50 Jade Cole Quotes on ANTM

Best ANTM contestant. Period.

1- I'm so excited to be here I've been waiting this day, forever, forever! Okay? So my name is Jade, and umm Tyra you're such an inspiration to me, the two Jays, amazing
2- I need a team, Tyra the two miss Jays, on my team and they're gonna make me shine
3- People think I'm a bitch when they first meet me because oh I'm pretty I have this beautiful body, but when they get to know me, I'm so cool, I'm very real, every time I walk on the street I, I mean heads are like turning and look at this..
4- People know, they know Jade, they know my face!
5-- I'm ready to win, I'm ready to be America's Next Top Model cause I know I have what it takes
6- I cannot wait to be me, and show the world who I am, imma blow them away, and then they're gonna see who Jade really is
7- Love is such a distraction, it's a beautiful thing, but it would kill you
8- Hate is like such a harsh word, just say disliking. But hate, wut...
9- Dancing is like a filling to the soul for me, Jade you can dance
10- Thank you Jesus, because I need hair
11- I'm very humble, I'm very down to earth, yes I am humble
12- I'm just very down to earth I'm very cool, I'm an exotic biracial butterfly
13- Gina, was kinda clueless, I was like, this girl has lost her damn mind
14- I had my hair cut really short and I feel like length is very important but I thought I was gonna get long extensions which Furonda got
15- Look, this is what I should've had, dammit!
16- Look what's in the magazines now, long hair, long hair, long hair, long hair baby!
17- Furonda is so into this hair right now when there's a mirror anywhere, she's in it fixing that hair, that is a true miss diva
18- Wonderful! Fabulous!
19- I am a supermodel, do you see the potential do you see it?
20-Even though it was fun, laughter, and jokes, it wasn't like humor to me, I was just like what? What? What?
21- My name is Jade, the ace of spades, Furonda my dear, I know your skin is bumpy but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy
22- I feel like I am the undiscovered supermodel. I feel like I have the most potential I'm versatile I'm totally different, (we're all gonna have to take note of that) shut, shut up up there shut up
23- I know who I am, you know I'm biracial for God's sake. My father is black-white Indian and my mother is just this very exotic white woman and I learned to live with it
24- You like to be in this competition girl, you gotta know who you are, period
25- I envisioned myself as Janice because she looked like a beautiful biracial butterfly like myself
26- I've seen myself winning this competition over and over again I played it in my mind
27- I have a lotta potential, and I think people see that in me and they expect more from me
28- Okay, this is, okay, lightweight makeup. F*ck....
29- Jay introduced us to Janice Dickinson the world's oldest supermodel? She was only that old
30- Janice is just awesome, me and her are kinda click because we're on the same level
31- I'm lost, I need balance
32- Yo I'm tired of this struggling. I feel like I am the undiscovered supermodel. You know what I'm saying? I live in New York City, the belly of the beast. I'm tired of this
34- I wanna be America's Next Top Model because I have everything it takes to be that
35- I know I'm a threat. I'm a strong-ass woman. I'm a soulja sista. Recognize
36- And you wear that crown on your head you know you look ridiculous
37- Of course I'm in my panties and I look damn good. Broke ass crown that ain't even real diamonds
38- Goodbye J.Lo Goodbye J.Lo
39- Being 26 I should already have been a top model because I feel like I have so much damn potential!
40- I'm not a failure, I don't give up I'm a sole survivor
41- I was totally a jackass!
42- My look is versatile. I can transform myself into all types of ethnic backgrounds, I can kinda fit certain moulds that I really wanna break in the industry
43- My body is very proportionable
44- When I do speak people really see the other side of Jade
45- America's Next Top Model baby recognize and don't forget!
46- I'm worth it I'm worth more like a like a million dollars I want a million kitten
47- I'll always remember this shooting with an elephant that reminds me of an ancient dinosaur cause they are in the dinosaur family
48- Leftover lady, Let alone the strongest to be subdued, If I only had the magic key, that would unlock the realms to the plateau of the highest me. Even though I been badly bruised, living in a house to become a popular muse.
49- I think that they made a wrong choice to be left to be America's Next Top Model. The judges overlooked my ability and my confidence was definitely mistaken for arrogance
50- I have what I takes its just that my look is in a different realm, people don't know how to handle it. This face would definitely be hard to forget, Jade will definitely hard to forget.

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Автор missybeans1 (1 месяц)
She always made me laugh

Автор Terence TerTer (3 месяца)
Does anyone know what she actually said in the covergirl commercial
starting from 3:06?

Автор Baxter Elan (13 дней)
she the female kanye tho


Автор airyballoon (6 дней)
the reason for reality tv right there

Автор Prisca Bowman (26 дней)
lol oh Jade "The undiscovered supermodel". She was everything in cycle 6
:Obnoxious, ridiculous, arrogant, just name it lol. But one thing i'll
admit is how hilarious she was every sec she opened her mouth.

