Panzer PzKw 38(t) tank model in RC

Czech TNHP-S (38t) tank by Italeri , in RC

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Автор 341SCIPIO ( назад)
yes,- best Czechoslovak work

Автор bootsmanaa ( назад)
This is just awesome!!!

Автор bootsmanaa ( назад)
This is just awesome!!!

Автор ppplll000999 ( назад)
@ModelbuildingTANKS Check out Youtube video "Panzer lV, the simplest RC
conversion ( RE-POSTED by request)" & " 1/35 KV-1 RC toy tank ". 

Автор ppplll000999 ( назад)
@ZACKBAGNALLVIDEO As of now, I have no such intention. However if I change
my mind, I will surely let you know. Thanks very much for such an offer :)

Автор ppplll000999 ( назад)
@tankman35 It's available from robotic or craft stores.

Автор tank man ( назад)
Where is the turret gearbox from as I am sure Ive seen it some where but
cant place where?

Автор tank man ( назад)
Hi Please look at my videos of home built rc tanks. I know what you mean by
using other manufacturer mini tanks.

Автор ppplll000999 ( назад)
@tankman35 This is a very small tank , too narrow for Tamiya standard gear
box. You can assemble a gear box, buy a small tank from other companies (
Hen Long , Toy East ) & use their gear box or convince Tamiya to sell you
their newer small gear boxes or even design a clutch-like steering.
However,this is not a project for beginners.

Автор tank man ( назад)
Did you make a gearbox for this tank or use toy / tamiya one? 

Автор ppplll000999 ( назад)
Yes & yes. I have deleted its Youtube video recently.

Автор tank man ( назад)
Is the Elephant RC as well? Do you have video of it? Working on a couple of
new rc projects, videos soon.

Автор Danny77uk ( назад)
Also LOL at the size of the 38t next to the Elephant!

Автор Danny77uk ( назад)
You have incredible skill in turning these static kits into RC! And
beautiful paint job too!

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