Joe Rogan on Future Matches for Amanda Nunes & Women's Bantamweight Division

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #893 Fight Recap (https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2j85Xgs).


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Автор My Mo ( назад)
FFFUUUCCCKK! I would buy a card three times over to see Nunez vs Cyborg!
Dana needs to learn to swallow. Whats up with that y'all?

Автор GabeGod ( назад)
My spine vibrates every time I hear Cat's scream. Damn.

Автор Dose H ( назад)
lmaooooo that scream has me scared in my room

Автор Sabarrish Sreenivasan ( назад)
After defeating Germaine , holly should comeback and defeat amanda nunes
too .....

Автор deez nutz ( назад)
Holly Holm vs Nunez yesssss fuck yeah Holly better win

Автор John Vinaccia ( назад)
Why not Rematch with Zingano?

Автор Azarath ( назад)
Nunes isn't that great. If Juliana Pena beats Schevchenko she will get the

Автор Joshua Lobato ( назад)
When are you gonna get Alex jones on!?

Автор Jason Wynne ( назад)
Mike Tyson on podcast with chirs brown or Mayweather and Soulja boy . would
kinda interesting a bit.

Автор Floating Goose ( назад)
It's fucking stupid and senseless to have Holm fighting for a title after
two losses.

Автор Thomas King ( назад)
A Sam Harris v Jordan Peterson debate on JRE would be epic.

Автор Javier Carlos ( назад)
i fucking hate joey diaz's voice and how he speaks

Автор Richard Sangeleer ( назад)
PowerfulJRE, when the UFC promotes/humanizes/propagandizes every fighter
for their personal-story (just like McGregor does for himself), the
company/brand will take on a historical-precedence that has been garnered
by ABC, NASCAR, HBO, NFL, NBA, & ESPN. Human-stories compel the imagination
beyond 20 minutes of "air-time". If you can get people talking before &
after a fight, then you've sold them memories. Fans should know everything
about every fighter all the time. & in the big-leagues, they're supplied
w/the information. It's pumped out like cannon-fodder.
Fantasy-football-leagues were born from this type of glut-of-statistics.
People don't know Nunes' story; that's why they're not talking about her. I
mean, we're talking PR, not rocket-science.

Автор dethtrain ( назад)
that's some warcry

Автор Bruno Ferreira ( назад)
Amanda Nunes is a great champion. They should promote the hell out of her.
She usually wins in a exciting way. Great person with a great background

Автор M WOLF ( назад)

Автор Alex Van Fitness ( назад)
She wont lose aslong as PEDs are out of UFC

Автор petepetro1 ( назад)

Автор Art_By_ NGL ( назад)
Cats scream " Sound like the first time I did DMT " - Edgy Bravie !

Автор Ragin Bull ( назад)
it was before he killed himself, her husband is the one who lifted her up

Автор Frank N. Stein ( назад)
Why did Cat's husband commit suicide? Her blowjobs must be horrible.

Автор Logical BulletAnt ( назад)
For a good time call (713) 492-5832

Автор max klein ( назад)
did anyone check if Nunes has a penis?

Автор Рустам Субаев ( назад)
Valentina Shevchenko

Автор Arkayem ( назад)
Yung Jame-E, homie. Put some respek on his name.

Автор James Galen Bloyd ( назад)
Grasso vs Herrig on Fight Night Feb 4th! Caught that on the screenshot,
thanks! That will be a great fight.
Grasso FTW!

Автор DaemonPix ( назад)
Its time to roll the invicta promotion up and create a strawweight division
in the UFC.

Автор Lester Macias ( назад)
holy fuck that scream from kat 😅

Автор henryantrim88 ( назад)
Cat is going to come back and knock Amanda out.

Автор De La Seoul ( назад)
get dan hardy on the podcast please!!!

Автор Colin Weiss ( назад)
i really need to hear Rogan's opinion on Streep calling MMA not an art.

Автор The Emo Emu ( назад)
"First person to stop Ronda Rousey" still ought to put asses in seats.
Looks like a card for big fans of the sport though and not so much the
broader possible audience.

Автор Omnipatrick ( назад)
"God damn it Travis" 😂

Автор Brad Simms ( назад)
Get Mike Goldberg on the podcast

Автор Connor Prosser ( назад)
I think Joe will quit the ufc before 208, he said "we'll probably do" then
stopped, he was probably gonna say fight companion

Автор Escalathor _ ( назад)
that scream is incredible. I have never heard anything that comes even
remotely close to the ferocity in that scream. The greatest actor of all
time couldn't fake that scream.

Автор JackG79 ( назад)
893 has been DONE TO DEATH!! Time to come out with some new Pod Casts!!!

Автор Irfan Sehic ( назад)
Please have Alex Jones on. I just saw a clip of him saying that he will
come just name date and time.

