11 NEW Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond | Great Upcoming Games To Play!

Here is 11 NEW anticipated Upcoming Games you should play in 2017 on PS4 (some of them), Xbox One & PC. You should of not seen all of them if you don't follow my channel all the time! :)

0:00 Daymare 1998

2:16 Inner Chains

5:36 The Surge

7:41 Styx Shards of Darkness

10:21 Seasons of Heaven

12:34 Star Citizen

14:39 Enlisted

15:09 Conan Exiles

17:55 Sea of Thieves

20:56 Identity

23:41 The Conjuring House

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Автор Weddington Jnr Tiriboyi ( назад)
okay is it me or the size of that wheelbarrow at 0:51 is just to big lol

Автор whatfreedom7 ( назад)
Lol that star citizen!!! Thousands of rounds being shot at close range yet
their not dying!

Автор Matthew Needles ( назад)
Why the fuck do i want to play a game about life? Why not just get off my
ass? Hoping identity flops, Id read a book instead.

Автор Lando Hutshison ( назад)

Автор Fangadora Wolfen ( назад)
I think I see only a couple a games worth even getting.

Автор Gamer Space ( назад)

Автор hrghrurgrg ( назад)
Identity looks interesting and I'm also intrigued by Sea of Thieves (just
because it's developed by Rare) but the other games make me worry that 2017
will be boring.

Автор Francisco Leon ( назад)
How about make a parkour game with powers and zombies that's an rp. A mix
of infamous, fallout 4, dying light, and gta v for the driving and shooting
if u need guns.

Автор Cristian Zaloj ( назад)
Daymare = Resident Evil
The Surge = Dark Souls
Styx: Shards of Darkness = Dishonored
Star Citizen (never coming out)
Enlisted = BF1
Conan Exiles = ARK

Bad Games List, look at games like Ukulele instead.

Автор Reck ( назад)
2017 looks wack, we'll be stuck on 2016 gaming until 2018 it seems.

Автор Никита Коваль ( назад)
The only interesting game here was Star Citizen. But I'm afraid it'll be
like No man's sky.

Автор Никита Коваль ( назад)
Surge looks like Dark Souls. A LOT. I already have Lords of Fallen, i don't
need another DS ripoff.

Автор Thickness ( назад)
I came here for the thumbnail and was disappointed.

Автор Mango ( назад)
Wow, 2017 and we see this. LMAO BULLSHIT!!

Автор Double H ( назад)
Sea of Thieves is the only game on this list I actually look forward to

Автор UncleHappy5 ( назад)
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, and shit.
Respectively. And where's Far Cry 10 :'(

Автор HoodedBracelet8 //Cedrick Foy ( назад)
Seasons of heaven that's pewdiepie and Edgar right

Автор Chocchipchewy X ( назад)
Well I'm just gonna stick with the games I've got thanks.

Автор Ricudo Senin ( назад)
Sea of thieves, Conan exile and the last game looks so stupid in that list.
Personally, I'm excited for Daymer 1998, The Surge and Star citizen.
Seasons of Heaven is such beautiful, i think it's better than Lust
guardian. Identify looks like progressive game. Styx? Who don't care? All
of best stealth games was made already - Tenchu, MGS and hitman.

Автор H4ZExReMiiX ( назад)
The Surge looks like it could be a Dark Souls type game, but not as hard.

Автор miss ch1bai ( назад)
Who else would have drawn a penis instead of a stick man on the painting in

Автор A_W_M Gaming ( назад)
Star citizen, conan exiles, sea of thieves and Identity are the only ones
that look good to me

Автор Andrew Johnson ( назад)
I what to see some of thes games sum look like they can be fun. And the
surge reminds me of dark souls but only in combat or maybe it's more like
lords of the fallen

Автор Andrew Johnson ( назад)
I what to see some of thes games sum look like they can be fun. And the
surge reminds me of dark souls but only in combat or maybe it's more like
lords of the fallen

Автор TheyCallMeZ-I-C-O ( назад)
Some coolish games but outside of star citizen nothing amazing, seems like
a heavily pc focused list but there has to be a lot better games coming out
than this, ps4's exclusives alone shit on this list and I know that this is
pc focused but 3rd party usually beats out exclusives.
Styx is pretty good but it shouldn't really be a top list contender.

Автор Hel Bow ( назад)
Great games!

Автор Holy Applebutter ( назад)
Daymare looks so bland. I mean, the animation is great, but I can't say
much past that.

