Joe Rogan on Ronda Rousey Being TKO'd by Amanda Nunes

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #893 Fight Recap with Joey Diaz, Brendan Schaub & Eddie Bravo (https://youtu.be/l5rwIv41ACM). Also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2j1xeAV).


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Автор gabelogan56 ( назад)
How much does Schaub need Rogan in his life vs Rogan needing Schaub?

Автор Christoph Binder ( назад)
senior trust lab back species cook such individual.

Автор Carl Hunt ( назад)
fuck all this fucking media, fucking hell haha

Автор The MadMarker ( назад)
Joe, you gotta get rid of Bravo. Seriously, he's a tumor on your podcast
and the reason I no longer subscribe. Diaz however, now that guy fuxin
owns. If I had to choose an all time favorite personality to grace the
JRE... It would HAVE to be Joey "CoCo" Diaz. Keep doin what ya do, just
ditch the goof.

Автор Seven ( назад)
Fuck me joey came out of nowhere

Автор Randolf Rafaol ( назад)
Brandon schaub is one stupid fuck

Автор Frankie Dawson ( назад)
Target bombing airport practice wing fuel murder earnings.

Автор Mr. X ( назад)
WTF? They're talking about this shit like it ISN'T the equivalent of the
WNBA for MMA. I'm pushing 60 and can take Rousey, Nunez and Holm ALL AT THE
SAME TIME. I guess you can throw Rogan in as well. If I wan't to see
kittens fight I'll got to the humane society.

Автор RIP EVO ( назад)
Holy Shit! That impersonation came out of left field and sounded pretty

Автор Mathis Goossens ( назад)
Advocate AM ruling observe humor suppose emission bacteria.

Автор 森本ボリス ( назад)
one of the few times i agree with schaub and vehemently disagree with joe

Автор boob ( назад)
lmao joes connor impression was spot on

Автор Joshua thehand ( назад)
it's pretty sad that some great fighters only get remembered for their
losses. Sonny liston is a prime example. People only know his name for his
loss to Ali... But forget that Sonny was one of the most savage boxers in
history. He had what was considered the hardest punch in all of boxing
history... but everyone only remember that one loss at the end of his

Автор imgeisfuckingugly ( назад)
LOL u c an hear that gorilla breathin in that mic hard

Автор scoochie goon ( назад)
Amanda vs cyborg biggest women's fight ever

Автор Ezequiel Aimar ( назад)
As soon as Ronda got punchd, it looked like someone unplugged her

Автор Brandon Gardenhire ( назад)
With the media, It's only a red flag for Ronda because of how she went out
against Holly. If she handles her loss against Holly different, the whole
media thing doesn't matter. This fight was probably the worst performance
I've ever seen from a former champ.

Автор paul valle ( назад)
fuck you Joe. you lost all credit with that Ronda bullshit.

Автор Mario Gonzalez ( назад)
It is funny how people were saying two years ago that Edmond was the best
coach ever, he cannot fight Ronda's fight

Автор Robert Combs ( назад)
So sick of side switching schaub on podcasts

Автор John C ( назад)
Brendan's a moron.

Автор Bon Louis ( назад)
The biggest problem with Nunes winning is she brings now new viewers to the
UFC, unlike Rousey.
This is like the Korunikova/Hingis paradigm in tennis, whereby Kournikova
despite being limited in her tennis ability still earned vastly more money
during the peak period compared to Hingis.
Rousey approached the fight wrong. She should've been more verbal before
the contest stating that Nunes was not and never will be the face of the
UFC because, as harsh as this may sound, many do not want to see a butch
lesbian with a thick Brazilian accent be the dominant force. She didn't
play mind games and I think the silent treatment didn't play to her
Rousey had a media presence, she is/was marketable and the UFC should've
known better than to throw their most marketable star into a fight that
served no benefit to her. Regardless of whether Nunes was the champ, Rousey
brought the viewers in.
Rousey is the reason Nunes even has the platform. I expect the gates and
PPV buys will be down, next time they assume that anyone other than a
photogenic American can main event in the women's division.
Realistically, if Nunes continues to dominate with no real competition, the
interest in women's MMA will decline the same way the heavyweight division
went into decline when the dominant yet boring Klitschko brothers held the

Автор joe shmoe ( назад)
by product of eugenic gene splicing horomone mixing transgender uptopia,
amanda is a gorilla of a man

Автор Negan ( назад)
she tried clinching at least 8 times during the fight. This whole "Ronda
tried to box with her" is fucking nonsense.
you think a pro fighter( i use that term loosely) and a pro commentator
would know that.

Автор thepayne78 ( назад)
Great show Mr. Rogan have been a fan of your's since your day's on News
It is weird I have never watched an MMA fight in my life yet for some
reason I enjoy watching videos of people like you talking about MMA.

Автор Garrett Steele ( назад)
Honestly, fuck Ronda Rousey. Nutjob thinks that Sandy Hook was an inside
job, I'm glad she had her career ended in 48 seconds.

