Brainiac - Thermite And Ice

Brainiac - Thermite And Ice

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Автор CapnTates ( назад)
ain't gonna work, dry ice is CO2 and when decomposed is not that powerful
as to explode upon reacting again. though with water it does work.

Автор antiswattt3 ( назад)
you say either ½O2 or double the other parts very saddening however that
they used artificial sound, just screws the whole idea of making a bang

Автор 69Slartibartfast ( назад)
Only if you're burning carbon or a carbon compound. H2 + O = H2O. Basic
chemistry. There's no carbon in the reaction. Incidentally, even burning
hydrocarbons creates water as a by-product. Methane - CH4 + 2O2 = CO2 +

Автор 69Slartibartfast ( назад)
Every single program I have ever seen Richard Hammond in, he blows
something up. They should change the name of Top Gear, Blast Lab and
Braniac to "Hammond Blowing S**t Up".

Автор GhostOfJulesVerne ( назад)
Isn't it more likely that the thermite just flashes the ice into steam,
making the explosion? The hydrogen/oxygen idea sounds pretty far fetched.

Автор Dan S ( назад)
Richard hammon! :D

Автор Why not Dean ( назад)
If you stick an ice cube under tap water (which is like 10degrees Celsius)
it will fracture, imagine what happens to ice when its exposed to 2000
degrees hot thermite, it will explode.

Автор LucaTurilli89 ( назад)
@CertifiedBad4ss the video is from 2008 and I guess the codecs suck :D.

Автор Why not Dean ( назад)
did you record the sound with a calculator?

Автор ellfangor8 ( назад)
@italiansoccerrulez incorrect, 2 hydrogen + oxygen + fire = water

Автор italiansoccerrulez ( назад)
@electiveelf no..... it will just explode, no second reaction. A Combustion
reaction doesnt create H2O it creates CO2

Автор mark allaway ( назад)
@nixrate actually as hammond explains the heat would break the molecular
bonds breaking down into its component atoms hydrogen and oxygen. hydrogen
is flammable and will explode causing another reaction making water vapour.

Автор Alistair Scott (7 лет назад)
@nixrate The reality is that nobody's entirely sure -why- thermite and ice
is an explosive mixture and there are many conflicting theories. You can
decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen (which explodes with ignition)
with heat, as you can decompose anything if you give it enough energy to do
so. I doubt it is the one, personally, as I think there's not enough energy
to do enough of said decomposition for the explosion. But it's still a
valid theory.

Автор peonatre ( назад)
@nixrate heat and electricity are both energy and can have the same effect

Автор frother ( назад)
@nixrate what. at a million degrees water would separate into hydrogen and

Автор UTubeisSHIT523441 ( назад)
This shows how this "maniacs" are full of shit. 

Автор RPTR 〉〉 ( назад)
@nixrate hey there it may not at 200 to 500 degrees Celsius, but at 2000
degrees Celsius It might(bond enthalpy) correct me if I m wrong

Автор rub3nelmillor ( назад)
The explosion of the amount of hydrogen from that piece of ice would have
killed them all! I don't like brainiac at all... they're always saying
stupid things. They don't look for science, they just want to impress you.

Автор Aaron Balowski ( назад)
I am agreeing that a sublimation of the water expanding ridiculously fast
making something like a thermite cloud is more plausible, or even like a
plugged gun barrel as the pressure from the steam is enclosed ...reaches a
breaking point and explodes while flinging molten metal everywhere.

Автор James IV ( назад)
Ahh this is the only thermite one I remember and I talk about it all the

Автор zacharylisle ( назад)
who new rust could burn Xd

Автор FatherTime89 ( назад)
@MarkoTheHunter Mythbusters are not always right. They have done revisits
which prove their initial conclusions wrong. Also don't forget Jamie's 2
cars at 50 = 1 car at 100 slip.

Автор Seroster ( назад)
No fucking way. I call bullshit.

Автор nanabosh havoc ( назад)
Nice steam explosion!

Автор TheTutSpace ( назад)
@nixrate Yeah, heating to a certain temperature destroys covalent bonds,
which changes its molecular structure.

Автор itsmanofpopsicle ( назад)
I would imagine the explosion is caused by the impurities in the ice, which
gather around the middle, heat u8p faster than the ice does, causing a
pressure difference and a big boom-boom. It could be the splitting bond
theory, but the only way to find ou8t is to directly use thermite on liquid

Автор Jrodsly ( назад)
"This particular block of ice will be sculpted by thermite. It might not be
pretty, but it will be science." Funny. It was actually kind of pretty. In
an explode-y kind of way.

Автор themadscientest ( назад)
@drchen054 yah it is most likely that cuz its dealind with a giant temp
difference and it cracks all the way through

Автор drchen054 ( назад)
@themadscientest @themadscientest I think I agree with you there. any
hydrogen created would instantly burn the moment it is formed, so there is
no chance of build up. Mythbusters said it might be thermite dust thrown up
by steam exploding. I thought he was right, but this video proves that
explosion happens anyway even when the powder is far away from steam. It
can't be steam explosion source cause even 10 grams of TNT on top will only
take out 25% of the block. It must be thermal shock.

