Loading 35mm Film Into Your MINOLTA X-700

Hello photo lovers, here is a video i took of my local 60 minute Photo shop guy telling me instructions on how to load a Minolta X-700. You can apply this to most manual 35mm cameras. Both Manual film cameras AND 60 minute photo shops are becoming more rare every year; so i made this for the people that might not know how to do this. Enjoy!

Only from the Mind of MINOLTA!

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Автор fabiola rodriguez ( назад)
does anybody now were i can pay camera film for minolta x-700

Автор Nathan Moraza ( назад)

Автор Blazing Fire ( назад)
Thank you so much. I have an X-700 that I just got and I couldn't advance
the film. This video helped a lot.

Автор arlenee piedraa ( назад)
does any 35mm film work for minolta maxxum 7000? helppp !!!

Автор Ian Anderson ( назад)
nevermind i got it 

Автор Ian Anderson ( назад)
How about you show me how to open the damn thing

Автор ydoesutubesucksobad ( назад)
my point still exists ! 

Автор FutureLaugh ( назад)
it teaches you how to load your camera. If you check the date- there was a
time when this was the only video on youtube telling you how to do it.

Автор ydoesutubesucksobad ( назад)
whats the damn point of these videos ? its the freaking same thing on
almost every 35mm on this planet !!! and the guy is not even very good at
it !

Автор Sahrath ( назад)
I just recently bought a Minolta-x700...thank you...thank you very much.

Автор Steve Keller ( назад)
This guy sounds (and by the looks of his hands) like an old Jeff Goldblum

Автор Sonia Renee ( назад)
i'm having trouble loading my camera, the lever is stuck and also instead
of the film being loaded properly it winds backward back into the cartage.
any help you can offer? i am very lost and can't seem to get it going i did
every step and it just won't budge.

Автор FutureLaugh ( назад)
look them dead in their eyes, point to your temple, smile and nod slowly.

Автор FutureLaugh ( назад)
This video was the only one online for several years, i made it for free.
if you dont like it you can make your own video right after youre done
sucking my balls!

Автор Nick Moss ( назад)
way to be a jerk about it. learn how to mix audio or pick something more

Автор Yara Shalata ( назад)
I dont have a slot in my cameraaaa :( i have a minolta dynax 500si super 

Автор haasy2 ( назад)
The film isn't advancing when I pull the lever

Автор JungSwon ( назад)
@jeremysdub I think it could be that ur battery is dead. I have a Pentax
that ran out of battery and did the same thing. Got it replaced and worked
like a charm

Автор Josh Gussy ( назад)
@jeremysdub Ive got the same issue dunno what to do

Автор ducklandwikeno ( назад)
Quit That loud Music . Did you have to use a loud ass music up and down .
Take that out .

Автор jcotteri ( назад)
Good video but that music blows and your music editing is atrocious!

Автор ducklandwikeno ( назад)
Hey ,You Think you can get ride of that Ghetto music from this video . 

Автор Irina Petrovich ( назад)
Thanks! :)

Автор Emanuel Hernandez ( назад)
@haasy2 on the top left of the camera (the knob with the arrow the flips
open), pull that knob until the back opens

Автор TurboB13 ( назад)
Instead of turning that white wheel with your finger, turn the film advance
lever. That way you won't get that rewind effect. 

Автор haasy2 (1805 лет назад)
I cant figure out how to open the back...

Автор delonge5000 ( назад)
FUCK your music.

Автор FutureLaugh ( назад)
guys if you dont like the music hit mute or go find another video on how to
load your Minolta x-700... oh wait there is none.

Автор hardboiled89 ( назад)
song is annoying

Автор 4DIZZYGIRL ( назад)
I read in the manual that u shouldn't rewind the film but this did help me
have the power to my camera thanks... now you should do an unloading the
film video cause there is none. nowhere!! Just a thought

Автор Podex ( назад)
i always do it reverse way

Автор Maddie Glassford ( назад)
this helped! i have a minolta x700 and I've loaded it a few times, but
since I'm new at it, I wanted to make sure I had it right..and i do!! yay!!

Автор Maddie Glassford ( назад)
this helped! i have a minolta x700 and I've loaded it a few times, but
since I'm new at it, I wanted to make sure I had it right..and i do!! yay!!

Автор TheHolyheadshot ( назад)
Does Walmart still develop these kinds of films? Or at least sell them?
Because I found 2 old cameras. a Minolta XD-11 and an Olympus OM-10 as well
as some cool lenses, zoom lenses and filters.

Автор Mark Conti ( назад)
Ah, my X-700, the fourth camera I progressed to after the Kodak Ektramax
(#3) and the Vivitar pocket tele (#2). I still have all of them, except the
Vivitar, it fell overboard during a school trip to New York, I was on my
way to the Statue of Liberty. I loved my original 1975 brown Kodak pocket
Instamatic with the flash bar(#1).

Автор earpie909090 ( назад)
great song! I love me some BUSCEMI

Автор Pyrofries ( назад)
I have this same camera. I don't think I'm ever getting another manual
focus camera, this one is the ultimate. 

Автор hoomaniac1 ( назад)
you know what's cool? i was searching through my dad's stuff and i saw his
really old Minolta XE-1. is this a nice camera? im thinking if i should
have this repaired since its really really old. any comments?

Автор Chrysta Starkey ( назад)
my advancing lever is jammed, film is loaded correctly, camera's on, but
still the lever wont pull forward

Автор jordan harding ( назад)
i have the minolta dynax 5000i

Автор davidtheguitarman ( назад)
are you 90 years old?

Автор Erick Contreras ( назад)
lol we watched this on an iphone in a restraunt so when the "IVE GOT THE
POWAH" blasted we got a few wierd looks...

Автор 1PAcouchpotato ( назад)
Its fine now, but you could have added a annotation at teh beggining. Oh

Автор FutureLaugh ( назад)
hahaha sorry mate!

Автор 1PAcouchpotato ( назад)
Yep, I didnt read the manual at that time.

Автор Gyuhyung Kang ( назад)
A stands for Aperture priority mode. and P stands for auto-program. : )

Автор 1PAcouchpotato ( назад)
OK. The A stand for auto-program. Set it to that and all you have to do is
compose,focus and shoot. Thats what is says in the manuel. I dont know what
the P is for I didnt bother to read that.

Автор 1PAcouchpotato ( назад)
Did you need to blair music??? I was using headphone and god did that hurt.

Автор Jason Eyerly ( назад)
I understand that the B is for the shutter to open as long as the button is
pressed, but what is A and P for?

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