Vin Diesel's Brazilian Reporter Was Into Him After Bizarre Interview | TMZ

Vin Diesel may not have crossed the line with the Brazilian reporter over whom he salivated, because she seemed down with it.

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Vin Diesel's Brazilian Reporter Was Into Him After Bizarre Interview | TMZ

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Автор Greer Jones ( назад)
The day TMZ becomes a real news source is the day I finish this sente-

Автор Matheus Henrique ( назад)
She clearly just look (not much) having fun because it's her job

Автор Jason J. ( назад)
She thought he was Pitbull

Автор barbara3LM ( назад)
she wasn't into him! she is a youtuber and she told us in her channel how
much she was unconfortable with that and didn't like it, as anybody can see
in the interview

Автор Miko Philo ( назад)
Brazil girls look like men

Автор MaxDamageTV ( назад)
You guys need to watch the whole interview they did just before this.

It's even worse than it looks.

Автор Hayra Celeste ( назад)
she seemed down with it? are you fucking kidding me? who doesn't see the
discomfort in her expression needs to look more closely. tmz is becoming
one hell of a joke, a pretty bad one btw.

Автор Walo Gar ( назад)
Mas puto!

Автор Ryan ( назад)
She doesn't seem down to it at all. This was Very embarrassing for Vin

Автор Robot Alienigena ( назад)
se mueve como una loca. Que poca masculinidad.

Автор warlock ( назад)
Vin just pulled a Tom Cruise! but I always thought he was gay, I was wrong.

Автор caçador do rio ( назад)
a mina tava desconfortável pra caralho

Автор LucasTittoOficial ( назад)
Vin Diesel idiot.! Another American idiot thinking he's going to do what he
wants in Brazil.

Автор Canal Doll Sims TV (KM) ( назад)
Poor girl, she was ashamed. He must have drunk too much! She's just doing
her job. Some people who can not control themselves when they see a lot of
beauty. She is very pretty yes, if you see her original video the image is
much better, she is very pretty yes. But he being an actor, he must have
seen a lot of pretty girl! You have to know how to control yourself, poor
girl. It was for her to give some slaps.

Автор Fabinha_ viagens ( назад)
The guy was disgusting in the interview, for God's sake. Check the original

Автор Paul Stewart ( назад)
No wonder the Rock punked him out. Vin Diesel just turns into a scrawny
little prick after each movie. He's old enough to be that girls Dad.

Автор Juan Martin Ruiz ( назад)
el pelado de 'La Mosca'

Автор gracefull mess ( назад)
this title is such bullshit...she is trying to get the photo taken.

Автор mojomomo ( назад)
He's either gay or the drugs have fucked him up.

Diesel drunk as hell haha like dude she's not all that. Bet hes regretting
that interview now😂

Автор Master Yoda ( назад)
damn she's uglier than me

Автор GunStreets ( назад)
i knew the bitch was full of shit, talking about, i felt uncomfortable. foh

Автор Michelle B ( назад)
Seriously.... a 30 second ad for a clip less than that!! Luckily I know the
trick to skip them, but still.. not everyone does. It's stupid! 😒😤

Автор Nat - ( назад)
how is she supposed "into" him? I think she looks embarased and nervous.
Just because she wants to take a pic with him doesnt mean she wants him.

Автор Dsas 156 ( назад)
Whats the song playing in background

Автор Francis Dejesus ( назад)
i think he is drunk

Автор Raul Duke ( назад)
Man that dude must be a colossal douche nozzle.

Автор Mizael Sandoval ( назад)
VIN become creepy uncle lol. rip fat & furious.

Автор Cê Loko ( назад)

Автор Morched Lafferty ( назад)
Someone's drunk, or I am?

Автор IPPI ( назад)
"was into him"? he was the one saying "I love her", "you're so beautiful",
she didn't even say anything

Автор Elkin Ramirez ( назад)
que.hp traba

Автор Catalan 29 ( назад)

Автор droptop10001 ( назад)
he comes off kinda gay here

Автор sino7 ( назад)
ugly ass girl

Автор Diana Best ( назад)
r u on drugs VD???

Автор Violent Rooster ( назад)
Ew she is not cute like that . Once a women gets around 30 and up it's wrap
with beauty .

Автор BERZERKER13 13 ( назад)
TMZ is a shit show and very misleading..

Автор c. lince ( назад)
vin diesel is closeted gay.tmz hawks a lot of fake news

Автор RayzaBlayz ( назад)
Vin Diesel isn't looking so diesel

Автор Valentina Paz Martinez ( назад)

Автор Eight1Eighty2 ( назад)
He was on drugs

Автор KM P ( назад)
He is still good looking

Автор bronxborn70 ( назад)
Isn't he married? And don't they have a young daughter?

Don't be a jerk, Vinny!

Автор Savagesd1017 Glo ( назад)
She ugly af

Автор Paul Junng ( назад)
You women or females or what ever you liked to get called these days need
to chill , he is complimenting her ? what is wrong with saying someone is
how and is very beautiful ? Ive seen women grind on men without the ales
consent and its A OK because its a women . fucking get a life no wonder
half of you are going to die single because you have something shoved up
your ass which is not a dildo. FUCK YOU , equality is where we should be
but people like you fuck everything up you moody fucks.

