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Автор یحیی مستفیه (2 месяца)

Автор Bahar Sakhi (1 месяц)
Soo Nice;-)

Автор Minu Massai (7 месяцев)
Love this beautiful Afghan song originally sung by Marhoom Ahmad Zaher.
Saddridin has done a great job though

Автор Minu Massai (7 месяцев)
And to some besawad: Ahmad Zaher was a Pashtun from Laghman.
Get your facts right. Sorry to disappoint those racist and retarded
Khorassanis who love his music but your favourite artist was a Pashtun.

Автор Aazad Afgn (9 месяцев)
Too far from Ahmad Zahir

Автор abdollah bamdad (8 месяцев)

Автор Ghulesoorkh jan (11 месяцев)
Zenda Bad ❤️Afghanistan & Tajikistan ❤️

Автор Sana S. (1 год)
His dimples are killing me! 😍😍 I had to comment again lol

Автор Sana S. (1 год)
Look back into your history, Tajiks, afghans, Iranians were all one. Enjoy
the lovely music that comes from our part of the world! <3 I love it, and
you, Sadriddin jan!

Автор Muhabbat Jumabaeva (1 год)
It's tajik boy

Автор Amin Ramazani (1 год)
Behtarini sadredin 

Автор Amin Ramazani (1 год)
Behtarini sadredin 

Автор Parviz Khorasani (1 год)
besiyâr zib,
zende bâd Zabâne Pârsi, zende bâd Xorâsân

marg bar forugirâne Afqân

Автор Mariam Azizi (2 года)
Winer 4567 is really pissing me off if u don't like pashtoons ok but keep
it to ur fucking self

Автор Mostafa Omar (4 года)
Guys who fight about nationalities, are the stupidest ppl on earth. We
become friends with westerners, ppl who have nothing in common with us,
while Afghans, Tajiks and Iranians share a common history, language,
religion and tradition. We are all brothers and should be united and never
insult each other. When one of you insults another loser because he is
Afghan, Tajik or Iranian by swearing at the whole nation, you insult every
good person of that country as well you morons! Proud Afghan

Автор kabul jan (4 года)
People GROW UP AND ENJOY the song instead of fighting. PLEASE!!!!!!!

Автор afghanistan416 (4 года)
he songs so good i like him even if some people talk shit about countres
and religion like tallks shit about tajikistan, iran and afghanistan and
some damass wright about religion

Автор behroz jaan (4 года)
long live to all afghans...

Автор pashtonafghan1 (3 года)
no matter if he is tajik or afghan or irani whatever . we r brother and
sister in islam .. love for all my dears . sadriddin love ur voice

Автор diamentecastellana (4 года)
We are honored that people from other countries that have respect to use
our legends ahmad zahir, music doesn't have a border so as an afghan i am
proud. The afghans who are mad about it should be thinking what a honor
this is for our people and our country. We need to show the world that we
have people with class and they are united to common goal that we don't see
our selfs as pashton, hazara, or tajik, we are afghans with one goal in
mind that we are united

Автор Tavab Amiri (3 года)
nice song ,zenda baad fasi zabanan

Автор Mursal La (4 года)
Jaaan Jaaan... ii cheqa ba naaz mekhana....!... Just love it

Автор frenchiesarehot (4 года)
I can understand why some people are getting frustrated over the fact that
he's singing one of Ahmad Zahir's song, I think that if he had only given
him credit for his song there would be no arguing but besides that I think
that all of us Farsi speakers should be happy that his legacy is still
going on, and if Ahmad Zahir was with us today I am confident that he would
be proud that he has not been forgotten... R.I.P

Автор YasmeenAfg (4 года)
nice ending

Автор mez chawki (4 года)
chi mesha ki copy kat...........to aslan afghan nesti be tarbay be koltor

Автор rohila faizi (1 год)
all tajik singers got fame thanks to afghan songs

Автор MrBahriddin (4 года)
modari hamai Tolibona bgom haivon, hudozadaho

Автор afghanistan416 (4 года)
@MsLovepig it ok man we all now know that he is the one who is a bitch yeah

Автор PissOfAhmadShahBaba (4 года)
@khisraw420 kose adeeht agaym pathane murdorkhor...zani mullar omar i
korita yak shak doggystyle betom lol

Автор Baktash Baktashi (4 года)
Tajikistan last year i didn't even know their is country name Tajikistan
ahahahahahahhaha fucking asshole stop hating on AFGHANS or we will start
beating ur asses where ever we find u. i mean it any country anywhere
mother fuckerssssssssssssss ba ressh patharam mazak mekunan e koss mathara
copy cats chines fucksssssssss fuck all tajikistan i have slept with
shabname suryaaa ask her in New york wat happened lol hahahah

Автор PissOfAhmadShahBaba (4 года)
@MissWonna dream on bitch. he was half pashayi and half tajik from
laghman...aga pashtun mebud baz chero ba pashto e dagha pagha namekhand ?!

Автор TheAFGparthianGirl AFG (3 года)
drood from germany

Автор MissWonna (4 года)
@oDreamyGirlo DreamyGirlo you are right my dear! Some ppl have no class
they can´t discuss because they are full of hate and discrimination! Really
poor, i am just laughting about ppl with such psychological problems :-)

Автор ARDISHER (4 года)
@oDreamyGirlo Az kadim fark dar baini Tojiku Afghan nabuvad zero har du yak
zabony, jony, mardum doran!!! Fahmidi!!!

Автор khisraw420 (4 года)
chop bash kone koshad koss nanaa ,

Автор MyTube8478 (2 года)
Tschi jak chandan ama copy ast :)

Автор Ghamay Yameen (1 год)
دير خه اوپه زره پوري ژوندي اوسي

Автор Ashblue45 (3 года)
Azizam Sadreddin this is a superb performance and song. You are the most
powerful singer in the world. Whatever you sing in whatever language is
just perfect because you are PERFECT. As a Persian I am proud that we speak
the same language and once again proud that our Tajik singer belongs to its
roots and our lost empire. Love you Sadreddin forever.

Автор Mortaza94 (3 года)
Respect from Afghanistan

Автор dukhtareafghani (4 года)
@GLADlAT0R Calm down !!!

Автор Nakhutak (2 года)
Everyone i beg you all for once stop this arguements and bloody just ENJOY
THE SONG and be happy to have an amazing singer like Sadriddin!

Автор Sasha Sasha (3 года)
ocen ocen klasni pesny ot dushi

Автор Toba (4 года)
Zendagi chest? Khoone del khordam Zere deware arezo murdam. <3 love the

Автор Parsa Arso (2 года)
but shi is not afghan my sweet wolfgangAmanda

Автор almase shargh (2 года)
sadrodin jannnnn:I am afghan und i love you so much.sehr
geillllllllllll.you are oneeee.

Автор Far Mor (3 года)
wow. i love him.

Автор manojisthebest (4 года)
Thats why Afghanistan has became like this now. Because of ppl like you
guys. Respect each other, don't be a racist. God made everyone equally....
Shame on all of you guys.

Автор TheMercury583 (3 года)
What is "chist"?

Автор Norway Oslo (2 года)
Great singer Sadriddin jan .... We love tajiks we are all one nation .....
Not iranian i hate them but i love tajiks ...

Автор Afghan Patria (4 года)
@MrBahriddin Why cursing at Pashtuns? If it wasnt for Afghan blood, Soviets
would still be occupying your land. Instead of cursing at whole people have
some respect because Afghans have more respect towards Tajikistan than to
any other neighbouring country because we are the same people culturally,
spiritually and historically!

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