Автор Waizwaid Arenosa ( назад)
So far no good, 2017 and still producing shit. I guess I have to wait a
little longer.

Автор Nina Pauwels ( назад)
Troop giant how bzzllh second investor consciousness automobile

Автор hilly hill ( назад)
Hope more rpg comming

Автор Last Breath ( назад)
Why does every game has to look so dark.

Автор Kolibry1995 ( назад)
"Next gen" MY ASS!
All these "next gen" games don't look any better then what an XBox360 or
Ps3 had.

Автор bryce ( назад)
2017 is not lookin too good

Автор Lina Smets ( назад)
strain input entirely over medium always trial.

Автор TITANFALL2 McScorchyPants ( назад)
I don't like to criticise but the first games camera view was terrible

Автор Chris C. ( назад)
Daymare 1998 is more of a Resident Evil than this bull crap new resident
evil FPS mess Capcom made.

Автор Conshe Tumare ( назад)
All these games are pure shit in its most defecated state. Except for
"Seaons of Heaven" that game is gay and shit.

Автор _ Bob ( назад)
most of these are stupid console button smashers

Автор Nick N ( назад)

Автор Bernardo Silva ( назад)
In my opinion, these games look more like 2015 than 2016 or 17 :/

Автор Bernardo Silva ( назад)
I see that lies lies everywhere

Автор Ripan Dutta ( назад)
still no Prince of Persia:(

Автор PROcrastiNATION Gaming ( назад)
14:50 can we stop making world war 2 games please?

Автор Eastern Eggs Unboxing ( назад)
Dark Sector + Resident evil 6

Автор GrandAlchemist ( назад)
Conan exiles is the only game that stands out to me, as a rust player.
Looks like it's coming along nicely.

Автор Sparrow Cunningham ( назад)
lol @ inner chains, yea that guy on the stage looks really fucking cool,
what do you actually do in the game? How is this in a video called "great
upcoming games"? You can't even tell if it's good or not, you can only see
what this one little area and a couple of static animations look like.

Автор NamelessDrifta ( назад)
That Conan looks so fun.

Автор Matt Wood ( назад)
super excited for sea of thieves

Автор GGClips ( назад)
20:56 "Identity is an MMORPG thats unlike any other youve ever played. Its
not based on level or skill progression. Its based on your character and
what you want to do with it."
Wow, I have never heard of ANYTHING like that before. You fucking kidding

Автор Abdusalam Purakkattil ( назад)
This game is😡

Автор Zamal ( назад)
thsi game, scorn and agony look a like very much!!!!!

Автор Ballon d or ( назад)
Darkland is back

Автор サイコゆり ( назад)
26:10 pt so much

Автор Callam Murray ( назад)
That Star Citizen teaser, barely even scratches the surface of what the
game is going to be like.

Автор Motherfucking Starfish ( назад)
all these games are FUCKING GARBAGE!!!!!!

Автор cbossafied ( назад)
When almost every game in this list is a FPS, It says alot about how game
companies suck now. Nothing original anymore.

Автор Death Strath ( назад)
some of these games are like masturbating with sand paper... ya don't every
try it.

Автор Mevlüt Alucard Mayes ( назад)
Whoaaaaa! Sea of Thieves looks awesome.

Автор katsupoi24 ( назад)
Resident evil 7 the last of us 2 trailer attack on titan season 2 kingdom
hearts uncharted 4 story dlc tell tale walking dead mass effect andromeda
God 2017 is gonna be a good year goodbye 2016 you've been shitty year

Автор Gundham Tanaka (Ultimate Breeder) ( назад)
All these people talkin' shit 'bout the games, and nobody stops to mention
how Surge is Dark Souls in Space.

Автор Professor H. Farnsworth ( назад)
Well, hogwash man..

Conan Exiles might actually have been fun (I doubt it) if there hadn't been
huge Avatars you could summon to annihilate your enemy without lifting a

Автор erik barron ( назад)
first one looks like RE

Автор Millionrare ( назад)
I saw the thumbnail and thought there was a Game of Thrones game coming
out. To be fair I saw it from a distance so it looked like the night king

Автор Jeremiah Baker ( назад)
Outlast 2..

Автор ConorChaos ( назад)
Fuck Half-Life 3. Still waiting for a new Legacy of Kain game... Someday..

Автор Alex Vervoort ( назад)
All this games look shit. Where is The last of us 2 and other cool games?

Автор Alex Vervoort ( назад)
Does the trailer of Star Citizen looks kinda like Rainbow6 siege trailer
only more futuristic?

