Bully Gameplay

The game bully on the ps2. From Gamespot.

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Автор Bausskid13 ( назад)
that there are rumors saying tht micheal in gta 5...his son is jimmy from
this game tht would be AWESOME GO GTA 5

Автор WizardOfGamingz ( назад)
This kid is THE future character of GTA

Автор IIOctaneII ( назад)
Umm, New England is the Original 13 I believe which is New York, Maine,
Pennsylvania and the other states on the East Coast.

Автор Olsendar Jones ( назад)
Do you really care that much about a comment that I made 11 months ago that
happens to be true? Is it my fault that the Rockstar publisher don't make
good games? Do you know the meaning of hypocrite? Think about it and get
back to me on that but try not to hurt yourself.

Автор SickBeat18 ( назад)
You should probably stop fucking around on youtube and go back to 5th
grade. Your either just trolling or the dumbest motherfucker ever

Автор WWEMizterAwsome ( назад)
i agree with you :D i subed

Автор Metcaslix ( назад)
The Bible does the same thing when it comes to brainwashing them with
certain things. See? They're pretty similar after all! :D

Автор WWEMizterAwsome ( назад)
for those who dosn't know gta's target is to teach kids to know and act
like a gang member and to teach them about sex it's what they call Mind

Автор PauhovXiong ( назад)
totally loved this game. brings back SO MUCH memories :] hopefully they do
a sequel or a new game with a similiar plot

Автор HigoChumbo ( назад)
@Raziel200481 ehrm... New England is in America...

Автор OakenBadge9327 ( назад)
@Raziel200481 new england is in america

Автор Etevoldo ( назад)
kkkkkkkkko grandão correndo pela escada mt loco 0:58

Автор Olsendar Jones ( назад)
I like how the game takes place in New England but they all sound American.

Автор Morrison - Jake the Mdog ( назад)
@wansta11140 Thank you for the information! I didn't know that.

Автор UsernameAlwaysInUse ( назад)
People doesn't learn anything from this game. If you wanna learn something
for real, play GTA.

Автор Morrison - Jake the Mdog ( назад)
One of the best games ever! I hope there will be a second one on the PS3.
Instant buy!

Автор Smokey Joe (1306 лет назад)
the trailer looks ok... the gameplay looks like its been shat out of gta
III's ass

Автор beatle8070 (1792 года назад)
este juego me recuerda a el padrino

Автор Krook ( назад)

Автор TrailersCG ( назад)
wtf did i just witness?

Автор Game Enthusiast ( назад)
@a2hunts funny u mention that. im instaling it on my pcsx2 right now XD

Автор sawerek1 ( назад)
@camerka12 gta is for adults :D

Автор tjbyrum1 ( назад)
I play GTA. My dad plays Bully.

@BooTTrix1994 "hella"? this kid

hella gay

Автор Juicy Fries ( назад)
Got dis game and its hot

Автор britolitos ( назад)
@nickarry oh yeah :D lol thx

Автор nick hayes ( назад)
@britolitos lolled ... what a comeback haha!

Автор britolitos ( назад)
@Wolfblade369 No, i play sex

Автор Griffin Nichols ( назад)
i love throwin itchin powder at people

Автор Johan Jasmin ( назад)
hey guys,i do not recomend using cheats on ps2 cause it can corrupt your
ps2.Last time,i used cheats and my ps2 was spoiled.I had to pay 200 buck
just to fix it.so dont use cheats.

Автор CrisKitt ( назад)
Very good story line :D i love it and im a girl

Автор back099 ( назад)
I want this game!

Автор ThisIsVegas ( назад)
GTA for noob adult

Автор camerka12 ( назад)
@Hamoniggas38 gta is too for kids

Автор tails98 ( назад)
@tails98 wtf i dont remember commenting this xD i love this game

Автор Billy Bob McDonald ( назад)
@punkadelikdude It's PS3 game from 2006 u know.....

Автор Billy Bob McDonald ( назад)
@tails98 gayyyy..... get a life troll

Автор ZzShAd0WzZ1 ( назад)
gorilla? 0:59

Автор Squiggy2010 ( назад)
lol@ the guy's buddies just yelling while their friend gets his ass beat
down and his arms indian burned.

Автор Liridon Doni ( назад)
wayne rooney

Автор Mohamed ( назад)
this game is.........

Автор Mohamed ( назад)
I'm getting this game for ps2 in less than 6 hours, :D my dream is coming

Автор Sleeping Acid ( назад)
@ghess11 Also in GTA 4 Niko said he went to Bullworth!

Автор Sleeping Acid ( назад)
@Hamoniggas38 Which is kind of funny because Rockstar makes both GTA and

Автор FizCap ( назад)
@britolitos I know!WE WANT A BULLY 2!!!!

