"Cheat" The Whisper Song @DJSouthanbred @_kOSHER @AndreColumbus

DJ Southanbred, Emmanuel Hudson, Andre Columbus have teamed up to bring you the lowdown on cheating for tests! Just in time for exams!!!

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Автор Kayla Kim ( назад)
People act like this at my school

Автор Michael Brunk ( назад)

Автор lilcutie5000 ( назад)
he did kill dat junt i got f f f f f f f f f f

Автор Jada Caldwell ( назад)

Автор The Quandary ( назад)
Basically everyone I've ever met in college 😂

Автор Stephanie Marion ( назад)
Emanuel hutson y'all are some good people just keep doing them videos

Автор nevaeh santos ( назад)
Im still laughing

Автор Aniyah Lewis ( назад)
Hi boys can you come to Oakland out suffolk VA

Автор Gen Ortiz ( назад)
The moment you have finals 😂

Автор Jeremy Rias ( назад)
cool video and Andrew Colombia was killing it when he was cheating

Автор Bookie Petaia ( назад)

Автор Timothy Wright ( назад)

Автор Treymir Johnson ( назад)
He is a good song

Автор Brandy Lane ( назад)

Автор Brandy Lane ( назад)

Автор Oneila Chambers ( назад)
"Cheat" The Whisper Song @DJSouthanbred @_kOSHER …:

Автор davian lee ( назад)
"Cheat" The Whisper Song @DJSouthanbred @_kOSHER @AndreColumbus:

Автор Justus Kirkwood ( назад)
U got ffffffffsffffffsffsfsfsfff well i got Aaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaa and

Автор Jauandalyn richard ( назад)
U dont be studying man???!!!

Автор aarionna linson ( назад)
Really tho

Автор Kelly Rankin (1886 лет назад)
so funny

Автор Malaysia Dickerson ( назад)

Автор Tyquan Richardson ( назад)
I never got f's Im a B+ student but Emmanuel Hudson was beating on this
song LOL!

Автор trplblsd ( назад)
I don't know what the people are talking about because this song is good
for me 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Автор Ayianna Bunkley (1277 лет назад)
I have a s bs

Автор Zoe Welch ( назад)
Did anyone see that hello kitty sweater

Автор Markwaun Richardson ( назад)
I stop cheating on my test my friend stupid as hell

Автор Kobe j nova corps ( назад)
Me in Mr. Norton's class

Автор Cydni Buchanan ( назад)
Nice song

Автор Pedric Washington ( назад)
They is so stooped 

Автор Jahiem Tucker ( назад)
Let me see your test 

Автор Nicole Durden ( назад)
They crazy 

Автор Christina Davis ( назад)
"Cheat" The Whisper Song @DJSouthanbred @_kOSHER …:

Автор Casandra Hemingway ( назад)

Автор Aaiko1000 (339 лет назад)

Автор Corey Robertson ( назад)
I got f's

Автор Brooklyn Williams ( назад)

Автор Antionna Childs ( назад)
This is funny. :-)

Автор Michael Telairin ( назад)

Автор Amade Connor ( назад)

Автор Areial Maxwell ( назад)
Funny lol I Love this video y'all should watch first day of school.
Emmanuel hudson

Автор SouthZakota ( назад)
The ACCURACY bruhhh... lol yall are too true: love the rap :)

Автор Mitia Barker ( назад)

Автор Hank TRAIL ( назад)
Who doesn't do this

Автор Hank TRAIL ( назад)
Who doesn't do this

Автор ritchy dormelas ( назад)
This funny

Автор nicky Wells ( назад)
That is you

Автор viral gods ( назад)
New world horror 2 interscope records 2014 remember the tittle dare 2b

Автор TheThuggerMugger ( назад)
I got 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I got 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Автор Travis Faulkner (Movie God) ( назад)
+Janay Cunningham and wayne
teacher thinks they do

Автор John Kuria ( назад)
That girl in the end looks kind of like Raven Symone no lie

Автор Chimp Renee ( назад)
Lol look at Emanuel fs FRS fs

Автор T-Money Brown ( назад)
I got fs fs fs fs

Автор Mayea Wilson ( назад)
That's me

Автор *Chloe “The Narrator” Smith* ( назад)
Why are the African American men saying they have F's? Who wrote the
lyrics? African Americans are capable of passing.

