RE: Awesome Series: PokeAwesome - Charizard disagrees

Added charizard to an already splendid animation. But i just took this oppertunity :)

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Charizard clip is from : Galofrito

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Автор southeasten railway service ( назад)
44 sec to 45 sec omg so funny

Автор Aaron McMullen ( назад)
Charizard used Dragon Rage. It's super effective!

Автор kitten musketeers ( назад)
this sucked

Автор Noah Faris ( назад)

Автор Nick Brown ( назад)
charizard is flying fire type ya illiterate fuck lmao

Автор Benton Bassin ( назад)

Автор Sgt Malone ( назад)
Your entire YouTube channel the content is not even you own. Make you own,
or not because it'll be shit.

Автор Crazy Guy ( назад)
tl:dr eat shit

Автор Spoopy Phantom ( назад)
Why all the hate?

Автор Mick Bagger ( назад)
That was some grade A cancer.

Автор FyveElemental ( назад)
yeah not bad, not sure where all the hate is coming from

Автор Bruatlstingray 1 ( назад)

Автор Lone Wolf ( назад)
Charizard used Dragon Rage! Literally...

Автор Mr.SnazzyCheese ( назад)
just make your own video.

Автор Torrie Halz ( назад)
What the f-

Автор AfRo Kidd ( назад)
I find this Hilarious! Idk why it got so many thumbs down either....

Автор Pokollectors ( назад)

Автор Erik rives ( назад)
this is fricking funny

Автор ImpastaSauce ( назад)
if you animated this good job :) i cant do tht yet haha

Автор Cyreus ( назад)
tbh this is one of the funniest things I've seen

Автор jonnyc212121 ( назад)
FUck all these flamers. I thought it was a good addition XD

Автор Casey Eaton (CwalkPinoy) ( назад)
meh. I've seen worse. A LOT worse.

Автор TJ Calva ( назад)
i'm reading all these comments and they're all so mean, yeah i know he used
egoraptor's video but i think its pretty funny. i understand why some
people hate this, but no need to hate. just maybe next time when you make a
video… you should try make it from scratch.

Автор ITS ANAIJA ( назад)
Does it matter if he's not a dragon its funny that's the whole thing

Автор Karl-Henrik Andersson ( назад)
why? just why?

Автор NovusIgnis ( назад)
Kill yourself. Swiftly and with extreme prejudice. Leave the comedy to
egoraptor and The Joker.

Автор Shinrin Koyama ( назад)
wtf O_O

Автор Rikkaku The Sai-Krowe ( назад)
00:29 Charizard's reaction to losing Death Battle

Автор James Golden ( назад)
I do not understand why this video got so many negative votes... I found it
pretty funny. :p

Автор Auschwitch ( назад)
Well, this sucked...

Автор marco calabria ( назад)
stupidest shit ever, you ruined what used to be a hilarious video, i hope
you dont call yourself an egoraptor fan because what you just made is

Автор Toby Bruce ( назад)
Wtf just hapind

Автор HK-47 ( назад)
Might've been funnier if you could actually understand what he was saying.

Автор Memes Inc. ( назад)
I don't understand... 

Автор Joshua Bringas ( назад)
Charizard so funny

Автор Dyami Woods ( назад)
"Pika... chu..?"

Автор peachydasiy65 ( назад)
Me in math class

Автор Daniel Hanson ( назад)
Charizard isn't a dragon...
Look at the pokedex for charizard.

Автор Poopy ( назад)
charizard we all know ure not a dragon type unless u mega evolve derp

Автор Sentinel DaedricDerp ( назад)
WTF did i just watch

Автор Nock ( назад)
Charizard used rage IT GOT VERY BIG

Автор Barbara B ( назад)

Автор Yuma Tsukimo ( назад)
it would work if it fitted into the scene, but the clip is funny

Автор Diaotic Haze ( назад)
Wow thanks for stealing to videos and getting veiws for them *cough* =

Автор NewTek1 ( назад)
nice job taking somthing funny and making it a pile of shit your gonna go
far in hollywood

Автор AwesomeDragon117 ( назад)
Charizard sure has many things to cuss about:)

Автор Emmanuelle Lefebvre ( назад)

Автор Emmanuelle Lefebvre ( назад)

Автор Heatran ( назад)
I know. :p 

Автор Moon ( назад)
look 3 weeks ago then we didint know that he will get mega dragon type
evolution :)

Автор Heatran ( назад)
But now he is..... Temporarily that is... 