Автор UNknownaME ( назад)
The Best of the Rockstar game!

Автор ihavenousername1805 ( назад)
this is like mafia 2 fighting techniques.

Автор lm7894561230 ( назад)
fa sdf a sd

Автор lm7894561230 ( назад)
fa sdf a sd asd adadasdasd

Автор ghess11 ( назад)
little Niko Bellic

Автор jorge fierro ( назад)
what is the story of this game exactly?

Автор Sir Archivald Trevor McJefferson II, Archduke of Wolverhampton ( назад)
good idea for a game mankind

Автор britolitos ( назад)
@deluxer321 well, maybe, in that time i had never played red dead
redemption soo, for the time the game was preety awesome

Автор deluxer321 ( назад)
@britolitos for kids

Автор Slyvesta0k ( назад)
1:07 armpit sniff

Автор Max Harryson ( назад)
i would also be humiliated if someone made a 1000 needles on me : /

Автор Thomas Nichols ( назад)
@scorppion2005 you right about gta itsreally fun haveyou ever played this
game before ? cause i haven't play this yet and i saw the video and its
nice but not like gta gta is much better than this

Автор ThisIsTrevor100 ( назад)
This was a badass game, the storyline was great, i remember playing it on
PS2 back in 2006, then i got it for Xbox 360 in 2008.

Автор iQualify ( назад)
LMAO! Uhm. . . WTF! LMAO. I'm dying laughing at the horrible voice-over by
man who comes over to "break up the fight".

Автор Luiriel Vance ( назад)
@scorppion2005 Fuck you, this game is awesome.

Автор Sheldon James Plankton ( назад)
@MIKEISCOOL410 indeed haha i have bully for pc from pirate bay and shit
best its graphics are maxed and everthing!

Автор Mike ( назад)

Автор scorppion2005 ( назад)
best game you've ever played? that means u've played only this game.. this
is bullshit if you want to kick asses then play some gta 4 or something
else not this bullshit..

Автор SkullFox92 ( назад)
@y34r xD

Автор killadoof ( назад)
russel decked the hell out of jimmy lmao

Автор counterbabz ( назад)
hej pis

Автор Anoush13 ( назад)
This game was awesome!

Автор y34r ( назад)
Wayne rooney lol

Автор Szymon Duda ( назад)
one of my fav games ; )

Автор ThisIsTrevor100 ( назад)
@Hamoniggas38 This was better than GTA :)

Автор noname22ist ( назад)
complated the game in a day!

Автор عبد الله ( назад)
This is the best rockstar game i've ever played

Автор linush98 ( назад)
is there a way to play multiplayer like to run around ?

Автор James Brennan ( назад)
@ThePKscene you are... unbelievably retarted

Автор FizCap ( назад)
@ThePKscene the keyboard has a lot of buttons get used to it

Автор Nucca34 ( назад)
this game is my crack

Автор Sage395 ( назад)
@ThePKscene control changes, fucking retard.

Автор Ryan M ( назад)
take it to blockbuster and it costs like $2 to fix it.

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
your dead new kid raaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Автор Someone ( назад)
Is this game for PC?

Автор omer16342552 ( назад)
u can buff it

Автор Muhammad Za'eem ( назад)
if my cd bully is scratches how can i repair

Автор Dylan Worme ( назад)
there the exact same game lol scholarship edition only has 8 new missions
and a few new classes, and some new characters....

Автор xboxliveis5ive ( назад)
yo its called bully on xbox360 and ps3 it called canis canem edit

Автор mablabin14 ( назад)
scholarship edition looks a lot better, but either way the game is awsome

Автор Trey Breeding ( назад)
i rebought a ps2 just for this game

Автор Ray Martinez ( назад)
At first i tought it rated "M"

Автор sandreas932 ( назад)
it is gamestop

Автор JordanKing334 ( назад)
It's like a mix between The Warriors and GTA SA and its the shit!!

Автор Ezio Auditore ( назад)
game kicks ass!!! its kinda boring when you complete it but its SWEET!

Автор britolitos ( назад)
Best game i´ve alredy played in my life , the BEST !!!!!

Автор Shinso Alucard ( назад)
yeah because is create by rockstar games XD

Автор STmPfilms ( назад)
i would beat that mothre fucker till he brakes his arm.

Автор nemanja740 ( назад)
wow great graphics for ps2

Автор supsupb0i ( назад)
no, scholarship edition is only on 360 and wii, this is just called
bully/canis canem edit (just ps2, original version)

Автор supsupb0i ( назад)
yes there is

Автор abbklll (826 лет назад)
Looks like gta kinda 0_0 but in stead the main character show how he starts
his life when he's a kid

Автор Andza195 ( назад)
inst this scolarship edition?

Автор Enrico La Fata ( назад)
ammazza a tt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD

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