Автор andrea Nufea ( назад)
i get A's A's A's B's

Автор Ash ( назад)
Except when the tests be essays.

Автор Marie sony gaillard-Elie ( назад)
I love this song !!!

Автор Breanna Kuhn ( назад)
I'm guessing he failed

Автор Rise Bond ( назад)
I would be Emanuel cause if I fail I blame it on someone

Автор Yung Migo Dre ( назад)
Lol imma be like this this year

Автор NeverXlettXgoXOX ( назад)
please put on itunes!!!!

Автор DaJirryeon Pettaway ( назад)
Cheat cheat cheat like a dog

Автор Trap Wueen ( назад)
This is so funny lol

Автор Santana Bray ( назад)
Cheat cheat cheat like a dog

Автор Kenya Tolliver ( назад)
Right so right!!!!!! :D

Автор Ross Rick ( назад)
My math test is

Автор Kelli Freestyle Saturday ( назад)

Автор G-Rip DaBully ( назад)
This me all da way...lol I stayed doing dis n btw da teacher ain't have to
show off her chest like dat lol...

Автор Devin Howard ( назад)
Dat moment when you find out you all got different tests after you turn em

Автор Evon Pickett ( назад)
I did this on the fcat

Автор Jonie Riddle ( назад)
a cheating song

Автор jammi fortson ( назад)
lol I love this

Автор Travis Faulkner (Movie God) ( назад)
to us ...thats just called team work

Автор Quayla Hogue ( назад)
Lmfaooooo!!!! hell naw... Emanuel had me weakkk!!!!

Автор Isaiah Kayvonn ( назад)

Автор Marcus Mattis ( назад)
LMAO this nigga's face at 0:40

Автор Mr Thug ( назад)
You better hope your ass is right cause if I fail and your the reason

I'm telling on everybody in here that was cheating! xD

Автор Alex Revs ( назад)
luv this so funny and so of them are ugly so they are fugly 

Автор Dakari Harleston ( назад)
professor Bradley look like she do porn lmao 

Автор Veronica Murray ( назад)
emmanuel face at the end tho!!!

Автор Sammy Eddy ( назад)
This is so my class lol

Автор 0yungstr0 ( назад)
that me in social studies lol

Автор La'kayla Jackson ( назад)
Dat be me in class

Автор Dezaree' Miller ( назад)
emmanuel face at the end tho!!!

Автор Kayla LaCour ( назад)
Lol today during finals 😂

Автор Ethan Burleson ( назад)
Does anyone notice that the length of the video is 420

Автор Shanesha Gambrell ( назад)

Автор Charlie Russo ( назад)
Dis live af 

Автор Imani Jackson ( назад)

Автор Bethany Simon ( назад)
This school term isn't ending fast enough! Like for real When r exams cuz I
want them over and done with already! But when exams do fly around the
corner, this is what I'll be doin'! Cuz I got F's,F's,F's,F's!

Автор TheUrashime ( назад)
Anyone else had to turn up their computer's volume?

Автор Edward Menifee ( назад)
Too funny

Автор joey whitney ( назад)
lmfao. I got A's A's A's

Автор asura the kishin ( назад)
my teacher let us sing this is class to fool with the principle XD best
teacher ever 

Автор egyptanddrea ( назад)
I cheat because I got f's
and I want A's A's A's

Автор susy sutherland ( назад)
I don,t cheat because I got A's A's A's A's A's

Автор Zanetta Hailey ( назад)
This video brings back memories of being in high school and my Algebra 2
class!! ROTFL!!!

Автор italy Coleman ( назад)
you to funny

Автор italy Coleman ( назад)
sup its me agin the boy you funny

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