The Eve 1138 Android - Sensual Cyborg / Robot 3D Photorealistic Animation HD

Working on new Character Animations, I tried to be more photorealistic. Animated & rendered in Cinema4D.
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Длительность: 1:12
Комментарии: 2227

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Автор Rexpony (52 года назад)
...But can you fuck it?

Автор Ben Staunton ( назад)
by the year 2050, 90% of women will be single

Автор Weird Cosplays, Inventions, and SCIENCE! ( назад)
do I spy with my little eye... an ARC-REACTOR?!?!? call Tony Stark,
copyright infringement. *gasps*

Автор MultipleComet ( назад)
I know what I want next for my porn collection

Автор Alice Scelus ( назад)
Ex Machina is way more probable than I thought...

Автор MeepGirl567 ( назад)
i thought it said "sexual cyborg"

Автор Zeke Witthaus ( назад)
Looks more like iRobot.

Автор gabi cernat gabi ( назад)
pizda robotica

Автор Homey D. Clown ( назад)
lets just stick to the plastic sex dolls. This terminator shit is gonna be
the end of us.

Автор serkan adlığ (922 года назад)
is it arc reactor 😄

Автор xxxTRACKERxxx ( назад)
was soll der käse.. das is nix als animation. was is daran jetz so toll ?
stell ma ne eve vor die gerade aus laufen kann ohne auf die nase zu fallen.
DANN is das nett.. aber das hier is n witz.

Автор lima ufo ( назад)
When they come, that day is Judgment Day for us.

Автор Blonde Warrior ( назад)
The end is near

Автор Pixel Light “ShadowLee” Gaming ( назад)
gret klikbeit

Автор kschmadeka ( назад)
This is a fucking cartoon. Dislikes and hate upon you!

Автор Hattori Hanzo ( назад)
Ha differenza di una moglie quando rompe la puoi spengere

Автор Kacie Barnett ( назад)
I hate it

Автор J o n a t h a n ( назад)
all teen boys fantasy there. i'm sure the selena gomez version be sold out.
Moms buying their sons a girlfriend. teen boys looking for the parental
block password. future looks great.

Автор Phillip Stafford ( назад)
I'm not so sure.....after a few months together the nagging would start.

Автор Quinn ik ( назад)
yup, we're fucked now...

Автор aidan voskamp ( назад)
Looks like the dummy's from nuketown in black ops 3

Автор Johannes Meyer ( назад)
Gen 1 synths..

Автор Mike The Gamer ( назад)
how the hell did I get here?

Автор buddyroach ( назад)
a robot that can do a backflip and not fall? this is an achievement.

Автор Barbara Santos ( назад)

Автор nokimiatzu ( назад)
can't wait to put my dick in it

Автор THEDEEZE GAMING ( назад)
ya if this this isnt the most pervierted thing u guys seen i will be

Автор Quantum̴͎̌ò̵̖r̷̫̅p̸͉̈́h̵̨́ ( назад)
Watch the movie *Ex Machina* and see a lot of *Eve* in *Ava!*

Автор Mark Hall ( назад)
The real questions are:
Will she take out the garbage?
Will she brown the food?
Will she fetch beer?

Автор Jim Hiatt ( назад)
Make her 5,4 with long brown hair and you got a deal, then I will want one.

Автор Jerikoh O'Cru ( назад)
sensual? yeah! I would definitely pork this dude.

Автор David Clarridge ( назад)
just imagine the youth of today ringing 999 like yo man need a ambulance a
guick sec man got ma cock stuck in a fucking robot the assistant just in
tears like you daft twat what you doin that for ahahaha

Автор MrWhatdafuBOOM ( назад)
Dear Santa Claus...

Автор Ayhan Şengül ( назад)
one lan oyle kadinin fiziginimini gosterion

Автор Alonzo Ploufplouf ( назад)
fack ou je s'est que sa dsl

Автор Howard Salter ( назад)
If this is the answer to militant feminism we'll still be extinct with
negative birthrates everywhere.

Автор Maxi.L. (1476 лет назад)

Автор honeysuckle 006 ( назад)
если есть сиськи то это явно секс игрушка а не что-то полезное так как
никаких дополнительных функций это в себе не несёт разве что багажник !

Автор Zymondo ( назад)
Nice looking botbabe but the tits are about a third too big for my taste...
maybe she needs the extra weight to flip backwards ? Still, cover her with
skin and build in nice soft vagina and I'd do her. HA!

Автор Billyjoe Hoyt ( назад)

Автор Mark Hall ( назад)
Why do her boobs look like they are molded from soccer balls?