Автор MegaJeremy07 ( назад)
hell yea thanks thermite

Автор Max Friedersdorff ( назад)
@LucaTurilli89 yhs

Автор LucaTurilli89 ( назад)
@maxf130 sorry to which comment are you replaying to the one about
affecting the molecules speed?

Автор Max Friedersdorff ( назад)
@LucaTurilli89 yh it should increase in temperature should increase
brownian motion

Автор FrankyZ ( назад)
it looks like its more of a steam explosion cuase there was no flash

Автор themadscientest ( назад)
@thehumangoing but there wrong about the sci its most likely thermal shock

Автор SKUMMASBAGGUS ( назад)
its called covering thy ass

Автор MaTrIx ( назад)
Thanks, Thermite!

Автор DDTea ( назад)
Metals oxidize in contact with water (e.g., Iron rusts), and release H2
simultaneously. With enough heat, the H2 ignites (e.g., Potassium in
water). The reaction happens much faster at higher temperatures--look up
Gibb's free energy. This happens if you try to extinguish thermite with
water, too. With confinement (like a solid block of ice would provide), a
strong explosion is very possible. I don't see what the mystery is; just
oxidation-reduction chemistry.

Автор Triple Threat ( назад)
@Venix946 i tottaly agraee with the mythbusters dude

Автор elryanoo ( назад)
Its sublimation that does it the solid ice turns to steam inside the block
of ice and expands.

Автор SenpaiScape ジ ( назад)
myth busters is shit.

Автор Daniel Haswell ( назад)
The reason it explodes is because the heat from the thermite is enough to
break the water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. As with most explosives, a
solid turning into a gas causes a very rapid increase in volume. Thus, a
huge outward force. Add to that, the fact that a mixture of hydrogen and
oxygen gas is flammable...

Автор FlareKnight ( назад)
Myth Busters made it more entertaining. But it's still a fun effect to see

Автор Notus ( назад)
It doesn't explode. That's why it's legal, It's very stable. the fuse is
magnesium, otherwiese they wouldn't be able to light it.

Автор Jasmine Tsim ( назад)
that's epic

Автор steadfast1984 ( назад)
that's not fact, its scientific speculation, no one really knows why it
actually explodes, there are a couple different theory's. one other being,
that the super heated steam turns the termite into an aerosol and that's
actually whats exploding. who knows till they can get something in there
that can take measurements at over 4000 degrees.

Автор J4Jake ( назад)
hamster lol i think i just saw a program in it besides TG and this

Автор Lawrence Hylton ( назад)
ur no, theres one for kids then theres one for adults. obviously the tits
and such are for adults, as most would presume, and the explosions and why
not to touch an electric fence is for kids. i did watch it on BBC children
times when i was a kid. so that kinda rules your half out.

Автор Nebonit ( назад)
Kids programme!?!?!? do you realise the the target audience or are you
another dumb POM! all the jokes are targeted towards adults, the chicks and
what they wear targeted to lustful ADULTS not a KIDS PROGRAMME!!! And to
back up my previous comment H2 and O2 would burn smoothly not explode under
those circumstances...

Автор Lawrence Hylton ( назад)
thats cos its a kid's programme douchebag.

Автор Lawrence Hylton ( назад)
alright jalapino pencil dick, this is england, we dontdo tests in huge
deserts cos we're an island. a small one too which somehow managed to own
america for a good few years. so technically without the british your
country wouldnt have the brains to think of such empowering stuff.

Автор Lawrence Hylton ( назад)
Mythbusters did this and it was miiiiiiiiiiiiint! but still nice to see it
again :D

Автор jalopinyo ( назад)
fuck u the 5445 myth busters owns ur face and ull never be right listening
to them

Автор LucaTurilli89 ( назад)
The hamster lmao :D.

Автор dragon10390 ( назад)
its not james, his name is richard hammond, lol

Автор Nebonit ( назад)
Mythbuster Jamie has doubts about the thoery they propose and after he
explained it I agree, Brainic has no brains and does it for the hell of it
Mythbuster do it for science

Автор mikek3332002 ( назад)
poor sound on the video makes it sound as though james has a cold

Автор desertman123 ( назад)
how else would it go boom?

Автор tTatmosT ( назад)
they also said that you could make a coloured smoke bomb with barium,
potassium nitrate and sugar with is impossible as the barium only changes
the colour of the flame not the smoke so don't say they're always right

Автор MarkoTheHunter ( назад)
Mythbusters are better than brainiac.. Mythbusters are pros.. Brainiac do
more things in one episode maybe more fun, but they are wrong.. Mythbusters
are always right

Автор TheJonahBomb ( назад)
the ice turns to water and then to steam super fast hence the explosion.
The hydrogen theory is incorrect since that would be very painful.

Автор beondhuman ( назад)
the mythbusters proved that the explosion happens. but the said that the
hydrogen theory is impossible.