Автор justin shelps ( назад)

Автор Danny “iGlowers” Pham ( назад)
Shutup, this was awesome bitch

Автор Mindless Animation ( назад)
It might be but what you see on the screen took a lot of skill and time and
determination to make ...So dont hate.

Автор Ale Munhoz ( назад)
The charizard's video is a brazilian video, of galofrito's chanel.

Автор avenger919 ( назад)
that was shit

Автор Moon ( назад)
but hes no dragon ...

Автор Yuval Eliav ( назад)
You can kiss my DragonBallz.

Автор Trainer Gold ( назад)
the funny thing about this is that charizard has no balls xD

Автор Heather Konopski ( назад)

Автор Jason Rovolis ( назад)
Actually this video is not his so you can find the full one in the real
makers channel.

Автор tom sparkman ( назад)
here is the real vid its fucking great Pokemon Parody: Pikachu vs Venusaur 

Автор Treecko Treeckoo ( назад)
that addendum is of really good animation quality, actually! :D good job!

Автор Aj Deep ( назад)
Haha man.....i just love it

Автор Reegareth ( назад)
I wont thumbs down for crappy video I thumbs down for copyright
infringement. The first half isn't even your content and I'm willing to bet
the second half isn't either but I don't actually know.

Автор breakthisdance ( назад)
hahahaha "you can suck my DRAGON....BALLS!" :D

Автор Queen Bianca ( назад)
My 6 year old brother was watching this with me

Автор Eric Verschoor ( назад)
palmtop tiger as avatar? :D

Автор David Mauck ( назад)
Hey, I enjoyed that.

Автор Baas B. ( назад)
Yeah, you don't want cussing, do you?

Автор FatAlien1 ( назад)
omg i fucking lay down the floor omg i laugh so much omg i cant hold it omg

Автор Christopher Tucker ( назад)
Does anyone know about a real Pokemon fan series that doesn't have to
always include cussing

Автор Jamie PlaysMC ( назад)

Автор J “Josh” osh ( назад)
Um,wow... Thumbs Up 

Автор ChrisLikesAppleJuice ( назад)
Why so much hate? It was nice!

Автор animaljam69 ( назад)
Shut up... it was funny c:

Автор XOXTheFunnyBunnyXOX ( назад)
a little too much swearing on charizard (even though the others all did a
lot) but other than that not half bad

Автор Garan Peralta ( назад)
It didn't even hit his knee

Автор Danny “iGlowers” Pham ( назад)
Dude this was really funny.

Автор Gryphon Gaming ( назад)

Автор Gustavo Saboia ( назад)
about the "Oh if I catch you", from the brazilian Michel Teló

Автор Gustavo Saboia ( назад)
from a brazilian comedy account

Автор Peteys Henchman (Patrick) ( назад)
where did the charizard foodage come from

Автор JappTheNorwegian ( назад)
Dragon rage? Wasn't that twister? I guess i am wrong ;_;

Автор TheMindBreaker ( назад)
Game Grumps?

Автор Symmetry Gamer ( назад)
o video do charizard e do galo frito

Автор awaween1 ( назад)
why copy paste of other youtubevids? idiot...

Автор Guilmon_plays ( назад)
But lol

Автор Guilmon_plays ( назад)
Dragon rage

Автор Dylan Biggs ( назад)
What song is Charizard talking about

Автор The Goat Jay Cutler ( назад)
Stupid, you fuckin stole the first part

Автор Jacob Rose ( назад)
The start of the video with pikachu vs ivysaur isn't his is

Автор Sir Posh ( назад)
i found this kinda funny 

Автор MultiMeilan ( назад)

Автор MCIZ ( назад)
Charizard used dragon rage

Автор Qweer ( назад)
you stole this...

Автор Christian G Perkins ( назад)

Автор Danny “iGlowers” Pham ( назад)
Why the hate? This was really funny!

Автор kevinvalke1 ( назад)

Автор Leo Pucic ( назад)
lol at 00:50

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