Joe Rogan Experience #893 - Fight Recap

Joe sits down with Joey Diaz, Eddie Bravo & Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights in MMA.

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Автор Ramon.V ( назад)
Ronda Rousey, when Ronda gets knocked out by holly Holm left kick from another dimension, it was the first left kicked Ko in woman's ufc fight and the worst one it was fucking horrible, but before that Ronda Rousey was a bad motherfucker, she was really good and Ronda Rousey was destroying girls in the octagon, she had good submission, good judo fighting style, she was famous....ssshhhhaaaa dasshhhb!

- Joe the goat -

Автор Carlo Zumbo ( назад)
Id pay good fkn money to see Nick Diaz v Nate Diaz

Автор Tim Quick ( назад)
Boys, this is amazing!!!! Fucking best combo ever

Автор K Dawgg ( назад)
Wheres the funny ass vid where joey diaz was like "he wanted to suck dick..." that shit was so funny if u know could u plz send me a link

Автор Jazz M ( назад)
I don't agree with Joe Rogan and Brendan Shauw. I think it is bullshit to think Germain is a cheater cause she never throw punch after the bell in the more than 47 kickbox fights. even with point deduction Holly Holms did not win. Although holly knocked her 2 times Germain immediately stood up and continued the fight. germaine scored more with counter striks in at least 4 rounds. The clincing was not effective at all and she could not even get Germaine on the ground. The bell is there to warn the referee to stop the fight. No need to deduct points. Watch the fight without sound and you see clearly that germaine won the fight. Even Bas Rutten does not agree. Holly Holms did not learn from her mistakes when she fought Valentina Shevchenko. I am very proud Germain won the fight cause she is also working and learning at the police for 40 hours a week.

Автор Beav ( назад)
Now the lgbtqlmnop community has a champ. Newsflash all those MMA ghost dick broads are clam eaters.

Автор PronounceGaming ( назад)
@Cat Zingano Scream: it was before her husband committed suicide, not after.

Автор LIAM VANDETH ( назад)
Can you show more of the tv as your watching it guys thanks

Автор Iron Tom ( назад)
02:58:26 - 03:05:30

Автор Iron Tom ( назад)
01:40:33 - 01:50:38

Автор VictoryOfThePeople ( назад)
After watching it again just now. Ronda did look hyped up. She got lit the Fuck up early.

Автор Neil Law ( назад)
2:29:54 The black dude???

Don't let Tyrone hear you, you'll be blocked on twitter racist!

Автор PepsiTasteLikeCoke ( назад)
joey is fkn hillarious

Автор ali mamad ( назад)
joe it would be so good to have back picture while you guys talk about some fighter or while you talk over fight so we could see as well who you guys you talking about . thank you joe

Автор SeinItUp ( назад)

Автор Nick Gerz ( назад)
They hate Caucasians for making THE most Free Land EVER but no one cares about the Jewish Bolsheviks killing 20 million Russians, the Middle-East causing a War in Europe Centuries ago and raping and killing millions of them, Crapicans Mass Raping Italian women, Mayans taking North America from the Asians...
Racist Spic.

Автор Blusuck ( назад)
1:14:28 hahahahahahhaha

Автор Blusuck ( назад)
28:20 hahahahahahah bangkok ready

Автор SliceofBread123 ( назад)
1:13:55 "Hey Joey remember that time you mugged that gay guy and then he beat the shit out of you?


Автор CyberSub ( назад)

Автор Eric Delay ( назад)
Dance with the one who brought you

Автор justdamo ( назад)
Brendan "I totally agree" Shaube strikes again.

Автор FireSnakeZero ( назад)
Joey Diaz 2:23:40 - Just start there.

Автор FireSnakeZero ( назад)
I totally heard cat brains. Funny how cat brains is more disgusting than cow brains.

Автор The Jesus ( назад)
Prions don't eat holes in anything, they cause misfolding of proteins which makes gaps appear in the tissues

Автор Aleksander Trstenjak ( назад)

Автор Morgan Cahill ( назад)
If you look up the dude who fought Josh Thompson, Gerald Strebendt's Wiki page you see him and Joe Rogan a long time ago, Joe be looking hairy!