Автор Simon Mikkelsen ( назад)
i more belive mythbusters.. they are more pro

Автор beecee176 ( назад)
mythbusters are wrongg lol

Автор beondhuman ( назад)
what they said has been proven wrong.

Автор beecee176 ( назад)
they said why it happens in the video...

Автор beondhuman ( назад)
no one realy knows why it happens. they just know what the answers are not.

Автор nixrate ( назад)
atoms are apart of the molecule. the molecule's vibrate more rapidly with
heat causing them to break their hydrogen bonding and leave the mixture aka
a gas...how do i know. i am doing chemistry at a university level and know
from high school whats said in the video is BS.

Автор LucaTurilli89 ( назад)
How do you know? Doesn't it affect the molecules speed or something? Like
the atoms?

Автор nixrate ( назад)
richard hammond is wrong in this too..heating water to million degrees
won't change the molecular structure. the heating of water in any way to
any temp is a physical reaction and not chemical.

Автор nixrate ( назад)
nah thats wrong... a cloud of steam is not suffient to aresol the thermite
. hence a bursting charge is essential for an FAE[another nail being the
high activation energy causing the rate of reaction throughout the mist to
be rather slow.]. the explosion is caused to due to the steam vapor. a
cassam may be made in the ice and steam builds almost instantaniously
leading to a blast.

Автор dead2thewind ( назад)
the fact that you tried it means people shouldn't listen to you I'm sensing
a darwin award contender

Автор RedPenguin2 ( назад)
Yes, this theory is 100% what Jamie said towards the end of the episode.
Anyway, the other theory was that the thermite turns in to an aerosole
about and that is what causes the explosion. It seems trickier to
understand than the first theory.

Автор rpenri ( назад)
It's almost the same thing that happens when you drop a frozen turkey into
a deep fryer (although, not as climactic as thermite and ice). The water is
superheated (in this case, ice is instantly turned to vapor as steam) which
stirs up the thermite powder and sort of aerosolizes it which creates the
necessary condition for an explosion. It's mixes oxygen and the fuel to
create a big bang. That's my hypothesis anyway.

Автор Andrew McOmber ( назад)
that theory hasn't been proven.... nor any other one

Автор Justin Melancon ( назад)
So the heat from the thermite splits the water molecules, and then
recombines them to form water and an impressive explosion? I'm feeling a
1st law of thermodynamics fail here.

Автор Evan McManus ( назад)
I've TRIED this. It DOES NOT work the way it did on the show. It barely

Автор qenisharrit (1488 лет назад)

Автор Tim Lewis ( назад)
Well actually it's more like 4500 degrees if you're talking fahrenheit, but
you're right in that it's probably a combination of thermal shock and steam

Автор Tim Lewis ( назад)
Well of course champagne will explode in a microwave. The champagne will
eventually boil, adding yet more pressure to the already pressurised
champagne until it bursts through the glass.

Автор Tim Lewis ( назад)
It actually turns the water into hydrogen and oxygen? I thought that didn't
happen until about 10,000 and I thought it was steam pressure, or even just
expansion pressure from the outside of the ice being hotter than the inside
(like when you put an ice cube in a drink and it often cracks)

Автор Evan McManus ( назад)
Seriously true. They expect us to belive that champagne will explode if you
put it in a microwave like that? If you fill it with gasoline like they
probably did, sure. They fake like 90% of the things they do, and tell you
not to do it at home because they dont want you to know their secret. FAIL

Автор SelkitFox ( назад)
Uh, Geere, any hydrocarbon combustion, nevermind just hydrogen burning,
produces water. Yes, it's a two way street. However, in this case, they
probably didn't account for what happens when you flash-boil ice; Steam
occupies just over 1,700 times the volume a similar weight of ice does;
Toss that into little pores in the block burned through by thermite, and
you have a nice recipe for blam (Steam pressure) and sparks (Thermite
getting merrily scattered). Brainiac: Science fail.

Автор Hyun Choi ( назад)
did you do that?

Автор tybo09 ( назад)
The heat splits the water molecules? This doesn't sound right for some
reason. I thought it was just the thermal shock of something that's 2000+
degrees hitting something that's below 32 degrees that caused the ice to
violently shatter. The fact that there are chunks of ice littering the
ground seems to support this.

Автор gskaloyan ( назад)
you can can get aluminum powder in an etch-a-sketch I think.

Автор Mark Karpov ( назад)

Автор elmeister4evayoknow ( назад)
well, with any iron file or with a metal grinder... start to file or grind
a piece of aluminium and then you have the dust =)

Автор elmeister4evayoknow ( назад)
you didn't see the chemical formula, did you ¬¬?

Автор Kosinuss ( назад)
not just any metal rust... IRON rust

Автор DG .Tinderbox ( назад)
Who knew learning could be so fun.

Автор elmeister4evayoknow ( назад)
Fe2O3 + Al (metal rust + aluminium) in dust and mixed

Автор tHeNeUtRaLnOtHiNg ( назад)
wow...i love thermite...

Автор Thoran666 ( назад)
Thermite rocks! would be fun to do some tests with that stuff myself.

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