Top 10 Hardest Origami

This video shows the top 10 hardest origami of all time, and their creators. GOODLUCK trying to make one of these origami pieces!

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Автор Dennis Pryor ( назад)

Автор Xx_AsssaultRifle_xX 135 ( назад)

Автор Elemental Kids! ( назад)

Автор Tábata Senna ( назад)
must of them

Автор Sandra miranda ( назад)
Once I did that

Автор Zachaz Zachaz ( назад)
Vai get

Автор Illuminati Confirmed ( назад)
hoang trung thanh is vietnamese right?

Автор •Legit• xx ( назад)
So many Asian names... Just saying..

Автор THE BROS 431 ( назад)
that is not paper its clay u can tell

Автор ninjapup minecraft ( назад)

Автор chikodarkzcaguaii memasd ( назад)
must of them are just human forms ლ(・Д・ლ)

Автор seth strauss ( назад)
pfffff not that hard

Автор Kim Sanderhoff ( назад)
My question is, what this made from one piece of paper? If not, I'm not
impressed. It's just like using clay then.

Автор mohd rashidi ( назад)
i've made the icarus

Автор Jade Breitstein ( назад)
Number 1 should be the super tessellated not at al simple flasher labyrinth

Автор saralyn thompson ( назад)
none are really the hardest. they are hard but not really hard.

Автор tawesak charoen ( назад)

Автор euklid pllumbaj ( назад)
i make a dragon but not that dragon

Автор An idiot says ( назад)
I can fold a shadow ninja
This list isn't accurate

Автор Rida Haroon ( назад)
Awesome, i just made a stupid frog, i thought de frog would be no. 1! Lolz

Автор Lise Brown ( назад)
I liked👽👽👽👽😍😍😍😍😉😉😉😉🌟😀😀😀🌊👍💎💍💎💍💬👹💈✈️🚀🚣🚆⛪️

Автор chris bowling ( назад)

Автор Joe Fraire ( назад)

Автор Joe Fraire ( назад)
number three that zerg daagon is from starcraft

Автор idleEverything ( назад)
None of these are the "hardest", nor are they the most difficult. Metal
sheet would be the "hardest."

Автор Scott Mc clean ( назад)
ummm, Satoshi Kamiya's Ryujin?
It took him two months to make

Автор Hirayama Raiyu ( назад)
Rijin not raiji good video tho!

Автор Vladimir Bogicevic ( назад)
the hardest origamies are ryujin 3.5 and zonadoid dragon

Автор nico LP ( назад)
cool but they have a tutorial?
( XD )

Автор Kaelyn McIvor ( назад)
Look like I know what I'm going to be do for a while

Автор Richard Longoria ( назад)
I doubt that all of the creations were fully made of paper

Автор khalel vallo ( назад)

Автор Мариан Божидаров ( назад)
The Hardest is Zoanoid Dragon

Автор Benjamin Hewitt ( назад)
I made origami project that took over 4 hours it was a labyrinth walker
by jeremy shafer

Автор Benjamin Hewitt ( назад)
WOW ! that's some hard origami

Автор Eric Gurley ( назад)

Автор jogg gacayan ( назад)
The cobra is just hard but not the hardest

Автор Scub Domino ( назад)
You forgot 15 Intersecting Isosceles Tetrahedra by Daniel Kwan.

Автор Hồng Phúc Phạm ( назад)
Có tới 2 trong số 10 mẫu là của người Việt Nam :)

Автор ALPHA ( назад)
the cobra isint hard i made it 

Автор origamiawesomeness ( назад)

Автор Joseph C. Owsley ( назад)
how can i find that origami can anyones me

Автор John Waterloo ( назад)
This is bob
/ ( ) \
/ \

Автор I B AGV ( назад)
I made satoshi kamiyas wizard now I need the shadow ninja crease pattern

Автор Billy Bill ( назад)
you forgot ryujin 3.5 by kamiya satoshi

Автор Pranaav Mohan ( назад)
shut up

Автор DeBlob Dood ( назад)
guys the alossaurus is not hard because its Modular :D

Автор DeBlob Dood ( назад)
Shadow dragon isnt hard at all... i made it and im only 9... the thing hard
about it is that it takes WAYYY to long to fold the grids and Crease
patterns :D

Автор Arcangelito83 ( назад)
is it possible in only one piece of paper?

Автор Jeb Watson ( назад)
Wha... I... I did not expect. MIND BLOWN.

Автор Ty Elliott ( назад)
I got here from a Starbucks add, from facebook lol YAY

Автор Ty Elliott ( назад)
I got here from a starbucks add, from facebook lol YAY

Автор kaitlyn jaing ( назад)
some have duck tape i cane see it

Автор Quan Than Van ( назад)
i have try to make icarus and it works

Автор João Victor Oliveira Nazareth ( назад)
O ninja não foi uma folha

Автор Yellow ( назад)
or no

Автор YeapX Edward ( назад)
where's Ancient Dragon haha

Автор Maxwell Mascarenas ( назад)
awesome mutalisk from starcraft

Автор Ravigopal Venugopal ( назад)
try making a magic ball its harder

Автор ravi ( назад)
i like every origami i make to be perfect or close to perfect, This one
screwed me and my OCD when it came to folding pleats.

