;D Did Domingo ever even attempt this aria?

Автор iago10z ( назад)
es para romperse las palmas aplaudiendo!!!!

Автор Honken ( назад)
That was the point I was trying to make! :)

Автор The Angry Nashville Driver ( назад)
In either case, Pavarotti was the man.

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