Top 10 Brutal Dubstep Drops!!

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Ajapai- Brain
Bare Noize- Nocturnal VIP
A Rex- Search & Destroy
Doctor P- Big Boss
Document One- Forgive Me (Heist Remix)
Dreadzone- Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Innerpartysystem- Last Night Brooklyn (Numbernin6 Remix)
Muffler- Move
The Quemists & Maxsta- Renegade
Dayn- Stomp (Messiah Remix)

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Добавлено: 3 года
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Автор BossWave132 (5 месяцев)
Werent that brutal xc

Автор Royal Reaper (8 месяцев)
Volume Max. and see ya in Hell 

Автор alton Tran (8 месяцев)
7:53spider man

Автор niklas eightyonecustoms (11 месяцев)
Dubsteps are not digital drug for me. Its normal music to me

Автор Nikki Lynn (2 года)
LOVED the first one. Drop that base!!!! Wubwubwubwubwub. ;D

Автор vGEndless (2 года)
Ajapai brain is SICK

Автор BogdyBogdan09 (1 год)
check this out==>/watch?v=6fZCx5pA8wQ

Автор machovtzim (2 года)
Anava - Mitchkon

Автор Marci Brucki (1 год)

Автор joshua moreno (2 года)
does any1 else see spider man at 7:53 ?

Автор aviles quispe choque (2 года)
su ena muy bien

Автор VansLeeeee (2 года)
@SlurrCentury Wow, your comment is so original...

Автор boomheadshot111012 (2 года)
yeah i see spider man wooot

Автор Tyshawn James (2 года)
I think iv seen this stuff before i think he copyed it

Автор Portsanta (2 года)

Автор Rohit V (2 года)
and that is the difference between you're and your.

Автор OoJustCause2oO (2 года)
and so, my ears were born...

Автор Guy Moon (2 года)
I fucking hate you..

Автор Fangs0321 (2 года)
My penis grew an extra 8 inches watching this

Автор Crysallis Lightstorm (2 года)
when ajapai-brain was first played has exploded the entire city and now we
call it hiroshima!

Автор Cooper Hird (2 года)
Looking for music for the gym...would've gotten the first one but I'm
scared I'll start having seizures

Автор weestooo (2 года)
you sick fuck. :)

Автор coppertweed (2 года)
I think, personally, Juggernaut ft Getter - Grindhouse should be on here

Автор MegaGamingAdventures (2 года)
1080p here we go!

Автор Basillisk (2 года)
Roses are Vibrating Violets are Vibrating It's called bass.

Автор stacyhot100 (1 год)
damn, i got chills from the first drop

Автор Cheppers .Epileptiks (1 год)
Document one - forgive me :O

Автор sk3tch141 (2 года)
Nice! But Forgive Me is drumstep.

Автор TheLanceAndJoeShow (2 года)

Автор John Kovach (2 года)
Life is like dubstep you have your build ups and drops

Автор shoutwity11 (2 года)
@3lademast3r Eh has kinda of drumstep feeling. Dont you think. O and also
zinand12336 your almost as stupid as your name.

Автор xxmisscookielovexx (1 год)
I just killed my headphones..

Автор phresh (2 года)
So now your penis is 9 inches?

Автор Ben Mouncer (2 года)
You seem to be missing Excision and liquid stranger and skrillex and flux
pavilion D:?

Автор Darkstar22177 (2 года)
You forgot about one: watch?v=8xmjh_H9Mno

Автор Anson Payne (1 год)
lol you said it right the first time!!! lol

Автор MyDarkMuffin (2 года)
i am sitting

Автор Frank van maanen (2 года)
i live on dupstep thanks

Автор EYEZWIDEOPEN09 (1 год)
I saw Spider man on The Qemists & Maxsta - Renegade

Автор derrezed99 (2 года)
@xXGiRLWiCKeDXx dude you seriously need to get a life....

Автор EpicJosephFrance (1 год)
The first one made me shit my pants. You win.

Автор HardDroP (2 года)
Please guys check out my channel :'3 Please guys check out my channel :'3

Автор Boris Kolek (2 года)

Автор ManYun94 (2 года)
whoever made the background image is one trippy dude

Автор FireBug343 (2 года)
Thank. You. Bose.

Автор proto type (2 года)
i checked out ur channel u have a new subscriber

Автор Tabriz Rahimov (2 года)

Автор The Hash Slinging Slasher (2 года)
Roses are red Violets are blue I'm not very good at this So let me tell you
When search and destroy came on And the bass started to drop I lost control
of my bowels And took a big poo Jk

Автор Tammy Herrington (1 год)
The second one nearly broke my speakers. I'm not even joking, I had to mute
so they wouldn't break Serves me right for playing it on full volume.

Автор Breki Þórðarson (2 года)
Posted early 2011..

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