A South African blast from the past

As we ready ourselves for the challenges of the new year, wondering what life will bring, what with the state of world politics, the global economy, and the state of the enviroment with global warming and all that jazz, to name but a few.

I thought I would take the day off and step back in time and revisit a time when life was simpler, slower, less rushed, people had time for thier families, men were gentleman and a promise was kept and sealed on a handshake, woman used to cook like thier mothers and not drink like thier fathers.
It just felt good to slip back in time and relive a time long forgotten, I just had to put together a little montage to share with everyone who, like me, just needs a little time out now and again.
Hope you enjoy it.

P.S This is for the old grey haired farts like me, the under 30 crowd, this is all brand new to you.

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Автор Richard Sharpe (9 месяцев)
During my time in South Africa I had many happy memories from that fine
country also enjoyed listening to Springbok Radio as well. Gedurende my
tyd in Suid-Afrika het ek baie gelukkige herinneringe van daardie fyn land
geniet ook luister na Springbok Radio as well.

Автор Piet Vermeulen (9 месяцев)
I've been trying to find a sound clip of the Richelieu Brandy ad which used
to play almost through the night - something which has surfaced in my
memories over the last few weeks.

Автор Glen Blignaut (1 год)
The British under Lord Roberts and his lot allowed Boer women and children
to be raped killed, and more by African 'soldiers' .They had Carte
Blanche. The Brits have a lot to call for.

Автор Alex Hale Films (1 год)
i thought you loved the UK, I get the "how great the uk is" lecture every

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
Even for me? WRONG. My life is much better. The less than 10 black people
you've spoken to cannot be proof that ALL of us want oppression back. Yes
all they wish for was work, but thanks to white South African disabling the
economy right at the end of apartheid, there are very few jobs. People want
jobs, not apartheid. The ANC has had less than 20years to undo a mess white
people made for 400 years. Check yourself. You're believing that oppression
is good for people. Check yourself.

Автор Hands On Promotions (4 года)
This was when SA was still SA!! Dick Mackridge

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
Yes...what a pity white people are no longer able to forbid the majority of
SA to vote. What a pity apartheid is gone. A pity Mandela is a free man. A
pity nonwhite people can determine their future without brutal oppression.
A pity SA is democratic now. A pity white people are not still able to live
like kings off the backs of blacks. Such a pity.

Автор Steve Miller (4 года)
I used old spice and it didn't make me feel alive!

Автор freegratuits (1 год)
Wow. Wow. Wow. So 80% of the population must speak a language spoken by
less than 10% of the population. Only two/three countries speak Afrikaans.
So where does that language fit into international commerce? White people
land on our soil, take our land then force us to speak their language ONLY
so we can better serve them and yet we can't even vote in that same land we
must work so hard in. How does this make sense to you and you sleep well at
night? You need to study more.

Автор steinwaygrande1 (2 года)
Even for you, things have changed for the worse. many blacks I have spoken
to now wish Apartheid could be introduced as back then many of then had
J.O.B.s ! Now unemployment is high and the ANC have never delivered on
their broken promises. SA is now a basket case.

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
The problem is you don't read. You sit in your new exiled life thinking
back to the days 85% of the population was squashed on less than 10% of the
land - most of it barren. The days a black person had to call you madam,
even if they were older than you. The days 85% couldn't vote and poverty
levels were insane. You have absolutely no idea of the structure of
apartheid and how detailed the NP was in making sure even if there was a
mutiny, blacks would suffer still.

Автор freegratuits (1 год)
At the end of the day, I'm actually wasting my time. I figured out long ago
that if you raise someone in the worst possible philosophy and they never
examine this philosophy, they will grow old believing it to be very true.
Most old white SA's who agreed with apartheid will never change and I'm a
fool for wasting my time arguing with them online. How can I argue against
an evil that so benefitted you and you agree? Never. So goodbye. BTW, I'm
not Black or American, only a decent person.

Автор steinwaygrande1 (2 года)
Living in SA from the time I was born to when I left in 1983 were the
happiest days of my life.

Автор Bonnie Seach (1 год)
Civilization! Even the ice creams are not the same anymore! There was
quality back then - both in the products and the people.

Автор steinwaygrande1 (2 года)
yeah I am in the same boat - too old to go back to SA. Sad to see how our
country has deteriorated.

Автор Andy Rick (2 года)
Let us suggest you take a long trip into the rest of Africa, then come back
and tell the SA black population how unlucky they are not to be living in
the Congo

Автор Daniel Bosman (2 года)
my goodness why so stuck in the bloody past? loads of simple minded people
and simple entertainment...

