"Cheat" The Whisper Song @DJSouthanbred @_kOSHER @AndreColumbus

DJ Southanbred, Emmanuel Hudson, Andre Columbus have teamed up to bring you the lowdown on cheating for tests! Just in time for exams!!!

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Автор Ali Muhammad ( назад)
Had me dead on at 3:26 lmfao

Автор Siouxsie Sioux ( назад)
Every time I take a test or exam this song comes to mind.

Автор Zoury Minott ( назад)
aye Emanuel you a snitch but you funny

Автор Tyree Alston ( назад)
Bring im gangster an i know it back up. Also great vid.💯

Автор Sonia Ward ( назад)
why he blink like that is he grown or stupid

Автор Isaiah Anderson ( назад)
Its heka funny

Автор Alex Castillo ( назад)

Автор Kayla Kim ( назад)
People act like this at my school

Автор Michael Brunk ( назад)

Автор lilcutie5000 ( назад)
he did kill dat junt i got f f f f f f f f f f

Автор Jada Caldwell ( назад)

Автор The Quandary ( назад)
Basically everyone I've ever met in college 😂

Автор Stephanie Marion ( назад)
Emanuel hutson y'all are some good people just keep doing them videos

Автор Aniyah Lewis ( назад)
Hi boys can you come to Oakland out suffolk VA

Автор Gen Ortiz ( назад)
The moment you have finals 😂

Автор Jeremy Rias ( назад)
cool video and Andrew Colombia was killing it when he was cheating

Автор Bookie Petaia ( назад)

Автор Timothy Wright ( назад)

Автор Treymir Johnson ( назад)
He is a good song

Автор Brandy Lane ( назад)

Автор Brandy Lane ( назад)

Автор Justus Kirkwood ( назад)
U got ffffffffsffffffsffsfsfsfff well i got Aaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaa and

Автор Jauandalyn richard ( назад)
U dont be studying man???!!!

Автор aarionna linson ( назад)
Really tho

Автор Kelly Rankin (1886 лет назад)
so funny

Автор Malaysia Dickerson ( назад)

Автор Tyquan Richardson ( назад)
I never got f's Im a B+ student but Emmanuel Hudson was beating on this
song LOL!

Автор trplblsd ( назад)
I don't know what the people are talking about because this song is good
for me 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Автор Ayianna Bunkley (1277 лет назад)
I have a s bs

Автор Zoe Welch ( назад)
Did anyone see that hello kitty sweater

Автор Markwaun Richardson ( назад)
I stop cheating on my test my friend stupid as hell

Автор Kobe j nova corps ( назад)
Me in Mr. Norton's class

Автор Cydni Buchanan ( назад)
Nice song

Автор Pedric Washington ( назад)
They is so stooped 

Автор Jahiem Tucker ( назад)
Let me see your test 

Автор Nicole Durden ( назад)
They crazy 

Автор Aaiko1000 (339 лет назад)

Автор Corey Robertson ( назад)
I got f's

Автор Brooklyn Williams ( назад)

Автор Antionna Childs ( назад)
This is funny. :-)

Автор Michael Telairin ( назад)

Автор Amade Connor ( назад)

Автор Areial Maxwell ( назад)
Funny lol I Love this video y'all should watch first day of school.
Emmanuel hudson

Автор Lafonzo Ross ( назад)
I always do my best guess, and I always pass. But if it isn't multiple
choice, then F it is

Автор Travis Faulkner (Movie God) ( назад)
to us ...thats just called team work

Автор Jolie Gaviola ( назад)

Автор Princesroyal101 ( назад)
AHAAAAA Mannn I love diss doeee! aha cheatin on da test "hey how you doin
lil mama can you sit ova here, tell me a lil sum I would like to hear" Dat
sound like he trynna flirrtt!

Автор shwe bama ( назад)
I’m irritated. My brother sleeps in the neighboring room and he just got
outstanding at obtaining women. He discovered the Master Attraction site by
Jake Ayres (Search in Google). All he’s doing now is fucking women. He’s
consistently pulling girls back and I hear it, which is nasty. I wish he
never discovered that site. I’m green with envy!

Автор Sonora Bradley ( назад)
Dang lmao:-)

Автор Marie Destiny ( назад)
You better hope these answers right cause if i fail it you the reason I'm
tellin on everybody in here that was cheatin...Lmfao

Автор Kilah Farmer ( назад)
I got ffffffffs

Автор Kilah Farmer ( назад)
Main come on i got fffffff

Автор Lavenia Jones ( назад)
Cute funny

Автор SSA244 ( назад)
im telling on everybody in here that was cheating really lmao

Автор Yert ( назад)
Haha if he got all f's what makes him think this one test is gonna make him
pass (:

Автор Kyleigh Hankton ( назад)
omg #outoforder I am gonna be singing this all day

Автор shantia berry ( назад)
I would do that tho

Автор erikah pickles ( назад)
notice how they all black except the teacher? lmfao

Автор Terri Matthews ( назад)
Ii Love This Video .! ♥

Автор Tierra M. ( назад)

Автор courtney holmes ( назад)
mark a couple of answers wrong i used to always do that LOL

Автор Ebony Bozeman ( назад)

Автор Terri Currin ( назад)
I Hate When People Comment On My Stuff Like It Doesn't Matter What I Say
Its Just A Comment, If You Don't Like It Then Read Other Comments Like Mine
Is Not The Only ONE YOU SEE

Автор Terri Currin ( назад)
Don't Caree

Автор Mahagonie Smith ( назад)

Автор Ty Church ( назад)
I hope your ass is rite

Автор mikeah mcalister ( назад)
Your answers not what u put

Автор Lloyd Shakespeare ( назад)
Ñrw beat

Автор Rachel Ratliff ( назад)

Автор Cedrekus Kennedy ( назад)

Автор SALLY JAMES ( назад)

Автор Christopher Woods ( назад)

Автор jon Allen ( назад)
is it on itunes

Автор RewindTour2011 ( назад)

Автор Valerie Buttchums ( назад)

Автор Jamal Taylor ( назад)
Lol better hope yo answers right or I'm snichin on everybody in here that
was cheating

Автор Keith Hamilton ( назад)
He said I was playing Madden all night and I didn't get a chance to study

Автор Quaunicia Solis ( назад)
Ha his sweater was hello kitty!! Lol ♥

Автор Ralynn Rand ( назад)
lol tho

Автор Jerne Stevens ( назад)
Lol 2:44

Автор Taeyana White ( назад)

Автор Jason Johnson ( назад)
no cheating eyes forward classroom dat shit is hilarious. :D

Автор Denise G. ( назад)

Автор LuvAnime228 ( назад)
These guys are hilarious xD!!

Автор Seth Watkins ( назад)
i love this song lol

Автор Seth Watkins ( назад)
let me say wow

Автор andreselgato96 ( назад)
I love this song lol Emmanuel Hudson is funny as shit

Автор Chellis Nelson ( назад)

Автор Jaida Garraway ( назад)
I luv this song

Автор Jharidyn Walker ( назад)
He said he had a cheat sheet under my heel

Автор Jharidyn Walker ( назад)
Lol this funny

Автор Terri Currin ( назад)
"You Better Hope Your Ass Is Rite Cause If I Fail It Your The Reason, Im
Telling On Everybody In Here That Was Cheating" LMAOO He Toooo Funnyyy

Автор Lanesia Dean ( назад)
Lol i got F's

Автор Kendall B. ( назад)
1:46 OMG!

Автор alica thebest ( назад)

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