Survive Being Buried Alive - EPIC HOW TO

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Learn everything you need to know about how to survive being buried alive

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Starring Joe Bereta - http://twitter.com/joebereta
Episode Animated by Bryan Wieder - http://www.twitter.com/bryanagain
Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey - https://twitter.com/raineymichaelv
Executive Producer - Andy Signore - http://twitter.com/andysignore

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Автор Hsoj Mil ( назад)
How to survive a train crash

Автор Jemima Singer ( назад)
Can't anyone read the damn pulse

Автор Penelope Bouri ( назад)
after watching season 4 of supernatural

Автор Juanita Rosales ( назад)
watching just in case

Автор serpex77 ( назад)

Автор Mikkel Viller ( назад)
How to survive be the last person on earth

Автор A1berkz ( назад)
I know I shouldn't laugh at this... But, LOL that kid came back from the
dead because he wanted water... LOL! I bet he was about to be welcomed into
heaven, Then he said, "Ay, Can I have a cup of water?" They give him water,
And he says he didn't like the taste. He started complaing and the angel
with him had enough, And sent your soul right back to earth, To get

Автор Alin Sukisman ( назад)
How about survive without electricity? Yeah pretty sure no one is gonna
make one, if you know what I mean.

Автор Brandon Vargas ( назад)
How to survive a tsunami or judgement day

Автор Joaquin Torres ( назад)
How to survive high school

Автор chethan bhandari ( назад)
how to survive falling from lift

Автор PandaDoll 364 ( назад)
Oh the good ol paranormal

Автор Carl Angelo ( назад)
Are you that guy from Smosh at Every Teacher Ever?

Автор Tickle Myfeet ( назад)
how do you dig out of a coffin, wouldn't once you open the coffin up the
dirt will pile on top of you??

Автор TheMateusvm ( назад)
03:30 ok no ceu tem pao, agr eu quero agua

Автор Sandy Cheeks ( назад)
I read "survive being burned alive"

Автор Declan Werner ( назад)
my life be made up now

Автор Blank Name ( назад)
How to survive the puberty video

Автор Erica Poitras ( назад)
imagine getting a call from your dead daughter. "uh mom, you buried me

Автор Paarite [DELETED GAMING CHANNEL] ( назад)
The little kid woke up and asked for water o.o

Автор Marko12716 ( назад)
well itll be hard to dig out when in the cemetary where ill probably be
buried in, people are buried in stone coffins, yeah

Автор Lemonade Lemonade ( назад)
Join a gang

Автор saksham khandelwal ( назад)
How to survive a curfew

Автор tony olsson ( назад)
the mythbusters did a myth on this and and it went really bad so if your
going to do this please be careful :P

Автор _ F.M_Ishraq ( назад)
do anyone wears shoes when buried

Автор Mitchell Fearn ( назад)
I'm just a small YouTuber trying to get noticed, if you subscribe it would
be greatly appreciated and it would make my day😊

Автор Vietnam Boy Jayden ( назад)
The boy:Can I have a glass of water (gets water, drinks it), ok, go on with
the funeral (dies AGAIN)

Автор Zalie Hamilton ( назад)
This has made me paranoid....yay.

Автор Robbie Oconnell ( назад)
Lol now that you good AND PORRANOID of being alive lol!!

Автор TheInfiniteSlayerSN SkullyN008 ( назад)
dont get rid of ALL your gear because If you dont ha a transever you will
want a ski a bove the ground or a least a arm

Автор Jamesh ( назад)
I came for Ryan Reynolds in the thumbnail.

Автор Mystic Monkey99 ( назад)
Oh you said buried? I thought you said burned

Автор The Fancy Pepper ( назад)
You should do how to become famous

Автор Tyner Pjnukes ( назад)
Now they put cement over coffins how exactly do I escape!

Автор kirakishou unknown ( назад)
I don't care about an avalanche I wanted to know how to servive being
BURIED alive

Автор G G ( назад)
Normally I don't watch videos like this. I was watching a makeup tutorial
and ended up here. I subscribed, your animations are really impressive and
you're funny.

Автор Komal Gill ( назад)
please make a video about how to escape being burnt alive

Автор Nathan Buxton ( назад)
In other words, watch Kill Bill and leech off it.

Автор Marc FromdaDot ( назад)
+AWE me do a How to Become a Killer or survive a house invasion

Автор Marc FromdaDot ( назад)
Anyone know this guys name? He's fckn jokes😂😂😂😂

Автор Akbar Bagus ( назад)
what will happen if we were Buried Alive like those Indonesian Corpse, how
we Supposed to Break out if out Whole body were Tied up?...

Автор Pierce the Black Chemical Pilots Veil ( назад)
Freakin' ma self out!

Автор Taylor E ( назад)
How to survive thelegend27

Автор Sophia Huffman ( назад)
How would u do it if h were not in a coffin

Автор 》LinneaUnderstar 《 ( назад)
who else watched thus bc.. just in case...

