Mark Walhberg Talking About Losing Virginity Part 1

Mark Wahlberg on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1993 talking about losing his virginity. Part 1. See Part 2 for remaining part.

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Автор Dan Matteucci ( назад)
hahah funny shit

Автор 19grand ( назад)
I want him too... I want him to shut the fuck up

Автор iMAGiNETHATx3 ( назад)
hes from boston

Автор gabbyisbeast9 ( назад)
@DNel123 unfortunately...he's so much more attractive now

Автор DNel123 ( назад)

Автор Jodie Howe ( назад)
why the hell is he so gangster?

Автор Krystal Hill ( назад)
@Angelalovesthe90s "Old and flabby"? Did you even see "The Fighter" with
Christian Bale and Mark? Flabby he is not.

Автор lailahwashere1 ( назад)
I love that hes from new york like me and when he said you know what im
sayin i giggled like a damn fool

Автор futureanimatior ( назад)
@Angelalovesthe90s He's still musclier.

Автор SugeeMcLeLe (1451 год назад)
@silenceiseasy85 Lol!!!

Автор Brittany Lee ( назад)
"Nicole 4 Eva"!

Автор dlastqueen ( назад)
Back when he was a "young'un" showing off his body...GAWD, he was too
sexy...same now...got that grown and sexy going on now.

Автор PersCasp89 ( назад)
allthough this guy looks like a fake (like vanilla ice) he actually is as
real as it gets. Watch that 60 Minutes interview.

Автор SerendipitousJ ( назад)
16 eh... that's pretty late for todays standards!

Автор flawedbeautyy ( назад)
This is one sexy motherf*cker.

Автор Candsy ( назад)
Did he lose it when he was 16 or 9? i couldnt hear haaha.

Автор dafuksup ( назад)
wtf he talks like a fuckin nigger here what an embarassment

Автор rico305305 ( назад)
arsenio hall haha.........this nigger is even lucky he had a job in the
early ninties otherwise he'd have been sucking the crackpipe the whole time!

Автор RockPete8 ( назад)
Mark isn't racist, but if he ever was i'm sure he stopped being. Because he
had a lot of problems and he changed it all which is hard almost
immpossible for others to do. Marky Mark is the best.

Автор comenterperson123 ( назад)
I loved the way he talked when he was younger, sexayyy, and now OH MY LORD

Автор ritzadee ( назад)
hes sexy=)

Автор a.a. i. ( назад)
There were african-americans in his hip-hop group! In no way is he a
racist, and wikipedia have no back-up source for their info, mainly because
anyone can have their say or they can simply lie.

Автор giancarlo pro ( назад)
he was a wigger in here.

Автор RussX5Z ( назад)
Yup thar's sorta true.

Автор Christopher Allen ( назад)
Get me a Ugis steak and cheese

Автор helenadepp15 ( назад)
Roxbury Rocks!!!!!

Автор Christopher Allen ( назад)
He lived in Dorchester which is next to Mattapan which is next to Hyde Park
which is next too uhhhhhh Rosi and Rosi is next to uh Roxy lol, I just
named the hood burbs of Boston haha

Автор BigBadDave85 ( назад)
Wow, what a source of information. Wikipedia. What an AMAZING source of
info. Idiot.

Автор AmandaLpz ( назад)
lmaooo wikipedia is ur source? well then it must be true.

Автор helenadepp15 ( назад)
yeah, i lived there.he isnt racist, he's awesome

Автор Alicia C ( назад)
Yup, yup, it's true. :P I've been there. Marky-Mark was SO not racist.

Автор helenadepp15 ( назад)
he was not racist. it's just that he was on drugs and set on committing
crime and there are no white people really over in that part of
boston(trust me i lived there) so the only people to attack were
minorities. everyone in the hood uses the n word black or white

Автор helenadepp15 ( назад)
hey, marky mark is mine

Автор ThatNerdyDude ( назад)
he says when he was about 16

Автор Fashion09ista ( назад)
My boo Marky Mark his always sexy

Автор YawnGod ( назад)
I lol'ed.

Автор Dukeoflords ( назад)
stankanovic we all know what he did in his past its old news now.

Автор klemen slokar ( назад)
whalberg was racist, as a teenager he threw stones at a black kid with his
friends shouting racist insults, also he beat up a vietnamese man blinding
him in one eye.

Автор Jonathan Tiempos ( назад)
i all gots to say fuck haters!!! all of u haters hate thats wut ur good at
why cause mark can get ur girlfriends not his fault cause my homie is
tight...like that..;)

Автор omglollmao123 ( назад)
So that's why he talks like a retard? Btw, you dick is pressing down on the
Caps Lock dickhead xD

Автор Joshua Nelson ( назад)

Автор omglollmao123 ( назад)
When did he loose his Wiggerness is better question?

Автор tendonut ( назад)
Stop calling me guy, friend.

Автор jackjiezhang ( назад)
whoever took his viginity should reveal herself

Автор 109367 ( назад)
stop video tapeing your t.v. guy, with your cell phone!

Автор ktbjimmy ( назад)
He lost it when he was hella young. But i shouldn't even be talking i lost
mine when i was 14

Автор livinlife94 ( назад)
ha i luv the way he talks

Автор xxfersurebabexx ( назад)
FUCK U HATERS His hawt!! especialy in Rockstar :D:D

Автор nobodysperfect06 ( назад)
he lost it to his hand

Автор europeancheetah ( назад)
its funny :) he is so young LOL

Автор IeonardIeonard ( назад)
hello lol

Автор Hahahafunniness2 ( назад)
Who doesn't?

Автор jerreld goeloe ( назад)
no it was a girl named Johnathan

Автор xMarkyMarkxx ( назад)
i want him.

Автор TacoFlavorKissesProd ( назад)
question...why arent they together? like both part of the video? Thanks for

Автор TVstudio ( назад)
Yeah um seems like you need to grow up becuase he had talent as a rapper.

Автор gumbostation ( назад)
i agree but he was aight at spittin

Автор MrsChrisEvans ( назад)
They do that on television a lot XD On another interview they were talking
about wildest fantasy and what turns you on and all that. It's not
impossible :\

Автор bkdr88 ( назад)
look who's talking...your username says it all. =/

Автор graye younge ( назад)
...how isnt it real?..

Автор Mahmood42978 ( назад)

Автор butthole99 ( назад)
Its amazing how this wigger went on to a somewhat legit acting career. BTW,
he lost his virginity to a girl named David.

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