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Автор alex smith (8 дней)

Автор Thomas Smith (13 дней)
white girl with no ass

Автор bigbangnone (29 дней)
Why didn't I become a software programmer? :-)

Автор Yannik Pipek (2 месяца)
How nice is that :D "Subscribe the future"

Автор Startwister (2 месяца)

Автор proculap montana (3 месяца)
the boobs look good, but it needs a better ass. and weapons are a very bad
idea. a sensor can very easily go bad, and one of them could turn on us.
you're at an amusement park with your family, enjoying the day, while the
owner of the park has purchased a dozen of these armed robots to guard
against "the bad guys" when a something goes wrong and it starts to shoot
everyone in the immediate vicinity as they all drop to the ground dead.
then the speaker within the robot thanks you for visiting the park. this
can and will happen if any company ever arms a robot...you know it will, as
always, it's just a matter of time. this planet is more concerned about
making money than preserving life.
there are 7 billion people in this world, so we can handle anything that
comes out way, and if we can't, then it's not natural. i'm all for
progress, but robots are not applicable in everyday life. we might be
close to the end, because robots are the absolutely the very last thing we

Автор John Ramos (3 дня)
Hitler was born too soon! He could have seduced the world instead of trying
to annihilate 1 race.

Автор jason Potato (12 дней)

Автор Кирилл Грязнов (11 дней)
perfect? not really

Автор Iceyyyyyyage (5 месяцев)
0:27, versatile? sexy cyborgs who will rule over the enemy of the bankstars
with military power??

Автор MantraVj (1 месяц)
:O <3 <3 <3 beautiful render in cinema 4D

Автор Laura Hildebrant (1 месяц)
Why is every robot made to look like a women??? These are modern times and
I still feel like its a man's society. If they have plenty of ideas for
sexy fembots then there should be malebots alike. Other then the fact I dig
robots its just too creepy as well to have robots look like people. 

Автор Gotham Star (4 месяца)
Great Video! I want one...please

Автор Tomken8d2 (4 месяца)

Автор JF BTS (2 месяца)
Sequal concepts for THX 1138?

Автор Jase SideFX (4 месяца)
life is perfect, not clockwork junk trying to imitate life. joke.

Автор sasaki kojiro (2 месяца)
what is the name of this song please?

Автор Poop (3 месяца)
The future looks bright for once

Автор RANDOM KANIEVIAN (4 месяца)
@ 0:44 she looks like a sex drone lol xD

Автор Michael Hansen (3 месяца)
The Eve is human-like .. beautiful .. and made by Volkswagen

Автор Marceli Firlej (2 месяца)
better if it has soft tissue for nice touch...

Автор Robots! (6 месяцев)
Not real ... yet

Автор Mike Butler (5 месяцев)
Can I stick my dick in it?

Автор jacob wallace (2 месяца)
stupid, backflip impossible. whats the purpose here? To seduce human beings
to trying to stick their dick into some type of over sized toaster? I
wouldnt doubt for one second there will be men and people in general who
get turned on by the idea of sticking it one of these silicon rubber sluts.
people are just becoming weirder and weirder.

Автор Michael Eddy (5 месяцев)
Oh shot.

Автор Allistaire A (4 месяца)
I bet the tagline on the billboard ad for Eve will be.. after a few quick
pints, she'll be indistinguishable from the real thing..

Just imagine the looks you'll get when you walk this thing out on the park.
Bet a chuckling wiseguy will ask, "did you wash it before taking it
outside?" or "hey buddy, you missed a spot."

Автор Joel Akeldama (5 месяцев)
0:27 I love this robot now.

Do you intend to build this model, and actually have it working? Please,
this amazing work!

Автор Solar Tiger (3 месяца)
Probably shouldn't arm them....

Автор Chris Nangle (2 месяца)

Автор heather dawn pipke (5 месяцев)
Exploytation of women must come to an end...

Автор André Arruda (5 месяцев)
Please. Name the music or video ? show music

Автор Ein Stein (1 месяц)
OMG they are taking over!!!! Call Will Smith!!!

Автор Patrick Boisson (2 месяца)
If you work for my...?

Автор gerakiification (5 месяцев)
needs shovel machine, but not that, break down off the wall once

Автор Adi soyadi (5 месяцев)
00:29 robots with gun? oh my god :o cant you produce something peaceful?

Автор Thomas Kang (2 года)
Even Shaolin Nao Robots are bound to feel lonely on occasion. Eve might be
a perfect companion for those times.

My three previous posts on the Nao robots are here:


#technology, #innovation, #robotics, #robots
#tkktechnology, #tkkinnovation, #tkkrobotics, #tkkrobots

The Eve 1138 Android - Sensual Cyborg / Robot 3D Photorealistic Animation HD

Автор Jay Rutley (7 месяцев)

Автор Michael Banks (11 месяцев)
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Автор Claude ALBERT (2 года)
i ask to me if i must be are afraid or happy 1st option i think !when i see
army of robots

Автор Hamid Rowaihy (10 месяцев)
الله يستر مما سيأتي

In my childhood I've seen a science fiction movie called Space Odyssey 2000
where a space station computer named HAL was the attraction, then
around 1982 IBM came out with the IBM PC and every thing that HAL did was
done perfectly by the PC by year 2000, So it was HAL then IBM .... notice
something the the alphabetic order?

H then L, A then B and L then M

So, now in 2013 I wonder if I am going to live to see Model FWF1150
of Eve!

Автор Richard Wingert (10 месяцев)
This Robot Can Do Backflips and KICK Ur Ass

Автор DARGONBALL TALUMITI (10 месяцев)

Автор Михаил Белик (2 года)

Автор alay laay (1 год)

Автор André Arruda (5 месяцев)
Contact music or video. classificados2007@gmail.com thank you !

Автор Richard Wingert (1 год)
This ANDROID Can Do Back Flips
Richard Wingert originally shared this post:
Working on new Character Animations, I tried to be more photorealistic.
Animated & rendered in Cinema4D.
Visit us on Facebook:

The Eve 1138 Android - Sensual Cyborg / Robot 3D Photorealistic Animation HD
Working on new Character Animations, I tried to be more photorealistic. An

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