Автор Tom Gg ( назад)
star citizen looks so fucking clunky even in trailer lmao :D (dont flame,
im not saying game will be shit)

Автор swahini ( назад)
really? really?! a sci fi version of dark souls?! REALLY?! come on you can
do better than that!

Автор Stephen Race Smith ( назад)
Geez guys... I am sorry that these gaming companies don't phone you up
directly and ask what kind of game you like -.-

People will always complain about something. smh

Автор Nick Murphy ( назад)
Daymare is the name of a game??! Hahaha some Tim and Eric shit right

Автор Ray Cocker ( назад)
Pretty excited about 2017, can't wait to try these games out.

Автор LordBritOne ( назад)
Identity is the worst concept i can think of for a mmorpg or any game for
that matter.....i get home from work just to go on this game to do what?
work? if you can do any of what they say in this game you might as well do
it in real life it just sounds utter pointless lol

Автор DisNotSeriouS ( назад)
i quit sports games (fifa ... nba ... madden ... nhl) what online game do
you suggest me for good fun competition and replayability ??

Автор EvilStreaks ( назад)
"You can break your thralls' (slaves') wills on the wheel of pain" ?!?

Автор Jessica Johnson ( назад)
It's so hard to satisfy you people lol besides these aren't the only games
that's coming out in 2017

Автор MR-HorribleLad ( назад)
so Conan exile is basically clash of clans but better

Автор Joshua Jansen ( назад)
Daymare 1998: Zombies? Really? I think that's been done.
Inner Chains: Demons at Burning Man. We'll zero day patch the plot in.
The Surge: Dark Souls at Aperture Laboratories.
Styx: Literally Assassin's Creed but with a World of Warcraft male Goblin
instead of Ezio.
Seasons of Heaven: Like The Last Guardian but with a puppy.
Star Citizen: Iron sights don't even make sense in 2016, let alone space.
Enlisted: MoH remastered.
Conan Exiles: They say "Thralls", they mean "Slaves". Summoning gods seems
like fun.
Sea of Thieves: Half way between Windwaker and Black Flag, but with PVP and
co-op mechanics.
Identity: GTA Online but with MS paint and unfurnished apartments.
The Conjuring House: The jumpscare house.

If everything hasn't yet been done, the only people with any imagination
left are clearly outside the industry, probably writing for Marvel.

Автор Sand Dune ( назад)
i ma save so much money this year

Автор automatik25 ( назад)
WTF? On Star Citizen them dudes ate so many bullets and did not die....
lol. Hope they fix that, or explain that they had some type of super armor
on or something.

Автор Night Tide ( назад)
All of these games in this video honestly don't look good at all. And I got
a feeling they're all gonna be short, and bad stories, etc.

Автор Tsukune Aono ( назад)
Looks at Thumbnail, LEGENDS NEVER DIE!

Автор Jammoko ( назад)
Is that it, some guy limping shooting at zoombies...
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... I'm losing the will to live if
that's it! Anyone wanna buy my vista P4? Any one know of any 'new' games,
not re-vamped twenty year old concepts.

Автор mohamed muslim ( назад)
for a second i thought daymare is resident evill 3 nemesis remastered ;
looks like similar or same
i wish capcom makes hd remake of resident evil 3 nemesis .

Автор Ronin Shogun ( назад)
Any idea what happened to Deep Down?

Автор MrPeterGoldman ( назад)
So it's mostly shit games with good graphics? Well, not much different from

Автор Yan Braslavskiy ( назад)
Am I getting old , or those game just don't look interesting enough ? :/

Автор littleshit ( назад)
star citizen in 2017? now that's what i call optimistic

Автор The Rose in the garden ( назад)
holy shit i didnt expect Half life 3 to be here good finally!

Автор Mattias ( назад)
Why do the people showing star citizen sound like stereotypical gays?

Автор Jin Toxin ( назад)
best games in this list: conjuring house, inner chains, daymare, styx. The
rest is shit.especially identity. Real world projection as mmo? are you
fuckin serious? I have enough real life shit in my sensless life. I don´t
want to play it either...hell no!!!!!

Автор Lucas Gianoli ( назад)
Well, Season's Heaven should be renamed to The last Guardian: Done Right.

Автор Derp Spoons ( назад)
Daymare looks like a reskinned Resident Evil 4.

Автор jason byrne ( назад)
BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор iamgazzz ( назад)
All look like crap.

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