Автор modeler308 ( назад)
Cylons?,....did y'all learn NOTHING from Battlestar Galactica? (just a side
note; WE dont have a 'ragtag fleet' to escape with if these go berzerker on
us,..just sayin)

Автор Nader Abed ( назад)
It seems that everyone drew inspiration from Bjork's 'All is Full of Love'
music video.

Автор carrie pantazelos ( назад)
This is the coolest robot ever

Автор Stephanie Mckinney ( назад)
eve 1138 better be in production...asap....along with adam....operation

Автор Jolanda Peaches ( назад)
this scares me

Автор Jolanda Peaches ( назад)
this is horrifying

Автор Carlitox b (604 года назад)

Автор bf842903 ( назад)
search 'Jikan no Even 1138' got me here

Автор Shawnell Joy ( назад)

Автор Shawnell Joy ( назад)

dem is de reason de terminator movies exist THE MESSAGE FROM THE MOVIE WAS

Автор amantedeglianimali ( назад)
Fuck off evie ( from pewds :p)

Автор Tammi Hoang ( назад)
Eve is gar nicht schön xdd Sie macht mir nur angst...

Автор Edward Cen ( назад)
es la t-x (los fans de terminator me entenderán)

Автор Holmer Gislason ( назад)
Real Humans ...

Автор Mrs.Emily Reedus ( назад)
das ist gut!

Автор Andres Almuna Videla (ALMUNEITOR) ( назад)
Bellisimamente....aterrador... TX !!!!

Автор Mămăligă ( назад)
I what one for a handjob Plz where can i buy one ?

Автор David Davidson ( назад)
This commercial may come across real funny after they advance robotics a

Автор Greg Shuffield ( назад)
Put this inside a real doll and send it to me

Автор Eugenia Ho ( назад)
They forgot one....creepy.

Автор Adam Hull ( назад)
Its animated its not real

Автор gunner6084 ( назад)
better an android than a real cuntslut

Автор YUthawich Karrentonz ( назад)
00:20 on bad sex ah

Автор Al S (488 лет назад)
Девушка, у вас упало...

Автор Elijah Marable ( назад)
If you like this robot ur a sex freak!!!!

Автор Janet Craft ( назад)
At least I learned some words in German.

Автор benny treadway ( назад)
that backflip thow

Автор Toughen Up, Fluffy ( назад)
Does it love me?

Автор RobloxGamer ( назад)
mabe that was from a game

Автор Antonio Writy ( назад)
NERDS WEB-https://www.facebook.com/pages/NERDS-WEB/569470083095297?ref=hl

Автор Sirlene Ferreira daSilva ( назад)

Автор Joseph Felix ( назад)
couldn't they put a nice Black booty on her flat ass.

Автор DealMaker ProfitTaker ( назад)
Yas, but can she do anal! : D

Автор keefmeister77 ( назад)
The battery life is incredible on this thing, mainly because of the dual
core power system, one in each boob.

Автор ReikiBuddha ( назад)
The whole video was CGI, I'd rather watch the progression of japanese
robots who actually exist

Автор Ellanor ( назад)
Try sticking your dick in that thing, and you'll probably lose it. 

Автор Nawsachi ( назад)
"Tell you what. Throw a little hotrod red in there."

Автор 132predator132 ( назад)
I want sex with her... or it?

Автор theFutureSoundWaves ( назад)
And she screams "Heil Hitler!" in the night, I bet. :-D 

Автор WeArethe Borg ( назад)
Better than a real women. Women are obsoleat .

Автор MAXBLAYLOCK ( назад)
There is nothing more pointless than robotic tits.

Автор Angie Harris ( назад)
What is the soundtrack used in this video? Nice tunes...

Автор Buffer Zone ( назад)
This planet is so screwed.

Автор Conner Fuchs ( назад)
So... A sexy android that fights, poses and is just an animation... WAIT!!!
If its an animation why couldnt they make it perfect? Like you know... So
it could please a man? If you get my drift.

Автор Toxicnut1 ( назад)
I'd hit that.

Автор Andrew Dos ( назад)
Does this have a vagina?

Автор Brill220 ( назад)
Maybe in 2080 the prototype will be ready.

Автор sonic hedgehog ( назад)
how about hell NO because first its creepy and second its way to similar to
the I-ROBOT MODEL and the show one with a gun and i was out immediately

Автор T44 ( назад)
what is the function of breasts here?? hidden rpg launcher ???

Автор sphinxrising58 ( назад)
No thank you, I seen the movie "Eve Of Destruction" about a sexy android &
it did not end well, lol.

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