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Автор Mr.SnazzyCheese (2 месяца)
just make your own video.

Автор Bernard Carter (1 месяц)

Автор AfRo Kidd (4 месяца)
I find this Hilarious! Idk why it got so many thumbs down either....

Автор Torrie Halz (4 месяца)
What the f-

Автор NovusIgnis (1 год)
Kill yourself. Swiftly and with extreme prejudice. Leave the comedy to
egoraptor and The Joker.

Автор ImpastaSauce (8 месяцев)
if you animated this good job :) i cant do tht yet haha

Автор Mario Meneses (5 месяцев)
I mean venasaur lol hell na can't stop rolling

Автор Pokollectors (5 месяцев)

Автор Erik Rives (6 месяцев)
this is fricking funny

Автор Magic Man (1 год)
Might've been funnier if you could actually understand what he was saying.

Автор jonnyc212121 (9 месяцев)
FUck all these flamers. I thought it was a good addition XD

Автор Casey Eaton (10 месяцев)
meh. I've seen worse. A LOT worse.

Автор TJ Calva (10 месяцев)
i'm reading all these comments and they're all so mean, yeah i know he used
egoraptor's video but i think its pretty funny. i understand why some
people hate this, but no need to hate. just maybe next time when you make a
video… you should try make it from scratch.

Автор James Golden (1 год)
I do not understand why this video got so many negative votes... I found it
pretty funny. :p

Автор darthxemnas (1 год)
00:29 Charizard's reaction to losing Death Battle

Автор Kalle Andersson (1 год)
why? just why?

Автор Tubester time (1 год)
Does it matter if he's not a dragon its funny that's the whole thing

Автор Cyreus (8 месяцев)
tbh this is one of the funniest things I've seen

Автор marco calabria (1 год)
stupidest shit ever, you ruined what used to be a hilarious video, i hope
you dont call yourself an egoraptor fan because what you just made is

Автор Toby Bruce (1 год)
Wtf just hapind

Автор Auschwitch (1 год)
Well, this sucked...

Автор DastardlyDinosir (1 год)
I don't understand... 

Автор Joshua Bringas (1 год)
Charizard so funny

Автор Dyami Woods (1 год)
"Pika... chu..?"

Автор Daniel Hanson (1 год)
Charizard isn't a dragon...
Look at the pokedex for charizard.

Автор NJT GAMING (1 год)
Charizard used rage IT GOT VERY BIG

Автор shinrin kotmoya (1 год)
wtf O_O

Автор Andres Guaman (1 год)

Hello, the bob army has gone out of control, but we can stop it. Copy and
paste this post all over youtube. Some of you guys hate google+ and I
understand that but its effecting everyone on youtube! STOP THE BOB ARMY!!!

Автор Demotic ShadowDemon (1 год)
WTF did i just watch

Автор PoopyButt (1 год)
charizard we all know ure not a dragon type unless u mega evolve derp

Автор peachydasiy65 (1 год)
Me in math class

Автор Dylan Biggs (1 год)
What song is Charizard talking about

Автор TenebieCenturion (2 года)
Aw Charizard need a hug? (hugs)

Автор Brian Johnson (2 года)
ah god my fuckin knee that my knee damn it shit

Автор Gir (1 год)
i found this kinda funny

Автор Ale Munhoz (1 год)
The charizard's video is a brazilian video, of galofrito's chanel.

Автор Stuart Rose (2 года)

Автор Treecko Treeckoo (1 год)
that addendum is of really good animation quality, actually! :D good job!

Автор Gustavo Saboia (1 год)
from a brazilian comedy account

Автор Gible V. (2 года)
Did not see that coming.

Автор Diaotic Haze (1 год)
Wow thanks for stealing to videos and getting veiws for them *cough* =

Автор Jesse Brodie (2 года)
Charizard use Dragon Rage XD

Автор Shadow Moonlight (1 год)
Game Grumps?

Автор xEmmaKeoghx (1 год)
Geez i'm crying ahaha...I NEED NOURISHMENT

Автор Raihmune (2 года)
At least it wasn't one with a spider...ran into one of those earlier...

Автор iWaffleBites (1 год)
Well the first part is

Автор Tim Perry (2 года)
No. Just no.

Автор SuperSonicDan2000 . (2 года)
maybe a stone broke his knee?

Автор avenger919 (1 год)
that was shit

Автор DrFunk98 (1 год)
why the dislikes this is so damn funny

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