Автор the basedgod ( назад)
amanda vs holly

Автор Evan Green ( назад)

Автор Jake W ( назад)
You know it's bad when CM punk lasted longer than Ronda

Автор Jordan Mertens ( назад)
WB should ADR that scream onto Wonder Woman for their upcoming movie.
Instant fear snd respect.

Автор dutchschaefer ( назад)
She should start fighting men, because she is a man. That jaw.
Packing a dick between those legs.

Автор Brain Siccness ( назад)
I wanna fuck Zingano so bad. she would rape my bitch asss

Автор rikTa.exe ( назад)
Valentina VS Amanda?
Could be fun

Автор Raniero ( назад)

Автор World Wolf ( назад)
The UFC needs to recruit a few monsters from WWE or Olympic. I'm sure
there's some natty beasts in the world somewhere as well.

Автор Herb Dean ( назад)
joe the poster boy for trt

Автор Harry Stallone ( назад)
I think Valentina shevchenko will become champ one day

Автор Nick Here ( назад)
im just gonna say what people are affraid too, ronda became so big because
she was moderately attractive, atleast compared to the other fighters

Автор Gabriel Bianchi ( назад)
Raquel Pennington retired mineshaft tate

Автор Número Uno ( назад)
Why does everyone talk about numbers now? If their name isn't Dana White,
why do they give a fuck?

Автор Henry Ford ( назад)
Beat those white bitches badddd

Автор Deth Elem ( назад)
"I'am not saying nothing!" LOL

Автор Archimedes ( назад)
I like GSP, Diego Sanchez and now Nunes, .
and the first fight at the Ultimate Fighter Finals with Forrest.

Автор Jell-O Putin ( назад)
That scream would have made Sasquatch piss himself.

Автор anthippo91 ( назад)
do a podcast with young jamie i want to hear a little of his story maybe
30-40 mins long.

Автор GreenGearMood ( назад)

Автор Hugh Glass ( назад)
UFC 208 is the worst card in a LONG time. I feel sorry for everyone on it.
None of them are getting paid, and they are all aging and risking more
injury with nothing to gain. Damn good idea to sell the UFC when they did.
How many of these boring cards will we have to sit through while they try
and churn out interesting matches? They have no horses in the stables, and
the thoroughbreds are dwindling. Oh well.. it was good while it lasted.

Автор Ghillys ( назад)
Get Firas Zahabi on the podcast please!!!

Автор Never My Friend ( назад)
"Cat zingano was never my friend" - Demon that was released from Cat when
she beat Nunes

Автор xenophontiacicidationarionism ( назад)
Schaub saying the Cat Zingano scream happened as a result of her husband's
passing... yet in the video her husband was holding her while she was
screaming smdh stfu Schaub

Автор Mast3r “Button Pusher” Race ( назад)
Nunez vs Shevchenko. Holm vs Cyborg. I'd watch both those fights. Check out
the tutorial on my channel to watch all the UFC's online.

Автор Dthesun ( назад)
get cain velazquez next. he has nothing to do anyway.

Автор Test7017 ( назад)
I live in a big queer area and saw mobs of lezbos at the sports bar. i was
surprised! wasnt sure if they wanted to see Nunes or cunt rousey

Автор MrDylanHole ( назад)
I'm going to blow your mind. Watch this...
'Jacare' Souza vs Tim Boetsch is on the 208 card.

Автор Frank White ( назад)
Holm Nunes

Автор Hulks Fury ( назад)
The way they react to Cat's scream is hilarious! I keep watching it

Автор straightprimo ( назад)
zingano rematch

Автор DerrenBrown100 ( назад)
The Illuminati use the UFC to control the sheeple. 9/11 was an inside job.
Alex Jones is the only man speaking the truth.

Автор GHOST OF SHADY ( назад)
they're all freaks

Автор Will Hill ( назад)
Its LGBTQP (P for Pedo) now.

Автор Hector Zero Zeroni ( назад)
Nunes vs holly? Would love to see that

Автор CaptObvious ( назад)
the Diaz rant from that episode was fantastic

Автор iFoRMaTioN1 ( назад)
Get that old, fat Italian off the the podcast Jesus Christ.

Автор Dalton Schaible ( назад)

Автор Will Hill ( назад)
Young Jaime is hard at work. You kick ass man.

Автор Nick Grems ( назад)
I'm a little surprised it was uploaded so late.

Автор Frank _ ( назад)
Have Mel Gibson on your podcast!!!

Автор OwlEyes85 ( назад)
Holly is gonna retire

Автор Taco Tacotington ( назад)
**fights urge to say first.. loses the fight** First!

Автор Sean Nugent ( назад)
Joe if u see this I love u

Автор Sean Nugent ( назад)
1st comment

Автор RaptorRed Delta ( назад)

Автор Sean Kelly ( назад)

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