Автор Brothers of Panda ( назад)
How to survive a tornado

Автор Akber Ali ( назад)
Epic how to become a millionaire

Автор Shi Wei Tan ( назад)
How to survive a terrorist Attack

Автор TheLegit TUBER ( назад)
I survived the nymonia

Автор Christian matthew ( назад)
How to survive highschool

Автор RepearGamer ( назад)
How to survive being bitten by your baby brother

Автор Sillyjilly ( назад)
How do you make your animations. I love the way they look

Автор Morgan Capwell ( назад)
is it just me or does the music sound like Overwatch music?

Автор Zachary Maneja (BeyondOurUniverse) ( назад)
i love his reactions

Автор Zachary Maneja (BeyondOurUniverse) ( назад)
i like how you include the most possible reason you would be buried alive

Автор DapperTROID (DapperTROID) ( назад)
Therapy! Yay!

Автор WA Sinbad ( назад)
what if you have stone above the coffin like a stone case\casing

Автор Jeffery Chen ( назад)
How to be an assassin

Автор Mikkels navn ( назад)
How to get away with murder

Автор Mwikey ( назад)
How to be a private investigator like Jessica Jones

Автор Relentless Ninja ( назад)
them cartoon zombies must have a really hard time crawling out of the
ground lol

Автор General Hunter ( назад)
this show is the best

Автор govin sharma ( назад)
how to never die

Автор pipapp pipapp ( назад)
1. Be dead
2. Wake up and ask for water
3. Just go on being dead
xD xD

Автор gousmc1983 ( назад)
except for the fact that MOST 90% of U.S. burials include a concrete box
that the coffin sits inside as well as either a concrete slab top or a
bronze or marble topper... comparetively, getting out of thr coffin is the
easy part, its dead (no pun intended) lifting a 700 lb slab of of you that
is the hard part laying on your back

Автор impress the darkness ( назад)
oh god where i live they bury you and cover you 360 then throw big rocks
that is about ur size on top of you NOT putting presure on you but like a
coffen but a really cheap one but that is made out of rocks..
god help us

Автор Vlh Hahaha ( назад)
Ill die then ill wake up for my big mac

How to kill Batman?

Автор Nicholas Coulter ( назад)
Guys my parents got me a fancy coffin and this still isn't working, any
other ideas?

Автор Veselin Gichev ( назад)
How to survive poizous

Автор TheBadboyhouse ( назад)
What if you were buried 100 feet deep?

Автор Brian Sharpnack ( назад)
He never does this kinda stuff anymore I actually enjoyed the type of

Автор Mickxal ( назад)
Imagine a toddler brought back to life and ask for water to later die
again. Poor parents.

Автор Caleb Frith ( назад)
how to survive Australia

Автор Raheem Sharifi ( назад)
Thinking of KillBill, one inch punch my way outta that coffin

Автор Gna Yin ( назад)
2:32 song please!?

Автор King Ceazar ( назад)
why am I even watching this? i live in a tropical country

Автор King Ceazar ( назад)
why am I even watching this? i live in a tropical country

Автор XdEATHATR0NIcX ( назад)
Epic how to survive: being burned alive

Автор BobbyJoe236 BobbyJoe236 ( назад)

Автор Jack Donegan ( назад)
4:53 that dude though.

Автор XxMlgSwegCarpxX ( назад)
this is also a good time to fake your death

Автор Rose Lowell ( назад)
my explanation for being brought back to life is this : HEROES NEVER DIE

Автор Karina ( назад)
I'd call for help and just wait, and use my oxygen carefully and breath
lightly. kicking out is Plan B.

Автор Infinite Octopus ( назад)
1 inch punch your way outta that coffin

Автор Kevin Miller ( назад)
wait...so what if you are upside down

Автор Geoff ( назад)
149 people buried alive reported. . .
How many people woke up at their own cremation then?

Автор 王萧予睿 ( назад)
Everyone can survive, just a matter of how long you can live without

Автор Hammering Hank ( назад)
I saw kill Bill volume two.

Автор amelka Gawronkiewicz ( назад)
im a kid im not strong and i'll will never survive do something like for
kids to escape

Автор Minutemen General ( назад)
How to make an Epic how to

Автор Bowie Phillips ( назад)
Who else watches these just for the intro and seeing Joe's face.

Автор Captain Dixon ( назад)
could just be cremated.

Автор spanky gamer ( назад)
did anyone came here to re watch this amazing series

Автор VSGU TheOPCrown ( назад)
Except there is a stone chamber at the surface and youre fucked

Автор Its_Nicky ( назад)
But imagine that one day you wake up call your mom and is like hey I'm not
dead come pick me up you have 30 hours go

Автор iShatYouNot ( назад)
How to survive a tsunami

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