Автор shakeemat (3 года)
A BIG thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories :-)

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
HA HA HA! You made my day china! Now THAT was a good laugh.
Exterminated???? Kwakwakwakwa. Whew! The only thing simple is the fear from
your bigotry. Only a coward who can't sleep well at night speaks like that.
Internet racists - gotta love them.

Автор Henry van der Westhuizen (1 год)
now I have a tear in my eye

Автор AfricanFlightStar (4 года)
Thanks for the memories, great to see & hear al those again! Paul, ex
Durban 1956 - 1984.

Автор Giovanni Sabatti (3 года)
Those were the good all days, when as kids, we were real kids, not like
today .......where kids are parents and parents are the kids

Автор Quality Control (3 года)
Makes me miss the good old days

Автор freegratuits (1 год)
For real...thank you so much for pointing this out. It's so horrific to see
this: It's like Germans speaking proudly of the time around WWII when life
was great. The world would flip. But Black South Africans can't.

Автор Andy Rick (1 год)
You appear to be living in the USA. Are you/were you a South African? I was
getting at you for the attack you made on another correspondent who was
simply recalling his childhood - we all do that - nothing political
intended until you dived in to preach your anti-white rhetoric which is
just as offensive and racist as the rubbish preached during the apartheid

Автор freegratuits (1 год)
Funny, white people can recall the days of apartheid and compare those
shiny days to how much they hate SA now and they are not racist. But I
comment that those days were evil - like Nazi Germany, and I am being
racist. You're so wrong about my ethnicity, where I come from or where I
live. Stop guessing.I'm not guessing who you are because that means nothing
compared to what you say. What's really tragic and actually scares me is
that you guys think apartheid was ok. Really, tragic. Really.

Автор saozzie (2 года)
You are missing the point my dear man. None of the flash-back adverts have
anything to do with apartheid or racism - just an innocent trip down memory
lane. Thanks PA34Driver for uploading it for us. I greatly enjoyed that,
with a ping of sadness of times gone by (not of apartheid gone - as it
should be gone - but of time itself). But look, yes, under the ANC South
Africa has gobe to ruin, and it's getting worse. The prognosis is bad, very
bad. Get out if you can.

Автор Andy Rick (1 год)
If you're so sensitive to white people writing about the past in SA
wouldn't it be instructive to follow the same rule yourself? It strikes me
that when its white folks - they being nostaglic and racist but when black
folks do its being realistic and assertive. Who are you to decide who is
'decent' or not. I'm no racist either. I asked you whether or not you
you're a South African - a civil question asked so that those you are
arguing with can test your actual experience.

Автор Richard Sharpe (1 год)
I lived in South Africa on and off for some years now. Lived in Cape Town
Port Elizabeth and in East London. I have many found memories of Springbok
Radio as it had some great programmes and great shows as well. Ek woon in
Suid-Afrika op en af ​​vir 'n paar jaar nou. Geleef het in Kaapstad Port
Elizabeth en in Oos-Londen. Ek het baie gevind herinneringe van Springbok
Radio as dit het 'n paar groot programme en 'n groot shows so goed.

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
NO ONE wanted to invest in SA after apartheid ended. The white govt had
done well in making sure most people were not adequately educated so no one
was skilled unless we remained on our knees for white people still. Learn
about the changing of guard in the civil servant sector, the army, police
and even universities before you tell me a couple of blacks want apartheid
back. People refuse to learn the truth, instead they walk around and wish
they were still trampling on Nigger necks.

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
You're very right...they fucked it up FOR YOU. Gone are the days you could
live like a king stomping on the necks of the majority of the population
while you sucked the minerals from their land for your own good and raped
their women. You enjoyed the life of a king with minimal education and
effort and now you have to prove yourself. How devastating that must be -
your philosophy of white supremacy has gone to the dogs. Now all you're
left with are grainy Utube videos and your keyboard. Shame.

Автор Andy Rick (1 год)
I have NEVER written apartheid was ok - you are guilty of jumping to a
conclusion simply because I question your experience. I suspect you're a
politically motivated 'bleeding heart' - nothing wrong with that provided
it's declared and debaters aren't responding under the impression you're
speaking from personal/family experience.

Автор VEGASNITES100 (3 года)
these were the good days....

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
Funny. You think I am a man and I am a superstitious African. That must
help with your race to proving your weak point.Sad for you, AIDS is a
global problem that is now being solved.Next we must find a cure for
pathetic racism because you are suffering from it.Find your happiness and
it will remove the bitterness in your heart. I am sure I am not the only
person who is on the receiving end of your anger.Your own family members
must also be tired. Breathe in, breathe out: Blacks are here to stay.

