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I was thinking of someone special when I played with the cute RC Car. It has been great fun to play with. (Thank you for that!!) But in the end...
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this wonderful renzi highheels i have get from a friend of my homepage. thank you very much K from england! they are so wondeful!! i love them!!...
High heels shoes in dirt
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Моя любимая на шпильках =)
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Scalerun in mud terrain. Driver: Michaelhonor & MaToJe1. If you like the video, maybe you visit my channel to see more of me........
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Dune bridal suprise
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I suprised mc with a visit and a walk and this was the result.
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Rosebud is "playing" a bit with two very beautiful vintage model cars, wearing a pair of sexy and deadly metal heels... :-)
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I normally do high heels slipping,but this was a request and it was still fun to do.I had trouble walking up this muddy slope ,my ballet flats have...
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Nothing to describe I think? Colorful, noisy..at least I had fun :-)))
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Lea gets a little revenge for her Loub's :)
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Update: She's back (:D)! You should check out her new channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/msvickielynnsfeet Not my work, this belongs to former...
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The second part of the Zara Klein abuse adventure. This time a little bit of crushing action. Hope you all enjoy... :-)
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This is a clip I was planning to achieve for a long time. Aubergine is my favourite colour for high heels, so this is like a dream came true fore...
white boots in mud - water ! send me your videowishes.. cora wasser stiefel
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please follow my high heels blog http://highheelscora.blogspot.de/ http://highheel.de.to/ please send me your videowish...
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I just loves the mud.
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http://highheel.de.to/ videowish skinny jeans hosen denim killah blau
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Sarah from the Concord Monitor explains how high heels make great mud shoes. Watch and learn how she does it.
Gianrico Mori Outdoor Dangling
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My beloved sister Rosebud is dangling a bit with my very beautiful aubergine coloured Gianrico Mori high heels. :-)
sinking with silver High Heel

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Gartenarbeit in High Heels ist überaus unzweckmäßig. Ich ruiniere mir die Absätze dabei.
Swapping Shoes
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Under the table shoe swap - may have been uploaded to YouTube previously.
Dangling and Dirty Feet
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~The Candy Shoppe~ http://www.c4s.com/44993 Check out my dirty soles as I dangle my sandals and wiggle my cute toes in the grass. Image set @...
Metal stiletto high heels boots
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See more photos and videos http://HHLOOKS.COM
Apples under black High heels
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I'm wearing black tights, black velvet high heels and first showing my long legs a little bit. Thjese apples on the ground are no problem, the...
Wet High Heels
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http://www.wethighheels.com - How to choose your work shoes. Watch the weather report first unless you like getting your high heels wet which you...


Автор bluegreenfioni (1 год)
what a waste of pretty shoes, i'd drink thte beer and make love to her
feet, i'll wash your shoes and sweetheart

Автор cervezadog (1 год)
I would have drank the beer and then found her some snails to crush.lol

Автор Michael McFarland (1 год)
a does ur sister do reqwests

Автор Stijn Wansink (10 месяцев)
I like that when you'r done you just walk away as if nothing happend

Автор Luxi Delpiero (1 год)
nice shoes, węcej burn movies in them? after some stones ...

Автор loupesca1 (1 год)

Автор mantzaflari66 (2 года)
the best!!!

Автор Chris Napolion (1 год)

Автор andym209 (1 год)
what a brilliant wank as she ever danced on the grass in heels

Автор Alan B Pine (2 года)
I never watched a lady till the soil with stilettos....cool. Opening
aluminum cans is convienient with steele rod spikes on.

Автор Alan B Pine (2 года)
Very original, most women won't mess up a pair of shoes like
that....excellent, thankyou.

Автор karasudark (1 год)

Автор Goschka (1 год)
thank you, great movie.

Автор bootsboobs1 (1 год)
Is she really your sister?

Автор pereim (2 года)
One more time i'm impressed... I think lot of fans will be too, when they
will see that but maybe not for the same reasons as me... For example, i
would not enjoy to lick the heels at all personally. I understand the
pleasure doing a such thing but i see this clip with a "more artistic"
point of view. I admire the way to destroy the shoes, with method,
graduation, for a final part wich will surprise us all for sure ! Thank you
very much (both of you ! ! ) Regards, Take care of yourselves !

Автор zakkcox (1 год)
oh my god oh my goddd!!!!!!!!

Автор likethemsexy (2 года)
1.46 best part but the whole thing rocks. Very nice, well done

Автор ronald5226 (2 года)
i love this

Автор Tim B (1 год)
Now THAT is a very sexy pair of stilettos!!

Автор Goschka (1 год)
wonderful, many fhanks,

Автор maleinhighheelfun (1 год)
Very sexy pumps :)) would like to see those shoes messy inside, maybe honey?

Автор HeelsOnWheels (1 год)
It depends on what your requests are. But you should ask herself anyway...

Автор maleinhighheelfun (2 года)
Very hot! Love the shoes and messy:) Can she do anymore messy inside her
shoes? Please here are some ideas try honey inside the shoes or cake
frosting ;)

Автор HeelsOnWheels (1 год)
She is my beloved sister in mind. :-)

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