Автор Mel Diaz ( назад)
I'm still getting the gay vibev

Автор MMObeast ( назад)
Vin is like Will Smith , u like him in few movies then he thinks he is all
great and stuff and does sh1t then u start hating him for being a prick

Автор Innocent ( назад)
Vin Diesel this evil motherfucker.. so fucking smart.... Now everyone is
talking about this interview. What a great way to promote the movie huh...
Poor girl.

Автор jesus matos ( назад)
looks like he is on something

Автор vsh1981 ( назад)
muita droga dá nisso!

Автор deltavagen ( назад)
she is suing him now :D this bitch is a major whore

Автор DemonEye ( назад)
she clearly isnt into him shes creeped out heavily

Автор roush26 ( назад)
I'm gonna guess Vin was under the influence of ecstasy or ecstasy like
substance, he doesn't look sober. He's also 49 years old.

Автор nr1gotoguy ( назад)
Pretty sure he got more than just alcohol in his system...

Автор Bob Falfa ( назад)
That guy is a joke but his dumbass FnF movies have given us car guys
something to laugh at for a while

Автор SEAN KING ( назад)

Автор Bryan Pena ( назад)
To her in her eyes, she sees a bald muscular man whose famous doing action
films. Typical Thirsty chick

Автор WIL SUPER ( назад)
That gut on Vin Diesel tho😝

Автор Lorraine Rodriguez ( назад)
she not that cute if he sees me he be the same i not all that but i look
better than her lol and he looks horrible

Автор E&A's Gmama ( назад)
Marvin the Martian, you are freakin hilarious! I so agree with you :-)

Автор Royalty Kennels ( назад)
idk what the big deal was ...shes not pretty at all especially not to make
a scene. besides idk why shes acting offended Vin lives out of the country
for a reason. European 🍆 he loves it he just cant be in the US cuz the
papz would catch him leaving tom cruises house. 💅


Автор daddy mack ( назад)
wtf is wrong with this guy? Cocaine is one hella of a drug

Автор pretty baby ( назад)
It seems the other way around. It seemed like HE was into HER.

Автор Jordan Atlin ( назад)
I'm changing my career to reporter 😩

Автор SPEAK UP ( назад)

Автор Marvin the Martian ( назад)
well that was riveting, not sure if I can go back to watching paint dry
after this

Автор Richie Santiago ( назад)
Seem like Vin Weasel was the one into her

Автор Thomas Fulton ( назад)
she'll be in the next fast and furious 10 movie 😉

Автор Mellow ( назад)
I cant get the thought of Vins thick veiny cock sliding into my ass out of
my head.

Автор Achote671 ( назад)
Vin we love her more pussy. Any brazilian there would kick your ass. Amanda
especially would do one of those 'steroid kicks up your nose like steroid
spider to steroid vitor DAMN!! she's lovely but most likely DUMB P.S. I'll
still ground n pound her vin diesel...suck a dick

Автор Nadine Rody ( назад)
They make a good couple because they r both stone ugly lol lmfao

Автор 49ers_red_and_gold ( назад)
blame it on the alcohol😂

Автор Pivotkid85 ( назад)
Vin diesel has gone full Drake mode

Автор Matheus K ( назад)
I think he drink something.

Автор E aí, Carol? ( назад)
No, she wasn't. And he was extremely inconvenient

Автор Juice ( назад)
He must get the best pussy on earth. I envy this motherfucker. Merry
Christmas. Happy 2017😊🎉🤘🎊❄🎁

Автор matticworld ( назад)
He was on e pills

Автор Redd Wolf ( назад)
Lol my boy Vin clowning out go ahead homie +D

Автор Caio Vinicius ( назад)
alguém?? BRASIL?

Автор Es Num ( назад)
he is clearly on X & I thought this mofo was married?

Автор Tweegyblink ( назад)
When you had to much to drink 🍹 and fall in love with everyone around

Автор Cauzin Diem ( назад)
I've never seen vin with hair, come to think of it...

Автор Prath Andres ( назад)
That chick is feminist, she meant that him saying that she is beautiful was
offending..Maybe Vin was drunk but what a ungrateful bitch.

Автор Bryan Le ( назад)
She is so ugly. Vin had to be on drugs to like a girl that ugly

Автор georgilito ( назад)
she must have been soaked lol

Автор Qwerty Bastard ( назад)
Awkward, also she's a butterface.

Автор KKev2124 ( назад)
Cringy As fuck!!!! Hard to watch

Автор P M ( назад)
Happy holidays everybody, he's weird up.

Автор Kyle Bball ( назад)
Spoiler alert vin is a butt cowboy

Автор chavez78900 ( назад)
Vin u can do better

Автор KILLER CROC ( назад)
he definitely​ fuck her

Автор The Gazing Knight ( назад)
Wait she said she almost felt harassed by Vin Diesel , AND SHE IS

Автор Jovonni Cortes ( назад)
He looks drunk

Автор GameJump3RZ ( назад)
Sorry tmz but scarce already told me this story

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