Joe Rogan on Future Matches for Amanda Nunes & Women's Bantamweight Division

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #893 Fight Recap (https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2j85Xgs).


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Автор My Mo ( назад)
FFFUUUCCCKK! I would buy a card three times over to see Nunez vs Cyborg! Dana needs to learn to swallow. Whats up with that y'all?

Автор GabeGod ( назад)
My spine vibrates every time I hear Cat's scream. Damn.

Автор eRa Dosed ( назад)
lmaooooo that scream has me scared in my room

Автор Sabarrish Sreenivasan ( назад)
After defeating Germaine , holly should comeback and defeat amanda nunes too .....

Автор deez nutz ( назад)
Holly Holm vs Nunez yesssss fuck yeah Holly better win

Автор John Vinaccia ( назад)
Why not Rematch with Zingano?

Автор Azarath ( назад)
Nunes isn't that great. If Juliana Pena beats Schevchenko she will get the belt.

Автор Joshua Lobato ( назад)
When are you gonna get Alex jones on!?

Автор Jason Wynne ( назад)
Mike Tyson on podcast with chirs brown or Mayweather and Soulja boy . would kinda interesting a bit.

Автор Floating Goose ( назад)
It's fucking stupid and senseless to have Holm fighting for a title after two losses.

Автор Thomas King ( назад)
A Sam Harris v Jordan Peterson debate on JRE would be epic.

Автор Javier Carlos ( назад)
i fucking hate joey diaz's voice and how he speaks

Автор Richard Sangeleer ( назад)
PowerfulJRE, when the UFC promotes/humanizes/propagandizes every fighter for their personal-story (just like McGregor does for himself), the company/brand will take on a historical-precedence that has been garnered by ABC, NASCAR, HBO, NFL, NBA, & ESPN. Human-stories compel the imagination beyond 20 minutes of "air-time". If you can get people talking before & after a fight, then you've sold them memories. Fans should know everything about every fighter all the time. & in the big-leagues, they're supplied w/the information. It's pumped out like cannon-fodder. Fantasy-football-leagues were born from this type of glut-of-statistics. People don't know Nunes' story; that's why they're not talking about her. I mean, we're talking PR, not rocket-science.

Автор dethtrain ( назад)
that's some warcry

Автор Bruno Ferreira ( назад)
Amanda Nunes is a great champion. They should promote the hell out of her. She usually wins in a exciting way. Great person with a great background story

Автор M WOLF ( назад)

Автор Alex Van Fitness ( назад)
She wont lose aslong as PEDs are out of UFC

Автор petepetro1 ( назад)

Автор Art_By_ NGL ( назад)
Cats scream " Sound like the first time I did DMT " - Edgy Bravie !

Автор Ragin Bull ( назад)
it was before he killed himself, her husband is the one who lifted her up

Автор Frank N. Stein ( назад)
Why did Cat's husband commit suicide? Her blowjobs must be horrible.

Автор Logical BulletAnt ( назад)
For a good time call (713) 492-5832

Автор max klein ( назад)
did anyone check if Nunes has a penis?

Автор Рустам Субаев ( назад)
Valentina Shevchenko

Автор Arkayem ( назад)
Yung Jame-E, homie. Put some respek on his name.

Автор James Galen Bloyd ( назад)
Grasso vs Herrig on Fight Night Feb 4th! Caught that on the screenshot, thanks! That will be a great fight.
Grasso FTW!

Автор DaemonPix ( назад)
Its time to roll the invicta promotion up and create a strawweight division in the UFC.

Автор Ronin Samurai ( назад)
holy fuck that scream from kat 😅

Автор henryantrim88 ( назад)
Cat is going to come back and knock Amanda out.

Автор Colin Weiss ( назад)
i really need to hear Rogan's opinion on Streep calling MMA not an art.

Автор The Emo Emu ( назад)
"First person to stop Ronda Rousey" still ought to put asses in seats.
Looks like a card for big fans of the sport though and not so much the broader possible audience.

Автор Omnipatrick ( назад)
"God damn it Travis" 😂

Автор Brad Simms ( назад)
Get Mike Goldberg on the podcast

Автор Connor Prosser ( назад)
I think Joe will quit the ufc before 208, he said "we'll probably do" then stopped, he was probably gonna say fight companion

Автор Escalathor _ ( назад)
that scream is incredible. I have never heard anything that comes even remotely close to the ferocity in that scream. The greatest actor of all time couldn't fake that scream.

Автор JackG79 ( назад)
893 has been DONE TO DEATH!! Time to come out with some new Pod Casts!!!