Автор ju-tub ( назад)
what / where is the cheapest ways to buy kettle weights ?
can someone instruct me , im in Santa Monica ,CA

Автор Driveaway Bros. ( назад)

Автор patrick crawford ( назад)
Tony can talk a lot of smack, I think him fighting Conor would def sell, especially once the UFC marketing Monster machine gets to work

Автор patrick crawford ( назад)
Anyone else waiting for the day Nick and Nate are on the podcast for a full show?

Автор opkill6 ( назад)

Автор Bachem ( назад)
Brendan Schaub JUST STFU.

Автор Real JND ( назад)
khalabib XDDD

Автор King S. Brar ( назад)
Diaz kills me "...i can convince this guy to suck my dick...even though he has a hot girlfriend and a kid..."

Автор Garrett Stombaugh ( назад)
He either wanted to sell me drugs

or suck my dick

Автор Mose Windy Boy ( назад)
Brendan "kaaaadoooosh" schaub. Funny shit

Автор fredo310 ( назад)
"Bangkok ready" lol 😂

Автор Ijuirane ( назад)
Deadlifting 305 at 145 is good for a fighter. A powerlifter of the same weight can pull over 400.

Автор Pat Yeates ( назад)
Ronda done it for the cash....because before the fight she wasn't sure if she'd even fight again after it regardless of the result....why bother other than the money? she was sooooo unprepared.

Автор Keyser Söze ( назад)
In regards to the ending sentiments, regarding technological telepathy- *wrong*
Technology WILL improve, in realms we probably can't totally fathom, but as far as person 2 person communication, we're at a plateau , that will confound us for at least the foreseable future

Автор Klayton Von Kluge ( назад)
watching this again, (missed some of the beginning) i have to agree w/ Schaub; something about Ronda seemed off, even before she got Molly-Whopped

Автор I Am Lam ( назад)
When 'ol Edgie Brah talks bjj, people listen.
I wonder if Joe has any aspirations to start his own team, or martial art school? either in jiu-jitsu or tkd, or mma? Does anyone know if he's a silent partner in 10th planet? just curious

Автор Keyser Söze ( назад)
Been listening to these YoYo's so long, I called a girl a "straight dime piece" the other day....

Автор Mario Gomez ( назад)
Just watched the Gerald fight with the "Bangkok Ready" coach and it just so happens to be Paco from Bloodsport! Hahahaha

Автор astro man ( назад)
Why's Joe bein a cunt to Joey in front of his gay lover Brendan?

Автор mkram23 ( назад)
what time is the "BANGKOK READY" happen? cheers

Автор Josh Traynor ( назад)
30.00 = Bangkok ready

Автор Josh Traynor ( назад)
what time is the Bangkok ready story

Автор Muchroom illusion ( назад)
does brendan have to repeat everything joe say?? every f podcast he is in he allways says the same thing as joe..

Автор Mihai Dudu ( назад)
"None of yous motherfuckers saw it?! YOU FUCKIN' BLIND?! IT'S ALL SET UP!"

Автор patroon15 ( назад)
"Dubu Dhabi" - Joey

Автор Dan Burkard ( назад)
1:41:16 LoL Eating cat brains. Brenden Shaub was like: WAIT! WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE?!

Автор John S ( назад)
Joey is awesome! 😂😂😂

Автор DiMiTrian 47C-Dth ( назад)

Автор RED KING-Plays XX ( назад)
Joey Diaz man😂😂😂😂

Автор Vítor Leandro ( назад)
My favorite part is when Rogan says "Slow the fuck down" to Joey,because he knows every shit behind the scenes.

This podcast is priceless man.

Автор man7as ( назад)
Brendan Schaub is Joe's echo chamber

Автор Ryan Jones ( назад)
Joes Conor Impression was spot on

Автор mike hunt ( назад)
joe rogan brought me here

Автор Eli Ritter ( назад)
I hate that Joe grabs his chest when he looks perturbed...he's gonna give himself a palpitation

Автор inscrutable6397 ( назад)
Started playing the Mass Effect Trilogy before Andromeda comes out. A Rogan podcast is a great compliment for all the slow parts of the game

Автор kcufreggin ( назад)
Woah did anybody notice how joe hushed brendan when brendan mentioned cm punk fighting brad pitt? it was almost like he was telling him you said to much?

Автор Armando Trejo ( назад)
Joey Diaz is awesome!!