Автор Trepanation21 ( назад)
Joe's Conor voice was hilarious, hahaha

Автор NexisFilms ( назад)
Brendan was right here, in the sense that Ronda wasn't there mentally and
emotionally .
Listen to her pre fight talking . She had the voice of a broken warrior .

Автор robert rivera ( назад)
RR's chin is the problem.

Автор HittokiriBatosai ( назад)
This is so frustrating to listen to. Tapped out a quarter of the way

Автор COREY PEREZ ( назад)
Brendan talks way too much....

Автор manuel fischer ( назад)
penalty until trail some increasing undermine buy.

Автор MediTruth ( назад)
Rogan was stating she was one of the greatest athletes ever who could
defeat 50% of the men's Batamweight division and take on Mayweather lol. He
was pushing this Rousey Myth. Time for him to own it. Someone should go
back and collate all the comments he stated.

Автор Will McKeown ( назад)
Im sure you will never see this and im sure people say it all the time any
way to get herb dean or a big john on the show? or if you have already
anyone have a link :)

Автор TheYeezyEffect ( назад)
Nunes got the fuck beat out of her by Zingano but Rousey owned her in 14

Автор George W. Bush ( назад)
rogan has no idea about boxing

Автор Luis Gonzalez ( назад)
i love how joe puts it in words

Автор Videos5197 ( назад)
The Mcgregor impression was incredible

Автор John S ( назад)
Brendan is right. Rhonda did not look the same (tenacity/ confidence etc.)
BEFORE she got punched. After she got hit it was basically over but that
doesn't minimize his point.

Автор Borneo Scout ( назад)
Trouble is that the attraction of women fighting was beautiful women can
now kick a guys ass. Ronda and Miesha were great role models for young
girls to have it all. But now what is the attraction of watching boyish
women fight? It's a bit like watching mens 135lb, but with inferior

Автор Cormac O'Daly ( назад)
Do your Dublin accent again Joe PLEASE!!!!!!! ;-)

Автор David Mikhail ( назад)
Ronda was one of the most overrated fighters in ufc regardless of division.

Автор Erik Borczon ( назад)
Eddie and Joe are so baked during this lolol

Автор Vitor Binsfeld ( назад)
Once in a life beatdown kkkkkkk

Автор Jon Premosch ( назад)
Conor did do that like 3 months ago

Автор Randy JP ( назад)
Stfu Brendan Shaub you dumb fuck.

Автор MatterUnderMind ( назад)
She was in great shape...so are Sports Illustrated swimsuit models...all
the running and and weight lifting in the world won't teach you to fight...

Автор NealZetek ( назад)
Joe's impression of Connor Mcregor is amazing. Without watching the video
it's like it's acually him lololol.

Автор roncomanjason ( назад)
I love the Conor impression.

Автор Ruslan Melnik ( назад)
Schaub makes me cringe sometimes...

Автор youngtone93230 ( назад)
Eddy is lit! Lol! Rogans podcast always has me laughing.

Автор Josh T G ( назад)
Brendan low key ripping Ronda with his opinions "well she had 411 days
off...." "That's nice" hahaha 😆

Автор oldgamer1489 ( назад)
lol women fighting

Автор Fire Marshall Bill ( назад)
Everybody's got a plan until......

Автор bowen s ( назад)
Eddie bravo looks cheesed

Автор Flynn Seddon ( назад)
Shut up Brendan !

Автор Dayna Rose ( назад)
What makes me mad is most of the news says "Rousey defeated" instead of
"Nunes defends her belt."

Автор Stay classy ( назад)
Dam, Joe's impression of Conor is awesome !!! lolol 3:11

Автор TEAMJG ( назад)
Awesome McGreor impersonation!

Автор Influencive ( назад)
Well said!

Автор zedisded ( назад)
Lol brendan contributes nothing to these.

Автор ghostboyee ( назад)
Omg Schaub is void of any insight! "Ronda didn't want to fight." And
arguing with Joe on that ridiculous point. Ugh. Dump Schaub. He likes dim
witted cohorts like Goldie...

Автор Neurotic ( назад)
betch did absolutley nothing

Автор ghostboyee ( назад)
Why doesn't Joe have any inside info on Ronda skipping media. Doesn't he
talk to Dana before main fights? Ugh. Schaub has no idea.

Автор Women Throwin' Leather ( назад)
Nunes KO'd (unconscious) Julia Budd in .14seconds in Strikeforce....look it
up. It's phreakin crazy!

Автор Women Throwin' Leather ( назад)
i counted 22 solid punches Amanda landed in the entirety of the fight.

Автор Samuel Valenzuela ( назад)

Автор Keyth Vance ( назад)
Joe your are an idiot you said rousey could beat 50% of the 135 male
fighters get the fuck out of here

Автор coltsrule5150 ( назад)
After Ronda got cracked the first time, all she seemed to be able to do was
kick. She barely threw any punches, all she did through most of the fight
was kick. She did throw a flury of rabbit punches just before she was
finally KOd. But she mostly threw kicks.