Автор Andy Rick (1 год)
Only one country speaks Afrikaans and I appreciate it of little value
outside SA, but that's not why I included the language as one that should
be taught - it happens to also be the first language of many other South
Africans OTHER than a section of the white community. BTW - you are using
the wrod "we" and "our land" yet you write elsewhere that you're not
'black' - isn't it about time you declared your interest?

Автор freegratuits (1 год)
Let us suggest you stop using the same excuse for apartheid your govt used.
So just because we're suffering a bit less than the Congolese, we must shut
up? Seriously man - think about it. Black weren't allowed to vote? TO VOTE?
What nonsense is that? Let everyone vote and have a right to self
determination - that's what Mandela wanted. True, Zuma is not a good
president at all. I have no qualms SA having another white president so
long as EVERYONE can vote. Apartheid was evil-accept that.

Автор Andy Rick (2 года)
Watch your lip - blacks didn't have such a lekker time in the US - remember
Little Rock and Governor Wallace? So don't you come the **** with us.

Автор chap666ish (1 год)
Oh my word. "Braaivleis Rugby Sunny skies and Chevlrolet".... take me back
to the 1970s. When did I become this old? :-(

Автор zsifk (4 года)
Borstol, I hated it, but it worked.

Автор freegratuits (1 год)
Reminds me of that splendid saying: Blacks must know their place. That
place being where white people designate it to be. Apartheid was an evil,
evil regime -it really was and your children are now suffering for it and
worse because you refuse to admit that. How can black people ever move on
when you refuse to admit the misery you put them through? Why always
compare the misery of one group of blacks to the other to show apartheid
was less harmful. How can you pray to God and then do this?

Автор steinwaygrande1 (2 года)
Do you blame people or big business not wanting to invest in South Africa
? I know I wouldnt if I was multi million Dollar Corporation. Secondly I
well remember in the 1970s the vast majority of the black population that
stated buring down their schools, simply because they had to learn to speak
Afrikaans. I had to leant it at school so why one eveyr one lese. NO harm
in learning another langauge. There is now a whole generation of illeterate
and uneducated blacks running aorund causing mayhem

Автор VEGASNITES100 (3 года)
these were the good days.... and let enjoy ...and forget politics..

Автор hoplite46 (4 года)
Miss the old days

Автор oggioggi oihoihoih (1 год)
In 1964, i joined my ship HMS Jaguar. in Simonstown SA, at the height of
aphartheit. I was only 17 and had never been out of the uk.What a wonderful
country ruined by such bitterness and hate.The ruling Boers, who seemed to
comprise the Police force too were despised by any right thinking
people..inc whites. The country was so repressive..no TV, everywhere shut
on a Sunday, even the mildest 'girly' mags banned... the church also has a
lot to answer for. I still remember the segregation vividly.

Автор freegratuits (2 года)
Not me. I was a kid around the same years as you and I never saw my mother
because she worked as a maid in a white family's home and we were not
allowed to visit. My uncle was in and out of jail for trying to fight for
political rights. When we tried to play outdoors, the SA police and army
would drive by and shoot at us with guns and teargas. It was still good to
be a child, but SA white lauding those old days without acknowledging the
misery of 80% of the population is plain wrong.

Автор steinwaygrande1 (2 года)
Yup I get homesick for my country, but have been out of SA for over 30
years and too old to go back

Автор Apachedropout99 (2 года)
Yeah,Yeah!! The Dealians played at our Matric Farewell party.They had a
couple of top hits in SA ( originals by The Monkees)- Lookout Here Comes
Tomorrow was one of their hits - Was that a warning what would happened and
things to come? People are still poor and each year thousands who leave
school can't find work.We need another VOëLVRY tour - only this time
against the corrupt ANC goverment and their tjommies in Cosatu.

Автор steinwaygrande1 (2 года)
You seem to forget that I lived ther for 45 years ! So I know all about the
workings of the Government. My family employed a young black woman in her
20s to loko after me when I was born. She was part of the family and was
treated better than most white employess treat their white staff. She was
with me for 44 years and I took finabicial care of her when I left. SA.
Every two years when I went back, I would go and visit her in Eshowe taking
her food and clothing . She never lacked for anything

Автор Joanne Gerber (2 года)
"I thought I would take the day off and step back in time and revisit a
time when life was simpler, slower, less rushed, people had time for thier
families..." I assume this applies only to white South Africans.

Автор Zoobotanique (3 года)
Good Night South Africa, this was a Time of Prosperity.

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