Автор Irfan Sehic ( назад)
Please have Alex Jones on. I just saw a clip of him saying that he will come just name date and time.

Автор the basedgod ( назад)
amanda vs holly

Автор Evan Green ( назад)

Автор Jake W ( назад)
You know it's bad when CM punk lasted longer than Ronda

Автор Jordan Mertens ( назад)
WB should ADR that scream onto Wonder Woman for their upcoming movie. Instant fear snd respect.

Автор dutchschaefer ( назад)
She should start fighting men, because she is a man. That jaw.
Packing a dick between those legs.

Автор Brain Siccness ( назад)
I wanna fuck Zingano so bad. she would rape my bitch asss

Автор rikTa.exe ( назад)
Valentina VS Amanda?
Could be fun

Автор Raniero ( назад)

Автор World Wolf ( назад)
The UFC needs to recruit a few monsters from WWE or Olympic. I'm sure there's some natty beasts in the world somewhere as well.

Автор Herb Dean ( назад)
joe the poster boy for trt

Автор Harry Stallone ( назад)
I think Valentina shevchenko will become champ one day

Автор Nick Here ( назад)
im just gonna say what people are affraid too, ronda became so big because she was moderately attractive, atleast compared to the other fighters

Автор Gabriel Bianchi ( назад)
Raquel Pennington retired mineshaft tate

Автор Número Uno ( назад)
Why does everyone talk about numbers now? If their name isn't Dana White, why do they give a fuck?

Автор Henry Ford ( назад)
Beat those white bitches badddd

Автор Deth Elem ( назад)
"I'am not saying nothing!" LOL

Автор Archimedes ( назад)
I like GSP, Diego Sanchez and now Nunes, .
and the first fight at the Ultimate Fighter Finals with Forrest.

Автор Jell-O Putin ( назад)
That scream would have made Sasquatch piss himself.

Автор anthippo91 ( назад)
do a podcast with young jamie i want to hear a little of his story maybe 30-40 mins long.

Автор GreenGearMood ( назад)

Автор Ghillys ( назад)
Get Firas Zahabi on the podcast please!!!

Автор Never My Friend ( назад)
"Cat zingano was never my friend" - Demon that was released from Cat when she beat Nunes

Автор xenophontiacicidationarionism ( назад)
Schaub saying the Cat Zingano scream happened as a result of her husband's passing... yet in the video her husband was holding her while she was screaming smdh stfu Schaub

Автор Mast3r Race ( назад)
Nunez vs Shevchenko. Holm vs Cyborg. I'd watch both those fights. Check out the tutorial on my channel to watch all the UFC's online.

Автор Dthesun ( назад)
get cain velazquez next. he has nothing to do anyway.

Автор KGB ( назад)
I live in a big queer area and saw mobs of lezbos at the sports bar. i was surprised! wasnt sure if they wanted to see Nunes or cunt rousey

Автор MrDylanHole ( назад)
I'm going to blow your mind. Watch this...
'Jacare' Souza vs Tim Boetsch is on the 208 card.

Автор Frank White ( назад)
Holm Nunes

Автор Hulks Fury ( назад)
The way they react to Cat's scream is hilarious! I keep watching it repeatedly,hah!

Автор straightprimo ( назад)
zingano rematch

Автор DerrenBrown100 ( назад)
The Illuminati use the UFC to control the sheeple. 9/11 was an inside job. Alex Jones is the only man speaking the truth.

Автор GHOST OF SHADY ( назад)
they're all freaks

Автор Will Hill ( назад)
Its LGBTQP (P for Pedo) now.

Автор Hector Zero Zeroni ( назад)
Nunes vs holly? Would love to see that

Автор CaptObvious ( назад)
the Diaz rant from that episode was fantastic

Автор iFoRMaTioN1 ( назад)
Get that old, fat Italian off the the podcast Jesus Christ.

Автор Dalton Schaible ( назад)

Автор Will Hill ( назад)
Young Jaime is hard at work. You kick ass man.

Автор Nick Grems ( назад)
I'm a little surprised it was uploaded so late.

Автор Frank _ ( назад)
Have Mel Gibson on your podcast!!!

Автор OwlEyes85 ( назад)
Holly is gonna retire

Автор Taco Tacotington ( назад)
**fights urge to say first.. loses the fight** First!

Автор Sean Nugent ( назад)
Joe if u see this I love u

Автор Sean Nugent ( назад)
1st comment

Автор RaptorRed Delta ( назад)

Автор Sean Kelly ( назад)

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