Автор Karlski ( назад)
Hahahaha Shaub... "It smells like a zoo up in this bitch"

Автор Darth Yryn ( назад)
That fat punk Joey is gonna choke on his Mcgregor hate... When is Joe gonna get rid of that fat loser?

Автор Antonio ( назад)
The only good thing about the Brock Lesnar fight at UFC 200 is Joey's rant so far

Автор Glowing One ( назад)
That Cat Zingano scream sounded like a goat.

Автор Erick Estrada ( назад)
" 'It isn't physically impossible' for me to beat UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez" - Ronda Rousey 2013

Автор John John ( назад)
I love Joey Diaz

Автор Chewitt12 ( назад)
What brains????

Автор Vector Yamaguchi ( назад)
Haha, now I know where all the Rhonda hate comments are coming from! #2017 Big Brown Noser

Автор paul ( назад)
Uncle joe is the man

Автор stdavis22 ( назад)
Schaub is such a fucking idiot.. Ronda has 1 KO victory, 1, yes 1. Even my mother knows Ronda is known for armbars not boxing...get this retard off the show please

Автор Ramon.V ( назад)
khalabeeb is gonna fight connor!, that the fucking fight!

Автор Edgar Ali Tercero Soza ( назад)
What do you do with Tony and Khabib? 2:40:13

Автор Peter ( назад)
fkin amazing podcast

Автор Dave Pope ( назад)
Does Joe know we can always hear his countdown?

Автор Martin Velez ( назад)
I love joey Diaz

Автор Prince Mauhdi III ( назад)
rocking a grey beard, any grey hair, is one of the worst things a man could do for his attraction levels and income options
some guys keep it to look wise, so when they talk people will listen more closely, which build their confidence and fulfillment,
but its an illusion. people think you look old and have given up, like your almost on youre way out. don't dye, just shave that shir

Автор Prince Mauhdi III ( назад)
Conor should aim for a $xxxm boxing purse now, then retire into family guy.
there's no more big money fights for him with the remaining UFC fighters and he can't go out with an L, not worth it

Автор David James ( назад)
Joey is getting less and less funny each time.

Автор NGL Reviews ( назад)
This is the funniest fight companion podcast yet. Joey Diaz was so freaking funny with his mispronouncing all the fighters names his face getting so red and joe farting lmfao and Brendan saying it smells like a zoo 😆😂

Автор Dave Fetch ( назад)
"It smells like a zoo in here."

Автор Moejii - ( назад)

Автор jfitz0716 ( назад)
Schaub should say "to your point" (which he stole from Chael Sonnen) maybe another 1,000 times. No talent ass clown.

Автор Jason Paz ( назад)
Khleeb 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Mr.Mask Maker ( назад)
2:29:47 Joeys bubbling up for a rant and then explodes at 2:30:58

Автор Cam Rock ( назад)
those arent as heavy as they look hahahahahaha 2:04:45 hahahhaha

Автор Zachary Rodriguez ( назад)
They're saying the Khabib vs Ferguson fight won't happen and it just got made official lol

Автор Iron Mike ( назад)
"Hey man!". "Excuse me, sir", "for sure" Joe may be "correct" but Schaub sometimes "disagrees" and "that's tough man" while he's "balls deep" being a "critical thinker." And all the while his "passion for fashion" shows in his skin tight pants and clearly planned outfits.

Автор Prince Mauhdi III ( назад)
i loved the mockery and showmanship of Cody knocking Cruz out, then pointing at him silly.
ITs not always about the ground and pound finsh, its sports entertainment, many fighter taunt in the ring,
i liked Cruz. I thought he lost the TJ fight, but totally outclassed Faber. Cody beat his masters's enemy, in incredible fashion, then gave his belt to a leukemia survivor immediately after winning. no homo, but how could you not be floored by that performance.

Автор ImportAntClips ( назад)
26:19 Bangkok Ready story! Funny AF!

Автор Death ( назад)
Yeah sure Joey..I bet Joey was sucking cock for rock down there, that's why he's in faggot alley bruh

Автор Alec Feliciano ( назад)
Eddies super bias and didn't like that Brendan was spitting some truth when he told him his boy ain't a fucking PPV name to fight Conor. There's at least 3 other names that are WAY bigger draws for Conor.

Автор Mr.Bateman ( назад)
Edgy Brah's laugh at 1:36:00 has me dead

Автор DNT B scared HOMIE ( назад)
thats right....politicians are BORING...losers;p

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