The Eve 1138 Android - Sensual Cyborg / Robot 3D Photorealistic Animation HD

Working on new Character Animations, I tried to be more photorealistic. Animated & rendered in Cinema4D.
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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 1:15
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Автор TheSonicTroll3342 (20 дней)
My ass can a make better robot than this shit.

Автор holly kelley (1 месяц)
I love the sofa...

Автор TopkekBootyDubs (2 дня)
that's sexy as fuck

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Автор Thomas Smith (6 месяцев)
white girl with no ass

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"Excuse me, Can you fuck it?!"

Автор Eric Sang (5 дней)

Автор Luiz Assis Camara (5 дней)

Автор cgn (1 день)
The Eve 1138 Android - Sensual Cyborg / Robot 3D Photorealistic Animation HD

Автор blinkiu76 (2 дня)
0:28 to kill classy ?

Автор Darteas (4 дня)
Can you fuck it?

Автор jen esma (3 месяца)
Why Guns? XD

Автор Wilbert Lek (4 месяца)
Nice I-robot and Iron Man mash-up. Too bad the movements are a bit "dated".

Автор Sir David Haddon (29 дней)
Where is 3 and 4D Photorealistic Animation HD going to go, Hopefully put
the over paid actors out of work . Bring Back BRUCE LEE in the movies!

Автор ZirJo (4 месяца)
I work on robotics, and I hope this will never be a reality.

Автор Jordan Randall McKendrick (1 месяц)
I'm thinking Svedka.

Автор Cruzaderr (1 месяц)
Wake me up when android 18 is ready for purchase.

Автор bigbangnone (7 месяцев)
Why didn't I become a software programmer? :-)

Автор David Cadman (1 месяц)
My cats name is sox

Автор Mustang Chef (1 месяц)
No Lipstick?

Автор starshyne25678 (1 месяц)
not nice

Автор David Cadman (1 месяц)
My cats name is sox

Автор Nadejda Dikareva (5 месяцев)

Автор TV YouTube (2 месяца)

Автор John Ramos (6 месяцев)
Hitler was born too soon! He could have seduced the world instead of trying
to annihilate 1 race.

Автор violinmakeric (3 месяца)

Автор hajimurid magamadow (6 месяцев)
Zivilisation für die Zukunft und es ist nicht schlecht

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the boobs look good, but it needs a better ass. and weapons are a very bad
idea. a sensor can very easily go bad, and one of them could turn on us.
you're at an amusement park with your family, enjoying the day, while the
owner of the park has purchased a dozen of these armed robots to guard
against "the bad guys" when a something goes wrong and it starts to shoot
everyone in the immediate vicinity as they all drop to the ground dead.
then the speaker within the robot thanks you for visiting the park. this
can and will happen if any company ever arms a robot...you know it will, as
always, it's just a matter of time. this planet is more concerned about
making money than preserving life.
there are 7 billion people in this world, so we can handle anything that
comes out way, and if we can't, then it's not natural. i'm all for
progress, but robots are not applicable in everyday life. we might be
close to the end, because robots are the absolutely the very last thing we

Автор Asperanik (6 месяцев)
Eve ist, HÄSSLICH!

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Cyborg, sicher...

Автор Michael Emery (3 месяца)
I don'tung want tolich :D

Автор Василий Григорьев (6 месяцев)
The Eve 1138 Android - Sensual Cyborg / Robot 3D …:

Автор alex smith (6 месяцев)

Автор Tom Atkinson (4 месяца)

Автор Lansing Allison (3 месяца)
IT IS NOW June 29,2014 WHERE IS the update to this video ?

Автор Jared Allen (4 месяца)
0:44 dat ass

Автор жанна голоцану (4 месяца)
мечта всех милитаристов ,ха-ха

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says is beautiful . HAVE NO HAIR!!!!!

Автор Carlos Herrera (25 дней)
how long to our 3D creations becomes real and begin to affect the physical
world?. 2030-40?

Автор Jason Wilson (5 месяцев)
The sequel to Android vs Apple is out. Hope you all enjoy!

Android vs. Apple 2: Android odyssey

Автор Елена Александэр (5 месяцев)
Неужели это реально! Теперь дело только за источником питания.

Автор Richard Candia (5 месяцев)

Автор Julian Galarzo (5 месяцев)

Автор Yannik Pipek (8 месяцев)
How nice is that :D "Subscribe the future"

Автор streetfighter4LOVE (6 месяцев)
Found IRobot2?☺☺☻

Автор Startwister (8 месяцев)

Автор Olga Galicka (6 месяцев)
Она прекрасна и опасна одновременно.

Автор Marceli Firlej (9 месяцев)
better if it has soft tissue for a nice skin touch.

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