Автор metropolisisawesome ( назад)
Why where you unable to fold it? It's a pretty simple cp, you just need big
paper ;D

Автор ravi ( назад)
i tried ryujin 3.5. about 5 times before i gave up. On the other hand my
friend folded it on his 4th try.

Автор metropolisisawesome ( назад)
okay, thanks for letting me know that. I wasn't actually sure, I guess I
should've said that. Out of curiosity, have you folded any of the ryujins?
1.2 is pretty easy, and I'm about to start working on 3.5 (my plans would
start it in about 2 weeks)

Автор ravi ( назад)
sorry i was wrong, but its not 30 either, its 16 squares. its on Robert
langs site

Автор metropolisisawesome ( назад)
Actually Ryujin 3.5 is really easy if you have knowledge of crease
patterns. The hardest part is by far the head, which isn't really hard at
all. It's a very simple crease pattern. The hardest in the world at the
moment to my knowledge is the Zoanoid Dragon 2.0 by Shuki Kato.

Автор metropolisisawesome ( назад)
The allosaurus? are you kidding? Dude please, it's close to 30 sheets of
paper. Even if you didn't know the exact number, you can tell because the
model never gets REALLY thick, and it would have to be thicker than your
arm BEFORE it had that many flaps.

Автор metropolisisawesome ( назад)
Yeah just after you fold the head in 30 seconds, make cross pleats down the
entire length of the rectangle in 8, and then shape the tail in a minute,
right? Just those cross pleats could take any professional a hours bro.
However, it shouldn't be in the top 10 hardest. Not even close.

Автор metropolisisawesome ( назад)
Half of those are not origami. They are either folded from rectangles or
multiple sheets of paper, which while satisfying the ancient rules of
origami, is in modern times known as "kirigami" or by some other names that
I can't remember. Raijin is not that hard to fold, it just takes patience
to precrease the grid and add the diagonals. Icarus is EASY. Mutalisk: Same
as raijin, although that tail may be tough. Why isn't Ryujin 3.5 on here?
Or Zoanoid Dragon 2.0?

Автор khalel vallo ( назад)
Wheres satoshi kamiyas origami hes the best one in the world

Автор shelbyjaneb99 ( назад)
I can barely do a freaking crane.

Автор Manman Boby ( назад)
I made out icarius, it's not so hard ! And I'm sure i'd be able to try some
others in this list. It's sure there are things much, much harder to fold
in origami, as models from eric joisel for example.

Автор RamdomInc ( назад)
I'm pretty sure there are more difficult origami pieces than that. I'm not
sure those are the hardest in the WHOLE world.

Автор Quintin Hendriks ( назад)
no shit

Автор Quintin Hendriks ( назад)
then post a video comment on you doing it! M*th*rf*ck*er

Автор imnever gonnausethisagain ( назад)
I can fold 10 9 6 4 and 1

Автор Bobby Hill ( назад)
I bet you can't even fold a crane... attention who*re.

Автор Sam Ralston ( назад)
The most complex origami model in the world is Ryujin 3.5!!!!

Автор ravi ( назад)
its a single piece of paper. Its a custom made paper.

Автор Tri Edge ( назад)
Dude I can make all those with my eyes closed

Автор Izzy Kemp ( назад)
challenge accepted

Автор Andrew Plumb ( назад)
please make the hardest origami piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор justplainskill ( назад)
lol you are so fake

Автор Jason Anaminus ( назад)
How to make amazing structures without folding or cuting with scissors; Put
water on paper, get dough. imagine :)

Автор David Lamberth ( назад)
the cobra is EASY. I could make it in like 10 mins (Tops)

Автор Teren Liu ( назад)
That is hard

Автор hjekydell ( назад)
Hey woz240 the soldiers isn't made with one paper.idiot

Автор hjekydell ( назад)
It's Brian Chan related to cade Chan?

Автор AtomicmonkeyTCG ( назад)
The Dino is modular

Автор fujiwags ( назад)
wtf...are this made out of one piece of paper?...i dont believe it! how
could you make that dino skeleton out of a single piece of folded paper

Автор Lattiatuuletin ( назад)
nope. i expected just a black screen

Автор Origami Tycoon ( назад)
nice work bro

Автор wustard ( назад)
These aren't right. These are based upon looks, not folds

Автор erwin angelo ( назад)
i have a icarus diagram

Автор Joshua Thomas ( назад)
I made the shadow ninja finaly!!!!!!!!

Автор mentlegen63 ( назад)
look up rujin 3.5 by satoshi kamiya that is actually the hardest to make

Автор vkmicro ( назад)
am i the only 1 who expected an empty table when he read- Shadow ninja? XD

Автор monstermaker72 ( назад)
i made the hermit crab!!

Автор leva sam ( назад)

Автор Just another Apoc player ( назад)
... I can make a box..

Автор Harrytjuh66 ( назад)
Sometimes I wish I was Asian.

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