Автор NexisFilms ( назад)
A-Man-Duh Nunes ... the Lioness sure ate that kitten for breakfast !@

Автор Wesley Kalsek ( назад)
Man joe must be getting a bit of shit right now for the Ronda comments in
the past...but it was a different time never honestly thought she could
fight all around but she annihilated everybody in front of her it's
honestly kinda sad to watch

Автор Dena Redford ( назад)
She knocked her out .

Автор Anthony Hernandez ( назад)
No head movement. I seen better head movement in a porn

Автор wingdingism ( назад)
It's the "Brendan Schaud is a dumpster" show!

Автор 33 ( назад)
Joe HATED Brendan's opinions and went straight into belittling him lol...

Автор ² ƒathomɀ ( назад)
lol was he sick during the fight??

Автор Bat Man ( назад)
This is why Conor McGregor is a true fighter. He was obsessed about
avenging his defeat to Diaz and came back a different fighter. More
calculated, less cocky, and sticking to a game plan which would beat Diaz
the second time round. Ronda Rousey just thought she could turn up and win
the fight with no thought into it. Bad idiot.

Автор filoIII ( назад)
Joe Louis could move a 500# bail of hay w/ a punch 6" away. Yikes!

Автор brannik ( назад)

Автор Jake Arseneau ( назад)
I love Brian's editing abilities. cuts to the video before it starts then
shows joes face the whole play time with a split second overlay

Автор Mike Synct ( назад)
The idea of Rousey beating Nunes never even entered my mind. Nunes threw
her about like a fucking ragdoll and it was ALWAYS going to happen. Talking
like it wasn't is only going to give Rousey hope for the future, that she
doesn't deserve. She was outclasses in every respect, but most importantly,
she was outclassed in sportsmanship. The thing about Connor is that despite
all the bravado, he is charming and strangly grounded in all interviews
except where he talks about fighting. He also got a serious beat down and
then came back stronger, he never let it rule his life. Rhonda is a rude,
ego driven bitch who obviously feels she deserves to be more than she is.
She needs a life coach, she needs to go away to the mountains like B in
Kill Bill and get her fucking ass handed to her repeatedly until she is
ready to be a FIGHTER again, rather than a poster girl FOR FEMALE FIGHTERS.
No doubt she has done a lot for the sport, and for that she deserves
respect. But that doesn't mean that she is unalienable - she needs to check
herself pronto and start meditating or some shit, cause whatever she is
doing at the moment has left her mind in a wreck, and it's plain to see for

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Guys enjoying watching women fight is so weird.

Автор TheStewieOne ( назад)
I think Ronda grew a big head again. Everything I was seeing in ad and
everything else she made it sound that was out of the game for like 10

Автор Swampy Wilkinson ( назад)
Schuab absolutely has Down syndrome

Автор Michael Bell ( назад)
Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson

Автор jonnydripdrop 5 ( назад)
fook all dat fookin media I'm goin to dooblin!

Автор eon001 ( назад)
11:28 The only person that know whats going on in her head is Ronda. We
don't know if she was really starched or she just mentally tapped out and
said fuck this shit. Joe's desperate attempts to try and make excuses for
her are kinda sad. Joe is acting like Amanda has hulk like power. Sure
she's strong, but she has 4 losses on her record, and had a pretty close
fight with Schevchenko.

Автор SwayJJ ( назад)
How about this theory...Nunes is a better fighter than Rousey. Holm is a
better fighter than Rousey. All this talk on why Ronda lost, framing it
like it was Ronda's fault not the skills of Nunes. Nunes got on the attack
quick, popped her in the mouth hard with powerful, accurate punches. When
Ronda tried to clinch, which she did 4-5 times, Amanda fended them off with
skill, and continued to pop her in the head with more powerful and accurate
punches, always keeping perfect distance, punching from the outside,
hitting at the end of punches and not allowing Ronda any chance of getting
close enough to initiate clinches. It is a smart strategy to employ against
a fighter like Ronda. If Nunes was not skilled enough to fend off those
clinches, or not an accurate striker, then there is a good chance Ronda
would of been able to get to Nunes, initiate a clinch, and throw her to the
ground (where Ronda excels), with Ronda in a great position to initiate a

So what won the fight:
- Nunes' attacking quickly; rocking her early
- Popping Ronda in the face with accurate and powerful punches
- Nunes keeping a perfect distance to connect at the end of her punches
- Nunes keeping a perfect distance to not allow Ronda to initiate clinches
- Nunes ability to easily fend of clinches; preventing any chance of Ronda
being able to throw her to the ground

Автор Fleming 007 ( назад)
Brendans just arguing just for the sake of arguing.

Автор Matt Flores ( назад)
Ronda lost okay. she always had terrible stand up. I dislike her but it's
annoying how Joe, Brendan, chael sonnen, Kenny Florian and mma media all
say how terrible she is but they're the ones that built her up and were
riding the Ronda hype train

Автор McMeatBag ( назад)
I wanna see Rousey vs CM Punk

Автор bacardibum ( назад)
but joe, according to you, ronda can beat half the bantamweight men. right?
fucking hindsight 2020 fucks. why weren't you pointing out ronda's flaws at
all in her short fights that were victories? she punches like a mexican in
a street fight.

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