Автор Tymber Newton (1 месяц)
I think a little kid trying to be cute put this together

Автор Sonia Siddiqui (1 месяц)
Jade made the season she should have won

Автор Rodney L (1 месяц)
She was in Jay-Z's music video for Change Clothes in 2003 years before
ANTM. Naomi Campbell was also in it.

Автор KraziKristal (4 месяца)
Lol jays face is like is this bitch serious

Автор C Esti Luke (1 месяц)
I love Jade. I remember laughing everytime she said bi-racial butterfly...
Jade is funny as shit 

Автор Tymber Newton (1 месяц)
Whoever put this together can't speak correctly, "Jade did you failed your
biology test"…its "FAIL" not "FAILED"

Автор Vaso Giol (4 месяца)
Sutt the fuck up you fucking bitch

Автор Katherine P. (3 месяца)
giiiiirl ily.

Автор Alexfolledemoi (7 месяцев)
She's such an obnoxious bitch that IT MAKES HER EVEN MORE FUN TO WATCH !

Автор Ronald Guzman (7 месяцев)
Best cycle to date

Автор stoowii (16 дней)
Jade may have failed biology but the person who made this video failed

Автор Jenna Wilson (5 месяцев)
why do u hate her s much

Автор Ronald Guzman (7 месяцев)
She was hilarious, what a character 

Автор shermsin (5 месяцев)
she;s so funny hhahaha

Автор BGCFans (8 месяцев)
I love her. She was my favorite and was the prettiest bitch! <3

Автор Darragh C (8 месяцев)
why did jade always look kinda, baked? lol

Автор Anca-Ioana Sandu (2 месяца)
The definition that suits her. I strongly dislike people like her.

Автор Patrick Lewis (9 месяцев)
No offense but this bitch is ugly as fuck.

Автор reneesme cullen (7 месяцев)
SHe was annoying, but god she made me laugh!

Автор shanny (6 месяцев)
Jade was so funny!!!

Автор Robae Jones (7 месяцев)
Hands down. Still the best season of ANTM to date. Jade definitely brought
the entertainment that season. She was, for lack of a better term, ratchet,
as FUCK! We all ate it up and loved the fuck out if it. No matter how much
of a bitch you thought she was or how ugly you thought she may be, you
gotta give it up. Jade was funny as hell. Like she said; Jade will not be

Автор Genesis Eve (2 месяца)
I love her lol

Автор Momochii (8 месяцев)
She is pretty mean and self centered but I just can't help but like her.

Автор Atthapon Pinyo (8 месяцев)
Jade will be hard to forget!! Her best line!

Автор JOSH ASIATICO (8 месяцев)
want to jade <3

Автор dawn frost (9 месяцев)
she needs to go dark with her hair... it would bring out her features more.
She's pretty, but so cocky that it takes away from it.

Автор Buddychigo (4 месяца)
"My name is Jade, the ace of spades, Furonda my dear, I know your skin is
bumpy but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy" I die every time I
see this!

Автор raph009 (9 месяцев)
You just made my day with all your comments XD It was awesome to watch her
make a fool of herself... again. I do agree that the real mistake was to
choose Jade over Mollie Sue. That girl had so much more potential than that

Автор vonnerenee1 (6 месяцев)

Автор Regina SetYouOnFire (9 месяцев)
She says really dumb things, but hey at least she's being herself and not
pretending to be a different person. I don't think she's cocky either tbh.
Some people have the personality to accept themselves easily and flaunt it,
but I guess it can be looked at as a bad thing to some people.

Автор Triz BK (9 месяцев)
She said ''Bye JLo'' LMAOOO

Автор mooki3babiiyonkerz (6 месяцев)
What *question* What *question* What *question*

Funniest Top Model edit

Автор mooki3babiiyonkerz (6 месяцев)
Miss J at 0:35 lol!

Автор Michelle O (8 месяцев)
JADE was my fav!

Автор Arnold Tiu (7 месяцев)
I miss Jade so much :)) She is so MEMORABLE!

Автор realpassion95 (8 месяцев)
'furonda my dear i know you're skins bumpy, buy my skin is flawless and you
look really lumpy'.... im so deaddd
it didn't even rhyme jade is hilarious 

Автор arancienne (8 месяцев)
"This is not America's next top best friend" LMAO

Автор realpassion95 (8 месяцев)
they should have kept her hair long
but just died it blonde

Автор realpassion95 (8 месяцев)
the thing is, jade was real and didnt pretend like the others
she mad this one of the best cycles to watch, not only could she actually
but she was hilarious.

Автор reesebethea96 (1 год)
Broke ass crown, that shit aint even real diamonds

Автор Boomboxboi (1 год)
This is not america's next top best friend.....buh bye j.lo.....broke-ass
crown lolololololololol

Автор TheFactsX (1 год)
She looks Asian as fuck. LoL.

Автор Gumby blue (1 год)
lol i forge wahat season is she from?

Автор Cristal L. (2 года)
I wish she had won

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